10 Things Every Crested Gecko Wants You To Get Them!

In this article, we will talk about the top ten accessories that every gecko keeper should buy for their crested geckos. Now, let’s get started with the first thing on today’s list.

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Cute Reptiles as Pets

The Cage

Crested Gecko Cage
Crested Gecko Cage

The most important thing for every gecko keeper is the place where you can keep your geckos. There are different types of cage available for keeping crested geckos. However, the most popular ones are the Exo Terra and ZooMed.

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Both of these cages are perfect for crested geckos. They come in different sizes, and you can use Exo Terra cage that is 12x12x18 inches to keep an adult gecko.

Although it can be small for an adult gecko, you will need to get a bigger cage for anything more than one adult gecko.


Crested Gecko Food
Crested Gecko Food

The second thing on the list is food. You will find a wide range of gecko diets out there. You should get a good diet that will keep your gecko healthy. You can check out the crested gecko diet to learn everything about crested gecko food.

However, there are three brands of crested gecko food that I considered a complete diet. They are Pangea, Repashy, and Black Panther zoological.

These crested geckos foods come in different flavors such as banana, apricot, watermelon, mango, breeding formula, grubs, and fruits, etc.

As you can see, they come in different flavors, and any of them are perfect for your gecko. They are also very easy to get when needed.

Elevated Magnetic Feeding Dish

Elevated Magnetic Feeding Dish
Elevated Magnetic Feeding Dish

After getting your cage and food, you will then have to consider how you can feed your gecko. This feeding dish is perfect for glass cages like the Exo Terra or the Zoo Med.

This dish comes with two cups that can hold 1.5 ounces of food per cup. They are cheap, reusable, recyclable.

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You can hang it to the side of your cage with a very strong magnet. All you have to do is slide the magnet anywhere outside of the cage, and it will hold it in place.

Your gecko will love the feeding ledge as it is sturdy and will carry their weight. With a feeding ledge, your crested gecko will not walk through the food.

This means they will not get food stuck on their feet, and their feet will not dry up or have shedding issues.

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Crested Gecko Substrate
Crested Gecko Substrate

The next thing to buy is the substrate, and one of the best that you can buy is the eco earth. It is made of compressed coconut fiber. Eco earth is available in compressed block form and loose substrate bag.

For block form, you will need to soak it in water to expand and soften. You will also find a lot of different brands that work the same as eco earth.

You can even buy a paper towel or newspaper as a substrate for your crested gecko tank.

However, eco earth can hold the humidity very well, and you can use it for a lay box. The best thing is that it has low impaction risk, and it is perfect stuff for your cage.

Humid Hides

Crested Gecko Humid Hides
Crested Gecko Humid Hides

After getting all the accessories mentioned above, another great thing to buy is the humid hides. A perfect humid hide is the reptile cave by Exo Terra. The best thing about the hides is available in different sizes.

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Although many people think that since crested geckos are arboreal and will live in the tree, they will not hide on the ground.

This is kind of a myth as it is not necessarily true. Your crested gecko will live anywhere from the ground level to about 6 feet.

This means they will hide on the ground, and this hides will be perfect for them. They will love it as they will feel secure because the hide features a small and tight hiding space.

This is because crested gecko prefers a smaller space with less chance of predator getting in as a hiding spot.


Crested Gecko Plants
Crested Gecko Plants

Your gecko will not always hide in humid hides on the ground, so you need to provide them with stuff to climb on. They will need the stuff to get up to the top of their cage and explore. This is why you need plants in their cage.

A perfect option is Fluker’s Pothos Vines. It is a longer vine and comes with a couple of suction cups.

With this plant, you can twist and twine it around in your cage to provide something that your gecko can climb across. Another great thing is that it has big leaves for your gecko to hide in.

You can then use the suction cup to stick the plant anywhere in the cage. Fluker’s Pothos Vines is a great way to fill up space in a crested gecko cage.

Another plant that you can buy is the Exo Terra Jungle Plant. This plant comes in different sizes from small to extra-large. You will love this plant as it provides a perfect hiding space for your cresties.

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It comes with a suction cup located at the back, and you can just clip it anywhere on your cage.

It will also provide great cover, even in a bigger cage. The plant has a lot of space behind where your geckos can hide while they feel covered and secured. There is also a lot of space for them to climb. It is also easy to wash and sanitize.

Since some plants can be dangerous to toxic crested geckos, if you are a beginner, it is best to avoid buying live plants because they may contain toxic chemicals or bleed out in a tank.

You should opt for a good plastic and reptile-based plant, and the two mentioned above will be perfect for you.

Jungle Vine

Crested Gecko Jungle Vine
Crested Gecko Jungle Vine

After getting your gecko plants, it is best to provide jungle vines for them. Jungle vines are bendy and shapeable vines that are available in different sizes. You can easily bend jungle vines into any shape that you want.

A jungle vine is a perfect way to fill up on the empty vertical space available in your crested gecko tank.

You can even hang them while you drape the vines over them. It provides your gecko with a nice surface to rub on when they need help getting their shed off.

New to crested gecko? Check out the crested gecko care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about crested gecko as pets. Check it now!

Portable Pressure Sprayer

Portable Pressure Sprayer
Portable Pressure Sprayer

A sprayer is one of the absolutely essential accessories used for keeping the humidity in your gecko’s cage. Crested geckos need higher humidity levels to help them shed and keep them healthy.

Although you can use any spray bottle to keep the humidity of your crested gecko’s cage, the traditional trigger spray bottle doesn’t normally last long. This is because their trigger mechanisms are not very sturdy.

A much simpler solution is to get a pressure sprayer with a pump on the top. Pressure sprayer pumps air into the tank to pressurize it while it then sprays out water after you push the button. It is much easier to use and will last longer than traditional spray bottles.

Repti Shelter

Crested Gecko Repti Shelter
Crested Gecko Repti Shelter

Repti shelter offers crested gecko owners a multipurpose use. First of all, they work perfectly if you are breeding your geckos.

This is because the female needs a good secure place to lay their egg, and this will work perfectly. It comes in different sizes, and you can use the larger ones for female geckos to lay their eggs.

Secondly, it will also work great as a humid hides even if you are not breeding your gecko and not using substrate like eco earth but paper towels or newspapers.

You can place it in their tank so your gecko can have somewhere humid to go when they are getting ready to shed to help them get that skin off.

It offers your gecko a nice cool, damp spot to hide, and it is very secure. You can just pop up the top to see if your gecko is there during the breeding season. You can also pick up eggs in there without having to carry the whole thing from their cage.

All-natural Cleaning and Disinfectant Bottle

All-Natural Cleaning And Disinfectant Bottle
All-Natural Cleaning And Disinfectant Bottle

After spending a lot of time setting up a beautiful crested gecko cage to make it a great home for them. You will need to clean their cage periodically, and Fluker’s all-natural cleaning and the disinfectant bottle is a perfect cleaning product to use.

It comes with a scrub brush on the top, which is perfect for cleaning the glass cages. This product uses natural enzymes, and it is perfectly safe for your geckos.

You can simply clean your cage while your gecko is in there without harming them.

This produce makes cleaning easy as you do not have to take the cage apart during the cleaning process.


There you have it, everything you need to keep your crested gecko happy, healthy, and create a beautiful and safe home.

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