About Toan

Hello my audiences, I am happy to introduce my new team member, Toan.

Toan is joining the team starting from 02/2021.

Why do we need Toan in the team?

Toan has been working in the website development industry for 8 years and now he is a senior in his major.

Many of you might know Katie (my grandchild), she helped me to build this website to share my experience with all of you.

But since the site is getter bigger and bigger, I want to have one more person to help me scale the site to a higher stage. Toan has all the abilities to do that.

Want to know more about his profile? Thanks to linkedin 🙂

Apart from what you see from his linkedin profile, Toan has four years experience in keeping tortoises as pets — which is the most interesting part.

“Why tortoises? Hmmm, because I know that my friends will stay with me longer”

Who love pets doesn’t love that answer?

I was impressed by Toan with just after 10 minutes. This “little Vietnamese boy” is the person that I am looking for.

What Does Toan Do In This Website?

Toan will help me.

  • Build totally new design for the site
  • Share his stories about tortoises
  • Manage partnerships and monetization.

Welcome Toan!

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