Ball python snakes gallery

The ball python (Python regius) is a good snake for a beginner snake owner. They grow between 2 to 5 feet and some up to 6 feet. Here is the gallery of the ball python snakes.

The ball pythons are shy and come in many colors depending on the kind of morph.

The ball python has about 26 morphs in its family, some are two genes while others are one gene. The rarer the morph the more expensive the ball python is.

However, the cost can depend on where they are brought as well as how in demand they are. The more in demand a morph is, the higher the price tag. And what morphs are “in” can also determine their price.

Are ball pythons friendly?

They are known for being calm and friendly. They should be handled once a day to get used to you and to be shown some love. But do not get in between them and their food, this is a common animal trait not specific to ball pythons. 

Can a ball python kill you?

Ball pythons are not venomous or poisonous. But the likelihood of a person getting attacked and killed by a ball python is extremely rare. They must be absolutely famished to even go after a person. 

People are not part of their diets. Therefore, there is no need to kill them. 

How much does a ball python eat?

This depends on the size of the ball python. Adults can typically eat about two to three large rats a month. While babies can eat smaller ones about every week.

What is the cheapest snake to buy?

The cheapest ball python to buy would be the normal/ wild one that is not a morph. Coming in at about 50 USD (or under depending on where you go). However, the cheapest snake ever would currently be the Corn Snake (20 to 50 USD). 

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