10 Best Beginner Friendly Pet Birds That You’ll Be Surprised By Their Personalities (With Photos)

What make best beginner friendly pet birds? According to studies, over 5 million households in the US keep birds as a pet. Birds are considered by many to be the nearest modern relatives to the dinosaurs, especially theropods.

Many also believed that birds are now smaller due to evolution and can adapt to different climates and habitats.

Birds are now available in mind-blowing shapes, colors, and personalities and can be kept as pets by beginners. However, a beginner must pick the right bird that will suit their personality and lifestyle to keep them happy.

Although it can be tricky when it comes to choosing the right bird as a pet for beginners, this is why we came up with this article to help list some of the best beginner pet birds that you can choose to begin your journey as a pet bird owner.

Cute Reptiles as Pets x
Cute Reptiles as Pets

Does A Bird Make A Good Pet?

Birds are among the most versatile animal species that you can get as a pet when it comes to colors and behavioral patterns. This is why they are an excellent animal that you can get as a pet. Some of the reasons why birds will make a good pet are listed below.

  • It is very easy to care for birds, and you can place them in a cage whenever you are busy or away.
  • They do not require a lot of grooming.
  • Birds can be easily trained, and they are ready to learn.
  • They do not take a lot of space.
  • They help add to the energy of the home with their personality and vibrant colors.
  • Feeding them is stress-free.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet Bird

Some of the things that beginners need to consider before getting birds as pets are stated below.


Beginners should opt for small-sized birds. This is because large birds will need a large cage, and the initial cost for owning a bird can be more than your budget. Another thing is that large birds can give powerful and painful bites when threatened or upset.


Many bird species can live for a long time, unlike conventional pets like cats and dogs. However, there are bird species that only live for around 5-10 years. It is best to opt for birds with a long lifespan as beginner bird owners and be ready for a long-time commitment.

Attention Needs

One of the major things to consider before deciding if a pet bird is suitable for you is a bird’s need for attention. This is because some birds need attention more like the others. This particularly true for parrot bird species.

Furthermore, birds can get so attached to their owners that they will become moody or depressed if the owner is not around for a long time.


Some birds, such as Canaries and Finches, are best kept as a display pet rather than to handle. You can go for a display pet if you are not ready for day-to-day interaction with your birds. However, you can opt for birds that you can easily train and tame if you interact regularly.


The choice of birds that we bring home usually depends on the appearance of the bird. This is because we humans love to pamper and cuddle our pets if they appeal very well to us. This is why you should only go for birds that you like: their color, breed, size, etc.

Veterinarian & Insurance

You should keep in mind that it is not all veterinary that treats birds, and you should ensure a local avian vet is close to you. Furthermore, vet bills can be quite expensive, and you can get your new bird insured to help avoid this.

10 Best Beginner Friendly Pet Birds For You

Some of the best birds that beginners can keep as a pet are stated below. 

Beginner Pet BirdsSizeCost
CockatielsSmall$50- $150
LovebirdsSmall$100- $150
Hyacinth MacawsLarge$900- $5000
CanariesSmall$25- $150
Pionus ParrotsMedium$900- $1700
FinchesSmall$10- $100
Quaker ParakeetsSmall$400
Amazon ParrotsMedium$500- $2500
Size and price comparison chart of small beginner-friendly pet birds
Best Beginner Friendly Pet Birds
Cockatiels and Budgies beginner friendly pet birds


The Budgie, also known as parakeet in the US, are small birds that can live for more than ten years. Budgies are commonly found in blue, yellow, green, and white coloration. They are suitable for all types of beginners due to their ability to fit into the owner’s individual needs.

Although many beginners buy them as a display pet, they can be easily hand-tamed and affectionate. Furthermore, budgies are wonderful companions and are safe with children. 

However, budgies can defend themselves if they are teased, but they do not have a powerful bite like larger birds.


Cockatiels are small birds that are popularly kept as a pet in America. They are usually white, gray, and yellow in color and can be easily identified by their feathered crests and the red coloring on their cheeks. 

Furthermore, they are affectionate birds and suitable for families with children. They are among the best bird pets suitable for beginners because they are friendly and low maintenance. Furthermore, you can easily train. 

One of the best things about Cockatiels is that they love interacting with people and will try to make new friends at any given opportunity. These birds can live for around 20 years in captivity.

Note: Cockatiel should be allowed out of their cage once a day for some hours. You should ensure you have an open space in your home where they can exercise safely.



Lovebirds are considered to be very colorful pet birds and are available in green, yellow, blue, and orange. They belong to the parrot family. Although lovebirds are small in size, they need a medium-sized cage to give them enough space to fly around.

Lovebirds are usually kept as display birds because they are usually bought in pairs. However, you will need to provide lots of interaction and activity if you keep a single lovebird. They have a long lifespan and can live for about 20 years under optimal care.


Parrotlets are popularly kept as bird pets by lots of beginner avian enthusiasts. This is because they are small, cute, and can be maintained easily. Furthermore, they have mind-blowing personalities and can be very entertaining to their owners.

You will find them in yellow, blue, and green colors. Parrotlets are a perfect bird pet for beginners looking for a great companion in a bird pet. However, you will need a lot of time before you can get this bird species tamed.

Furthermore, they have a long lifespan and can live for up to 20 years.

Note: Parrotlets are fairly social and love attention. This means they are not the best bird for you if you spend most of your time outside of the house.

Hyacinth Macaws and Parrotlets
Hyacinth Macaws and Parrotlets

Hyacinth Macaws

The Hyacinth Macaws are also called the gentle giants due to their large size. They are well known for their friendly temperaments and are also very sociable. 

This makes Hyacinth macaws a suitable option for someone looking for a bubble and cheerful birds that can give good company.You will find them fascinating as they are always ready to play and cuddle with their owner. 

However, you should keep in mind that Hyacinth macaws are very big and can be quite difficult to accommodate.


The Canaries have been a popular pet bird for more than hundreds of years. They are known to be low-maintenance and display pets with a passionate community of owners. The canaries are usually bred because of their three desirable traits: appearance, color, and song.

They are available in orange, yellow, and red and are usually kept for their singing ability. However, they don’t like to be handled and will not interact with their owners. This means they are suitable for people seeking an observational bird that loves to sing.

The canaries will do well when kept in pairs and groups and can live for around ten years under optimal care.

Pionus Parrots and Canaries
Pionus Parrots and Canaries

Pionus Parrots

The Pionus parrot is a medium-sized bird and a suitable pet for families because they are quiet and easygoing. They are considered to be the quietest of the Amazonian parrots and have much more maintenance. 

However, they require affection on their own terms and are quite sociable. Pionus parrots have a blue and green iridescent plumage that will leave you mesmerized once you set your eyes on them. 

However, they are big and can have a painful bite, so you should ensure proper supervision when your kids are near them. Although Pionus parrots have a long lifespan and can live for 25-40 years in captivity, they can be affected by certain health issues and need proper upkeep.

Note: Pionus parrots are medium-sized birds and need a big cage and enough space to fly around once trained.


Finches are among the suitable bird pets that a beginner can get if you are looking for an observational bird that is easy to maintain. Although they are social and enjoy the company of multiple finches, they don’t interact with people that much.

Furthermore, they spend lots of time communicating with one another. Many owners believe they need a large cage because they need enough space to fly around, but a horizontal cage will be perfect for them.

Finches are among the cheapest pet birds you can buy and live for about ten years under optimal care.

Quaker Parakeets and Finches
Quaker Parakeets and Finches

Quaker Parakeets

Quaker Parakeets are among the famous small parrots that you can get as a pet. They are small in size and are very affordable birds available in blue and green color. Quaker parakeets are quiet and normal birds, even with their odd look.

Quaker parakeets are known for their unusual bob and quake behavior, an unusual-looking shaking they normally do. Furthermore, they require moderate social interaction, and if you ignore them, they can be destructive, like chewing furniture.

However, they should not be left alone for long as they can become depressed. You can keep them in pairs if you don’t have enough time to spend with them every day. Quakers can learn words and phrases and can even be trained to do tricks.

Quaker parakeets have a long lifespan and can live for about 30 years under optimal care.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots
A pair of Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are medium-sized birds with spectacular personalities. You can teach them to talk, and they love singing and socializing with people. Furthermore, Amazon parrots are known to be expressive about what they need, making them quite easy to care for.

However, you will need to spend some time learning their signs to avoid their bite. Furthermore, you need to provide them with a huge cage for your parrot to have enough room to move around. They also have a long lifespan and can live for more than 30 years under optimal care.

Amazon parrots need lots of social interaction and are not suitable for people who don’t stay at home for a long time.

Note: Allow your parrot out of their cage every day for some hours to socialize and exercise.

Do birds get bored in cages?

Generally, birds are intelligent species, and they usually demand attention and constant human interaction. Birds usually get bored if they don’t socialize with the outside world. However, the level of boredom usually varies based on the bird species that you are keeping.

Is it cruel to have a pet bird?

Although this is true if you keep wild birds in a cage, it is not if you are keeping a pet bird. This is because pet birds do not have the skills needed to survive in a wild habitat. Another thing is that pet birds usually form unbreakable bonds with their owners, and they will be depressed if left alone.

Wrapping Up

It can look like a daunting task to beginners trying to keep a pet bird. However, in reality, birds are one of the most comfortable pets suitable for the family. Birds are vibrant colored, cheerful, playful and can fill your home and heart with melodious voices.

The birds listed above are a perfect choice for beginners. With proper care and maintenance, you will find these birds a suitable companion for you.