Best Calcium Sand for Bearded Dragons (5 top quality products!)

If you search online, you’ll find a few buying guides for the best substrate for bearded dragons.

However, none of these guides is targeting calcium sand for beardies specifically. And that is why I’m here today.

Choosing one is much more than the right chemical proportions. You also have to consider the grain size, impaction, cleaning feasibility, and pouch size.

Feeling confused? Don’t worry! Hang in there because I am here to save your day! Welcome to the ultimate guide for the 5 best calcium sand for bearded dragons.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Cute Reptiles as Pets x
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What is Calcium Sand?

What Is Calcium Sand?
What Is Calcium Sand?

Calcium sand is the headline in the market of substrates for bearded dragons. As you can tell by the name, it has high calcium content. But that’s not it.

More than 95% of the sand is made up of calcium carbonate, while the rest is covered up by various natural contents.

The end in view is to produce sand closest to the bearded dragon’s natural habitat. For those who don’t know, I am talking about the native land of bearded dragons.

With that being said, calcium sand conducts heat effectively for this high-temperature fan of Pogona species.

Why Is Calcium Sand Important for Bearded Dragons?

Despite all the bandy arguments, Calcium sand continues to be the most popular choice for bedding.

What makes calcium sand unbeatable?

In the end, it all comes down to the benefits of a substrate for you and your pet. And this is where calcium sand is second to none.

Calcium sand is non-combustible. Therefore, it does not entertain insects of any kind. Moreover, they are designed with blunt edges and an ideal size to ensure the safety of bearded dragons.

People debate that since calcium sand is a loose substrate, it poses a threat to your pet in case of digestion.

It is a blessing in disguise for them.

An appropriate intake of calcium and is not only safe but can save your pet from potential respiratory issues in the future. After all, calcium carbonate is a phenomenal dietary supplement.

Wondering how calcium sand benefits you?

Waste can easily lump without making a mess in the enclosure. This makes your job of cleaning super easy. Use a scooper to remove waste and make up for the displaced sand. As easy as that!

There is no place like home

Bearded dragons are no exception. Calcium sand contributes significantly to simulate the conditions of their natural habitat. The ability to retain moisture is perfect for the semi-tropic species in terms of humidity.

Best Calcium Sand for Bearded Dragons

Best Calcium Sand For Bearded Dragons
Best Calcium Sand For Bearded Dragons

The good news is that you’ve made up your mind about calcium sand already.

All that is left is to pick one that suits you and your bearded dragon the most- so you won’t have to throw money on a TRIAL basis.

Here we go!

Zoo Med ReptiSand, Desert White

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Even in the parallel universe, Zoo Med ReptiSand will top the list of best calcium for bearded dragons.

What makes it this special?

To begin with, the ingredients of this product are natural without any hint of dyes or colors in it. This should be your no.1 concern when looking for the best calcium sand, and Zoo Med ReptiSand is well aware of that.

Not only is your bearded dragon safe in case of ingestion, but in fact, calcium carbonate will lend a hand in the digestion process and respiratory system. This gives a head start to bearded dragons and keeps them risk-free from developing respiratory disorders.

Are you tired of cleaning for hours after a tiring day at work?

Consider it solved!

It’s super easy with Zoo Med ReptiSand to make a dedicated toilet using a sand partition. It is observed that bearded dragons train to this change in no time and limit the waste within an area.

Within a minute, you can scoop out the waste clumped to the sand and replace it with new sand. Imagine the time and effort it saves you on daily basis.

Zoo Med ReptiSand comes in a perfect bag size of 10 lb. which will last approximately 4-5 months.

Easy to cleanExcessive digestion can be dangerous for baby bearded dragons
Digestible Calcium Carbonate Prevents Internal and external bruises  
All-natural without colors or dyes involved 
Natural odor neutralizer 
Perfect bag size 
The most reputable company for reptile products 

Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand, Natural Sedona

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Looking forward to gifting your bearded dragon bedding to wiggle all day?

If yes, Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand should be your go-to product.

First and foremost, it’d be unfair if I don’t stand up for the softness and comfort it offers. Bearded dragons love to spend hours fondling this bedding. They might even resist coming out of it. Rest you can imagine.

The show belongs to the texture and color of this product. It isn’t overly dusty and the color is picture-perfect.

As an act of grace, if you put some extra sand to make bedding thick, you’ll witness your bearded dragon over the moon while practicing digging skills.

The story does not end here!

While calcium is in the largest proportion, it is not the only essential mineral present. Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand constitutes for Strontium, Potassium, and Magnesium which are harmless and dietary supplements for your pet.

The risk of internal and external impaction is significantly reduced by fairly large-sized grains with blunt edges.

With such an amazing heat conductivity it offers, your bearded dragon will certainly feel like being in an arid Australian desert.

It won’t be wrong to call it “Virtual Reality” for bearded dragons.

Super soft and comfortableExcessive digestion can be dangerous for baby bearded dragons
Amazing color and texture  
Natural ingredients used 
Contains many dietary supplements 
Reduced risk of impaction 
Perfectly sized grains 

Zoo Med Reptisand Natural Terrarium Sand

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Calcium sand is amazing, true… but have you ever wondered about bringing home the desert itself?

I know that sounds crazy. But get yourself a bag of Zoo Med Reptisand Natural Terrarium Sand and you will understand what I’m saying.

One thing you’ll appreciate for sure is the way this sand clumps together and makes cleaning super-fast and simple.

The fine particles are right as rain for sand bathing. Bearded dragons are inclined to play and dig for hours but do remember to keep an eye on them to avoid excessive ingestion.

Despite it doesn’t offer many supplements for dietary support, it’s too much to ask for more under such a price tag.

It is delivered in 10 pounds packages – perfect to maintain a 20-30 gallon tank.

Provides natural environmentFine particles can be dangerous if ingested.
Simulates natural activities Limited dietary supplements
Natural ingredients used 
Natural Pigment colors  
Perfectly sized grains 

Exo Terra Desert Sand, 10-Pound, Black

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Are you sick and tired of conventional colors of sand substrate?

Exo Terra understands you.

They kept this concern at the top of their head while formulating this product. The black color of calcium sand will give your vivarium an aesthetic look that your pet tends to appreciate as well.

Plus, it is one of the very few products in the field to offer such a reduced risk of impactions. For a pet owner, when the responsibility of keeping a close eye on your pet goes off, that peace of mind is parallel to none.

This product is phenomenal in conducting heat to provide a cozy bed to your beardie on winter nights. Desert sand helps imitate the natural environment to make them feel at home.

And as far as grain quality is concerned, particles go through a screening process to filter out the impurities and meet standard size.

I was saving the best for the last. If you are planning on breeding your bearded dragon, you can’t find better calcium sand than this. It is perfect for laying eggs and provides them the required warmth through the bedding.

Not to mention the phenomenal moisture-retaining quality and feasibility in cleaning it.

To put it in simple words, it’s an All-In-One substrate for you.

Filtered grainsLimited dietary supplements
Natural and attractiveSlightly dusty
Conducts heat well 
Good for laying eggs  

 Exo Terra Desert Sand, 10-Pound, Red

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Last but not least is Exo Terra Desert Sand (Red) on the list.

Bearded dragons tend to like enticing colors. Just the way colors make our life livelier, it makes them feel fresh and active too. It triggers the digging trait of them which brings them closer to their natural lifestyle.

More or less, this product by Exo Terra is a replica of their own product but with a different color this time. You can use both of them together since variety is never a problem for bearded dragons.

Now, which color do you prefer?

The choice is yours to make.

Fewer impuritiesLimited dietary supplements
Natural beddingSmall bag
Conducts heat well 
Stimulates digging personality 
Cool color 


Is Calcium Sand For Bearded Dragons Safe?

Calcium sand with fine particles is always a risk for baby bearded dragons. Rather try using a product with blunt edges and ingestible qualities to be on the safe side.

How Much Calcium Sand Does A Bearded Dragon Need?

The answer will vary depending on the size of your pet and the capacity of the vivarium.

A general rule of thumb is to keep the thickness of the bedding around 2 inches. Refer to the guide chart on the product to have a better idea.


I hope you enjoyed learning about my list of the best calcium sand for bearded dragons.

The takeaway point is to remember picking up natural products like those on the list. The health of your pet is our priority and there is no compromise over it.

Get any of these on my list, and your pet will remember this favor for years to come.

Have a question? Ask me in the comments below!

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