Best Food for Bearded Dragons (Include Buyers Guide)

Are you searching for the best food to feed the bearded dragon? Bearded dragons are omnivores; they can eat plants and insects and are non-nocturnal.

A healthy and balanced diet is paramount to bearded dragons for proper growth and good health. How good or bad a dragon may look depends on what they eat. Indeed, you are what you eat.

Understanding how you should feed a bearded dragon will help you to know when and what to give, depending on the body requirement.

I want to give information concerning the latest best food for bearded dragons. Keep reading to acquire this vital knowledge.

bearded dragon eating
bearded dragon eating
Cute Reptiles as Pets x
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What to Look for in a Good Food Products For Bearded Dragons

Shopping is not an easy task, especially when you need to decide out of many products available.

Many factors will help you to get the right product during your shopping. They are crucial guidelines that allow a person to buy what is beneficial to their pets.

Putting the following features into consideration will help you buy nothing but the good best food for your bearded dragon.

Free from Artificial Additives

Additives are not nutritious to the bearded dragons. Safe and healthy food for your pet should be free from artificial flavors and colors. A diet that has natural ingredients is necessary for good health.

A Reliable Product

Best product food for bearded dragons should be exclusively meant for the reptiles. Check on the brand and research it before placing an order. 

Actual Ingredients

The existing insects for the best food for bearded dragons are those that are dehydrated or freeze-dried. Avoid products that have additives as their preservative ingredients. 

A product that is Well Balanced Nutritionally

Commercial bearded dragon foods exist in two forms; they can be freeze-dried/ dehydrated or occur in pellet forms. Pelleted feeds are nutritionally balanced, but not all dragons will love them. Mix the foods to obtain a well-balanced ration.  

Top 10 Best Food for Bearded Dragon Comparison Chart

Bearded dragons can make excellent pets; they are docile, kind, and pleasant if you care for them accordingly. Part of ensuring that your pet is receiving proper care is fulfilling its nutritional needs. 

Understanding how to care for these beautiful creatures will help them to live long and stay healthy. 

If you may be wondering about the kind of food to give to your bearded dragon, try the following foods. I’m sure you will love them. 

Don’t miss the list of pre-eminent food to feed to your bearded dragon. Let’s see these outstanding foods and their relevant attributes.   

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Editor Rating (1-3)
Zilla Reptile Munchies with CalciumComes in three different forms- omnivore mix (veggies, fruits, insects), fruit mix, vegetable mix. Have dehydrated ingredients with calcium2.7
Fluker’ Medley Treat for Bearded DragonIt is a blend of freeze-dried mealworms, crickets, and grasshoppers. Complete balanced nutrition3
T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food BlendPremium green, insects, and veggies. It has a high level of proteins free from odor. 2.4
Fluker’s 76041 Buffet Blend Adult Bearded Dragon FormulaHave the right balance of essential proteins, minerals, fats, and vitamins. Adult formula2.8
Tradeking Natural Dried CricketsStaple foodGut loaded2.7
Zoo Med 5118 Gourmet Bearded Dragon FoodIt contains all-natural ingredients with added minerals and vitamins. It lacks preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. 2.4
1000 Live Superworms by Bassett’s Cricket RanchLive superwormsHigh-quality food. 3.0
Fluker’s Buffet Blend Juvenile Bearded Dragons Suitable for all age bearded dragons It has a perfect mix of mealworms, pellets, and crickets in pellet form.2.6
Galleria Mellonella Live Wax Worms for Feeding Reptiles Have live waxwormsSuitable for feeding reptiles, for fishing, chicken, and birds. 2.6
Rep-Cal SRP00815 Adult Bearded Dragon Pet FoodIt is fortified with calcium and vitamin D3. Suitable for adult bearded dragons.2.7

Best Food for Bearded Dragon Reviews of 2020

With the fields of good food brands for bearded dragons in mind. Now, let’s look for the best brands of food source for your beardies.

Zilla Reptile Munchies with Calcium

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Reptile munchies with calcium by Zilla is a promising product with a blend of different dried ingredients which readily combines with leafy greens to provide a complete diet.  

The food has a high level of vitamins, proteins, and minerals; thus, it is in balance. It provides desirable insects and green veggies to bearded dragons.  

The food has 100% dehydrated mealworms that make the diet more flavorful. Reptile munchies food provides natural food that matches the requirement of the animal’s needs. 

New to bearded dragon? Check out the bearded dragon care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about bearded dragons as pets. Check it now!

Editor RatingOverview
4.6 – Essential ingredients include; carrots, Zucchini, peas, green beans, bananas, and high protein crickets.
– Type- pellet form
– Weight- 113 gram
– Price: $9.99

Product Highlights 

Choosing Zilla reptile munchies is the perfect, fast, and most effective way to avail of a variety of insects and vegetables to your bearded dragon. 

It contains sun-treated and dehydrated elements that are suitable to feed alone, add to pellets leafy greens or use as a supplement.   

What I like

  • It contains only natural ingredients.
  • The food gives a pleasant fruity smell and taste. 
  • It is easy to use, and the presence of a resealable package makes it easy to store and stress-free. 
  • The food dries up quickly. 
  • No refrigeration required 

What I don’t like 

  • It is not as healthy as live prey because it is a pellet food. 
1. A vibrant mix of insects, fruits and veggies
2. Simple to prepare, can be moisturized in a small amount of water.
3. Additional calcium and other vitaminsConsists of dehydrated ingredients to conserve nutrients. A resealable package to preserve freshness
Some veggies are too hard for some bearded dragons.
The calcium dust may come off after rehydrating.
Some bearded dragons will not take this food.
The price is quite higher than other pellet food. 

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Best Seller: Fluker’s Medley Treat for Bearded Dragon

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Fluker’s medley treats for bearded dragons have the right balance in the vitamins, freeze-dried grasshopper, mealworms, and crickets. It reduces the struggle of having to deal with live prey. 

It is a benefit to use the brand, as it supplies essential proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats that all your bearded dragon needs. 

Editor Ratings(1-5)Overview
4.5 Essential Ingredients- freeze-dried crickets, grasshopper and mealworms
Type- dried insects
Weight- 51 g
Cost- $9.99

Product’s Highlight

Medley treat for the bearded dragon is highly recommended as a good protein source in the beardie diet. The meal provides high levels of nutrients, just like the live insect would do. 

Medley food has a further formula to boost vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins. It is the best food for pet owners who want actual insects for their dragons, who don’t prefer or can’t access live feed. 

What I Like

  • It has a perfect combination of mealworms and crickets.
  • It can be potential food to a variety of reptiles. 
  • It is an excellent alternative if you can’t access the live insects. 

What I Don’t Like

  • The product is quite pricey for its size. 
Pros Cons
Freeze-dried to conserve nutrientsHave actual insects as crucial ingredients. Contains nutritional insectsQuality ingredients.Long-lasting.Extra vitaminsGreat value product. Not edible to all bearded dragons.The level of mealworms may be higher than the other two. It has a strong smell upon opening.

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 Tradeking Natural Dried Cricket

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Naturally, dried crickets are a superfood for the beardie who tend to love the crickets from the early days when still young. Finding sufficient live crickets for your beardie turns out to be complicated. 

That’s the reason why Tradeking has this superfood for your pet. The food is very high in protein, lacks the artificial additives that may be harmful to the beardies. The crickets are gut loaded; thus, they supply additional nutrients to the bearded dragons. 

Now that you know about this unique brand, you can comfortably use it for your pet. It helps to keep them sturdy, healthy, and happy. 

Editor Ratings (1-5)Overview
4.6 Basic ingredients- Freeze-dried crickets.
Type- dried insect
Weight-226 g

Product Highlights

It is gut loaded and therefore, can supply extra nutrients to the bearded dragons. 

The food can last for a long time; you only need to store them safely and supply them to your pet when necessary. 

The crickets are not adhesive because they are already dry; thus, the pet can feed peacefully. 

What I Like

  • Rich source of nutrients. 
  • Safe for animal consumption, no additives. 

What I Don’t Like

  • It is a little pricey for its size. 
Pros Cons 
Artificial and additives are absent
Completely whole dried crickets
Gut loaded to supply additional nutrients to the beardie. 
The buying price is quite higher than other related products.
Some dragons will not consume this food.

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Fluker’s 76042 Buffet Blend Bearded Dragon Formula

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Fluker’s Buffet blend meal consists of pellets that have fine fiber to enhance easy digestion and dried insects. It is a good source of proteins, moisture, and fats. 

Editors RatingOverview
4.4Necessary ingredients- Veggies, crickets, mealworms
Type; dried insects.
Weight- 198g, 127g
Cost- $10.43, $4.12 respectively

Product Highlights

Food in pellet form boosts appetite, unlike the dusty one, it also reduces wastage. 

The food is well nutritionally balanced, an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.  

What I Like

  • Cost-effective 
  • It has highly nutritious dried mealworms, crickets, and small pellets. 
  • Ready-to-eat food for the babies. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Its pellet nature makes it unacceptable to some beardies.
Pros Cons 
Has a great and attractive pellet
The pellets, together with freeze-dried insects, are an excellent source of proteins.
The food is well balanced.
It cannot be used as a primary protein in the diet. 

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T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend 

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Gourmet blend by T-Rex is a high-quality brand that supplies a natural source of minerals and vitamins. This product lacks the unnecessary preservatives; instead, it has all-natural ingredients.

It consists of fried insects rich in proteins and veggies with natural taste and aroma from the garden.

Editor Ratings Overview
4.5/5Basic Ingredients-premium greens, insects, and veggies.
Type- Dried mix
Weight- 113.40 g
Cost- $13.99

Product Highlights

T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend is an excellent natural source of vitamins and minerals. 

It contains preserved vegetables with a fresh taste and high nutritive value. It has plenty of protein for your pet; you don’t need to bother looking for the unavailable live insects. 

What I like

  • It is a high-quality product
  • Quick and convenient food. 
  • Attractive color and flavor
  • It is a right value product for the money. 

What I don’t Like

  • The food contains ingredients such as spinach, sweet potatoes, and carrots that need only to be fed infrequently. They are not convenient in a daily food mix. 
  • Their smell may not be pleasant to some bearded dragons and sometimes the owner.
  • The food does not soften much after rehydration, and some dragons will not accept it. 
  • The product has many more worms than the veggies, which may be unfavorable for some bearded dragons.  
Pros Cons 
No preservatives, only natural ingredients
Easy to prepare, put in little hot water for rehydration.Consist of insects, greens, and veggies. 
It is quite expensive compared to other brands. Not all bearded dragons consume it because of its dryness.

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Zoo Med 5118 Gourmet Bearded Dragon Food

Last update on 2020-12-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

It has a balanced mix of mealworms, fruits, and rose petals, which provide the necessary proteins, minerals, and essential vitamins. The food enhances good health and a sound body in the dragons, particularly the picky eaters.

Editors Ratings Overview 
4.0SpecsBasic Ingredients- blueberries, mealworms, rose flower petals, and floating pellets.Type- pellet formWeight- 425 gCost- $13.62

Product Highlights

The food is free from the colors, preservatives, and colors that may be harmful to your cute pet.

What I Like

  • Only natural elements
  • It’s reputable 
  • Reasonable price. 

What I Don’t Like

  • The food has plenty of pellets, and anything else present is minimal. 
Pros Cons 
Highest quality dried food
Natural ingredients
Contains almost all minerals and fortified vitamin
The food is quite pricey
Some beardies dislike the food because of the pellets. 

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New to bearded dragon? Check out the bearded dragon care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about bearded dragons as pets. Check it now!

1000 Live Superworms By Bassett’s Cricket Ranch

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Brellavi is aware that bearded dragons love live insects, and they obey that. They care for your pet’s diet, and that triggers them to produce nothing but a quality diet with live Superworms. This food is the best source of nutrients to the bearded dragon. 

Editors RatingsOverview
4.6 Basic Ingredients- live superworms
Weight- 907g

Product Highlights

Live superworms from Brellavi are highly nutritious. 

What I Like

  • The manufacturers are ready to exchange the product if you find that there are dead worms. 
  • It is reliable.
  • A high-quality product. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Some beardies don’t prefer moving insects in their meals.  
Pros Cons 
Great value
Real super worms
High-quality product 
Dead worms are evident during the delivery. 

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Fluker’s Buffet Blend Food for Adult Bearded Dragon

Last update on 2020-12-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Just at first glance, you will love this product, and it is very attractive.

Not only that, but the food also provides full nutrients from the balanced mix of the freeze-dried crickets, mealworms, and pelleted vitamins.

You need only to add some fruits and veggies to this food and complete the diet. 

Editors RatingsOverview
4.6 Basic Ingredients are; crickets, mealworms.
Type- pellet form
Weight- 82g, 212g.
Cost- $2.02, $11.63 respectively.  

Product Highlights

Buffet blend food has reasonable amounts of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats, which makes it a great product to supply quality nutrients to your dragon. 

It is a prepared food that provides quality nutrients to the bearded dragons. 

What I Like

  • The food is designed to last quite a long time. 
  • It has full nutrients for animals.
  • It is the best food for adult dragons. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Not exciting food to some bearded dragons because of its pellet nature. 
Pros Cons 
Easy to store
Fine nutritional value
Good value product
Insects boost appetite
Not suitable to use as a primary food source. 

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Fluker’s Buffet Blend Juvenile Bearded Dragons

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Fluker’s buffet blend juvenile is a nice meal for every juvenile dragon. It consists of the freeze-dried crickets and mealworms, and vitamin-fortified pellets. 

Its distinctive blend makes the food pleasant and ensures that your young pet will love it. Despite that, the pet will obtain a balance of vitamins and minerals, fat, and essential proteins. 

Editors RatingOverview
4.7Ingredients- freeze-dried crickets and mealworms.
Type- dried insects
Weight- 125g, 241g
Cost- $3.89, $9.99 respectively. 

Product Highlights

Buffet blend juvenile food has a unique texture that attracts beardies. It is a great product that provides a diversity of food in cool, the vitamin pellets, crickets, and mealworms. It is indeed the best food for juveniles. 

The food provides about 32% proteins, 2.25% calcium, 2% phosphate, 6.5% crude fiber. Every dragon needs calcium and vitamins to protect them from illnesses. Buffet blend juvenile is the right meal for your young dragons. 

What I Like 

  • Low price. 
  • Great value. 
  • Nutritionally balanced food. 
  • This pellet food attracts the juveniles, and they eat it comfortably. 

What I Don’t Like

  • The food has artificial additives such as probiotics. 
Pros Cons 
High quality
Excellent taste
Good size
Reasonable price for the product.
Very nutritious. 
The smell can be discouraging to some beardies

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Best Food for Bearded Dragons FAQs 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tomatoes? 

Yes, bearded dragons can consume tomatoes, but you need to provide them occasionally. Tomatoes have oxalic acid, phosphorus, vitamin A but are low in calcium.  
The low-level of calcium makes it unsuitable to give them frequently. Excess of tomatoes to dragons can cause them to be sick. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lettuce?

Bearded dragons can safely eat the lettuce. All kinds of lettuces, iceberg, romaine, green and red lettuces are right for these fascinating animals. But lettuces have more water and fewer nutrients. 
Therefore, give a small portion of these ingredients. Excess of lettuce can cause your adorable pet to diarrhea. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus?

Yes, the dragon can comfortably eat asparagus. However, this food is low in calcium and oxalate. It makes the asparagus less recommended to feed the dragons plentifully. Only give small portions of the asparagus at least once after about 2-4 weeks. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Zucchini?

Zucchini is a safe food for bearded dragons. Though it is very low in calcium and other essential nutrients it consists of 94% water. It does not do much to your dragon, hence reduce the level to give. 
A low calcium diet can expose the animal to many health issues, and Zucchini has 16mg calcium in every 100 grams. It is too little for your animal. 

Bearded Dragon Food List

Being omnivores, the Australian bearded dragons will comfortably feed on the insects, veggies, and fruits as their essential diet. The composition of each food species varies among the dragons depending on the age of the animal.  

The wild bearded dragons feed mainly on the live food where they take everything from crickets, hornworms, earthworms, among others. The domesticated dragon, on the other hand, can safely feed on the dehydrated or freeze-dried insects. 

The following are only a few of the foods to be included in the bearded dragon’s diet. 

  • Insects include; grasshoppers, black soldier fly, crickets, mealworms hornworms, locust, butterworm, slug, snails, etc.
  • Veggies and fruits for beardies include; carrot tops, bell peppers, lettuce, bananas, mustard spinach, pawpaw, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin leaves, potatoes, among others. 
  • The Flowers edible to bearded dragons are; – roses, cactus flowers, pumpkin flowers, hibiscus flowers, and many more. 


I greatly recommend product number 3, Tradeking natural dried crickets, as the best product for bearded dragons.  This is because the food is gut loaded to supply additional nutrients, have real insects, and only natural ingredients. It is a superfood for your pet. 

I also recommend product number 9 as the best buffet blend for a juvenile bearded dragon because; it has a good reputation from a certain number of users, a high-quality meal with a variety of food, and tastes good.  It is also cheap. 

There are many best foods for the bearded dragons; having clear information to distinguish them helps you to know the one to choose for your pet. It is important to note that bearded dragons must have insects and vegetables in their daily diet.

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