Best Reptile Incubator (Buyers Guide Included)

The best reptile incubator defined by good maintaining the temperature and humidity, and some other conditions such as CO2   and oxygen.

If you are spending money to buy this tool so, you must go for the good possible reptile incubator available in the market nowadays.

After all, investing in a poor-quality incubator may cause a lot as you can end up having a handful of dead reptile eggs because of improper temperature and humidity.

Bearded dragon hatched

The article will walk you through.

  • What to look for in an incubator?
  • What are other metrics when buying a reptile incubator?
  • What is the best reptile egg incubator?
  • Reptile breeding Q&A

Cute Reptiles as Pets x
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What to Look for When Buying a Reptile Incubator?

Reptile Egg incubators will help improve the overall hatch rates of reptile eggs, whether you are just a simple hobby farmer or a professional breeder.

It is a daunting task when choosing a suitable reptile egg incubator due to the numerous models available.

However, if you are looking for the most important thing to consider before choosing a reptile incubator. You should look for a model that will give you the appropriate temperature and humidity levels for your reptile.

lizard eggs hatch
lizard eggs hatch

Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing the best reptile Incubators


The breed of your pet is one of the major factors that will determine the best reptile egg incubator for you.

Reptiles like snakes, lizards, and turtles have different breeding needs, while each subspecies also have different incubation requirements.

You will need to research the breed of your pet extensively on the best conditions that they would lay eggs in nature.

So you can understand the best way to simulate that environment.


First time successful hatching bearded dragon

Most of the incubators in the market are targeted for poultry breeders. This means there are not many egg incubators that you can choose from.

Before getting a reptile egg incubator. Keep in mind that reptile eggs are usually kept at a cooler temperature than poultry eggs.

Most incubators do not go down to lower temperatures suitable for reptile incubation. Only a few brands have an automatic egg turner to help promote better hatch rates.

And you need to be on the lookout the best reptile incubators that can go down to low temperatures.


You will need to decide if you want to go on a large scale or small-scale breeding before choosing a reptile egg incubator.

large volume incubator for professional business

There are a few incubators that are suitable for large scale breeding. There is only a cabinet incubator available on the market suitable for reptile breeding on a large scale.

You can set down the incubator to as low as 60 degrees F. But it does not cool down as much.

The room temperature needs to keep at about 10 degrees or below the incubation temperature.

What Are Best Reptile Incubators Metrics?

Easy to Clean

This is a practical and important point not to miss when getting a reptile incubator. It is best to get an incubator that can be kept clean.

Bacteria can grow in an reptile egg incubator from the mess left behind after hatchling. Like poops, dust, empty shells.

The bacteria can then enter through porous eggshells and lead to the death of the embryos. This is why you need to get an incubator that can be dismantled so you can clean after hatching.

Measuring the Temperature and Humidity in the Incubator

The two main issues that can make or mar your hatching is the temperature and humidity.

You need to make the temperature and humidity in an incubator constant.

Any variation can lead to unsuccessful hatching. This is why you need to decide if you want to measure them manually or digitally.

It is best to get a digital incubator to save you time and reduce the stress of measuring temperature and humidity manually.


There is a wide range of incubators with varying prices as some cost thousands of dollars. While other costs are less than a hundred.

Whether automated incubators or not, small or large reptile incubators and other criteria. However, you should ensure that you choose a reputable brand whenever you are buying one.

use incubator to for reptile hatching
use incubator to for reptile hatching

Top 7 Best Reptile Incubator (Updated August 2020)

After doing research base on 50 best egg incubators and 15 hours of watching reviews from the internet. The list of seven incubators below is the best reptile incubator I would recommend.

Hova-Bator still Air Reptile Egg Incubator Reviews

Last update on 2020-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The incubator is considered as a small incubator, and it is one of the best reptile incubators. Even it’s price just a bit higher than the AVG of the cheap egg incubators, it still gives a lot of different.

Even though, this reptile incubator is popular among the poultry keepers.

Nowadays the incubator also gains popularity among reptile keepers as it removes the reptile egg turning functionality and because of their still air incubator feature. 

This incubator has a chest-style design with 2 glass windows in the top so that you can observe your incubating reptile eggs easily.

As the design of the incubator is so neat and tidy with a ventilation system that heats the air inside the incubator and the fresh air enters inside the incubator through the bottom vents.

The incubator has an ideal system that prevents the build-up of musty air and promotes the molding growth on reptile egg. It has some robust accessories mentioned below:

  • A stand-alone hygrometer
  • Thermometer to measure and temperature control of the incubator
  • Pots and Substrate

The incubator also has a drawback like it does not have a proper Cooling system as it is only having a warmed system.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Prevents the build-up of musty sirDoesn’t have proper cooling system
Promotes the molding growth on reptile eggsDoesn’t have a digital display
Comes with Free Accessories
Only have a warming system
A proper egg turner

Happybuy ReptiPro Reptile incubator Reviews

Last update on 2020-06-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This happy buy incubator is the most recommended incubator among the reptile keepers.

It looks like a small fridge that has two shelves. With a small bottom section where you can add water to increase the humidity levels.

The device has enough space for incubating a large number of reptile eggs. It is the best incubator for reptile keepers as it has extremely accurate and precise digital temperature control.

The temperature of this device can be controlled by a lcd display which is from 00c to 4c, 320F- 1040F. It is the ideal temperature for reptile egg whether they are of bearded dragon, tortoise, corn snakes.

Some special accessories included in the cooling system, which is not present in the other incubators.

Besides that, it offers versatile features:

  • An excellent cooling system.
  • The heating setting allows temperature control inside the device.

As the other ReptiPro, it comes with a cooling function, so, it is used for herps also because herps require a winter cooling period, then this incubator is ideal for herps.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Excellent cooling systemNot suitable for other reptiles
Excellent heating systemdigital display for temperature control
Ideal for herp

Zoo Med ReptiBator Reptile Incubator Reviews

Last update on 2020-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This Zoo Med incubator is a tub style reptile incubator with completely visible through its top. We highly recommend this incubator for your egg incubator kit.

Firstly, it is a good reptile incubator. This incubator suit for those who want to keep a quick visual check on reptile eggs during the incubation process.

Zoo Med ReptiBator can control the temperature from 150c to 400c. Although an in-built temperature alarm can be useful if there are no major issues like power interruption and so on.

It is capable to restore the power and remember it’s pre-selected temperature and re-establish itself as quickly as possible at the time of need. 

Zoo Med Repti-Bator Reptile Incubator has a huge amount of space as it can measure 15X15 x6 inches, which means it has enough space to put many reptile eggs at a time inside the device.

Additionally, it has a built-in container inside it which is used to store multiple water and to place foam matting at the bottom before starting the incubation. As we all know that everything comes with some benefits and with some drawbacks.

Zoo Med ReptiBator® Digital Egg Incubator

So, this device has also some drawbacks, and they mentioned below:

  • The price is much higher according to its construction.
  • Shortage of cooling system in case of overheating.
  • Cheap built quality.
✅ Pros❌ Cons
It can store waterThe price is much higher
Has a huge amount of spaceShortage of cooling system
Good for those who want to keep a quick visual check on reptile eggCheap built quality
Easy Viewing

Exo Terra Reptile Egg Incubator Reviews

Last update on 2020-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The design of it is the same as the ReptiPro 6000. Although this reptile egg pro incubator is mostly used in many stores, it does not make it best for reptile eggs.

However, this exo terra incubator has some essential features to be considered.

It has a feature to change its environment rapidly.  It has an automatic cooling system. So, you can exceed the consistent temperature of the device according to your desire.

Whenever the temperature goes down it automatically started heating the incubator. That is why it is considered as an ideal in changing its environment rapidly. 

Exo Terra Reptile Egg Incubator has an LED display with dual movable shelves to provide enough space for reptile incubation and digital display temperature control to check the consistent temperature.  It also has an interior light switch which helps you to monitor your reptile egg during the incubation process. 

The incubator also has a container at the bottom to add water, to control temperature, humidity levels to the device by the humidity display. 

As we told you earlier, that every device comes with some advantages and with some disadvantages. So, Exo Terra Reptile Egg Incubator has also some drawbacks such as:

  • The incubator has not a good lifespan.
  • It is difficult to maintain a consistent temperature for it.
  • The incubator shut down without any warning.
✅ LED display with dual movable shelves❌ Lifespan
✅ Automatic cooling system❌ Difficult to maintain a suitable temperature
✅ Interior light switch❌ Shut down without any warning
Exo Terra Reptile Egg Incubator Reviews

Little Giant Still Air Reptile Incubator

Last update on 2020-11-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The reptile incubator is a lightweight incubator with a well-built hefty.

As it is a light-weighted incubator, so, you can move it easily from one place to another. The incubator has two windows on the top of the digital incubator. This allows you to keep an eye on your reptile egg without interfering with the incubation process. 

The incubator has a 40-watt heating element with a hygrometer. That monitors the temperature and humidity for monitoring the temperature.

The product has a kit that includes substrates and bowls. It has an LED display. You can adjust the elements of the device easily by using the buttons inside the device. 

Just like as Hova-Bator Incubator, it is also having clutches between bowls to separate them.

The bowl contains built-in moisture rings that enable breeders to easily base that keeps reptile egg moisturized.  The best part is that you can remove these bowls from incubator whenever necessary for inspection. 

Like all other devices, this incubator also has a drawback that you should place the incubator at room temperature for proper working.

✅has a 40-watt heating element❌Need to place the incubator at room temperature for proper working.
✅has a kit that includes substrates and bowls
✅has an LED so that you can adjust the elements
pros and cons of Little Giant Still Air Reptile Incubator

Rcom Px 50 PRO 50 Fully Automatic Digital Egg Incubator

Last update on 2020-11-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This pro item in egg incubator kit is one of the best reptile incubators because:

Firstly, it has a well-built large construction where you can place 100 eggs at a time. So, this in the incubator is best for full-time reptile breeders. 

This incubator is available for a vast range of reptiles like turtles, snakes, lizards, leopard geckos.

Secondly, it also has a big screen on the top which gives easy viewing windows on eggs as well as making a better inspection.

It has a foam tray inside the device which allows you to add substrate according to you and as well as place the eggs in roomy arrangements.  

Additionally, with water reservoirs, you can add water without disturbing the internal function as it has a handy waterhole outside it. 

The best thing about this incubator is that it is user-friendly and easy to understand which makes it good for beginners.  

It is easy to understand its labeled functions such as buttons to increase and decrease the humidity levels and easy to handle the temperature functions to control the temperature fluctuations.

The incubator also has a handy alarm that warns you in case of sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

has a well-built large constructionNo Cons (in our test) 🙂
you can place 100 eggs at a time
it is user-friendly and easy to understand

R-Com Digital Egg Incubator

Last update on 2020-11-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

With the digital temperature control, this reptile egg incubator has full control over temperature and humidity with an easy digital display readout.

Another highlight is it has a highly refined feature with a simple shape. 

The incubator is adjustable due to it is simple in shape one can adjust it anywhere according to their needs.

Positive reviews for R-Com Digital Egg Incubator
Positive reviews for R-Com Digital Egg Incubator

It is good for both beginner and as well as professional breeders and it is also used for both like poultry egg incubation and reptile breeders.

One can easily set the temperature and humidity according to their needs. It can place 24 reptile egg at a time inside the incubator.

Like other incubators, it also has a large window that gives a clear easy viewing windows to inspect the eggs without disturbing the egg incubation process.  A universal tray is also available in the incubator that can adjust all types of eggs. One of the best features of this incubator is that it can be easily assembled or disassembled.

It can place 24 reptile eggs at a timeNo Cons in our test !
incubator is adjustable (can be easily assembled or disassembled)Egg turner not included
used for both like poultry incubation and reptile breeders
R-Com Digital Egg Incubator cons and pros

Bonus: ReptiPro 6000 Egg Incubator

Why this reptile egg incubator is not in the top 7? Well, this is the top one reptile incubator.

Last update on 2020-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

ReptiPro 6000 Reptile Egg Incubator has luxury designs even if you compare it with Happybuy ReptiPro Reptile25L. While the price of these are quite the same.

The ReptiPro 6000 is an upgrade version of ReptiPro 5000, it has all the feature of “its brother” along with some updated features which help in better reptile egg hatching.

What is it include?:

  • lcd display
  • Like little giant incubator: it has a large storage
  • Same as Zoo Med ReptiBator. It has a big view to check the hatching progress

Reptile Incubator Buying FAQs

How Long Is the Reptile Incubation Period In Avg?

The incubation period is 30-90 days depends on the species reptiles.

How to Know when my Female Reptile is Pregnant or Gravid?

A common sign is a change in eating and sleeping patterns. They become more aggressive. Snakes and lizards will also have bulging bellies.

How can I Keep the Eggs From Drying Out Too Quickly?

You should ensure that you follow the directions that come with a medium to keep your eggs moist at all times. You can opt for a medium like vermiculite. That retains water and keep your eggs from drying out quickly. All you need is follow the directions of the medium.

What is the Best Temperature that I can Hatch my Eggs at?

The exact temperature that you will need for hatching eggs vary from species to species. However, it would help if you kept your incubator at around 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I Turn or Move my Reptile Eggs?

No, reptile eggs should not be turned at any time, and you can only move it when necessary, like moving them to an incubator.
Note: Be Careful not to rotate or turn reptile eggs when moving.

What are the Signs to Lookout for When Eggs are Going Bad?

Some eggs start to turn yellow and dry out more than the other eggs. The egg is clean with no vein development or a distinct blood spot. Another sign is mold development on or close to the egg.

What to Do if the Neonate has Pipped but will not Leave the Shell?

You do not need to worry about this situation. Once the neonate has pipped, the reptile may poke out their heads or nose while remaining in the egg to take their first breaths.

Reptile Incubation Period

incubation period is 30-90 days depends on the species reptiles
incubation period is 30-90 days depends on the species reptiles

There are few things that will determine the incubation period of a reptile.
The first factor is the type of reptile that you are rearing. The second one is the temperature and humidity of the environment you are hatching in. Some of the incubation periods of reptile species are stated below:

  • 1. The incubation period for snakes is between 50-65 days based on the species.
  • 2. The incubation period for lizards is between 1-2 months based on the species.
  • 3. The incubation period for turtles is usually 45-90 days in warmer conditions and can be about 120 days in colder temperatures. However, painted turtles are around 2-3 months while box turtles are 9 to 10 weeks.

Conclusion for best reptile incubator

To breed reptiles itself is an amazing experience. This one needs a level of commitment both in case of study and time. It is amazing to see a whole process hatching a new life birth. Especially in front of your eyes.

This process will help you a lot in breeding the reptiles and enhance your knowledge in this field.

Hence, a reptile egg incubator is a must. For this, you must choose the best reptile incubator. We mentioned some best reptile incubators above. So, you can choose one of them to enjoy the successful breeding of these amazing creatures.

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