Best Skunks’ Vitamin Products Of 2020.

Many skunk pet owners may find it challenging to find the best vitamin for skunks. Some may end up picking up skunk food products, which may end up not fit.

Skunks require moisturized food; they don’t take water that much. Therefore their diet should contain a lot of water. You may not be able to tell their exact food and vitamin type for your skunk if you don’t know their health basics.

What skunks need, what kind of food is essential. To keep a happy and healthy skunk, you must understand their diet. You’ll find skunk food in any pet or skunk store. 

Buyer’s Guide- What To Look Out.

Most skunk food companies do not specify if their product is long-lasting. You might find it unsafe to feed your skunk pet with food.

Skunks do not require dry food. To choose the right type of food supplements for your skunk, you need to know the kind of food skunks eat and the diet they require. 

 Are you thinking of how to keep a healthy skunk? Healthy skunks don’t take plenty of water. They need fresh-water in limited quantities. Therefore, their foods should have sufficient water content.

Skunk’s food products should contain poultry foods, fruits, and vegetables. Don’t forget their favorite live insects, nuts, baby mice(pinkies). 

Hulled seeds and raw nuts may not contain water, but they have fatty oils that your skunk requires for energy and a balanced diet.

Eggs that include the right quantity of moisture and combined with vitamins – D, A, E.  These eggs must also contain lecithin and vitamin B variables. All these nutrients required for a health skunk.

As a skunk owner, you should try to pick out one of the best and trending food products.

Find out if they’re up to date and why they are trending.  Therefore, before venturing into any skunk food product, check the contents out. You don’t want to make your skunk go unhealthy.

Some pet supplements got from synthetic substances don’t fit your skunk. These are not healthy for your skunk pets. The very best and recommended come from whole foods and natural products. 

A skunk’s digestive system can be responsive to processed foods and will end up not being able to digest some foods. Below are particular features you should look out for in any skunk food product;

A skunk’s digestive system can be responsive to processed foods and will end up not being able to digest some foods. A skunk’s digestive system can be responsive to processed foods and will end up not being able to digest some foods.

Do not feed your skunks canned foods. Canned food is usually dried and therefore lacks moisture. These foods could be harmful to your pet skunk, products with preservatives too are not advised.

Skunk’s Products Comparison Chart

I am sure a lot of questions are flocking your mind right now. How’d you know these skunk products? Which one’s better than the other.

In this section, we will try to compare some skunk products to determine why they stand out.

Some products will be better than the other due to little ingredients and essential nutrients that lack. These ingredients might be crucial minerals that will go a long way to give your skunk a healthy life.

While you go through the product comparison chart, figure out why this product is better, why you would prefer this to the other.

In what way would it help the health of your pet skunk. Now read this; 

Supplement NameFeaturesRatings
Vita- Skunk1. Good source of taurine.Rich in iodine and vitamin- C supplements.
2. Sufficient quantity of calcium carbonate.
3. The beautiful  blend of essential vitamins and minerals ensures your pet skunk receives  daily nutrition
Berries and Bugs Diet1. This diet gives a blend of essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet.
2. Has the required corn oil and tomato pomaceIt’s a good source of essential protein, such as the soya bean meal and fresh meat.
3. It contains blue-berries and ascorbic acid you can offer this alone. It’s a real diet for your pet skunk.
Bug-Blend1. This product includes the right mix  of insects
Very rich in protein.
2. It’s a combination of skunk favorite insects such as grasshopper, mealworms, and crickets
3. An excellent method of strengthening the teeth as it chews. Therefore, it helps in teeth development one of the best skunk insect treats.
Canned crickets1. Contains freshly grown crickets( one of skunk’s favorite)
2. Subtle flavor and mouth-watering aroma.
Slight can cook for easier digestion and nutrient flow.
3. This product contains blended collagen, which aids bone development.
4. If you give your skunk this treat, you don’t need any additional live insects.
Nectar Pods/ Yogurt1. A healthy addition of citric acid and yogurt flavored
2. Contains an excellent combination of apple juice and calcium carbonate.
3. Fructose sugars a vital vitamin and required supplement. 
4. GlycerinSufficient amino acid which aids bone formation.
5. This product contains citric acid as a preservative but totally healthy for your skunk.
Premium diet skunk1. Highly fortified with natural vitamins and pellet feed
2. Adequate blood meal and calcium carbonate.
3. It’s a good rice meal product and a taurine supplement.
4. The blend contains essential minerals such as copper, zinc, iron.
5. It contains Required vitamins like vitamin D3, vitamin B-12, and Vitamin E supplements.

Skunk’s Products Reviews

Some pet supplements got from synthetic substances don’t fit your skunk. These are not healthy for your skunk pets. The very best and recommended come from whole foods and natural products.

Calcium is a mineral that is essential for lots of body activities. Most pet foods contain calcium which makes people see no reason for adding it as supplements, 

It is ideal for adding calcium supplements to your skunk food. The perfect calcium sources for your skunks include insects, worms, eggs, and raw chicken.

Some skunk owners use cheese, too, as a source of calcium. These supplements you can access quickly with the ideal product.

However, it is vital to provide the exact food and supplement. Skunks do not show any signs and symptoms of ill health until they become very sick. The only sign they show is that their coat becomes very dry. 

When you notice this, ensure you take the right precaution. The skunk products outlined above are sure to grow a healthy skunk.  As you have seen, they contain reasonable dietary requirements.  

Some skunk owners may not still be convinced if they come across these products. In this section, we’re on the lookout for the reviews from superior products—effects of the product ingredients on skunks.

When a supplement goes wrong, reviews help build a buyer’s confidence before purchasing a particular product. The same thing applies here; let’s dig in!

Vita Skunk.

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The vita-skunk product is a balanced dietary food for skunks. It was manufactured and supplied by the ‘Exotic Nutrition Company.

This food product fully stacked at aiding the active development of skunk’s health, with the fortified blend of essential minerals and vitamins, which ensures proper nutrition for skunks.

51.      Vita-skunk is prepared with essential vitamins and minerals needed for your skunk’s development.
2.      Vita- skunk gives your skunk adequate daily nutrition.

I have some skunks I keep as pets. I have been feeding them this vita-skunk product. Though using it with other supplements, it was a good thing for them!

My skunks’ fur is so soft and shiny right now. So beautiful to admire my skunks never refuse it. I love this product and recommend this product to other skunk keepers. 

Berries and Bugs Diet

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The berries and bugs diet is another excellent, fully packed product by the ‘Exotic  Nutrition Company.’ The product is 100% natural high protein content.

It is a typical insectivore diet fortified with fruits and healthy vitamins for the well-being of your skunk.

51. Nicely prepared to be given alone without other supplements. 2. You can still mix with other foods if you desire to.     
3. A  Natural product with zero colors and preservatives. 
4. It’s a mammal and insectivorous designed formula.
5. This product is best for skunks.  The product package is finely manufactured for the long-lasting freshness of contents.       

‘We decided to try this out for our little buddies, and they just love it. Their reaction is more than expected.  Sometimes I just place it on their bowls with fresh meat.

It contains a blend of insects that provides protein, calcium for your skunks.

You can give them the whole sometimes, and they love it either way.  I just love the quality of these berries and bugs meal. You won’t regret your purchase. 

Bug Blend

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This bug blend product is a new description of dried insect combination. Bug blend is an abundant food product manufactured and distributed by the unique Exotic Nutrition and Company. 

This treat is a mixture of dried insects such as grasshopper, crickets, and mealworms. It’s nicely packaged frozen to maintain its delicate nutritional value. If it’s properly stored, it can stay for a more extended period. 

1. It contains essential vitamins and mineral extracts from dried insects.
2. High protein content recommended for your skunks. 

Bug blend is a nice skunk food product. They are dried to enable it to maintain its freshness and are the only dried bug food that my baby skunk loves to eat.

They contain vitamins and minerals extract. Sometimes I buy bugs and mix them myself, but they refuse to do it.  So, when I got this bug blend, they won’t stop eating. I love this product!

Premium Skunk Diet

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This skunk diet is a full nutrition staked food for all kinds of skunk pets.  Manufactured by the Exotic Nutrition Company, the product gained much reviews and flock of skunk product buyers

41. Premium skunk diet is 100% free from artificial colors and preservatives 
2. You may mix with freshly picked insects and grown vegetables to maximize skunk’s satisfaction.

The premium skunk product contains sufficient amounts of calcium. Vitamin D3 supplement and rice mill extract.

This mix is a balanced diet with extra-fortified pellet feed vitamins needed for the growth and reproductive development of your pet skunk.

Large Live Mealworms Pack

Skunks love to eat mealworms. This product by exotic nutrition got you covered. It contains fat ready to feed-on live mealworms of approx.- 1.1 -1.27 inch length.

51. These are one of skunk’s favorite insects. 

Mealworms are No.1 insect food that skunks will not resist. Mealworms have high protein content, when skunks eat this; it helps them strengthen the teeth.

The company makes sure this live mealworms pack gets you Alive!  You don’t need to preserve it because your skunk can finish all at once. But, if there is a need to put it in a refrigerator merely.


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Fruit- tastic is a mix of pet skunk’s favorites fruits. They come crunchy and bit-sized. This fruit treat makes it easier to add different foods to the diet too.

31. Crunchy nature serves as a good exercise for the teeth. 

The blend contains vitamins and minerals from banana, apples, grapes, and palm oil. It also provides skunk with soya milk and corn syrup to build and boost the immune system.

Skunks’ Products FAQs

How will vita-skunk help my skunks?

How will vita-skunk help my skunks? Vita-skunk is an extra fortified package that is ideal for your skunks.

It’s a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and amino acid. These nutrients are what your skunks require for healthy growth.

Will vita- skunk make my sick skunk healthy again?

Will vita-skunk make my sick skunk healthy again? Vita- the skunk, is a food product that provides your skunks with the essential requirements.

If your skunk is unhealthy, there is no guarantee that vita-skunk will make your skunk healthy again. However, as it’s giving your skunk what it’s appropriately missing in his diet, watch your skunk closely. If the unwellness persists, please consult your vet.

Do berries and bug diet contain unhealthy preservatives?

Do berries and bug diet contain unhealthy preservatives? The answer to this is NO, berries, and bug diet does not contain a chemical at all. It’s natural, with no artificial colors, no flavors.

What kind of insects are included in this product?

What kind of insects are contained in this product? Bug blend is a natural mix of skunk’s favorite insects; mealworms, grasshoppers, and crickets.

This mix is a good source of protein and calcium best needed for your skunks.


The above products and reviews are beautiful enough to give you an idea of what to give your skunk pets. We all want that coat shiner and skunk happy, so, don’t miss the beautiful mix!

Vita skunk is ideal for all pet skunks. 100% free from preservatives that your skunk may be responsive.

Vita skunk is very affordable and easy to purchase. If you want your skunk happy, grab this mix of vitamins!

Nectar pods, however, may be declined by your skunk. The product contains colors and preservatives for its long-lasting effect.

You shouldn’t be surprised if your skunk stops eating all of a sudden, just change their diet into something more refreshing.

Products that contain fewer colors and preservatives are highly recommend for skunks.

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