How Much Does It Cost To Board A Guinea Pig?

Now that we are in the holiday season, you may be planning to travel, meet the family, or plan a weekend getaway. As a pet owner, you may wonder who can help you take care of your pet while you go for a vacation.

A great way to go about this is to board your pet. There are several ways to board your guinea pig, from keeping them at a pet store to housing them in a vet facility.

The facility will help to take care of your guinea pig for a cost while you enjoy your vacation without having to worry about your pet.

In this article, we will help describe everything you need to know about boarding a guinea pig, from how much it will cost to board a pet to where you can board your pet.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Guinea Pig?

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Guinea Pig?

The average cost for boarding a guinea pig is between $5-$20. The price usually depends on where you decide to board your pet and the service that they offer.

What Do Boarding Costs Depend On?

There are several things that can determine the cost of boarding a guinea pig. Some of them are stated below.


The price of boarding a guinea pig usually varies from one country to another. If you live in the city, there are several options available that can help reduce the price. However, it can be expensive if only a boarding facility is close to you.

Where To Board Guinea Pigs

There are several places where you can board your guinea pigs, which can then affect their price. For instance, it can cost more when boarding your pet at pet stores than when boarding at your vet’s place.

Number Of Guinea Pigs

The number of guinea pigs you want to board will affect the price. This means the price of boarding one guinea pig will not be as costly as boarding two or more guinea pigs.

Number Of Days

The amount charged for boarding a pet will depend on how many hours or days of service that you need.

Service Offered

There are several options for boarding your pet, and they offer different services. For instance, some pet stores provide entertainment, food, exercise, and lots more, while others help to keep and feed your pet.

This means that the cost of boarding your guinea pigs with pet stores that offer these services will be higher than pet stores that only help to keep and care for the pet.

Where Can You Leave Your Guinea Pig On Vacation?

Where Can You Leave Your Guinea Pig On Vacation?

There are three options when it comes to boarding your guinea pig; these are pet stores, pet sitters, and exotic vet offices.

Pet Store

There are several pet stores that offer accommodation and care for your guinea pig. Some stores offer short-term boarding, while others offer long-term boarding.

Furthermore, each pet store offers different facilities, and you should try to find out if they provide what you need before choosing them.

Several pet store workers are usually honest and care deeply for your animal. However, some are not very ethical, and it is best to check the accommodation and service in advance when choosing one.

Pet StoresCost (per guinea pig per day)Maximum guinea pigsMaximum time
Guinea Pig Sanctuary$10Up to 10 piggies24/7
Cavy Care Inc$103 piggiesUp to 2 years
Pdx guinea pigs$101-2 piggies24/7
Animal boarding and grooming$1524/7
Austin guinea pig rescue$106 piggies24/7
Paradise pet resorts$1524/7
Comparison of Pet Stores Accommodation

Pet Sitter

You can also decide to hire a pet sitter if taking your guinea pig to a pet store is not a good idea for you. A pet sitter will come to your house to help care, feed, and exercise your pet.

You can even ask a pet sitter to perform other tasks such as collecting your mail or watering the houseplants while you are away.

The only drawback with using a pet sitter service is that your pet will be supervised for only some hours instead of all day. Another thing is that a stranger will occupy your house while you are away.


Vet Clinic

Another option when it comes to boarding a guinea pig is to leave it with your vet. You will find several veterinarians that offer boarding services to their clients. However, this is usually a secondary business for most vets, and they don’t have updated facilities.

They may put your pet in a crate all day, and the staff will exercise the pet occasionally. Boarding your guinea pig at your vet’s facility can be a great choice if your pet suffers from a health condition or is an elderly animal.

Checklist For Your Guinea Pig Before Boarding

Checklist For Your Guinea Pig Before Boarding

Here is a checklist of what you may need for boarding your guinea pig.

  • Completed boarding contract
  • Boarding fees
  • Any vegetables or other treats that your pet may love.
  • Dry pellets
  • Favorite bedding
  • Toys for cuddling
  • Emergency contact information of someone you can trust with your pet
  • Your vet’s emergency contact information

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do guinea pigs need vaccinations before boarding?

Unlike dogs, rabbits, or cats, guinea pigs do not need vaccinations before boarding them. This will help to save you a lot of expenses for vaccinations.

Do guinea pigs recognize their owners?

Guinea pigs are social animals, and they enjoy being in the company of their owners and fellow cavies. They are also very interactive and can recognize and respond to their owners.

Can guinea pigs run free in the house?

Yes, you can allow your guinea pigs to run free in your house. However, this will require a lot of potty training, and allowing them to run free can also expose them to dangers. Furthermore, guinea pigs can feed on your furniture, electrical cords, upholstery, etc.

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Wrapping Up

Holiday is around the corner, and boarding your pet may be the best way to care for your pet while you go on a vacation. We hope this article helps to answer your questions regarding boarding a guinea pig.

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