4 Facts for Owners Love Brown Guinea Pigs

Do you want to keep a sweet animal companion? Then little brown guinea pigs might be ideal for you! Guinea pigs are the most adorable pet because they have cute, docile nature and appearance that make them well-liked worldwide.

Before adopting a brown guinea pig, some questions arise in pet owners’ minds, such as the guinea pigs’ rarity, how much they cost, and where to buy them.

If you have a plan to become a pet parent of brown guinea pigs, then you have come to the right place!

Because in this post, we have gathered all the information related to these little companions that will help you understand better the facts to love brown guinea pigs.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

Are Brown Guinea Pigs Rare?

Are Brown Guinea Pigs Rare?

Brown guinea pigs are pretty common. There are several breeds of guinea pigs, due to which they have different colors and traits. Specific color combinations are considered unique such as White-crested patterns and Dalmatian patterns.

The white-crested guinea pigs are rare because they breed themselves, and they are self-colored, covered mainly within a single hair tone.

In comparison, the Dalmatian patterns are also rare as they have the same canines’ patterns with the same name.

The animal is white and has dark spots. Two Dalmatian-colored guinea pigs need to breed to produce the same pattern of offspring.

What Are Brown Guinea Pigs Called?

What Are Brown Guinea Pigs Called?

Brown guinea pigs are pretty adorable and can easily be distinguished from other guinea pigs due to their colors. Read on to find out the list of guinea pigs breeds and some rare breed types among them.

●       American White Crested Guinea Pig

●       Coronet Guinea Pig

●       Lunkarya Guinea Pig

●       Rex Guinea Pig

●       Alpaca Guinea Pig

●       Baldwin Guinea Pig

●       Ridges Guinea Pig

●       Abyssinian Guinea Pig

●       Silkie Guinea Pig

●       Texel Guinea Pig

●       Skinny Guinea Pig

●       Sheba Guinea pig

●       Merino Guinea Pig

●       Peruvian Guinea Pig

●       Teddy Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig- Alpaca

The Alpaca guinea pig resembles a Peruvian guinea pig. They are long hair breeds with shaggy ends, and they are scarce and have a high price in the market.

There is a single rosette on the top of their head, and they also have more than one rosette on their entire body.

This breed of pigs always needs more space and frequent exercise to play and move around. Their owners need to maintain and brush them properly to keep them free from debris.

American White Crested Guinea Pig

American White Crested Guinea Pig

They are called American White Crested Guinea Pigs because they were first discovered in 1974.

They contain white crown-like structures on their head, due to which they are considered the rarest breed. In addition, this breed has issues in producing identical quality offspring.

They are delicate and require extreme care and comfort. Be careful while picking up these tiny creatures!

Since they are rare, they have high market prices due to their purity and color.

Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Lunkarya guinea pig is a rare breed due to its characteristics of coarse appearance. Its coarse coat is dense, long, and thick, with curly hairs in all directions.

They demand frequent grooming to remain free from debris and prevent hair tangling. Pet owners need to brush out the curly hair because they come again.

Lunkarya guinea pigs are unable to bear heat because they have dense undercoats. They should not be kept under the direct sun; try to give them several shades during the summer season.

Coronet Guinea Pig

Coronet guinea pigs belong to the breed of “long-haired” guinea pigs. They have a rosette in the center of the head. They are enthusiastic and interested in social activities and have a unique aura, which always gains everyone’s attention.

They need extra brushing for long hair. Guinea pigs need their own home and exercise equipment, so be sure to provide them with the essentials.

How Much Does a Brown Guinea Pig Cost?

Brown Guinea pig will usually cost between 25-50$. There are few varieties of brown guinea pigs available, and their prices vary. Though the actual price of the real guinea pig can range from 10 to 40 dollars

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Where Can You Buy Brown Guinea Pigs?

Brown guinea pigs are available in-store, such as Petco, Lafeber and Petsmart. State and local regulations may vary, and some breeds may not be available at these stores and may be seasonal.

Pet’s gender, color and size may also vary by store. Stop by your nearest pet store and find your favorite brown guinea pig.

What Should I Name My Brown Guinea Pig?

Choosing a name for your pet is the most crucial part for the pet owner. When it comes to giving a name to your little brown guinea pig, you will have to choose a name that should fit its personality, gender and looks!

Here I have listed the same names based on the guinea’s color and gender. Hope you will end up finding the perfect name for your pet!

Names based on the guinea pig’s color and gender.

Brown Guinea Pig FAQs

What is the rarest guinea pig in the world?

 The White Crested guinea pig is the rarest in the world, and they are also known as American crested. They have a bold crest hair front, which is entirely white, making it easy for beginners to differentiate this breed type from other guinea pigs.

What is the most popular guinea pig color?

Seifs are the most popular guinea pig color around the world. Guinea pigs with this color have the most beautiful coats.

Their coat is non-wiry, smooth with the same color throughout the body. They are found in twelve colors, with lilac, black and chocolate being the most common.

What kind of guinea pig is brown and white?

The Himalayan is known as the Siamese cats in the guinea pig world. This breed consists white coat with black or brown coloring on its feet, ears and nose. This breed is usually recommended to the people who live in a colder region away from the sun.

What is the friendliest type of guinea pig?

Teddy guinea pigs are well known and considered the friendliest in the list of guinea pig breeds. They are frank with people, but sometimes they have problems while sharing their cage with other guinea pigs.

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In Short

If you are looking for a small, cute and easy to handle pet, then better opt for brown guinea pigs, especially for your kids, which might be the best option!

Brown guinea pigs come in different breeds and colors; they are adorable, making their owners love them more!

After reading the above details about the brown guinea pigs, we hope you will surely buy one as your pet!

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