Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken? Think First!

It must have happened to you when you went to the market and forgot to bring crickets for your bearded dragons. Now you are worried about what to feed your dragon. Can I feed chicken to my little dragon? or can bearded dragons eat chicken?

Chicken is something that many people all over the world like. It can be cooked and eaten in many ways. Every hotel, restaurant, and the party must have some dish of chicken in their food menu. People eat it by grilling, or boiling, or baking. 

But the question is still the same, can bearded dragons eat chicken?

In this blog post, we will find its answer instantly. We will also learn about the relation between chicken and bearded dragons and see if bearded dragons can eat chicken or not in detail. So let’s start without wasting time!

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken?

If you ask the same question to a reptile owner or ask a vet about it, he will advise you it is better not to feed chicken to bearded dragons. 

The major reason for this is that the dragons find it difficult to digest chicken. In fact, for dragons, it is very difficult to digest any kind of meat except insects. Beardies eat and like to enjoy pulpy foodstuffs. 

This means that if you force-feed chicken to your pet beardie, it will have a terrible effect on its health. Most of the time, bearded owners observe that chicken is not suitable for bearded dragons.

Can Chicken Cause Harm To Bearded Dragons? 

So now it must be in your mind that feeding chicken is not right for bearded dragons. But one question still lingers. That is why it’s not safe to feed chicken to bearded dragons. So let’s find out why!

Why chicken is not good for bearded dragons?

Beardies balance phosphorus in their body system by the intake of calcium. Chicken has an unwanted ratio of calcium and phosphorus, which is 1: 16.7. This means that every 1 gram of calcium has 16.7 grams of phosphorus equally. (source: Beautiful Dragons).

Going forward, if the quantity of phosphorus or even calcium, sugar, fiber, and fat becomes high, it will affect the health of bearded dragons. In short, there is a negative ratio of calcium and phosphorus that can make your bearded ill.

To make it more clear, let us now look at the following chicken nutrition chart. Kindly read this chart thoroughly. Where ever it comes to chicken and bearded dragons, we will take a reference from this chart.

Nutritional Value Of Chicken:

Nutritional Value Of Chicken
Nutritional Value Of Chicken

As you can see from the nutritional data above, raw chicken has a high fat and protein level. Bearded dragons only need a bug of protein. It is also high in phosphorus than calcium. 

The risk of calcium deficiency may occur because of the high level of phosphorus. Due to the lack of calcium, your beardie could face different bone diseases. That is why many people utter chicken as an awful choice for bearded dragons. 

As I mentioned above, bearded dragons can not digest chicken properly. They have a bit different needs from humans. 

Your bearded dragon can get harmed if you feed chicken to him. So it is far better to avoid chicken than taking your pet beardie to the vet. 

What If I feed Chicken To Bearded Dragon Time To Time?

Yes, you can feed chicken to your bearded dragon occasionally. It is fine if you feed tiny pieces of raw or boiled chicken cubes per month.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken?

 You should be aware of the fact that dragons cannot be fed chicken daily. Because of the nutrition inside the chicken, you shouldn’t feed it to your dragons regularly. It makes them sick and unwell.

What Can I feed bearded dragon except chicken?

You may wonder what else to feed if my bearded dragon can’t eat chicken. Don’t worry. You have many other options to serve your bearded dragon. Try to feed your bearded dragon what it wants. Your kitchen and fridge are filled with such types of foods.

Apple, flowers, carrot, strawberries, and green veggies are the most favorite to bearded dragons. You can also feed cockroaches, worms, and dubia roaches. They are perfectly safe. You just have to find out which type of food works best for your pet dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken Egg?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken Egg?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken Egg?

 As we know that beardies can eat a variety of foods, but can bearded dragons eat chicken eggs? If you can feed eggs to your pet dragon or not?  

Bearded dragons find eggs easy to digest and eat. In fact, they need vitamin A in their diet plan. As the chicken egg is a superb source of Vitamin A, it should be present in your beardie’s diet

Beardies can eat an egg in one go. You can feed eggs to bearded dragons one time in 30 days. 

However, eggs are a good source of protein and vitamin A, but not everything is good enough. Excess feeding of eggs will definitely leave a bad impact on your bearded dragon. 

I would suggest you read this article Can Bearded Dragons Eat Eggs? [You NEED This]. A reptile expert posted it at This article will tell you more about chicken egg feeding to bearded dragons.

If your pet lizard needs a boost package of Vitamin A and protein, then I must suggest you feed an egg to your pet dragon. Otherwise, the excess supply of nutritions causes various diseases. 

Wrapping Up

Let’s recap a few key points of this blog post:

  1. A bearded dragon can’t eat chicken because it finds difficult to digest meat.
  2. Chicken contains an unbalanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus that harms the health of bearded dragons.
  3. Feeding chicken rarely is fine. 
  4. You can feed peas, kiwi, earthworms, cockroaches, and sweet potatoes to your bearded dragons.
  5. The same rule of feeding chicken applies to feed egg. You can only feed chicken egg when your bearded dragon wants.

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