Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raspberries? You Must Read!

Raspberries are super high in essential nutrients, are sweet and soft, but can bearded dragons eat raspberries? Are they suitable for bearded dragons?

There are many kinds of fruit out there, including the berries, citrus fruits, melons, stone fruits, etc., and this raises a lot of questions about which fruits bearded dragons can eat. What about raspberries? Are they safe for the beardies to eat?

Well, let’s explore the article to learn more about your pet bearded dragons and raspberries. Don’t miss any information here, and you will appreciate reading it.

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Raspberries Nutritional Profile

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raspberries? Do raspberries beneficial to bearded dragons?
Do raspberries beneficial to bearded dragons?

The benefits of raspberries are plenty, as these fruits are high in a couple of nutrients. More importantly, raspberries are too high in vitamin C than you may think of them. They are super high in other essential nutrients; we are going to see that shortly.

We’ll get to learn the acid, protein, water, calcium, phosphorus, fat, vitamins, sugars, and fiber content in raspberries to help us understand their nutritional value. 

Here are the nutrients in 100 grams of raw and fresh raspberries, according to the US. Department of Agriculture.

  • Water: 85.8g
  • Energy: 52kcal
  • Protein: 1.2g
  • Calcium: 25mg
  • Phosphorus: 29mg
  • Sugars: 4.42g
  • Dietary fiber: 6.5g
  • Vitamin C: 26.2mg
  • Vitamin A: 2µg
  • Vitamin E: 0.87mg
  • Copper: 0.09mg
  • Magnesium:22mg
  • Niacin: 0.6mg
  • Pantothenic acid: 0.33mg
  • Lutein + zeaxanthin: 136µg
  • Ca:P ratio→ 1: 1.2

So, these are some of the nutrients in raspberries; they contain a decent amount of fiber, calcium, and vitamin C, which have more significant benefits when it comes to the beardie’s health.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raspberries?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat raspberries. Feeding these fruits to your bearded lizard will not harm it as long as you use it in moderation. These fruits contain several beneficial nutrients that bearded dragons require for good health.

bearded dragons can eat raspberries
bearded dragons can eat raspberries

Raspberries are incredibly high in fiber that helps to keep the beardie’s poop healthy and regular. Giving a reasonable number of raspberries to your dragon is good, but in the case of overdose, the excess fiber can cause diarrhea and constipation.

There is ample vitamin C in raspberries that are crucial for growth, repair of body tissues, and organ development. It also contains some reasonable amounts of vitamin E whose role is to maintain good health.

Feeding raspberries to your lizard is the right choice, as it has so many benefits in return. Most bearded dragons enjoy eating raspberries; hence, you need to be watchful not to overfeed them.

When hand-feeding raspberries to your lizard you need to be careful as it can get excited and end up biting your finger.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raspberries Every day?

bearded dragons cat eat raspberries
bearded dragons cat eat raspberries

No, bearded dragons should never eat raspberries consistently because they don’t offer many nutrients and can be toxic in excess. I would recommend you feed your lizard one or two raspberries once every other week as a treat.

If you feed your lizard with raspberries more often, it can start keeping off from other highly nutritious food. Bearded dragons have a good appetite for these fruits due to their sweet taste and soft texture.

Raspberries are not suitable to feed to bearded dragons every day because they are high in water and contain lots of sugar. 

Excess water can lead to overhydration and diarrhea in the beardies. These lizards can survive with a small amount of water for a couple of weeks or so. They don’t require plenty of water to stay healthy.

The high level of sugar in raspberries is risky when it comes to bearded dragons because excess sugar results in obesity and diarrhea. I guess those are enough reasons to warn you from feeding raspberries to your pet as staple fruits.

Should I Feed Frozen Raspberries to My Bearded Dragon?

Sometimes it happens that you deplete fresh fruits, but there are some fruits inside the freezer. If there is no other option especially, during such time, you will want to feed the frozen foods available to your beardie.

If you are in that situation, make sure you thaw the frozen raspberries and bring them to room temperature. Otherwise, if you don’t thaw properly, the fruit will end up causing digestive problems to your lizard friend.

But remember, frozen fruits have low nutritional value as some nutrients are lost during the freezing process. 

And this means that your beloved lizard will not obtain many nutrients from frozen raspberries. So, to be on the safer side, I would recommend you to settle on using only fresh foods anytime you are feeding your bearded dragon.

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Are Dried Raspberries OK for Bearded Dragons?

Before I answer our concern question here, keep in mind that dried fruits tend to be incredibly sugary, and raspberries are no exception.

Excess sugar is dangerous for the beardies because it can cause obesity, tooth decay, dehydration, and lethargy.

So, to prevent such problems, it is much better to avoid dried raspberries and go for those that are fresh instead.

But if feeding dried raspberries are the only option you have, make sure to use them in pretty minimal amounts.

You better look for good bearded dragon food. We would suggest you have a look at the natural bearded dragon food that thousands of owners are using.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Canned Raspberries?

While we can safely consume canned foods, it is so unfortunate that this kind of food can be harmful to bearded dragons. In general, canned foods contain preservatives and chemicals to make them stay for a long time without spoiling.

Those preservatives may be toxic to bearded dragons and end up causing severe health problems like digestive issues. 

The same also applies to canned raspberries, they are not recommended for bearded dragons because of the chemicals, and they are also not fresh. The chemicals may also make the beardie to become ill.

I would still insist that you go for fresh raspberries; you can obtain them from your garden or buy from the grocery store. They are much because they contain more minerals and vitamins plus other nutrients.

Can Bearded Dragons Drink Raspberries Juice?

Raspberries juice is super tasty because of the high sugar content in these fruits. It requires you to dilute it with water before you give the beardie to drink. Some dragons will not accept any drink apart from water, and you should not force them.

But if I were you, I would not allow my beloved pet to drink any juice because it is almost pointless. Bearded dragons require to drink only water. That’s what they drink in the wild, anyway.

How to Prepare Raspberries for the Beardies?

When it comes to preparing a diet for the beardies, this is where you are likely to make mistakes and end up regretting if you don’t have the right information at hand. 

To come up with a healthy diet for your beardie, you need to know how to prepare it first. Now, let’s see how you should prepare raspberries for your beloved lizard.

  • Select ripe and fresh raspberries for your dragon.
  • Wash the raspberries with clean water. Typically, when any berry is growing, there’s spraying to get rid of pests. So, through cleaning, you are removing these chemicals.
  • Cut the raspberries into half to make them comfortable for the beardie to swallow. However, some people prefer not to cut them, but if you have never fed whole raspberries to your dragon, please don’t do it.
  • Now, it’s time to let your bearded dragon enjoy the meal. You can have it eat raspberries from your hand, but it’s better to put them in a bowl as part of a salad.
Feeding raspberries to your bearded dragons [source: Lord Elion]

Wrapping Up

Raspberries are ideal fruits for bearded dragons and have many health benefits but are safe if fed as a rare treat.

The beardies love eating these fruits, so it is upon you to limit the amount you give to them. Excess raspberries are toxic because of too much sugar, water, and oxalate content. 

Always choose fresh raspberries for you bearded dragons, and avoid those that are frozen and canned.

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