Can Bearded Dragons Eat Romaine Lettuce?

If you are a good owner, you will always feed your dragon such things that are full of benefits. Owners might assume green vegetables as a quality nutriment. They add green vegetables such as romaine lettuce into the salad bowl irrational to the food diet.

Due to which the health of their dragon remains disturbed, and they don’t even realize the reason. So, it is far better to be aware of romaine lettuce than feeding it to your pet lizard illogically. Proceeding to our main domain i.e: can bearded dragons eat romaine lettuce? 

Let’s find the answer!

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Romaine Lettuce?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Romaine Lettuce?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Romaine Lettuce?

You might know that any type of lettuce has high water content. This factor makes them less of value and unappetizing. So, can a bearded dragon eat romaine lettuce? Is romaine lettuce safe for your pet lizard?

Bearded dragons can eat romaine lettuce. However, they become unimpressed when offered romaine lettuce. It means beardies don’t like romaine lettuce, but they can consume it if fed forcefully.

Remember that romaine lettuce is an awful choice to feed as a meal. Now, the question arrives ‘WHY?’ why is romaine lettuce isn’t ok to feed? 

Before solving this query, we would recommend looking at the nutrition table below, sourced from USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture).

What Are The Nutrients Of Romaine Lettuce- Nutrition Value Information per 100 grams

Romaine Lettuce Nutritional Information
Romaine Lettuce Nutritional Information
Protein 1.2g
Calcium 33mg

It is crystal clear from the above chart that there is an excessive amount of water in 100g lettuce, and it has not much nutritional value.

It’s obvious that your beardie is not getting any benefits and enough energy from lettuce. 

Therefore, it is useless to offer romaine lettuce, as it is not providing many advantages than dehydrating problems like diarrhea and other digestive issues. 

Why Shouldn’t We Feed Romaine Lettuce To Bearded Dragons?

Why Shouldn’t We Feed Romaine Lettuce To Bearded Dragons?
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To understand why romaine lettuce isn’t a good option as a staple food or as a portion of diet food, we have to go through the four key factors that make romaine lettuce poor nutrient food.

  1. High Moisture Content:

It is the main reason why you shouldn’t feed romaine lettuce to your bearded dragon. We have also explained this factor briefly when telling you the nutrition information of romaine lettuce.

Too much intake of leafy greens results in overhydration. Besides, romaine lettuce affects your pet lizard’s health reversely. Slight feeding of it increases the potential of diarrhea. Diarrhea also affects badly and causes loss of weight and essential minerals. 

  1. Bearded Dragons Have Well-developed Functional Kidneys!

Yes, it’s true. Your beardie has a complete and fully developed pair of kidneys.

The kidneys work properly and extract all the water and moisture by themselves.

Above all, the bearded dragons have come from the origin of the deserts, so they have a precise and perfect system that can absorb water from the environment and survive in high temperatures. 

What’s the point of offering moist leaves if they manage their water needs from other foods and can face water scarcity very well, right?

  1. Their livers solve water deficiency!

Bearded dragons have not only good kidneys but also a well-aimed liver.

Since they have evolved naturally from Australia’s deserts, their body can naturally deal with the water loss situation.

If they run out of water, their liver absorbs water from the foods they intake from the surroundings and prevents them from dehydration and loss of vital nutrients and minerals. 

  1. Romaine Lettuce Is Low In Calcium:

You can observe the calcium value from the nutrition chart. Romaine lettuce is almost zero in nutrition. Similarly, it has a low calcium value. 

Your beardie needs a balanced amount of calcium that helps him to grow and improves his health. If you have a baby dragon, then calcium is a must for his health.

Calcium fights with Metabolic bone Diseases.

As romaine lettuce has a very low calcium level, it can cause calcium deficiency and ultimately metabolic bone diseases

That is why vets don’t recommend romaine lettuce as a regular food item. Your beardie may suffer from serious pain and even die if romaine lettuce is offered frequently. 

Is Dehydration A Curable Condition?

Due to ignorance, some owners might notice runny poop and laziness in their pet. 

This condition even goes worse if not identified at an early stage. 

However, you can treat dehydration by feeding him a range of other healthy fruits and vegetables. 

Dubia roaches and superworms are also a good option to uplift your beardie’s health. 

You don’t need to be worry if your pet beardie is ill because of dehydration. It doesn’t last long if treated on time. Try to serve your beardie with his favorite treats and foods to return him back to a normal and balanced, healthy diet. 

Take note that you should take your beardie to a vet at least two times a month for a regular checkup. If your pet lizard isn’t improving, visit your preferred vet for sudden treatment. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cos Lettuce?

Cos lettuce or romaine lettuce is almost the same. They do have only differences in their names because of their origin. This vegetable was first harvested in Cos (Kos), Greece. 

It’s now comprehensible that cos lettuce has the same nutrients as romaine lettuce. So, it’s better to avoid cos lettuce. 

Let’s Recap Today’s Article!

In this blog post, you learned about romaine lettuce’s nutrition information of romaine lettuce and found if bearded dragons can eat romaine lettuce. Let’s have a quick summary of all the information.

  1. Bearded dragons can eat anything they offered. Consuming romaine lettuce for no reason isn’t any tough job for them. Therefore, they can eat romaine lettuce. But you should know the side effects of feeding romaine lettuce.
  2. Romaine lettuce has a high content of water that makes them rich in moisture but zero in nutrition. For that reason, reptile experts and vets suggest avoiding it. 
  3. Over-consuming romaine lettuce causes dehydration, ultimately resulting in the loss of vital minerals and nutrition they have taken from other healthy food.

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