Can Bearded Dragons Eat Watermelon? Nah- They Love It

As far as fruits go, watermelon is famous for its water content and additional nutrients, and it plays a big role in hydration. So, can bearded dragons eat watermelon?

As a dragon keeper, you might be wondering if you can feed your bearded dragon watermelon. There are several cases where the beardies eat watermelon unintentionally, and owners can’t help but worry about their beloved pets.

Read on to discover if watermelon fruit is suitable for bearded dragons, the health benefits and concern as far as this melon goes, how often the beardies can eat watermelon, and lots more.

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Nutritional Profile of Watermelon

Nutritional Profile Of Watermelon as for bearded dragons
Nutritional Profile Of Watermelon as for bearded dragons

Since you don’t want your bearded dragon to eat what is harmful or not beneficial, it is necessary to consider the nutritional aspect of watermelon. It is one way to check if the melon has any nutritional benefits to bearded dragons or should you strongly keep it off the menu.

Check the information on nutritional value per 100g of watermelon below, according to the US. Department of Agriculture.

Vitamin C8.1mg
Vitamin A28µg

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Watermelon?

The beardies love watermelon, and they will happily eat them. But to be safe, your dragon should eat watermelon on rare occasions due to its phosphorus and water content.

Can Bearded Dragons eat Watermelon? Lol! They love it
Can Bearded Dragons eat Watermelon? Lol! They love it

Also, watermelon is relatively high in sugar and doesn’t provide high amounts of nutrients in the dragon’s diet, which is a fact for many fruits. Such foods are safe only if you feed them in moderation.

In general, fruits serve best as a treat and never everyday food for bearded dragons. The fruits help the beardies to eat their vegetables. Feeding watermelon is a great option for hydrating your dragons, especially when the lizard has a problem drinking water.

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What are the Benefits of Feeding Watermelon to Bearded Dragons?

Watermelons are sweet-tasting, and the beardies also love them because of their red color and soft texture. It is a good idea for your dragon to eat watermelon once in a while; offering this fruit together with veggies improves the beardie’s meal’s nutritional value.

Due to its sweet taste, watermelon is useful in encouraging bearded dragons that are picky eaters to eat greens. Watermelon has also helped get the dragons with a low appetite for food to eat.

Vitamin C in watermelon is beneficial in different ways, including but not limited to, improving vision, strengthening the lizard’s immune system, and also enhances growth. The other essential mineral in watermelon is magnesium that helps in metabolism.

Watermelon is also relatively high in potassium, which is important as it regulates blood pressure in the body.

Does Watermelon Have any Health Concerns to Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons don’t need to eat watermelon too often because excess watermelon poses some health risks to them. 

For instance, in every 100g of watermelon, 6g consists of sugar, which is slightly high for the beardies. Feeding foods containing a high level of sugars to the dragons can frequently result in issues like overweight, diarrhea, teeth problem, digestion issues, etc.

Keep in mind that if you feed watermelon in moderation, it will not cause any harm. This also applies to any other fruit that the beardies eat. Also, the calcium level in watermelon cannot meet the full requirement of the dragon’s body.

Additionally, higher phosphorus than calcium level in watermelon makes the lizard run the risk of getting metabolic bone disease due to calcium depletion from the bones. Phosphorus interferes with calcium absorption by binding to it.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Watermelon?

By now, you are aware that bearded dragons should eat watermelon on rare occasions due to many reasons. So, how often can the beardies eat this sweet and watery fruit?

Since watermelon isn’t pretty nutrient-dense for the beardies, I would recommend you to feed it less frequently; once a month is fine.

Small pieces of watermelon and in limited amounts gives a little boost in your dragon’s health. Remember that the beardies can take as much watermelon as they get, so it is upon you to regulate its intake.

Is Watermelon Seeds Safe for Bearded Dragons?

If you wonder whether bearded dragons can eat watermelon seeds, beware that the seeds can cause a choking hazard in the beardies; thus, you should avoid them completely.

The seeds have a rougher texture than watermelon fruit, and the beardies will have difficulty digesting them. Even the soft white seeds aren’t good for bearded dragons. If you prioritize your lizard’s well-being, never feed watermelon with any seeds.

Can Bearded Dragons Drink Juice from Watermelon?

Watermelon juice is too sugary compared to the fruit itself; I’m sure this isn’t new to you. And now you know the potential problems of giving too much sugar to the beardies. So, it is not a good idea to give watermelon juice to your lizard friend due to the high sugar content.

Although you can dilute the juice with water to reduce the concentration of sugar, and the dragon can safely drink it.

Fully understanding your bearded dragon will help you better take care of them. As a suggestion, we would recommend you to get a good bearded dragon book. Not to become an expert on bearded dragon care but will help you avoid the common mistake in new pet lizard owners.

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How can I Prepare Watermelon for My Bearded Dragon?

Preparing watermelon for bearded dragons is pretty simple. First of all, ensure you buy organic melon if possible. Organic fruits and also veggies don’t have pesticides or herbicides. Go for the melon that is fresh and ripe.

Wash the fruit, cut it in small and nice portions, and remove the seeds. You can mix a few watermelon pieces in the dragon’s food bowl or allow the lizard to eat plain melon.

Sometimes it is better to squeeze the melon juice over the vegetable salad to encourage the lizard to eat them. If your pet can’t take veggies, this is the method to apply.


Now you know that bearded dragons can eat watermelon but once a few days. Avoid feeding watermelon seeds at all costs and make sure to chop the fruit to small manageable pieces before feeding.

Watermelon has a disproportionate Ca:P, and is also high in sugar and water content. That’s the reason why this fruit is not safe for feeding the beardies frequently.

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