Can Leopard Geckos See In The Dark? Final Answer

Good terrarium will help you eliminate natural habitat for your leopard geckos in the wild. Now, can leopard geckos see in the dark? Do they need the lights in their terrarium? Learn more!

Leopard geckos are crepuscular species, which means that they are more active at dusk or at dawn, extending into the night. However, they are sensitive to the time of the day, and it is best to provide them with balanced day and night intervals.

In this post, you will learn whether leopard geckos can see in the dark, is it necessary to use red light in your gecko’s enclosure, and do leopard geckos need light.

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Can Leopard Geckos See In The Dark?

Can Leopard Geckos See In The Dark
Can Leopard Geckos See In The Dark

Yes, leopard geckos are crepuscular animals, and their vision is excellent in low light. Their eyes are well evolved, and they can see better at night when compared with humans.

Leopard gecko eyes have three cones that are used for picking up colors in dim light. This means your gecko can easily move around and even spot predators at night without providing light for them.

However, since leopard geckos have subtle light provided by the moon, you can provide them with a light in the form of dull lighting in the hallway to their enclosure. But the light should not be angled directly towards their cage.

Do Leopard Geckos Need Light?

One of the popular misconceptions about leopard geckos by hobbyists is whether leopard geckos need lighting or not. Many people believe that since leopard geckos are nocturnal animals, they do not need lighting in their tanks.

However, this is not quite right. Leopard geckos are usually aware of their surroundings even when sleeping during the day. They can tell a day from night, and they depend on the day and night cycle for their survival.

This means leopard geckos are sensitive to the time of the day for maintaining a healthy internal clock. You need to provide a balanced day and night intervals for your leos to make them active and healthy.

Do Leopard Geckos Need Red Light At Night?

Leopard geckos use the natural daylight to guide their day and night patterns. This means they become active at night when there is no light to forage for food. However, having any sort of light, even the right light turned on at night, can confuse your leopard gecko.

Red light can make leopard geckos stay hidden as they think it is still in the day. Your leos may continue to wait for the lights to go out all night. This can cause stress to your gecko, and it can have a problem with his sleeping cycle in the long run.

Your gecko can also avoid food and water. If your leo struggles to determine when nighttime approaches, it can also have a problem with thermoregulation.

If you plan to provide a red light at night for your gecko, ensure that it is not on for a prolonged period.

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What About The Colors Of The Lights? Can Leopard Geckos See The Colors?

Can Leopard Geckos See Blue Light?

You may be wondering about the colors that your geckos are sensitive to and the ones they can detect when collecting light fixtures for their enclosure. Leopard geckos can see a blue and green light, making it a perfect light for their habitat.

Are Geckos Blind On A Moonless Night?

Since leopard geckos use the moonlight reflection against their eyes to see colors in low light, you may be wondering if they can see colors when there is no moonlight.

Leopard geckos are not blind on moonless nights. They can see colors well when there is no moon because of the other sources of light that are present when there is no moon.

Do Geckos Have Good Eyesight (In General)?

Leopard geckos do not have great eyesight. This may look confusing to you as leos can see colors in dim light. However, you should note that leopard gecko can see in dim light does not necessarily mean they have great vision.

Although the leopard gecko can have great accuracy to see a particular color in dim light, they may not get a very sharp view of that object.

Leopard geckos have the ability to see if the oncoming object poses a danger or if their prey is in grabbing distance to them. This shows their sight is enough for their survival, but the object’s clarity is not that great.

This is because of the biological setup of their eyes, and they have a short focal length.

Fun fact: Leopard Eyes Are Amazing

The leopard geckos eyes are on their head’s sides, which gives them a mind-blowing scope of vision. Although their eyes are sensitive to light, they can see very well at night. One of the most unusual things about leos is that they have eyelids that can close, unlike many other reptiles.

Fully understanding your leopard gecko will help you better take care of them. As a suggestion, we would recommend you to get the best leopard gecko book. Not to become an expert on leopard gecko care but will help you avoid the common mistake in new pet lizard owners.

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Wrapping Up

Leopard geckos are crepuscular animals, and they are active at dawn or dusk and at night. Their eyes are sensitive to light but can see very well at night. Unlike humans, they also have the ability to see colors at night.

You need to provide your gecko with a particular day and night light pattern that will mimic their natural habitat to stay healthy and happy.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do you need white lights for a leopard gecko?

You do not need to provide your leopard geckos with white lights. This is because they rarely bask under direct sunlight. However, you will need to provide them with a heat source. It is best to provide them with a blue or red light instead of brighter ones.

Another benefit of using blue or red light is that it serves as an additional heat source for them.

Are reptile UV lights safe for humans?

They are not safe. Leopard geckos need a certain concentration of UV light for optimal health. Using UV lights for a prolonged period can cause problems for their skin.

Can leopard geckos see infrared light?

Leopard geckos cannot see infrared light. However, they can see some colors that the infrared beam will emit but not the actual infrared light.

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