Do Squirrels Eat Peanuts? 03 Facts You must know

Have you ever considered feeding peanuts to squirrels? If so, did you consider if the squirrels were going to eat the peanuts? It is always essential to gather information beforehand so that you are sure of your actions. 

Maybe you have recently acquired a squirrel pet and are thinking of changing their regular diet of nuts and seeds. You may also have squirrels within your neighborhood and are thinking of feeding them with some peanuts. 

Whatever the case, always get your facts right before proceeding with any action. After learning about the right diet for a squirrel, you should be able to make healthy decisions. Keep reading to know if squirrels eat peanuts.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

Do Squirrels Eat Peanuts?

Other than the usual love for nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits, can squirrels eat peanuts? Will feeding peanuts to squirrels bring any digestive problems in the long run?

Do Squirrels Eat Peanuts?
Do Squirrels Eat Peanuts?

The facts are apparent; squirrels do eat peanuts. If you were to present peanuts to squirrels, you could be sure they will feast on them. Squirrels are known to eat almost anything. The reason behind it is squirrels are open to what is available.

The surroundings may not be favorable enough for squirrels to be picky with their diet. So long as it is edible, squirrels are always up for it. Remember, squirrels are omnivores. That means when plant-based food is not available; they turn to animal-based foods.

That would explain why squirrels would be ready to eat peanuts once they are offered to them. If you enjoy feeding squirrels within your backyard, feel free to feed them with peanuts.

In most cases, squirrels prefer to have nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. However, if you were to offer peanuts to squirrels, be sure that they will also eat them.

Do Squirrels Like Peanuts?

After learning that squirrels do eat peanuts, you come to wonder if they enjoy it? The reason behind this question is simply because squirrels tend to eat almost anything for their survival. 

Do Squirrels Like Peanuts?
Do Squirrels Like Peanuts?

Squirrels are never picky with their diet. Squirrels always jump on what is available because they are required to restore their energy as soon as possible. That then makes you wonder if the squirrels enjoy any peanuts offered to them? 

In reality, squirrels will enjoy eating peanuts. Squirrels are going to enjoy your company once you offer peanuts to them. Peanuts are good sources of protein, which makes them even better for squirrels. 

If you were to come across a squirrel in your backyard, offering it peanuts would be an excellent way to say hello. However, it is always advisable to avoid hand-feeding squirrels. 

Hand-feeding is not advisable as it may lead to squirrels being dependent on humans for food. It is normal to want to feed squirrels up close and personal.

Wild squirrels need to be independent entirely, especially when it comes to the issue of food. Nonetheless, there are other ways of feeding your squirrel.

By setting up a squirrel feeder within your compound, you would still be feeding squirrels with something they enjoy eating.

How Often Do Squirrels Eat Peanuts?

How frequently you can feed peanuts to squirrels is also another significant concern.

It is helpful to note that even if squirrels eat peanuts, it may not be entirely healthy for them.

There is no doubt that peanuts come with a substantial nutritional value.

Read the full list of what do squirrels eat to learn more.

However, does the nutritional value also apply to squirrels? Peanuts are without a doubt filled with proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Even so, such nutritional value may not be helpful to squirrels.

In this case, a good example would be ice cream. Most kids love ice cream a lot. However, it does not have any nutritional value to the body. That also applies to peanuts. Squirrels love them even if they are not entirely healthy.

That should not mean that you cannot offer peanuts to squirrels. Feeding peanuts to squirrels is not a bad thing. The only precaution will be to feed squirrels with peanuts in small quantities.

That implies that you can offer peanuts to squirrels after some time. That will be useful in varying the typical diet squirrels have been used to. By doing so, you would make a squirrel’s diet more interesting.

What Are People Saying About Squirrels Eating Peanuts?

After discovering that peanuts are not that healthy for squirrels, what else do you also need to know? Indeed, providing squirrels with peanuts regularly may not be the best of things to do.

Apart from that, you should also be interested to know that in-shell peanuts have been named as the best peanuts for squirrels. Most people have found the in-shell peanuts better for one main reason, gnawing.

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With in-shell peanuts, squirrels have something to gnaw on. That is very important as it keeps a squirrel’s teeth sharp and healthy at the same time. 

It has also been found out that peanuts may not be poisonous for squirrels, but they also are not healthy. The nutritional value gotten from peanuts may not be necessarily helpful to squirrels. Squirrels get more nutrition from hazelnuts, butternuts, pecans, and hickory nuts.

It came as a surprise to many that squirrels eat almost anything. However, if you understand squirrels better, it ceases to amaze you.

Squirrels are always ready for the readily available diet.

Can Squirrels Eat Salted Peanuts?

Can Squirrels Eat Salted Peanuts?
Can Squirrels Eat Salted Peanuts?

What about salted peanuts? Will salted peanuts are good enough for a squirrel, or should you entirely avoid them? It is true that even if peanuts have no nutritional value to squirrels, you can still offer them to squirrels.

Does that also apply to salted peanuts? The truth is, you should never give salted peanuts to squirrels. Salted peanuts may seem sweet to the tongue, but that may come with consequences for squirrels.

Since a squirrel is small, it has small organs. That is to say that a squirrel’s kidney may not have the capacity to filter out the salt present in the peanuts.

Always avoid feeding squirrels with salted peanuts as it may cause significant harm to their body. Remember that squirrels eat anything you give to them so long as it is edible. 

That means they may not have a say when it comes to choosing what is healthy for them. However, we can always control what we feed squirrels since we know better.

Shelled peanuts are excellent when you want to offer more to a squirrel than its usual diet. Always be aware of what you are giving to squirrels.

Wrapping Up

You must never forget that squirrels eat almost anything that is presented to them.

It is your responsibility to check on what you are offering to squirrels if it can affect their health.

Always provide your squirrel pets with nutritional food which will keep them healthy.

Squirrels will, without a doubt, eat peanuts. That is not to say it is healthy for them. Peanuts have no nutritional value to squirrels. However, peanuts can be used to change the diet that a squirrel has been used to. 

Always remember to provide peanuts in small quantities and after a while. That will ensure squirrels eat what is healthy for them most of the time.

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