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This non-venomous arboreal constrictor has striking colors that vary depending on its location, which ranges from Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

It prefers to reside in warm and humid rainforests, where it can drink the water droplets trapped in the coils of their bodies when they are on tree branches, where they prefer to spend their days. The green tree python’s prehensile tail enables them to curl around their perch effectively.

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The green tree python has a green counterpart in the wild halfway across the world: the emerald tree boa. These two green snakes are often misidentified by untrained eyes because of their initial appearance which is somewhat alike.

Based on scientific research, it was concluded that this was the result of parallel evolution, which occurs when two unrelated or barely related species develop the same characteristics because of similar environmental factors affecting their evolution.

This resulted in two similar-looking animals that adapted to similar environmental factors but are not closely related to each other; this is also not due to hybridization in the wild, since they are in the opposite parts of the world and have notable differences in their anatomy.

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