How Long Does Skunk Smell Last? Guide To Remove It In 10 Days

I thought of a skunk right now, the image of its cute hairy body flashed my mind.  But then, the irritating smell this thought comes with diminishes that pretty description. I think this furry mammal got its name because it skinks! You can go out of breath and feel so disgusted if you perceive its smell.

Regardless, how long does this skunk smell last? It’s capable of staying months if ignored. Skunk smell is that bad. And Yes! It lasts longer if treated well; it can stay for 10-15 days. In worst cases 20 days or more.

In this article, we want to figure out why this skunk produces this smell, how to manage and make it disappear as soon as possible. 

A lot of people would think about the skunk smell and how they would get rid of it. Well, this article is ideal for that. You want to find out why then let’s jump in!

Skunk Smell

Skunk smell comes into your house by several sources. When they do, affect you or your pet. Or, a skunk spray can be outside our house. It’s so irritating that you would sort to rid it off.

A pet skunk can produce its foul odor with their glands. These glands are found close to their anus. Typically, a skunk uses its organs to attract its mate-pair. They can also use these glands for self-defense. How do they do it? 

They skunk to this by merely transforming their gland secretion into a tear gas. When this gas is released, it produces a suffocating and pungent odor. The smell is terrible enough to ward off its predator. A skunk can release this odor as liquid or fog.

Why Is The Skunk’s Smell So Challenging To Eliminate?

Skunks produce this odor for a specific reason; to keep their predators away, it’s their self-defense tool. You can stench skunk spray from a long-distance through the wind. When other animals get a trace of the smell, it makes them uncomfortable and avoids it.

 However, if you’re leaving only a few miles apart from a skunk, it’s going to be a problem.

Also, skunk’s spray is greasy and difficult to eliminate. It penetrates skin, fur, and clothes, which makes it challenging to tackle. It would last for several weeks if you don’t wash it off. 

Studies have proved that the skunk smell will last for a few weeks(10-15 days), seeking proper measures.

skunk spray. Hahaha. Dont cover your nose

The oozing odor sprayed by skunks on their predators contains various sharp chemicals. The chemicals include; thioacetate, quinoline. And thiols, a sulfur-containing compound that aids the strong smell. The chemical thioacetate allows the scent to persist.

How Long Does Skunk Smell Last?

Mild skunk smell is gotten rid off by observing ideal ventilation for 10-15 days.

This method will not be valid on a more potent skunk smell infection when the skunk smell penetrates your pet fur, clothing, and house materials. It’s not referred to as mild. If you don’t sort to get rid of it as soon as possible, it will be unbearable and hence challenging to remove.

In the worst case, the skunk smell only be removed after 20 days.

Signs of Having Skunks 

It is essential you know to notice the skunk spray and take action as soon as possible. Constant, faint foul smell under a piece of furniture may propose that a skunk invaded the residence. You may find thin shallow holes in the lawn, which could be due to a skunk hunting insect larva and worms.

How To Cope With Skunk

There are several ways to handle skunk smell. Note that several ways of getting rid of skunk depend on the surface you’re treating. 

You can take a shower after spraying. This method applies to your pet. The use of baking soda is another option to track skunk smell because of its high alkalinity.

To use baking soda, you should bath with five cups of baking soda solution. Take a bath with it for 10-15 minutes and don’t rinse. If the skunk infested your clothes, you should discard them. The reason for this is because the oily spray substance has soaked into the fabric.

Preventing skunks spray is essential. However, you should try to cope with it if it persists. 

Below is a recap and also additional methods to try out in your home.

Getting Rid Of Smell On Human Skin

get rid of skunk smell on human skin is easy
get rid of skunk smell on human skin is easy

To take a bath or a long shower, keep in mind that the spray has gotten deeply into your skin. Therefore, to tackle this, follow the below bathing guidelines.

Make use of mild and medium-sized soap. You can try using a bar of dishwashing soap. It can be an excellent oil remover.

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Sulfur- neutralized by a chemical known as chlorine bleach. Chlorine typically used in small amounts of tubs and swimming pools. It’s ideal for providing yourself with the tablets or chlorine tablets that are used.

When you do, use a small amount and get your bathtub ready for a long bath. Use the prepared solution for a long wash of at least 20 minutes. 

Bath thoroughly and rinse after your shower.

  • Note: chlorine bleach(laundry used) is hazardous and not safe to apply for a bathe. It is very high in alkaline and also very concentrated. It will dissolve your hair completely in the laundry.

The use of Baking soda is an excellent choice to try out. It is a good deodorizer because of the presence of alkaline. As discussed earlier, put in 4 cups of baking soda in your bathtub. Ensure the baking soda dissolved before use.

Soak yourself in for 15 minutes. You shouldn’t rinse it off, and not to worry, it doesn’t hurt. You feel itchy. Even after your bath, the baking soda will still do its job.

After a bath, you should smell and feel better.

You may carry out this procedure for three days. 

How To Get Rid Of Skunk In Your House

Get Rid Of Skunk In House
Get Rid Of Skunk In House

If you cannot find the exact source of the skunk smell, use small bowls, add a little quantity of white vinegar, and place them around your house.

Put more of these bowls in the rooms where the smell is most potent. The skunk smell likely started from there.

Keep these bowls away from pets and children by placing them on high shelves. It will help prevent the children from touching them.

The vinegar will absorb the skunk smell after a few hours.

Ridding off the smell from your clothes

Skunk spray can penetrate the fiber of clothes and clothing materials. This smell lasts for a very long time. 

. If the greasy substance of the skunk spray is not eliminated from the clothing material, the skunk smell will remain.

If you use your regular washing soap and detergent, it will not rid of the skunk smell completely. Instead, use hot water, a moderate amount of detergent, and 5 cups of vinegar. Add this solution into your wash water before washing. Otherwise, the skunk spray will not leave your clothes.

You can try toting up some baking soda as an alternative for vinegar. 

Taking Off the smell from pets

 Before that, take your pet outside the house before bathing. Your pet may not be comfortable while you use the cleaner; it may not be stable and want to move out.

What do use for pet bathing

  • 1teaspoon of detergent(if it’s not liquid, make a solution)
  • 3% of hydrogen peroxide(1 quarter)
  • One-quarter of baking soda

Mix these solutions and rub it into your pet fur(fur should be dry). Be careful not to put the answer in your pet’s eyes. Allow on the pet for about 20 minutes.

 Wash off thoroughly, add shampoo, and rinse again. Repeat this procedure three times.                

Taking Off the smell from car

If your car got infested with the skunk smell, the first thing to handle is the external body. If you try using your regular car wash soap and water, it just won’t be effective. The skunk smell won’t go off that quickly.

  • Fill up your flower water sprayer with liquid detergent and vinegar solution. 
  • Use the solution to wash the under and tires of your car. 
  • If the skunk spray is nasty, then you will have to clean a lot more. 
  • More vinegar and a liquid detergent solution will be required.
  • The next thing is to use a sprayer with running water to wash off and rinse properly.
  • You can now dry your car with a clean towel.
  • If the smell persists, you may have to repeat this procedure. 

Another bold step to take in taking the skunk smell off your car is by checking out the inside. If the internal part of your vehicle seems infected with the skunk smell, try this procedure.

  • Make a solution of vinegar and water in a water sprayer.
  •  Sprinkle this solution on the seats, footrest, car rug, and any visible internal part.
  •  Let the mixture soak in for about ten minutes. 
  • Use a clean towel too deep in the mix into the car rugs and seat.
  •  Leave this in for some time.


It’s better to avoid the disgusting skunk smell than to seek means of getting rid of it. But, if it comes, then eliminate it as soon as you can. You wouldn’t want to have an awful smell for several months. I am not even sure you’re going to take that.

Think of using a commercial product procedure for eliminating skunk odor. Several skunk cleaning sprays and solutions are available and very useful for riding off skunk from clothes, skin, pets, and furniture. 

If you have been in contact with a skunk, you can tell how stinky it is. The smell will not want to leave. The tips and procedures discussed will help you in ridding it off. It will vanish more than expected. If you don’t, then it’s sure going to stay longer.

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