How Much Does a Puffer Fish Cost as Pet? 15 Samples – Plus Accessories

The cost of a pufferfish is usually determined by what size they can grow up to. Large ones are usually considered to be over four inches (10. 16 cm).

The range of cost for a puffer fish as a pet would be anywhere between 4 USD to 65 USD in 2020(haven’t included some accessories). The majority of the breeds can be less than 35 USD.

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What kind of puffer fish should I buy? How much it will cost?

What Kind Of Puffer Fish Should I Buy? How Much It Will Cost?
What Kind Of Puffer Fish Should I Buy? How Much It Will Cost?

There is a lot of places online and not that host puffer fish. Where you can get more information on how to look after them as well as which breed may suit you.


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Can I have a puffer fish as a pet?

You are able to have a puffer fish as a pet. Before getting a puffer as a pet. You should need to know the cost for a species as well as the relevant accessories.

Prices for a puffer Fish are different on each seller

For example, the cost at Petco for a Dog Face Puffer (which is a common pet among fish keepers) is 30. 39 USD while their Valentini Puffer goes for 18. 04 USD.

PetSmart is another place to keep your eye on. Their puffer fish can come and go but they did sell Dwarf Puffers a few years back. So they may bring them back again with other breeds if you ask politely. 

The type and size of the puffer fish all depend on how much space you have at home to house them.

And what kind of breed you fancy.

Planning to have a puffer fish? Check out the book we recommend for proper puffer fish care. Not to become an expert on puffer fish but will help you avoid the common mistake in new pet fish owners.

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Puffer Fish Prices List

Since their size and breed can determine the cost of owning. We have made a list of the ten puffer fish that you may want to look into to add your fish collection.

Dog Face Puffer Fish price (30. 39 USD to about 350 USD)

Dog Face Puffer Fish
Dog Face Puffer Fish

One of the puffer fish that we will look at is the Dog Face Puffer. Its name because of its dog-face like appearance as well as having similar personalities to man’s best friend.

They go by other names such as Arothron Dog Face Puffer fish and Blackspotted Puffer fish. Their bodies are usually brown, gold, yellow, gray or orange with black spots.

Their diets can be a mix of meaty food such as shrimp, squid, mussels, and krill with some crustaceans and corals mixed in for good measure.

Like dogs, they can beg to be feed which can happen after they have gotten used to their new home since at first, they are shy creatures. They are saltwater puffers. 

The Dog Face Puffer can live with others of its kind but they are known as being semi-aggressive. So it will depend on their personalities. If the particular one you end up with does, indeed, play well with others.

The price range can be anywhere between 30. 39 USD to about 350 USD depending on where you buy them and if they are on sale

Valentini Puffer Price (20 USD to 30 USD)

Valentini Puffer Cost
Valentini Puffer Cost

The Valentini Puffer Fish would make a great addition to people that would love a fish as a pet and they can also be called Saddle Valentini Puffer fish, Black Saddled Toby or Saddled Toby.

There is a difference in looks between the female and male genders of this particular breed: the males are described as having blue or green luminous lines starting from the back of their eyes.

Another difference between males and females is that the males’ bottom jaw will have a light orange background to it with faint blue lines. And on the other end of their bodies (in front of the anus) will be a light gray color. Plus, they are bigger when compared to females. 

These types of male puffers can be nippy but if they are added to a big tank with a mate of the same breed, then it should work well.

In the wild, they would get along with other fish as long as there is enough space.

Therefore, the tank should be big enough (about 30 gallons to start with) so that you can put hiding spots and other decorations to make the puffer fish safe and comfortable.

Remember that when they get frightened they will expand causing issues with other fishes. They are saltwater puffers.   

They can eat a lot of different types of food such as Shrimp, Squid, Clam, some vegetable matter, green filamentous algae and you can add Spirulina to spice it up.

Plus, hard-shelled food like shrimp will decrease their teeth growth. Their feeding habits can be three times a day if need be.  Their maximum size may get up to 4. 5 inches (11. 43 cm) and the price range for one of them can go from about 20 USD to 30 USD. They are also salt puffer fish.

The Cost Dwarf Puffer Fish (4 USD)

Dwarf Puffer Fish
Dwarf Puffer Fish

Dwarf puffer or Pea Puffer , Pygmy Puffer fish, or Malabar Puffer fish which are all the same breed of these tiny fishes.

They can grow up to 1. 4 inches (3. 6 cm) and can fit nicely in a 5 gallon tank.

Each one go for about 4 USD. 

Red-Eyed Puffer Fish Price (15 USD to 30 USD)

Red-Eyed Puffer Fish
Red-Eyed Puffer Fish

The Red-Eyed Puffer Fish is a stand out with the help of their red eyes and small size.

They can grow up to 3 inches (7. 62 cm) and can live in a tank of 10 gallons or 15 gallons that has a lot of plants. Their price range can be from 15 USD to 30 USD. 

South American Puffer Fish Cost (33 USD for one)

South American Puffer Fish
South American Puffer Fish

The South American Puffer or Amazon Puffer Fish can grow up to 5 inches (12. 7cm) and would love a tank of over 30 gallons.

They cost about 33 USD for one but they are friendly with their own kind so you can have a small school at home. 

The Cost of Fahaka Puffer Fish (about 32USD)

Fahaka Puffer Fish
Fahaka Puffer Fish

Fahaka Puffer can fall on the larger side of fishes since they can grow up to 18 inches (45. 72 cm) for those that can more of a challenge.

Their tanks should be 90 gallons or more and they can be brought for about 32 USD depending on where you shop and their size. 

Target Puffer Fish Price (20 USD)

Target Puffer Fish
Target Puffer Fish

If you are looking for something that fits in a more medium range than the Target Puffer Fish could be the one for you. They can grow up to 6 inches (15 cm) and 30 gallons tank can do wonders for them.

Their price can be between 40 to 50 USD but someplace could sell them for 20 USD. 

Ocellated Puffer Fish Price (18 USD to 32 USD)

Ocellated Puffer Fish
Ocellated Puffer Fish

Another one on the medium size scale is the Ocellated Puffer Fish that can grow up to 6 inches (15 cm).

However, they can fit in a 20-gallon tank if you only want one.

They are a rare find.

Their price could start from 18 USD to 32 USD. 

Golden Puffer Price (450 to 700 USD)

Golden Puffer
Golden Puffer

If you are an experienced fish owner and looking for a fish with a golden personality might we suggest the Golden Puffer fish?

It can grow up to 20 inches (50. 8 cm) and live in a tank of 100 gallons. As is its namesake this one can fetch a pretty dollar ranging between 450 to 700 USD. 

Mbu Puffer Fish Price (150 USD to 450 USD)

Mbu Puffer Fish

The Mbu Puffer Fish is the last one on our list is known as being one of the biggest puffer fish that a person can own.

The Mbu comes in at a maximum size of about 24 inches (60. 96 cm) and should fit nicely in a 500 gallons tank.

Their price can go from 150 USD to 450 USD making them cheaper than the Golden Puffer. 

First Bonus: What are the other costs when having a puffer fish?

What Are The Other Costs When Having A Puffer Fish?
What Are The Other Costs When Having A Puffer Fish?

Cost for setup puffer fish tank

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While having a fish is a good start there are a lot of costs involved in housing them.

The first (and most important) is the actual house that they will be living in- the aquarium.

The size of the tank all depends on the type of puffer fish you chose to live with but the range can go from 50 gallons to 100 gallons.

The price fluctuate from about 50 USD to 450 USD depending on where you are shopping. 

Cost of feeder

The thing is you can not always be home to feed your puffers. You clearly need an automatic feeder for your tank. This will cost another $20 or more depends on which branch you choose.

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Cost for water of tank

Puffer Fish Aquarium
Puffer Fish Aquarium

Tank is not the only thing that you will need for your future puffer. You will obviously need water. A certain type of water since different breeds can swim in different types of water.

Brackish water, freshwater, and saltwater are common ones with the latter being the most used.

You have to research what type of breed uses what type of water since some shops can confuse saltwater and freshwater breeds.

You would need to replace the water every month to make sure that the tank is clean. Then that your fishes remind healthily.

Plus, puffer fish are known for being messy eaters. So you would be making sure they are not swimming around in their floating leftovers if there are any.   

Other things you should buy can bring your budget up into the 100s if they are brand new.

These features can include lighting, plants, filter system heater (some breeds can require a certain temperature to live in), water conditioner, thermometer, hydrometer, and a pH kit to measure how much pH you add to your tank.

The latter is influenced by the breed of puffer fish.

Other aspects that you would want to invest in us bacteria solution, nitrate, and its water testing kit as well as ammonia.

Planning to have a puffer fish? Check out the book we recommend for proper puffer fish care. Not to become an expert on puffer fish but will help you avoid the common mistake in new pet fish owners.

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You can look at second-hand shops to get the items used. But maybe for beginners, you can think of getting them new. So that you would not have to deal with baggage from past owners when it comes to the equipment.

Food is important when it comes to any living beings.  

What Type of Food Puffer Fish Need? 

What Type Of Food Puffer Fish Needs?
What Type Of Food Puffer Fish Needs?

The type of food adds to the cost of owning a puffer fish. Once again this is linked to the breed and size of the fish you want to purchase.

To get the best information you should speak to a specialist since they can advise you on exactly what you would need and how much of it. 

Puffer Fish Food
Puffer Fish Food

Saltwater puffer fish can eat worms such as blood ones, and earthworms. They can munch on squid, crab, mussels (in their shells), as well as common stores, brought fish food. Saltwater puffers can be fed twice a day every day.

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Freshwater puffers, on the other hand, can eat similar foods such as hard-shell type of foods as well as snails and shrimp.

Feeding puffer fish hard-shelled type of food will help their teeth to stop growing (since they are constantly growing and if they get too long or big hen the pufferfish.

Regardless of breed, will starve since they are unable to eat plus, feeding them live foods will require the food to be quarantined beforehand and not doing so may cause your fish friend to fall sick. 

However, before you go and buy anything make sure that you are fully informed on what pufferfish suit which type of water as well as the cost.

Prices can change according to if there is a sale or some places are just cheaper than others or even if someone is moving and cannot take their lovely puffer with them.

Second bonus: How to get a puffer fish as pet for free?

How To Get A Puffer fish As Pet For Free?
How To Get A Puffer fish As Pet For Free?

Getting a puffer fish for free is not a joke. You will need to contact some puffer keepers on the facebook. Ideally, they will give away some baby puffer fishs for other keepers.

But before getting your first baby puffer fish, you need to have all the tanks and relevant accessories to be ready. Please check the list of costs for having a puffer at the section above.

Wrapping Up About Cost For A puffer Fish As Pet:

We had listed in the article the costs for having a pufferfish as pet.

To answer the question: “How much does a puffer fish cost as pet”, we would say, the price range is quite wide. It’s about a few dollars to might be thousand of dollars.

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