How Smart are Bearded Dragons? Are they Dumb?

Did you know that bearded dragons understand most things happening around, and are not dumb as you might think? Well, you will be amazed to see how smart are bearded dragons.

If you are a bearded dragon owner, you must have observed the different reactions in the beardies, especially while someone is approaching them. In most cases, these lizards associate you with what you did to them before.

For instance, if you ever hurt your beardie, it will remember that and knows that you are a bad person. And that is why the beardie reacts abnormally whenever it sees you.

Let’s explore and see why bearded dragons are classified as smart reptiles. Don’t miss any single information here, and you will be pleased you read it.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Shows that Bearded Dragons are Smart Animals?

What Shows That Bearded Dragons Are Smart Animals?
What Shows That Bearded Dragons Are Smart Animals?

Perhaps you are wondering how sure I am by saying that bearded dragons are smart animals and how it was confirmed anyway.

I have been a reptile enthusiast for a pretty long time, and I have been able to learn a lot from them, including their behaviors, smartness, what they like or dislike, etc.

Initially, it was thought that humans are the only ones who could solve problems through learning, but it was proved otherwise. Animals have portrayed various characters that show they indeed master things.

For instance, the scientist did their research on bearded dragons and found out that they imitate each other. They use an enclosure partitioned into two sections and place two beardies in one room, and then mealworms in the other room. They could, of course, see the mealworms.

The beardies are exposed to some videos showing a trained dragon opening the door to get food. Scientists wanted to see how these lizards would react.

Surprisingly, these bearded dragons managed to imitate what the beardies in the video are doing, and they eventually open the door and run for the mealworms. That’s proof that bearded dragons are certainly smart lizards.

How smart are Bearded Dragons?

How Smart Are Bearded Dragons?
How Smart Are Bearded Dragons?

Now you know that bearded dragons are not stupid; they are way much smarter than we can think of them. They can indeed imitate what the fellow beardies are doing, but this is not the only thing our lizards can do.

Of course, the beardies are not ‘living rocks,’ and they can remember and learn from previous experiences. Below are different situations that reveal the smartness of bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragons are Trainable

I don’t think this is something new to you, as a responsible beardie owner, there are things you need to train your pet like pooping in a particular area, eating dried foods, etc. So, it is something some of you have done before, and you saw how it turned out.

Through research, it’s proven that bearded dragons are trainable and can remember the action for their entire life. Some lizards were taught how to open the door and get food from a different room, and the experiment was a success.

Likewise, when you train your bearded dragon to poop in a specific location in the terrarium, it will always visit that place when it wants to relieve itself. If you feed it from a particular area more often, the beardie will know it should be feeding on that area.

A beardie can be trained by learning from another bearded dragon. It appears that a bearded dragon can easily remember what it learns from another bearded dragon more than when it learns from humans.

Bearded Dragons can Recognize their Owners

How a bearded dragon will respond after seeing a person depends on how familiar that person is to it. During the first days when you bring your dragon at home, everything is new to it, including the environment, enclosure, and people at home.

During this time, it’s common for the beardies to express signs such as a black beard, and this indicates that it doesn’t feel comfortable being around new people and things. But with time, once the lizard learns that you don’t have bad intentions, it will bond with you.

So, bearded dragons are affectionate and will always look forward to your presence. It can recognize and differentiate you from other people by use of smell and sight. It is interesting to know that bearded dragons will even discern your voice from that of other people.

That is how they acknowledge people who feed them, and any time you approach the cage, the beardie will know it is you.

Bearded Dragons are Intelligent

I can attest through various ways that bearded dragons are indeed intelligent, and they learn things through conditioned reflex action.

For instance, if you are used to calling your beardie a given name every time you want to feed it, the pet will begin to associate that name or voice with food or perhaps your presence.

Likewise, if you roughly handle your dragon, and this behavior continues for a while, it will just know that you are a terrible person who wants to hurt it. If that is the case, the beardie will never want to be handled by you, and it becomes so aggressive at your presence.

Bearded dragons can also recall animals that threaten them, and they will escape whenever they see them or hear their sound. And this is how they recognize their predators and run away from them.

To cut a long story short, I mean that bearded dragons will always remember most of their previous activities.

How Affectionate are Bearded Dragons?

How Affectionate Are Bearded Dragons?
How Affectionate Are Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons are capable of displaying emotions; in that, they show affection more than most of the reptiles. A beardie tends to bond with its human companion, loves warming itself on the owner, and it seems exceptionally excited when the owner is around.

But the closeness between you and your beardie depends on how you associate with it. Now you know that if you want your dragon to love you, then be a nice person to it always.

Here are the behaviors that show the affectionate nature of the beardies.

Bearded Dragons Takes a Fairly Short Time to Bond with their Owners

A bearded dragon doesn’t need a month to adapt to its new home and associate it with the owner. It will only take a couple of days, and then everything will be fine.

When I first brought my lizard friend at home, I allowed it to spend the majority of its time in the terrarium. It was lonely at first, and I could see that myself, but as I continued coming to the cage for feeding, my pet started to change its moods.

Whenever I approached the cage, it knew that it would be fed; things happened so fast, but what I can recall is that after a few days, my friend was comfortable with me. I even started handling it without problems, and it was always exciting.

Adult Bearded Dragons are More Affectionate than the Babies

The beardie’s affection increases as it continues to grow, and that is why the adults tend to bond more strongly with their owners.

Young bearded dragons, especially babies, are nervous almost about everything since all things seem new to them. As they get older, things become familiar, and they realize that you are not a threat to them.

Although bearded dragons show affection, the way they display it is entirely different from one dragon to another. Some will anticipate being handled and cuddled, but it’s a different case with other dragons.

The Beardies Volunteer to be Handled

This is a unique behavior with bearded dragons, and it’s rare in most of the reptile pets. If a beardie trusts you and of course when it is happy, you will see it’s so eager to be picked by you.

Even before you extend your arm to pick the lizard, it will start attempting to get on the hand. This indicates that the beardies appreciate being handled but only by the people they love.

The bond between you and your bearded dragon becomes more intense as you spend more time petting and allowing it to walk over you. Your feeding schedule can also determine how affectionate your dragon becomes to you.

Make the feeding time fixed for all days and spend quality time interacting with your beardie, and it will appreciate your presence more.

Are the Beardies Friendly?

Bearded dragons have the intelligence to be friendly, and they are comfortable with the people who are familiar with them.

A beardie will never hurt you or your children in most cases. When these lizards become aggressive, they rarely bite but instead try to flee away from you.

Some beardies will live well with the household pets; they don’t fight or rebel against the pets.

It is pretty easy to handle a bearded dragon as it is relaxed and appreciates being petted. They usually turn or curl when held on the hand; you will also enjoy petting them.

Wrapping Up

Bearded Dragon Smart or Dumb Pinterest Pin
Bearded Dragon Smart or Dumb Pinterest Pin

There you have it, and now you know that bearded dragons are incredibly smart. They make excellent pets, and their affectionate and friendly nature makes them outstanding and fascinating exotic pets.

Bearded dragons recognize their owner, their names, and people who feed them. They can easily be trained on pooping in a specific area, escape danger, locate food and water, and other activities.

Every dragon is trainable; it only requires your commitment and patience when training your dragon.

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