How to Find Snakes in Your Backyard?

Here are the five convenient and most accessible ways to locate snakes in your backyard. Snakes can visit our homes for different purposes, but they never have any ill intentions. Let’s discuss more about how to find snakes in your backyard.

Generally, we have more than 3600 species of snakes in the world. They dwell in different parts of the world except in Antarctica, Ireland, and Iceland.

Snakes prefer to inhabit different places, so how to find snakes in your backyard, you need to be well conversant with their habitation.

Read through the article to understand further how to find a snake in your backyard. 

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Cute Reptiles as Pets

Where do snakes stay around you?

Where Do Snakes Stay Around You?
Where Do Snakes Stay Around You?

Most snakes such as rat snakes, Huggorm, among others live on land and occupy areas like forests, trees, underground rodent burrows, deserts, swamps, gardens, under logs, grasslands, etc.

On the other hand, some snake species, such as cottonmouth and water snake, live in water bodies.

Snakes can inhabit any place in the world that is secure, and can protect them from the predators and any other threatening components.

We can also attract snakes to our homes, not knowing by availing food and shelter to them.

Garden pests are vulnerable to snakes

It is also true that gardens or farms with pests like rodents, mice, and moles, to mention a few, are vulnerable to snakes.

For instance, rat snakes mainly feed on rodents, chipmunks, mice, and lizards, and they can often come to the gardens with pests.

If you encounter a rat snake on your farm, don’t take fright or rush to kill it, they are docile and harmless reptiles.

They cannot bite, only if you startle them. Continue reading the article to learn how to find snakes in your backyard. 

Where do snakes hide?

Where Do Snakes Hide?
Where Do Snakes Hide?

Snakes can hide themselves for different reasons.

Why snake hide themselves

The fact that Snakes are ectotherms, unlike mammals, changes their body temperature depending on the environmental conditions. 

However, snakes are capable of maintaining constant body temperature when it is cold.

But, during winter, there is extreme cold, and most snakes usually go into hibernation.

That way, their system becomes inactive and conserves most of the energy. 

During such periods, they may remain in their typical habitats, or even in underground rodent burrows, to escape freezing.

Where do they hide

Snakes can hide in our gardens when we mulch the plant with thick materials.

The snakes that are slenderer can penetrate through the heavy mulching materials and inhabit such areas.

Beneath the mulch are earthworms, snails, and some insects that will attract the snakes to continue staying in the garden. Heaping woods for fuel in your home may act as dwelling places to some animals like rats and lizards that are likely to entice snakes. 

Other places where snakes can inhabit, especially around the homestead and farms, include; the holes that can sustain water after rain, tall grasses, pits, cracks, and many more.

Snakes will not hesitate to visit those areas as long as there is food for them. To eradicate snakes from our backgrounds, we need to get rid of anything likely to attract them. Control the potential food to snakes such as rats, mice, moles, etc. 

How to find snakes outside?

Mostly snakes inhabit areas where they can get all their needs.

Many ways can help locate the presence of snakes in our backyards. Snakes may continue to stay in our surroundings, and we may not know or come across them.

They are brilliant at hiding. Especially small garden black snakes.

However, tracing the presence of snakes in your area is very simple when you know what to do.

The following are useful measures on how to find snakes in your backyard.  

The presence of egg snakes can be a clear indication that there are snakes around. Though, you may not be able to distinguish the snakes’ eggs from other oviparous animals if you don’t know how they look.

Snakes’ eggs are unique. They possess an elongated oval shape, and colors may vary from white, beige, or off-white.

Typically, you can find the eggs in areas like under logs or stumps, rotten vegetations, manure, underground holes, etc. 

Snakes’ skin is also a good sign that snakes may be in your background.

Snake sheds its skin

It is usual for the snakes to shed the old layer of their skin during molting, to enhance growth. Shedding is a natural behavior and can take place after every 1-2 weeks.

Snakes may rub themselves on hard objects like stumps or logs around but in the secure and unopened areas.

Thus, if you notice there are snake skins in your farm or near the yard, snakes may be around. Sometimes, your place can only be suitable for the snakes to visit, shed the skin, and go away. 

Other Possible Ways to Identify a Snake in the backyard.

The existence of the snake’s dropping shows that there are snakes that may be inhabiting your place.

It may not be simple to conclude that the droppings belong to snakes, but the snake’s poop usually has fur, bones, teeth, and nails from the prey, and it can be wet or soft.

Nonetheless, snakes defecate uncommonly, not unless they feed regularly. 

You can encounter the snake individually while they are basking in the sun or preying during the day.

Basking is common in the morning during summer and spring when snakes tend to be active, contrary to winter seasons.

They go back to the habitats in the evening when the temperatures reduce. Other possible ways to guide you find the snakes outside are strange odors, slither tracks, among others. 

Finding the snakes outside the yard or in the garden does not mean you have to kill them. Some benefits of garden snakes might profit to you.

Some people may be afraid of the snakes, but the majority of the snakes are friendly.

They do not intend to come and hurt you. Just let them be, but if you can’t bear to have them around, contact an expert to help you.

Snakes frequently attack humans when they threaten them. There are also other ways to get rid of snakes from your background. Don’t panic, and ensure you do what is necessary. 

Where to find snakes indoors?

Snakes can as well enter and dwell in our houses.

Many places in the house can be suitable for snakes to continue to stay, or perhaps they can come for food and disappear.

It is reasonable that a snake can exist in our houses when we are unaware. Again, snakes are excellent in hiding, and they can squeeze themselves in unnoticeable places in the house. 

Such unobtrusive sites include; the ceiling, rafters, wall mantel, dark regions, or even close to water pipes and heat sources. 

If you recognize that a snake is in your house, remain still and don’t disturb it. It may quickly hide or even bite you when it gets angry.

The best thing to do is to identify the snake species, whether poisonous or not poisonous.

Carefully open the close door, and use the broom to drive it out slowly.

You can also cover the snake with a box or waste bucket if it is small, add some weight on top, and ask for help from a professional.

And if you are comfortable handling the snake, you can use gloves to remove it outside. Remember, the snake is disturbed just as you are.

What to remember when finding the snake in house?

 Snake can bite.

You should remember to protect your self from snake by boots, or snake-handling gloves.

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Snakes are enchanting creatures, and we can keep them at home as our pets. Even so, some people will not withstand to see a snake while others can handle them comfortably.

The majority of snakes are not as dangerous as we might think, they are friendly animals. Now that you know how to find snakes in your backyard, I hope you can implement the steps confidently. 

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