How to Get Rid of Snakes?

Want to get rid of snakes. The expert’s ways to get rid of snakes from your environment are here to help you.

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Signs of Snakes around You

Signs Of Snakes Around You
Signs Of Snakes Around You

It is quite challenging to detect the presence of a snake on your property.

The easiest way to determine if you have a snake problem is when you spot the snake. It is hard to find evidence of their presence, especially in the winter, when it nests inside your walls against the cold.

However, snakes do not leave damage like rats or mice and can stay hidden for months. Some of the signs that you can use to determine the presence of a snake are stated below.

Snakeskin: Snakes always shed their skin as they grow. The skin is usually dry and scaly. You may find it in a whole sheet or in a crumpled head around the entrance of your house.

Snake Shed skin
Shed skin by Lois Manowitz (source:

Tracks: You may notice tracks when you are inspecting a crawl space or dusty area. This indicates that a snake has passed by and can be hiding around your house.

Smell: If there is a strange scent in areas without any smell before, then it may be the presence of a snake.

Droppings: Snake droppings are similar to bird feces, but it may have hair and bones from the prey that they consumed.

Strange noises in dark places: If you hear unexpected noises, especially from flooring areas or dark places. It may indicate that there is a snake in the area. Since a snake can stay in small, dark, and damp places for hiding or laying eggs. You can find them anywhere in the house from cellar to attic.

The unusual absence of rodents: If you notice the mice or rats that are usually all over your home cannot be found anymore without setting any trap for them. Then there is a chance that snakes are in your house.

Advantages of Having Snakes in Your Home

Advantages Of Having Snakes In Your Home
Advantages Of Having Snakes In Your Home

There are over 3600 snake species in the world, and it will come as a surprise to you that over 400 of them are venomous.

Snakes are usually beneficial to humans as it helps eat unwanted pests like rats and mice around the home. It also plays a crucial role in the food chain as it feeds on several elusive pests like grasshoppers on the farm.

Benefits of Snakes in Your Garden or Farm

Snakes are very beneficial in the garden or farm as it helps to eat rodents or insects that harm the garden. In the summer, small snakes can easily do damage to the grasshopper population on your farm. It can also eat slugs and Japanese beetles from your farm or yard.

Snakes will also feed on the small rodents that may feed on your vegetables and flowers.

How to Make Your Garden More Snake-Friendly

If you would like to keep snakes in your garden or farm, you will need to provide secure areas to protect them from predators. Some of the ways that you can make your farm or garden snake friendly are stated below.

  • You can use hollow logs, rock piles, plywood, etc. to create hiding places.
  • Snakes love the sun, and you can do them a favor by keeping your lawn low. Try to walk around to make sure the snakes are not in the way of mower blades when you want to mow the lawn.
  • Avoid using pesticides. Harmful chemicals have an indirect effect on the snake because they will feed on the pest. If there are pest infestations in your garden, it is best to look for non-toxic pest control .
  • When you are landscaping, have it in mind that the rocks and logs that you want to move may harbor the snake underneath it.

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Things to Do When you Notice Small or Baby Snakes in the House

Things To Do When You Notice Small Or Baby Snakes In The House
Things To Do When You Notice Small Or Baby Snakes In The House

If you notice some baby snakes in your garden, it is possible that the mother snake finds your yard or garden a nice place to lay her eggs. It is best to know that the juveniles will not stay together in an area.

You should note that if a venomous snake lays eggs, the hatchlings will also be venomous as its venom can be as potent as its parents. Venomous snakes need the venom to hunt for food, and they cannot survive without it.

However, if you happen to find a young snake in your yard, you can leave it alone as it will move away by itself.

If you are afraid and do not want it around, you can call a snake-catcher to help remove it or the best way to remove it.

You should ensure that you avoid picking up a snake in your yard. You should also avoid killing them because they play a huge role in the food chain.

Ways To Get Rid Of Snakes

Ways of Getting Rid of Snakes

From the House

Most of the snakes found in the house are usually smaller. This is because it can only get into the house through small gaps. If you discover a snake in the house, try to act immediately for your peace of mind and of the snake.

Once you encounter a snake in the house, there is likely a mouse in the house. The first thing to do is stay calm so that you don’t disturb the snake or make it go into hiding. Remove your children and pets from the area, and maintain a safe distance.

You can then keep an eye on the snake while you call a pest control company. The company can then help remove the snake while also determining if you have a rodent problem and tell you the steps to take.

If the snake can slither into a hidden place and you cannot find it. You can set up a heating pad, or a pile of burlap, or other material close to the basement floor that can attract the snake.

Once it comes out, you can then use glue-based traps for trapping the snake in your house, and you can then release it away from your home. However, you need to check regulations about the ways of releasing snakes because it varies from place to place.

Process to Take When Bitten By Snake

If a snake mistakenly bites you, the first thing is to discover if the snake is venomous or not. If it is non-venomous, you can treat it as a puncture wound.

However, you will need to call 911 if there is a chance the snake might be venomous, lose consciousness, or have difficulty breathing.

Process to Take When Bitten By Snake

While you are waiting for medical help, make the person lie down with the wound below the heart, ensure the person stays calm and at rest, move the person far from striking distance of the snake.

You should also cover the wound with a loose and sterile bandage and remove the shoes if the person was bitten on the leg or foot. Once the emergency staff is around, you will then describe the appearance of the snake.

While you are waiting for medical help, avoid cutting the bite wound, use tourniquet or water, try to suck out the venom, give the person caffeinated drinks or alcohol, or other medications.

If you can treat the bite at home, you will need to contact your healthcare provider as the person might need a tetanus shot. If the bite was treated at the hospital, the treatment is usually according to the snake type. You will get anti-venom treatment if the snake is venomous, and you may get a tetanus shot based on the date of your last injection.

From the Kitchen

If you find a snake in the kitchen, you can simply use a broom to sweep the snake away from a safe distance.

You can also use this method for snakes that are in the house, shed, or garage.

If you can identify the snake, you can wear gloves while you pick and move it to a new place.

However, if you are not able to identify the snake or afraid to touch it, you can call the pest control company to help you remove it.

Get rid of snake from the Bathroom

Snakes can be found in a different place, and to be candid, a snake in a bathroom can be quite terrifying to everybody when you see it. Snakes can easily get to the bathroom through the ventilation pipes and bathroom plumbing.

How to get rid of snake from the bathroom?
How to get rid of snake from the bathroom?

You can keep the snakes from the bathroom using various methods such as

  • Ensure that your ventilation is covered. If you like open ventilation, it is best to have some mesh or wire covering for keeping the snakes and other pests away from the bathroom.
  • Ensure that your bathroom plumbing has good ventilation, which will go a long way to solving several bathroom issues.
  • Invest in a multi-flap that can fit over your toilet pipe that can keep all kinds of pests from entering into your toilet.
  • Invest in a roof vent hood; this will help protect the vents while you keep the pests out.

Get rid of snake from the Garden

Snakes are usually beneficial for the garden, and it is best to leave them alone. However, if you do not want them in your garden, you can first allow it to move on. If the snake stays around, you can then use a garden hose to squirt water on it so that it can wiggle away.

Get rid of snake from the Backyard

There is a diverse way that you can get rid of snakes from your backyard; some of them are listed below.

Make sure your yard is clean: To keep a snake away from your backyard, always make sure that there is no debris, vegetation, and trash around your lawn. Always rake your yard regularly, do not leave piles of leaves or branches, and even rocks, toys, etc.

Keep your shrubs and trees trimmed: Make sure you do not allow your bushes and shrubs to get overgrown. An overgrown shrub is an ideal environment for insects such as roaches and mosquitoes to thrive and a perfect cover for snakes.

Keep your shrubs and trees trimmed can help you get rid of snakes
Keep your shrubs and trees trimmed can help you get rid of snakes

Eliminate Moisture in your backyard: Backyards serve as an excellent hiding space, and also offers the perfect climate for snakes.

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Your backyard may be filled with different holes and objects that can retain water, which is appealing to snakes. After the rain, you should try to check your yard for where water is pooling and fill the holes in your yard. You should also drain the flower pots and birdhouses that contain rainwater.

Use repellents: One of the snake’s main senses is its smell, and you can easily use odor to keep the snake away. You can use repellents like sulfur, ammonia, etc. with nasty smells to keep the snake away.

However, these repellants can be washed away by rain, and some harmful chemicals can be harmful to your pets and kids. This is why you should avoid using chemical repellents.

Will Snakes Smell?

Snakes have a repulsive smell, and many snakes release the scent when they are under stress or to avoid predators.

Snake scent is usually created by a specialized gland known as the cloacal gland, and when it is under attack. The snake will writhe around the predator while producing the foul scent to repel the predator.

Snake scent is usually different from species to species, but it is often the smell of rotting carcass.

Some snakes also use their scent to attract mates such as garter snakes. However, a clean pet snake usually has a little odor if there is any, this is because they lack hair or feathers, and it sheds its skin periodically.

Ratsnake by Cheryl Molin (source:

Will Wasp Spray Kill or Hurt Snakes?

A wasp spray is considered as an alternative to pepper spray and can be used to get rid of snakes.

Wasp spray can also be used when encountering a snake, and you do not even have to get close to the snake before it can be effective.

However, you just need to ensure that the wasp spray gets to its face by hitting their eyes, nostrils, and tongue.

This will ensure the wasp spray enters their system and eventually kills them. However, the snake may not die instantly and could take around 45 minutes to hours before it dies.

Note: wasp spray will only affect individual snakes, and you cannot use it for a nest.


Snakes are solitary creatures, and they do not live in colonies. It is hard to detect if a snake is your home, there are several signs that you can be on the lookout for. But you can get rid of snake by the several options we gave.

If you find smaller or younger snakes on your property, it means they have hatched on your property and will leave.

However, if you notice from the different signs above that a snake infests your house, you can notify a pest control expert to remove it.

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