Top 10 Large Rabbit Breeds in the World (Pictures, Traits, & Facts)

Did you know that there exist giant rabbits that are way bigger than the common ones? Well, some are so big and can weigh 10pounds higher than the typical ones.

Most people love and keep them as pets or for their commercial benefits. However, only a few know that large rabbit breeds exceed the average weight of 4 or fewer pounds.

In this article, we will list the top ten most giant rabbits. Also, we will discuss their origin, traits and give you some facts about these rabbits.

Keep reading to be conversant with the most giant rabbits in the world.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

Large Rabbit Breeds in Size

When you hear about giant rabbits, what comes to your mind? Some people perceive rabbits as small pets. They expect them to have an average weight of 4 pounds.

However, some rabbits are massive and can weigh more than the average rabbit. These rabbits can measure more than three feet in length and weigh more than 10 pounds. 

For instance, the world’s most giant rabbit is known to have been four feet, four inches long and weighed 49 pounds.

Large and Giant

A giant rabbit can have a relative extent size of about six pounds. However, giant rabbits are massive and weigh above 10 pounds. 

For instance, mini and dwarf breeds are considered large. They weigh approximately 4 pounds when fully grown. 

On the other hand, Flemish are known to be “giant” rabbits. Their average weight is 14 pounds and sometimes goes above the 20-pound mark.

Quick List of Large Rabbits

How big are large rabbits in your mind? Large rabbits are now more common, and rabbit keepers breed them for meat, fur, and pets. The average size of a large rabbit is 10 pounds and above. Here is a list of the top 10 large rabbits in the world.

  • British Giant
  • Checkered Giant
  • Giant Papillon
  • Silver fox
  • Altex 
  • Hungarian Giant
  • Chinchilla rabbits
  • Blanc de Bouscat
  • Continental Giant
  • Flemish Giant

These are the ten topmost giant breeds in the world. All of these rabbits weigh above 10 pounds when mature. 

Thus, they are more significant than an average dog. In addition, these giant breeds have different features and temperaments.

However, they are all docile and tamable, and with proper care, they enjoy being handled. 

Therefore, they all make good pets. Even so, some people keep them for meat and fur.

Keeping giant rabbits can be interesting. However, these breeds consume a lot of food and require plenty of space. Also, they need proper care, and thus the owners have to be ready to save ample time for caring for them.

Therefore, before owning one of these breeds, their owner must prepare beforehand.

For instance, some like continental giants don’t like to be handled. Thus, they are better with older children, and they require a large living area.

10 Large Rabbits Breeds (Pictures, Traits, & Facts)

This section will make a table with each breed’s facts, such as size, appearance, and cost. Go through the table to have a clear picture of each breed and get an idea of how much it may cost you to buy any of these giant rabbits.

Breeds Size  (Smallest to Largest) (pounds)Appearance Cost ($)
Hungarian Giant11-15Assorted colors, dark ears with light shades on the inside50-100
Giant papillon10-15White body with either black, grey, blue, or chocolate patches50-100
Silver fox9-12Blue, black, lilac, chocolate 50-100
Checkered giant10-15White with black patches. 50-80
British Giant12-15Steel grey, medium, dense and soft coat50-100
Atex 10-16White with grey patches  at the ear and tail tips and red eyes60-100
Chinchilla 10-16Slate blue/black/pearl with agouti pattern40-100
Blanc de Bouscat10-15 White with red eyes50-100
Continental Giant16-25Black, dark steel grey, yellow, opal, light steel grey, chinchilla300-500
Flemish Giant15-30Black, blue, fawn, steel grey, sandy, white100-400
Size, appearance and price comparison of large rabbit breeds
Continental Giant and Flemish Giant large rabbit breeds
Continental Giant and Flemish Giant large rabbit breeds

Flemish Giant

According to ARBA, Flemish Giant is known to have originated from Flanders, Belgium. However, the Flemish giant has been bred since the 16th century. 

However, it was exported to America at the beginning of the 1890s. The primary reason for exporting the breed was to improve the rabbit’s meat size during the great “rabbit boom.”

In 2010, Darius, a Flemish giant rabbit, won the World’s Guinness Book of Record as the longest rabbit. He was 4ft 3 inches long and weighed 49 pounds.  

Flemish giants have a docile personality. Thus, they make perfect pets. Therefore, they are commonly bred for meat, fur, show, and pets, making them universal rabbits.

Continental Giant

Continental giants are Flemish giant descendants. They are known to have originated from Germany. 

Breeds bred in Germany are known as German Giants, while those bred in other countries are known as continental Giants.

Continental Giants are gentle and have a high bone density. Their average weight is 16 pounds but can go far beyond that.

Continental Giants are bred for meat, fur, show, and as pets. They make perfect pets due to their gentle nature.

Additionally, they are easy to tame and suitable pets even for children.

Blanc De Bouscat

Blanc de bouscat was first bred in 1906 in Bouscat village in France. The Dulon couple bred it in an attempt to create a giant size rabbit. 

The couple combined Flemish Giant, Champagne d’ Argent, and French Angola to produce a larger rabbit with frosted white fur.

Its original name was Ermine rabbit, and even though the initial plan was to produce more meat, they are now popular pets.

Rabbit pet lovers love Blanc de bouscat for their social, playful nature. Thus, they are suitable for beginners, indoor, outdoor, and families with older children.

Chinchilla Rabbits

Chinchilla Rabbits breed of large rabbit
Chinchilla Rabbits breed of large rabbit

Chinchilla rabbits were first bred in the 1900s in France. Their fur resembles South American chinchillas and thus their name.

Chinchilla rabbit was bred by crossbreeding Himalayans, Beveren’s, and wild colored agouti.

Initially, they were bred for their fast-growing coat. However, Chinchilla rabbits are now famous for show and pets.

The average weight for chinchilla rabbits is 15 pounds, and their standard color is silvery grey.

People love chinchilla rabbits for their gentle, docile, and playful nature. Thus, they make lovely pets even for children.

Hungarian Giant

A group of Hungarian Giant rabbit breed
A group of Hungarian Giant rabbit breed

Hungarian giant was first bred 200 years ago by crossbreeding wild rabbits with other assorted animals. Back then, they were known as Hungarian Agouti until later when they were called Hungarian giants.

Their average weight is 15 pounds, and they have dark, upright ears with lighter shades on the inside. 

Hungarian rabbits come in a variety of colors. The original purpose of breeding Hungarian rabbits was for meat production. 

Until now, they are not popular as pets. However, they are bred for meat production.

Altex Rabbit

Altex rabbits are Alabama and Texas natives. Originally, they were bred by cross breeding Flemish Giant, California, and Argentine de Champagne breeds.

Altex rabbits are white, but the doe has grey patches at the ear and tail tips. They have upright ears and short and soft fur.

They gain weight fast and thus produce high meat. As a result, the bucks are bred to sire other meat rabbits to increase production.

They also have more meat than bones, making them good rabbits for commercial meat. The average weight of Altex rabbits is 13-15 pounds.

Silver Fox Rabbits

Silver fox rabbits are natives of the United States. They are also known as American Heavyweights due to their massive weight.

Walter B. Garland bred the first breed by crossbreeding Checkered Giants and Champagnes. 

The average weight of Silver Fox is 9-11pounds for bucks and 10-12 pounds for does.

Silver is bred for commercial meat and fur. Also, due to their docile, friendly, easy to handle nature, they make beautiful pets even for people with children.

 Black silver breeds are also used for the show.

Giant Papillon

 Giant papillon is France’s origin. It was first bred by cross breeding Flemish Giant and large French rabbits.

They are beautiful and come in white color with dark shades on their bodies. Their fur is short but dense. And, they are white with wide and upright ears.

 Giant papillons are gentle, playful, and energetic. Thus, they also make lovely pets. Their average weight is 11-13 pounds, and they can live for up to 7 years.

Rabbit enthusiasts love this breed for its docile and gentle character.

Checkered Giant

Checkered Giant rabbit breeds
Checkered Giant rabbit breeds

Checkered Giant rabbit’s origin was France. It is one of the largest rabbits in the world, and American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes them.

The minimum weight of giant checkered rabbits is 11 for bucks and 12 for does. There are two ARBA-recognized species, black and blue. The blacks are white with black patches, while the blue is white with grey markings.

Checkered rabbits can live for up to seven years. They are active and friendly. Thus, they make perfect pets.

British Giant

Though British Giants are Flemish giant descendants, they do not grow as big as the Flemish. However, they are also one of the largest rabbits in the world and have an average weight of 11-15 pounds.

They are commercially bred for meat and fur. British Giant’s coat is medium-sized, soft, and dense.

Unlike checkered giants, British giants are lazy and prefer to relax and stretch out rather than exercise.

They are also naturally docile and friendly. Thus, British giants also make perfect pets for rabbit lovers.

Large Rabbits Breeds for Pets

 Most large rabbits are typically docile and social. In addition, they are easy to tame and enjoy handling. Thus, the majority of them make lovely pets.

Even so, these rabbits consume massive meals and require ample space to thrive as pets.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare beforehand before owning one of these giant rabbits as pets.

Some of the best rabbits that make wonderful pets include:

  • Continental Rabbits
  • Flemish Giant
  • Checkered Giant
  • Blanc de bouscat
  • English Lop
  • New Zealand White

Care for a Giant Rabbit

Giant rabbits make lovely pets. Their massive stature makes them even more interesting to own. 

However, they come with special needs compared to ordinary rabbits. For instance, large rabbits may be four or more inches long when stretched or standing on their hind legs.

And, one of the essential requirements of rabbits is to be in a position where they can at least take three hops in any direction.

Therefore, the minimum space for a giant rabbit should be at least 12ft long. Also, large rabbits require exercising space where they forage and play. 

The area should be secure and safe from predators, poisonous plants, and escape routes. 

Diet is also crucial in keeping your rabbits healthy. Rabbit’s diet should include 85% grass or hay, 5% nuggets, and 10% greens.

They do not require mineral supplements unless prescribed by a vet. You should also provide clean water to keep them hydrated.

Where to Buy Rabbits

There are several places where you can buy your rabbits. Some breeds are common, while others are rare. 

Therefore, some may be available in your local pet shops, while you may have to export others. Some of the places where you can buy your rabbits include

  • Pet shops
  • Breeders
  • Classic Ads
  • Facebook Rabbit Groups
  • Online stores 

Buying your pet directly from breeders is better than buying from local pet shops. This is because breeders are more passionate about their rabbits and thus tend to know more about their breeds.

They can offer you detailed advice on caring for the rabbits and giving you an accurate budget for caring for the particular breed.

Wrapping Up

In the beginning, large giants were popular for commercial meat and fur production. 

Recently, these rabbits have become famous for show and pets. Their minimum weight is 10 pounds, and some even get to 30 pounds.

It is, therefore, necessary to research and understand how large your giant rabbit is likely to get before acquiring one.

Most are friendly, tamable, and social. Thus, large rabbits make ideal pets even for beginners.

However, it is essential to provide suitable habitat, diet, and special care for your large rabbits. Therefore, you must prepare well before owning one of these giant bunnies.