10 Lop Rabbit Breeds That Blow Your Mind (Pictures & Facts)

When you hear the term lop rabbit, what comes to mind? Well, your guess is correct; lop rabbit breeds have drooping ears. So, what are the 10 lop rabbit breeds that blow your mind?

You might want to know about lop rabbit breeds for various reasons. For instance, some people want these rabbits for pets and would want to know their personalities. Someone might be interested in breeding lop rabbits, among other purposes.

If you are looking forward to more knowledge about lop rabbit breeds, this is the right article to read. Continue to read for more information.

Cute Reptiles as Pets x
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Makes Lop Rabbit Breeds Different?

Lop rabbit breeds are outstanding from other breeds due to their ears that loosely hang downwards. Have you seen a rabbit with large, floppy ears, or do you own one? If you are yet to see one, a French lop rabbit can be a good example.

The French rabbit ears are loose and hanging downwards, and this is what we are calling drooping. The ears of lop breeds tend to grow past the rabbit’s jaw, and some get longer even than the body.

However, how larger the ears become differs depending on the rabbit breeds. For example, a mature English lop rabbit’s ears are longer than its body. I know you have heard of rabbits like Chinchilla, New Zealand, Dutch, the European rabbit, and California, right?

What do the listed rabbit breeds above have in common? Don’t scratch your head looking for an answer. The mentioned breeds have ears that are carried erect on their heads. They have erect ears, as opposed to being floppy.

Note that these are not the only rabbit breeds whose ears are carried erect. A good number of rabbit breeds are characterized by ears standing upright. At least you can now comfortably distinguish a lop-eared rabbit from other breeds.

Quick List of Lop Rabbit Breeds

If you can remember, I have given you one example of a lop-eared rabbit, which is the French lop. But this is only one breed; the list for lop rabbit breeds isn’t tiny.

Before we cover the available lop-eared rabbits, let’s first find out how big these animals can grow. Note that how big lop rabbits can get depends on the genetic performance of animals. What do I mean by this statement?

In simple terms, I’m trying to explain to you that not all rabbits grow to the same size. Of course, some breeds are small and others large or very large.

Back to lop rabbit breeds, the weight of these mammals can be anywhere from 3-11 pounds or more, depending on the breed.

Similar to many animals, there exist many different breeds of rabbits. The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes over 50 breeds of rabbits. Today, there are about 10 lop rabbit breeds as we are going to see.

Below is a list of the 10 lop rabbit breeds available in the world today. Don’t just skim through but make sure to master them for remembrance. We will still cover them in detail further in the article.

  • French Lop rabbits
  • Mini Lops rabbits
  • English Lop rabbits
  • Holland Lop rabbits
  • American Fuzzy Lop rabbits
  • German Lop rabbits
  • Lop Meissner rabbits
  • Cashmere miniature Lop rabbits
  • Miniature Lion Lop rabbits
  • Dwarf Lop rabbits.

Lop breed rabbits make approximately 15% of the world’s total rabbits. However, some breeds are yet to be recognized by both ARBA and BRC; hence it’s suspected that the list for rabbit species is extensive.

A-Z 10 Lop Rabbit Breeds (Pictures & Facts)

Now that you are aware that we have ten lop rabbit breeds existing, it’s necessary to know their characteristics since they differ. We are going to see each lop breed’s size, appearance, and it’s buying cost.

Lop Rabbit BreedsSize (smallest to larger)AppearanceCost
Breed #1: American Fuzzy Lop rabbits3-4 poundsA compact head, small and round body, short ears, long, fuzzy hair throughout the body.$25-$200
Breed #2: Cashmere miniature Lop rabbits3.5 poundsCompact and thick body, muscular rump, broad chest, thick and silky coat$20-$40
Breed #3: Dwarf Lop rabbits.4.25-5.25 poundsShort body, deep chest, short legs, broad shoulders, wide and thick ears. $30-$90
Breed #4: English Lop rabbits11-12 poundsMandolin-shaped body, more prolonged, and broader ears.$50-$75
Breed#5: French Lop rabbits10-13 poundsSolid and thick body, broad shoulders, smoothly curved topline, shiny fur.$75
Breed #6: German Lop rabbits8.5 poundsCobby, massive and muscular body, wide-open eyes, roman nose.$50-$100
Breed #7: Holland Lop rabbits2-4 poundsMuscular, compact body, short and thick legs, broad head with a puff of fur at the back (crown).$20-$400
Breed #8: Lop Meissner rabbits7.5-10 poundsShimmery coat, compact body.$40-$100
Breed #9: Mini Lops rabbits3-4 poundsMuscular and compact body, shiny and lustrous medium coat.$30-$90
Breed #10: Miniature Lion Lop rabbits3.8 poundsShort and muscular body, dense coat, longer hair mane around the neck, very hairy and rounded ears.$30-$200.
Size, appearance and price comparison of Lop Rabbit Breeds

Breed #1: American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits

American Fuzzy lop rabbit breeds
American Fuzzy lop rabbit breed

Have you ever heard of an American Fuzzy lop? These rabbit breeds originated from the United States and are distributed worldwide. Aside from floppy ears, the distinctive feature of these rabbits is their long and wooly coat.

They have wool resembling the Angora breed, although it is slightly shorter than the Angora. The Fuzzy American rabbits can also be easily identified through their remarkable cat-like short and flat muzzle and tinted ears.

Moreover, the American Fuzzy breeds make excellent pets due to their warm personality. They are social, playful, and nothing they love more than getting attention from the owners.

These breeds also tend to be friendly with other rabbits. Fuzzy lop isn’t at risk for any specific disease, and it’s a clean animal.

Breed #2: Cashmere Miniature Lop Rabbits

Miss Tuner of Wales discovered Cashmere lop within the nest of dwarf lop breeds in 1980. The cashmere lops portrayed thicker, longer, and more luxurious coats compared to the other breeds.

Cashmere lops are lovely pets and do perfectly fine with other household pets. They are playful, friendly, social, and very intelligent. Anyone can keep these rabbits; you shouldn’t worry that you are inexperienced.

Cashmere mini lops are hardy. However, the main concern is about their teeth that grow continuously. They require chewing fibrous feeds and hay to avoid the teeth from overgrowing.

Cashmere lops need to be kept at a healthy weight to avoid many health issues that may arise due to obesity.

English Lop Rabbit and Dwarf Lop Rabbit breeds
English Lop Rabbit and Dwarf Lop Rabbit breeds

Breed #3: Dwarf Lop Rabbits

Dwarf lop rabbits are small to medium-sized, weighing about 5.25 pounds at maturity. This rabbit breed descends from the first dwarf lops developed during the 1950s in the Netherlands.

Dwarf lop comes in a variety of colors including sable marten, orange, white, black, chinchilla, agouti, brown, fawn, etc. They are perfect pets one can own and do enjoy people’s company.

Dwarf lops are friendly, playful, social, active, and do very well with children. However, these rabbits are prone to hereditary dental problems.

Dwarf lop rabbits are new breeds and therefore fetch high buying costs of about $30 for a pet and $90 for show purposes. After you own one, it doesn’t cost much to feed.

Breed #4: English Lop Rabbits

English lop rabbit breeds originated from England in the 19th century, where they were developed through selective breeding. It’s the number one lop breed to be developed by humans.

English lops floppy ears are extremely long that they touch the ground, which they are famous for. Hence, owners need to be cautious that the ears of these fancy rabbits don’t get hurt as it can be a channel to infections.

Other ways to ensure your English lop is safe are checking for overgrown teeth and cleaning their ears periodically as wax builds up so quickly.

These breeds have a reputation for being friendly, curious, playful, and energetic. They are fascinating pets.

Breed#5: French Lop Rabbits

A French Lop Rabbit breed
A French Lop Rabbit breed

French lop breeds had their origin in France in the 19th century. They are a result of selective breeding from English lop and Flemish giant stock.

If you are looking for a friendly rabbit, then Frenchies are the best choice. They are tremendously more friendly than other rabbits. French lops are pretty intelligent and, therefore, easy to train.

They are sweet and very affectionate, making them the most adorable pet in the rabbit’s world. French lop’s coat isn’t very thick, and these animals do well in warm conditions. Frenchies thrive well on hay and any other feed offered to bunnies.

Breed #6: German Lop Rabbits

German lop is a thick and Cobby breed that has its origin in Germany. It was developed in the 1960s in Germany by rabbit breed enthusiasts.

Today, German lops are popular pets, although they were mainly bred as show rabbits. They are calm, docile, and express a great personality as pets.

Since these rabbits possess quality features for showing purposes, their purchasing cost is pretty high. The price varies depending on the pedigree. For instance, a breed from a championship genealogy can even go over $100.

Like any other rabbit, German lops are susceptible to respiratory infections, especially when exposed to drafty places.

Breed #7: Holland Lop Rabbits

Holland Lop Rabbits
Holland Lop Rabbits

Holland lop is a breed from the Netherlands. It was developed by a Dutch breeder, Adrian de Cock, in the 1950s.

These rabbits are famous for their calm, docile and gentle personalities. It’s easy to handle them, and they’re exceptional pets.

Holland lop rabbits are vulnerable to intestinal ailments such as bloat, enteritis, gut stasis, coccidiosis, etc.

How much to buy a Holland lop varies widely depending on lineage, pedigree, and completed medical procedure, e.g., vaccinations and fertility alternation. The price is between $20-$400, and this also depends on where you buy them.

Breed #8: Meissner Lop Rabbits

The Meissner lop is a domesticated rabbit whose origin is German. Today, Meissner lops are considered to be endangered among the domesticated rabbit species.

The rare Meissner breeds have a medium-sized to large body weighing about 7.5 to 10 pounds at maturity.

If you have interacted with a Meissner lop rabbit, then you know they are lovely pets one can purchase. It gives you as much attention as you give to it, and loves playing so much.

They are extremely friendly, calm, docile, and good-mannered. You don’t have to stress yourself looking for special foods for your friend. Meissner lops require grass based-foods, and it’s easy to take care of them.

Breed #9: Miniature Lion Lop Rabbits

Adrian de Cock wanted a crossbreed between Dwarf lop and Netherland dwarf, and this is how he came up with Mini lop rabbits.

Mini lops are charming, loving, playful, social, and highly active pets. They are excellent choice pets, especially bucks, for first-time pet owners. Females are pretty skittish and need to be handled carefully.

These rabbits are small with a maturity weight of 3-4 pounds and have a short and cobby body. Moreover, Mini lops have a short, dense coat that comes in different colors.

Breed #10: Miniature Lion Lop Rabbits

Miniature lion lop is a crossbreed between Lionhead rabbit and small-eared Mini lop rabbit developed by Jane Bramley in the UK. This is a new rabbit breed developed in the early 2000s.

They have loads of personalities that make them win the attention of many rabbit fanciers. Some of their famous personalities include even-tempered, friendly, lively, active, and very social.

Mini lion lops diet consists of fresh grass, raw vegetables, fresh hay, and a lot of clean water. It is easy to care breed.

Are Lop Rabbits Good Pets?

It’s no more a secret that lop rabbit breeds add more joy to families that keep them as pets. They have a reputation for being the best and most affectionate pets one can own.

If you plan to own a rabbit pet, don’t think of anything other than lop-eared rabbits. Many people are keeping them today and in all corners of the world.

Perhaps you have heard an enthusiast praising these charming animals and took it lightly. Well, I’m confirming to you today that lop rabbits are perfect pets.

You might be wondering why I’m commending these breeds. Here are the reasons. Lop-eared rabbits are renowned for being playful, social, affectionate, lively, active, intelligent, easygoing, etc.

It isn’t easy to find such personalities in the other rabbit breeds. That’s why many people approve of the lop rabbits. Another good thing about them is that they show perfect interaction with other pets and children.

How To Care for A Lop-Eared Rabbit (As a Pet)

Your lop-eared rabbit requires the same treatment as any other rabbit. You don’t need to go an extra mile caring for these rabbits, and it’s just the same way you would do to other rabbits.

However, for the breeds with long ears, regular cleaning of the ears, about four times a week, is required because the wax builds up quickly, which can be problematic.

Also, you have to pay attention to breeds with ears that touch the ground because they might get hurt and become a route for infection. Proper feeding is necessary to keep your pet healthy.

About housing, lop-eared breeds require a secure and specious cage where they spend most of their time. The enclosure can be indoor, or you build an outside hutch.

If the cage is outside, ensure it is waterproof, free from direct sunlight and wind, and can withstand the weather. Rabbits need to drink a lot of clean water and live in a clean place.

It is recommended to construct the hutches using wood instead of wire. A wire is likely to harm the rabbit’s feet which can eventually cause infection.

How to care for your pet lop rabbit [source: VideoJug]

Can I Buy A Rabbit Online?

Not all the time, you can go to a pet store to buy a rabbit. Did you know that rabbits are also sold online? If you didn’t, at least now you know. 

Online services are easily accessible by almost everyone; you don’t need to travel to buy what you want. So, where can someone buy a rabbit online?

There are several places to buy a rabbit online, including Facebook groups, local 4-H clubs, rabbit rescues websites, breeders, etc.

Before you buy any rabbit, make sure to gather some vital information from the sellers. For instance, it’s necessary to see the pictures of the rabbit and its parents and parental genetic information.

Wrapping Up

I hope that the article has been helpful to you, and now you can tell the difference between lop rabbits and erect-eared rabbits.

We have seen that lop-eared rabbit breeds have a stock of positive personalities that make them great pets. The majority of them are docile, calm, affectionate, playful, active, and require a lot of attention from owners.

Lop rabbits are famous, and their population keeps increasing. Some pets even go beyond welcoming the company of other people that are not owners. But before this happens, the rabbit has to be sure that you don’t mean any harm.

You can decide to buy a lop-eared rabbit either from pet stores, breeders, or online. They are easy to care for and bring happiness to the family.