Pet skunk – Everything you need to know about skunks as pets

Hey, what’s up creatures its em, we are going to be talking about skunks as pets. I will give experience from living with pet skunks in the UK as well as having them in the USA.

And, talking a little bit about their maintenance. What it takes to look after a skunk and whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your family before we get started.

Skunk facts

skunk facts
skunk facts

Pet skunks lifespan

In general, skunks can live seven to ten year, possibly even more commitment. So if you don’t have time to commit the next decade of your life to skunks. Then I suggest that you do not go and buy yourself a skunk as pet.

Do skunks as pets legal?

You may ask, is it legal to have a skunk as a pet? Well, yes or no, depending on where you live.

Pet skunks are legal in the UK.

pet skunks are legal in the UK
pet skunks are legal in the UK

If you’re in the UK, then yes, skunks are absolutely legal to keep as pets.

However, it’s illegal to dissent your skunk in the UK.

If you don’t already know, skunks are famous for producing a foul odor whenever they are scared or startled. There is a mechanism in the UK dissenting a skunk, or taking out its two little pea-sized glands inside its anus is seen as an unnecessary procedure cosmetic and something cruel.

No vet in the UK will typically perform this procedure.

In fact, if a vet does perform this procedure in the UK, they can lose their license. So if you live in the UK and you’re not prepared to deal with a foul odor that sticks to everything. Then I would not suggest a skunk for you in other countries. 

Pet skunks are legal in some states of the USA. 

It is also legal in some states in the USA to keep skunks. However, licensing and permitting is something that you’re going to have to consider.

For example, in New Jersey, you always have to license your skunks to the state.

They have to have a permit, and they have to have a renewed annual license. So you don’t want to let that lapse, and you also want to make sure that if you are.

Purchasing a skunk – Where do you get your first pet skunk?

How much does a pet skunk cost? A skunk might cost you a hundred to a few hundred USD, depending on which species and which color is that, the cream-colored is the most expensive one.

Where to buy a skunk as pet?
Where to buy a pet skunk?

For your first skunk, purchasing from either a breeder or a pet store that they are legitimate and talking to you about the legalities. But don’t take the breeder or the pet stores word for it. You should always do your research about the legalities of those stores.

Further, you should contact your local Fish and Wildlife, asking them if in your state skunks are legal in America.

Bringing skunk from the wild to your home

You should never bring in a skunk from the wild to your house. Not only is this illegal throughout many many states because you’re bothering native wildlife. But it is considerable danger, and substantial risk skunks are a rabies vector species.

skunk from the wild is illegal
skunk from the wild is illegal

Which means that they vary?

Prevalently, carrying and passing on rabies is terrible to contract. It results in many negative cases a year. And it is insanely painful and very, very expensive and difficult to treat.

So even if you find a skunk outdoors, which needs assistance, contact your local state, they will come and deal with it. Do not try to be a hero, and do not try to make a wild skunk your pet.

Do skunks have to be dissented?

Skunks have to be dissented. However, spaying and neutering in the UK for skunks is not mandatory. For the USA, you need to contact your Fish and Wildlife to have more detail.

Before you bring home your baby skunk or kit or leave a deposit at the stores, you should ask them whether they dissents. Ask them if they are.

You also need to ask if there’s any history of any diseases. Ask them if they’ve had any vaccinations and also ask them if they come D sex or dissent it like you don’t want to bring home the baby skunk and realize it’s not dissented. On top of the cost of purchasing a skunk now all the others, you have to think about so there would be licensing and permitting, which is going to be different everywhere. 

Enclosure for you pet skunk

There’s also going to be an enclosure problem, something that you want to have set up before you even consider bringing a skunk home.

Skunks are incredible escape artists. And if they’re given a chance, they will just head out the door and follow their nose. Skunks are not like cats or dogs. Which may have a bit more of homing.

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Skunks do not have a homing instinct

So if your skunk escapes and gets outside, they can come over a mile in half a day.

And that’s on a bad day if they’re making some steam. They’ll be gone. You will not get them back. And if this happens in the States, say like, New Jersey. It’s a cruel thing because as the skunk has dissented, it has no way to protect itself.

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So you have to protect your skunk and ensure that they never get out.

Skunks do not recognize roads

They don’t recognize all kinds of predators. So you want to make sure that your enclosure is very safe. My recommendation is to have a designated area for your skunks if it’s a nice outdoor enclosure.

Fantastic, if you’re going to keep your skunks outdoors, you have to remember that skunks are excellent climbers and very, very good diggers.

Which means an outdoor enclosure should have a solid concrete base. And then you’re going to a mesh that is actually down into the concrete.

So there is no way for the skunk to wiggle its way underneath the fence.

Skunks are incredible in escaping artists. Keeping your skunks outdoors is fantastic if you’re in the right climate because it means you don’t have to put up with the smell of their poop.

Skunk poop. Does pet skunk smell?

their poop might smelly :)
their poop might smelly 🙂

They are going to produce a lot of waste because skunks eat quite a wide variety of foods giving them a wonderful omnivorous poop just like a human’s.

So if you’ve ever smelled a lovely human poop, that’s what you’re going to have to deal with most days.

It’s quite smelly. You’re going to have to clean up every single day. If you can minimize the smell by having this outdoors brilliant, if not, then there’s always keeping your skunk indoors.

If you’re going to be keeping your skunk indoors, you can always keep them free-roaming indoors, but in a designated area protected with baby gates. Sorts of things that your skull can’t just get into everything and anything, which is what they’re going to do.

Also, if you’re going to be free-roaming your skunk inside your house, I recommend having an area that is secure such as a crate, which you can put your skunk safely into while you leave the house.

Skunk eating habit

I am just hiding
I am just hiding

Skunks are excellent pets. They will not eat a lot in a day. If you can’t afford fresh fruit and vegetables, let’s buy them a perfect healthy protein for skunks. It’s not always the same kind of protein for us.

And if you’re not prepared to have, you know different invertebrates, which are excellent sources of protein for your pet skunks in the house.

Then I do not suggest you bring home a skunk. Skunks will typically eat once a day. Some people will split this into two meals that they might prefer to eat once a day.

They can become hypoglycemic, and they can also have fits. So you want to make sure that you’re on a good schedule. If you have a plan to leave and go out that night or if you’re going away that you bring someone in who is good at being able to feed these animals?

Someone knowledgeable and trustworthy because if you skip feeding them, they will pay the price. 

In that case, you want to make sure that you have a vet who you know is going to feel safe and comfortable with actually treating skunks. Not all skunks are healthy patients for a lot of vets, and not all vets can treat them. So, before you bring home a skunk, make sure you do your research and find a vet who has the experience and is comfortable and confident in performing surgeries.

Skunks, now, when it comes to vaccinations, there is a very very big divide. Some say that you absolutely should vaccinate your skunks because they are prone to distemper, and they also can be vaccinated against a whole load of other things.

But some people say that this is not the way to go and that many vaccinations can damage the skunks.

For me, it’s a very polarizing topic. Ultimately, it’s your decision as to the owner whether or not you do want to vaccinate.

I have personally put off vaccinating, putting a mooch more distemper because I’m just not certain, and my vet is not guaranteed either.

So you should do a little more research before committing to giving them these. Vaccinations and other general upkeep you’re going to have to get familiar with are cutting the nails of your skunk.

Skunk nails

Skunks do have very long nails, and they are not like a cat’s claws where they are scratchy or for climbing. They’re more for digging and blunt.

It’s almost like a blunt spade. Like long hard fingers basically at the end of their feet. These will have to be cut, and as with most animals, if you cut too short, you will do the same quickly.

I find the best tools are always dog clippers cat clippers don’t seem to go all the way through our little bit dainty.

So a good pair of dog nail clippers are always going to be in order. Enjoy your time with your pet for cutting nails is cute, really sweet.

But this isn’t all of the time if there are 24 hours in the day. And maybe only three or four times a week will I get to interact with them.

Well, because they’re not a dog or a cat. They are a domestically bred animal, but not a domesticated species, and there is a big difference. Whereas a dog or a cat might seek you out to want that attention and pudding will not all skunks will do this.

They do not care one way or another as long as it is fed. The pet skunk doesn’t want that kind of interaction. So keepers only pick them up to clip his nails or brush him or wash him on occasion. Don’t wash your skunks too much.

And that’s not something I’m going to force on my skunk. You can’t force a species to want to accept you. Then, don’t impose yourself on your skunks. You want to handle them to make sure that they’re not aggressive in any way because they are dire.

Skunk bites

Consequences in the USA in particular if your skunk bites someone. I’m going to explain it, and I’m sorry if this upsets anybody. But you have to know if you’re going to be keeping a skunk in the USA. If your pet skunk bites somebody even though you know they don’t have rabies. Anyone who gets bitten is well within their rights to report that they’ve been bitten.

Lawsuit because your animal has bitten someone, and therefore it’s your liability. But your skunk pays the ultimate price so that the state will test your skunk to see whether or not it has rabies. Is to come and collect your skunk and remove its head, and I’m not joking.

This is what happens if you miss managing your skunk. That’s why we keep skunks here at home.

You’re going to be having when you bring home your skunk. It might not work out that way. But if you happen to have a great skunk and put in the time, they can be perfect pets for the right family.

How do you know if you are the right family? 

Well, with skunks as pets, they will sleep all day long.

they will sleep all day long
they will sleep all day long

They are in nocturnal species. If you have a loud daytime household, it might not be fair for you to bring home a pet skunk.

Also, if you travel a lot, you might not have someone qualified to come in and care for your skunk and not all.

Boarding facilities will want a skunk. So again, if you travel a lot, a skunk may not be for you.

However, if you work all day long and you’re away from the house, then you come home then the great thing.

Skunk emotion, do they love owners?

Is that the pet skunks are not going to miss you while you’re away?

A lot of people have dogs who you know miss them all day while they’re away.

Skunks are not going to miss you while you’re at work, so they are great.

If you are very busy during the daytime if you have a couple of hours in the evening to spare for them brilliant

Then that’s great also.

Now, if you are still interested in potentially bringing a skunk into your life, you should be doing a ton of research where it matters going to different Facebook groups run by skunk owners.

You can always ask as many questions as you want in these groups. But just be aware that they are not always going to tell you what you want to hear. They’ll let you know the things you need to know.

Thanks & credit to EMZOTIC with the wonderful video about skunks and other cute pets

skunk as pet? everything you need to know


Let me know what you think about skunks as pets and in particular. I am very interested to hear from other skunk owners.

What has your experience been? Like? Do you recommend them as pets? What are your top tips?

And what do you wish that you knew before getting a skunk?

I hope this has given you a little more insight into what it’s like to keep a skunk as a pet. The article also gives you a little bit of something to think about as to whether or not a skunk is a right pet for you.

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