Top 5 Small Bantam Breeds For Pet

Owning a beautiful and lovely flock of backyard chickens! Gazing at cute small bantam breeds and having farm-fresh eggs. Sounds good? Feels good too!

So, your dream is to buy the best-suited bantam breed for your home or farm. But, you are afraid that your cozy urban backyard will not be enough for them? Well, we have got your back!

Here in this article, we have mentioned the top 5 small bantam breeds that you can keep a pet.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Are Small Bantam Breeds?

Bantam chickens are best known for their tiny size and so limited range of weight. Generally, their weight is 22 ounces to 26 ounces. 

Their body size, lightweight, and light wings make them good flyers. And they can fly right over the fences.

The top 5 small Bantam breeds we have listed are:

  • Booted Bantam
  • Sebright
  • Sultan Bantam
  • Japanese Bantam
  • Serama Bantams

The bantam chickens of a standard breed are generally considered miniatures. The lifespan of a standard chicken is approx 8 years to 15 years. However, bantams chicken can live up to 4 years to 8 years. 

If you have kids who want, chickens can get initiated with bantams. Because they are usually gentler than large fowl and easier to hold. With your supervision, children can take all the responsibility for their cleanup, water, and food.

The American Poultry Association divided bantam into 5 categories for any exhibition. It includes; 

  • Feather Legged
  • Games
  • SCCL (Single Comb Clean Legged Other Than Games)
  • RCCL (Rose Comb Clean Legged)
  • AOCCL (All Other Combs Clean Legged).

Top 5 Small Bantam Breeds You Can Keep As Pet

The bantam chickens are known as the smaller counterpart of the large chicken breed. But before buying one, check out their characteristics, price, temperament, and cost. Below is the list of the top 5 small Bantam chicken breeds:

Booted Bantam22 ounces to 26 ouncesDocile$8 to $10
Sebright20 ounces to 22 ouncesFriendly but chatty$4 to $8
Sultan Bantam22 ounces to 26 ouncesApproachable and loving bird.$6 to $8
Japanese Bantam14 ounces to 22 ouncesShy $8 to $10
Serama Bantams17 ounces to 35 ounces Friendly and quite$50
Size, appearance and price comparison chart of small bantam breeds
Booted Bantam and Sebright small bantam breeds
Sebright and Booted Bantam

Booted Bantam

The Dutch Booted Bantam or Booted Bantam is one of the smallest bantam chicken breeds. This name is derived from Dutch by the hock joints and extravagant feathering over feet, which are known as “sabels” or vulture hocks (in the Dutch language).

The Booted Bantam breed has a complex breeding importation history. However, they are popular in the Netherlands and Germany.

The size of Booted Bantam is 22 ounces to 26 ounces. 

They have adorable personalities, long lifespans, and good looks. They can provide you with two white or tinted eggs a week.

The Booted Bantam breed is one of the rare true Bantam. They have 6 inches long feathers which cover their hock joints and feet.

The Booted Bantams breed can be susceptible to fluctuations and disease in climate. If you are new to chicken petting, then this isn’t a good choice for you. But if you want to have a new pet or are interested in exhibiting, this is the right option to consider.

You can buy this breed for between $8 to $10. 


The Sebright is known as the British bantam chicken breed originated in the UK. It is the oldest registered British bantam breed and a true bantam. Sebright is named after Sir John Saunders Sebright.

The size of the Sebright bantam chicken breed is 22 ounces to 22 ounces.

The Sebright is very famous among poultry enthusiasts because of its beautiful plumage and sweet nature. Unlike other chicken breeds, they have no distinctive or pointed feathers in the tail, hackle, or saddle. 

The Sebrights is a friendly and socially active bird. And the thing is males are not known as aggressive. They can fly high, so prefer to keep them in confinement instead of allowing them to roam free. They can stay well in confinement.

The chicken breed is not a meat bird, while it can be a little noisy. This breed can lay up to small white eggs (160) each year.

The cost of buying a Sebrights is $4 to $8. It is a good human companion and a popular show bird.

Sultan Bantam

The Sultan bantam originated in Turkey. This breed belongs to the group of crested chickens. They have always been primarily ornamental, and in the West, they used to be bred for competitive showing.

Their weight is 22 ounces to 26 ounces.

The Sultans bantam is proud and impish but is non-aggressive and calm by nature. This breed loves to get pampered and domesticated. They are best-suited for confinement and make poor foragers. 

With their friendly, calm, and docile nature, both females and males are very easy to handle and tame. So, they could be the best choice as a pet or for a backyard.

For a healthy bird, you need tight housing and a very clean environment. White Sultan Bantams are nice pets and do well mixed with other Silkies.

For petting a Sultan breed, you must be committed. They need safety from warm, dry, and predators.

You can buy a Sultans bantam chicken at $6 to $8.

Japanese Bantam

Japanese Bantam
Japanese Bantam

The Japanese bantam is also known as Chabo. It is a Japanese breed of ornamental chicken. Japanese bantam is a true bantam, which means there are no other large fowl counterparts.

Their size is 14 ounces to 22 ounces and easy to carry on your palms.

This breed is easy to manage, though roosters could be aggressive. These are good fliers and a hardy breed.

The Japanese bantam is an extraordinary, ornamental chicken breed. Originally it is favored as ornamental garden birds by the Japanese society’s aristocratic class. Japanese bantam is one of the tiny breeds that are popular for size, gracefully arched tails, extremely short legs, and large combs.

The Japanese bantam breed is an ideal breed for those who are fond of gardens and lawns. Because they have short legs so they can’t dig the garden. 

You can get this breed by spending $8 to $10.

Serama Bantams

Serama Bantams
Serama Bantams

The Serama Bantams is also known as Malaysian Serama. This bantam chicken breed originated in Malaysia in the last 50 years.

Several organizations like “The Serama Council of North America” promoted the Serama breed. This council supported introducing the Serama to North America in many National Poultry exhibits.

Several organizations like “The Serama Council of North America” promoted the Serama breed. This council supported introducing the Serama to North America in many National Poultry exhibits.

They weigh 17 ounces to 35 ounces and can be carried by children. 

Serama Bantams are friendly, tiny, and can fit into a small area, which makes them a firm favorite. Mainly this breed is kept as ornamental pets or birds. It is social with the owner and loves to be pampered and held.

The Hen can produce 4 small eggs per week.

You can get a Serama Bantams for $50, which is highly expensive. Malaysian Serama is one of the rarest chicken breeds in the world. This is the lightest and smallest chicken in the world.

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Small Bantam Chicken Breeds

The Bantam chickens are a miniature version of a regular chicken breed. It is known for being convenient chicken for your garden or backyard.

So if you want to get a flock of bantam chickens breeds, then read on to take care of your small-sized poultry friends.

1. House 

Just like other chicken breeds, bantam chickens need a sturdy and safe home to live in. They also need protection from predators. 

2. Feeding

The bantam chickens should have access to clean and fresh clean water all the time. don’t overfeed them and serve them according to their size. 

A bantam breed will hardly eat 1lb feed on an average of a month. 

3. Love 

Show some love and care to your pint-sized chicken. Like every pet, they require adoration and attention.

4. Grooming 

They have feathers, so comb them at least once a month. Also, keep an eye on the cleanliness and trimming of their nails. 

5. Take a good care

Bantams are popular as active and great flyers. When you want to keep the bantam breed in a coop, take good care. Make sure they have high places and perches so they can fly up to when they want to.

How to care for bantam chicken breeds from hatchlings [source: Thamel Pigeon]


Don’t have space for large chickens? Look at none other than small bantam breeds.

We have listed a variety of bantams to choose over. Whether you need it for farm, garden, or children – there is a bantam chicken to suit your taste. Bantams are entertaining, curious, and joyful creatures.

We hope this list might help you to choose the right one.

Are you an owner of any bantam? Please let us know in the comments section below.

We love to hear about bantams from you!