2 Small Black Snakes Species: All You Should Know

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Cute Reptiles as Pets

What are Black Snakes?

Have you ever find any small black snake around your house and you wonder what species it may be?. Then you probably may have seen any of these two types of small black snakes, black racers or the North American black snakes.

Both are non-venomous, with white or grayish bellies, and eat mostly rodents and other small animals. They won’t hurt you they are just there looking for their prey which is not you. Black snakes are known as black rat snakes. 

They are commonly called a black snake because of their black coloration. They are black colored snakes and are usually slender, and posses shiny and keeled scales. This species of snakes are harmless snakes and a valuable destroyer of rats, mice, and squirrels. 

However, these snakes feed on frogs and lizards, and even birds. When they find their prey they strangle them and swallow whole.

Are Small Black Snake Poisonous?

Are Small Black Snake Poisonous?
Are Small Black Snake Poisonous?

The small black snake is not poisonous or harmful and most variety is not aggressive. But, if they feel threatened, they can bite. They bite only when they have to. They have an intimidating feature that is their size. Some of the species can grow up to 5ft and 2 inches length. Their bite is not anything to be worried or scared about.

These snakes are very helpful to farmers because they eat rodents and other small animals which are pests to farm crops. Rodents cause damages to farm products. You might want to think about having black snakes around if you have pest’s problems in your farm or yard.

Some body even use rubber snake like black snake to scare birds

These snakes don’t cause problems and if they do its only minimal. They are shy and passive snake species that only run from threat and conflict. If they are in danger, they usually stay in that spot and try to shy away they can and protect defend themselves by striking at the attacker. They usually produce an irritating smell for self-defense to put out the predator.

Unless there are plenty of them in your garden or yard, you probably won’t see any need to hurt them. If they may be disturbing your barn, they are only looking for rodents, like the rats that will want to destroy your stored grains.

So removing these snakes will only give way to the rats to feed on your stored foods. Having black snakes around is not a bad idea because they will take care of your barn and Keep your grains free from rodents.

However, if you still insist on taking them off, you don’t need to kill them. You just send them away by putting on a heavy hand gloves, pick the snake up and put it in a leather bag. Then release it into any location that you think will be good for them and they won’t be disturbed.

What are Baby Black Snakes?

What Are Baby Black Snakes?

These black snakes look nothing like the adult counterparts. If they are left alone they will grow and serve a valuable role in controlling rodents and Keeping in check. 

Generally, to identify these young snakes, try to notice these signs. They will have a dark mask that crosses their mouth and eyes, color is typically grey. Up the top of their muzzle is a very are dark color that don’t connect. When they mature their base color will change from grey to black but at any age, these snakes are very harmless.

Baby snakes are prominently alike in look to adults. The obvious difference is they scale type, head shape, and coloration which also differ in each type of variety. But their features remain the same when comparing them from young to adults.

 Baby snakes have distinguishing and unique features of egg tooth on their muzzle that allows them to remove the egg or birth sac. This protrusion tends to change early in the baby snake’s life. The adult snakes do not stay with their babies for too long, this makes the baby snake fend and feed themselves immediately after birth to survive.

Baby black snakes also feed on rodents like they rats and squirrels but they go for the rodents smaller than they are.

How Big do black snake grow?

How Big Do Black Snake Grow?
How Big Do Black Snake Grow?

Will small black snakes stay small forever? No! Black Snake grow fast and they get ready for sexual intercourse in three years. Black snakes are medium-sized snake specie. The average length of these snakes is between 30 and 60 inches in length.

The biggest part of these snakes is the tail area which an average diameter of 2 or 3 inches. These length and body features make black rat snakes a powerful body that can move swiftly on the ground and also enable them to move in trees.

Some black snakes go beyond 6 feet, but getting to this size takes a whole lifetime as growth declines during or after they mature. This was demonstrated as studies have been shown that death in black snakes is usually for hatchlings. This will drop steadily with increasing size.

The Male black snakes try to show their strength by involving themselves with physical activities with other males which gives the stronger and bigger ones eventually win and this gives them greater opportunities to mate with the females.

However, because of their large size (adult black snakes) they feed on larger rodents, which of course will increase their chance of survival. The size of these snakes depends on the quantity of food they consume and how long they live.

If they are been feed big sized rodents or medium-sized, it is likely to grow up to 6 feet in three years. Black snakes can process food faster if they are healthy.

If you tend to keep these snakes for pest control for your grain barns, they may feed almost every second if they have good access to rodents, which will make them grow larger. 

Under fair condition, good black snake keepers can breed these snakes to maturity in only about three years. Breeder opinions are different regarding the easiest and best way to know the exact growth rate of these snakes. It is almost certain that snakes that have the conditions of eating frequently will grow larger than those who do not.

Should we stay away from them?


Black snakes are peaceful creatures that do not cause harm to humans. They do not look for the trouble they can be defensive by just trying to poke your nose. Black snakes are not going to hunt you down if you are just going down the road. They are a bit aggressive only when trying to defend themselves or ward off their predators. 

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These rodent wranglers and feeders are commonly found in the on mountain tops. If you live close to hills or your home is near a farmland, you would be probably seeing these guys around. You may not even want to stay away from these lovely creatures. They are quiet, slow and shy they may be looking for rats, mice, or any other rodents around.

Rodents have a lot of hiding places like the food barns, storehouses, or the yard, even in the vegetable garden. You probably see these snakes creeping out of these places because they are searching for their prey. 

These black snakes are very helpful to farmers because they feed on rodents and other animals that may cause damage to grain and other crops. You might want to consider keeping them around if you believe you have a mouse problem or need pest control.

Moreover even the adult black rat snakes are feed by some diverse specie of predators. Their predators are the eastern king snakes, red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis), and the red-shouldered hawks (Buteo lineatus). These predators catch black snakes and will consume black rat snakes!

For this reason, the black snakes that grow into larger or bigger sizes have the tendency and greater chances of survival. 


Are small black snakes poisonous?

No, black snakes aren’t venomous in nature. Also, although they’re less aggressive, they will strike a bite if threatened. Their bites can cause serious injuries or wounds but will not lead to death. That notwithstanding, ensure that you get medical attention immediately if bitten by a black snake or any other species of snake.

What happens if you get bitten by a black snake?

As stated earlier, bites from black snakes aren’t poisonous or venomous to cause death. However, the bites with subsequent envenomation must immediately be treated medically. If left untreated on time or if it’s inappropriately treated, this can be fatal.

What are little blacks snakes called?

So far, there are only two types of snakes that are called black snakes. They are the North American rat snakes and black racers. These two species of black snakes are non venomous and have white or grayish bellies.

Are black snakes friendly?

Yes, black snakes are friendly although they’ll bite you if they are threatened or stressed.

Final words about small black snakes

The small black snakes (the North American rat snakes and black racers) are non venomous, non aggressive species of snakes that make good pets to both experienced and beginner pet lovers. They are docile, friendly and would rather flee in the face of threat than fight. However, you can get bitten by these snakes if they see you as a threat.

Snakes might be terrifying which makes everyone want to kill it if they set their eyes on them. However, black snakes are a different variety of snakes; they are peaceful and slow-moving creatures. They would just crawl on your hands if they find you friendly and not an attacker.

Farmers and barn keepers would have a black snake around which is not a bad idea, they are very good rodent hunters.  They prey on Rodents which will defiantly help to keep rats and mice in check in your farmyard.

If you ask me, I would really love to have these wonderful creatures around!

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