Top 6 Small Bunny Breeds (With Photos)

As pets, rabbits are increasingly becoming popular among animal lovers. These days people are heading towards the smallest pets. This and many other interesting facts make small bunny breeds even more desirable because they are smaller in size. They are also known to have a longer lifespan than large bunny breeds.

Are you confused about choosing an adorable and small bunny breed? Well, you are not alone. There are hundreds of questions that arise while buying a bunny for the first time.

Bunny breeds come in all sizes, shapes, personalities, and colors, which can make it challenging to choose one. If you’re considering buying a bunny, this article has everything you should know. Here you will find every relevant information about the top 6 small bunny breeds.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Are Small Bunny Breeds? 

Bunny is a term that refers to a rabbit. Over time, people used to consider this term as a small animal. Simply, a small bunny denotes a rabbit that is smaller in size and lesser in weight.

Generally, the weight of a small bunny lays between 2 lbs to 6 lbs. In the list of top 6 best small bunnies, we have chosen the breeds whose weight is less than 6 lbs.

For a pet owner, it is necessary to know that small doesn’t mean less responsibility. You need to take care of your rabbit-like other pets.   

As you already know, it becomes quite challenging to choose a pet for your family when you are a new player in this game. So, we have compiled a list of small bunnies and the required information in this article.

Top 6 Small Bunny Breeds

Have a look at the list of the top 6 small bunny breeds that are suitable for your lifestyle. This list will help you to choose the best one among all.

Life expectancyPrice
Mini Lop rabbit5.5 pounds to 6.5 pounds 7 years to 14 years $100 to $400
Netherland Dwarf rabbit0.5 lbs to 1 lb 10 years to 12 years $25 to $75
Holland Lop2 lbs to 4 lbs7 years to 10 years $30 to $400
Mini English Angora rabbit4 lbs to 6 lbs 7 years to 12 years $80 to $225
Jersey Wooly rabbit2 lbs to 3 lbs 7 years to 10 years $50 to $100
Dwarf Hotot2.25 lbs to 3.5 lbs 7 years to 10 years$50 
Size, lifespan, and price comparison of small bunny breeds

Mini Lop rabbit

Mini Lop Rabbit
Mini Lop Rabbit

In 1972, Bob Herschbach found the Mini Lop breed in Essen at a German National Rabbit Show. There these bunny breeds are known as Klein Widder.

The ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) has recognized the Mini Lop as a domestic rabbit breed. Mini Lop rabbit is sometimes known as a dwarf lop because of its small size. It is small in size but Mighty.

The Mini Lop rabbit has many personalities, but usually, they are extremely playful and friendly by nature. They stamp their hindfoot to show anger when you don’t give them snacks or food on time. They also stamp their hindfoot to show their power whenever a stranger visits their area.

The coat of the Mini Lop rabbit is soft, medium length, and dense. Their color can be either patched patterns or solid. You should brush their coats once every two weeks. Bathe them regularly and clean their hair.

The weight of Mini Lop rabbits is approx 5.5 pounds to 6.5 pounds, and they can live up to 7 years to 14 years. You can buy a small rabbit for $100 to $400.

The dwarf lop rabbit or the Mini Lop rabbit is one the most popular small bunny breeds.

Netherland Dwarf rabbit

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

In the early 20th century, the Netherland Dwarf breed was discovered in the Netherlands. The American Rabbit Breeders Association accepted the Netherland Dwarf rabbit in 1969.

The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is one of the most popular and smallest bunny breeds because of its weight of less than 2.5 pounds.

The Netherland Dwarf has a short body but big eyes and head. They have short hair, but it looks big according to their face. Despite its tiny size, this breed is flexible, muscular, and strong.

They have soft and shiny fur over their body. With a shorter neck and body, they have a bigger head. This breed comes in a wide variety of colors such as Black, White, Blue, Red, Chocolate, Lilac, and many others.

As you know, they consist of shiny furs, so you need to brush them regularly. They can adapt to every temperature, and you don’t need high maintenance.

The weight of the Netherland Dwarf rabbit is 0.5 lbs up to 1 lb, and they can live 10 years to 12 years. To purchase a small rabbit, you need to spend $25 to $75.

It is a domestic rabbit breed, which lives comfortably with families.

Holland Lop

A Holland Lop small bunny breeds
A Holland Lop small bunny breed

In 1979 ARBA and 1984, the Netherlands’ Governing Rabbit Council recognized the Holland Lop rabbit. It is the most popular breed of rabbit in the United Kingdom and the United States.

They are smaller in size with less than 4 lbs weight. Holland Lops love being handled and are easy-going rabbits suitable for many homes.

Holland Lop is active, loves to play, and is a good companion to kids. They are always ready for playing a game or any adventure. With a large head, floppy ears, and beautiful appearance, you can easily pick them out of the crowd. 

Their diverse fur is similar to many other rabbits. You can find them in a variety of combinations and colors, such as light orange, blue-grey, dark brown, luminous brown, and grey.

Holland Lop rabbits relish any chance to stretch their legs. Also, they feel good with owners or other family members. Basically, it is a low-maintenance bunny breed.

Their weight is 2 lbs to 4 lbs with a lifespan of 7 years to 10 years. You can buy a small Holland lop starting from $30 and up to $400.

Mini English Angora Rabbit

Mini English Angora Rabbit
3 adorable Mini English Angora Rabbit

The Angora rabbit breed originated in Ankara (Angora), nowadays, Turkey. In 1723, it was brought to France. In the mid-18th century, the Angora rabbit was a popular pet of French royalty.

The English Angora rabbit became popular because of its small size. They got their small stature from breeding with the Netherland rabbits.

Initially, people used this breed for wool. You might have heard about angora sweaters that are made from their wool. Mini English Angora rabbits were dedicated to exploiting their coats or fur for wool. But, these days, many people are petting them as small, playful, and intelligent bunnies. 

ARBA has recognized Mini English Angora rabbit as the smallest Angora rabbit. Their facial expressions give them a teddy bear and a puppy look.

When the texture of the wool is correct, the maintenance of Mini English Angora is comparatively easy. But if it has a cottony texture, it needs a high deal of maintenance. Beginners may find it challenging to deal with rabbit wool.

The weight of Mini English Angora rabbits is between 4 lbs to 6 lbs. They can live from a minimum of 7 years to a maximum of 12 years. You can easily buy a rabbit from $80 to $225.

Jersey Wooly rabbit

Jersey Wooly Rabbit
Jersey Wooly Rabbit

The Jersey Wooly rabbit originated in the United States. In the state of New Jersey, its name is derived. In 1988 this breed was recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association).

They are small in size, weighing up to 3lbs. Due to the compact size and amazing features, Jersey Wooly has become a popular option among bunny lovers.

It is a calm, pint-sized, and adorable bunny with wooly coats. They have upright ears, a cute coat, and a chunky body, and they can appear in many colors. This breed is gentle, sweet, affectionate, and easy-going by nature.

Fortunately, they are low-maintenance rabbits. You just need to brush their wool and bathe them for a clean look.

The weight of a Jersey Wooly rabbit is between 2 lbs to 3 lbs. They can live 7 years to 10 years ideally. You can buy this breed from $50 to $100.

Dwarf Hotot

Dwarf Hotot
Dwarf Hotot

In 1983 the ARBA recognized the Dwarf Hotot. It is one of the recent bunny breeds that has been recognized

In Germany, this breed was created by crossing the smaller rabbit breed to the larger Blanc de Hotot. And in the 1980s, it made its way to the United States of America.

The Dwarf Hotot is a small bunny breed, weighing 2.25 lbs to 3.5 lbs. Their maximum weight can go up to 3lbs, but not more than that.

It is most popular because of its personality and good looks. They are sociable, friendly, and playful bunnies. Also likes to spend time with their owner and family.

As you know, this bunny breed loves its family, so make sure to cuddle them from time to time. Don’t leave them alone and entertain them. And because they don’t need a complete lot of grooming, they’re quite worth reconsidering if you’re seeking a low-maintenance breed of bunny.

The weight of a Dwarf Hotot rabbit is between 2.5 lbs to 3.5 lbs. Their life expectancy is a minimum of 7 years to a maximum of 10 years ideally. You can buy a Dwarf Hotot bunny breed at $50.

How To Take Care Of A Small Bunny Breed?

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This article may not cover every area of bunny care, but this book will help you give the best care to your adorable bunny. You’ll learn about the best way to care for you pet, the do’s and don’ts, and what you’ll need to get started as first time bunny owner.

In the world of pet lovers petting, bunnies are increasingly becoming popular. As they are unique, they require special care and living conditions for a longer, happier, and healthier life. Here are some tips to take care of your bunny breeds:

Safe Indoor Housing

Rabbits are indoor pets, and they can live in their house for a long time. If you can’t make a separate house for them, then you can buy a  bunny condo, large rabbit cage, or puppy pen. Remember to take them out of the cage for 10 minutes at least daily exercising.

Bunny Proof Home

As you know, bunnies love to run and explore. Also, they bit, eat, and tear many belongings at home. To make your bunny comfortable and belongings secure, it’s necessary to create a bunny-proof house.

You can cover all the wires with flex tubing or plastic sleeves, and you can lift them up 5 feet out of your rabbit’s reach.


You will be happy to hear that bunnies are naturally clean pet animals. However, they need to be groomed and brushed. We recommend performing regular brushing for removing the extra or dead furs. If your rabbit ingests their furs, then it may cause major digestive issues.

What Can Rabbits Eat?

Many misconceptions are there about rabbit’s food. To clear all the confusion, here is the list of items a rabbit can have.

  • Wheatgrass
  • Bell peppers
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Bok choy
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot tops
  • Escarole
  • Endive
  • Herbs
  • Fennel
  • Okra leaves
  • Lettuces
  • Radish tops
  • Radicchio
  • Watercress
  • Sprouts
  • Zucchini

Wrapping Up 

Rabbits are considered the cutest pet among all. You can carry them on your palm, and small bunnies can fit into your hands. You can’t resist yourself to love those wide and big eyes with furry ball-kind rabbits.

Rabbits are happy, social, and playful animals, and they love to be a part of the family. If you are a beginner, then buy a pair of rabbits, so they don’t get bored all alone.

You can buy rabbits from an authentic shop or animal shelters. And if you already have a rabbit, then you can buy another one for the company.

Above, we have listed the top 6 small bunny breeds in the world. You can compare them one by one to choose a perfect match. 

All of the bunnies that are listed can become wonderful pets. All of them are popularly recognized by American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).