Top 10 Small Collie Breeds That Stays Small Even As Adults

Do you have any plans to adopt a Border Collie/Mix? The following are quite a few common mixes and some uncommon cross breeds that might be the perfect pet for you!

Border Collies were ranked 35th in popularity in the United States in 2020. The fact that Border Collie mixes feature the Border bloodline but with fewer health issues than purebred pups has made them extremely popular among designer dog enthusiasts.

A Border Collie’s three best traits are affection, smarts, and energy. There is no guarantee that a mixed pup will be perfectly balanced, but most Collie crosses tend to be.

Whether you have already decided that you want a Collie cross or you’re still a bit unsure, you have come to the right place. This guide will help you discover whether one of these ten collie combinations is an ideal puppy for you!

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Are Small Collie Breeds?

If you are just hearing the term “COLLIE” for the first time, collie is simply a special breed of dog kept in homes as pets.

Because miniature collies and their Lassie-like cousins, the Collie and the border collies, look similar, their owners often confuse the two breeds.

However, their size and temperament differences, as well as their own genetic heritage. With its compact, elegant appearance and affectionate temperament, the Miniature Collie is an excellent pet.

These dogs are very intelligent and highly trainable. They can be loyal pets for families because they are gentle, obedient, and self-assured. Furthermore, they are good-natured and playful, making them especially loved by children.

The puppies are cuddly, and they do well if they are trained early and socialized adequately. They learn very quickly because of their high level of intelligence, but they also need constant stimulation. Miniature Collie chews up furniture and shoes if you leave them alone too long. 

Top 10 Small Collie Breeds That Makes Great Companion 

Borgi is the smallest collie breed that stays small even as adults. Early socialization and continuous socialization are vital for their development. Other small collie breeds include Boxollie, Border Staff, and more.

This article provides detailed information about specific collie breeds so you can choose the right one for you. We rounded up ten of the best collie breeds for people looking for small dogs to keep by their side. 

Small Collie BreedsSize (smallest to larger)AppearanceCost
Bordoodle16 – 22 inchesCurly-haired, black & white puppy$800 – $1600
Borgi10 – 16 inchesLong & squat body with large ears$1000 – $2000
Border Jack12 – 20 inchesOval-shaped eyes and round feet$300 – $1100
Border Springer 19 – 21 inchesRound eyes with floppy ears$1200 – $1800
Boxollie18 – 24 inchesSmall size, medium-length coat$800 – $1000
Borgle14 – 19 inchesSquare meaty nose and drop-down ears$1000 – $1500
Borderstaff18 – 23 inchesStrong muzzle and short tail$800 – $1500
Bodacion 18 – 24 inchesMedium length, multicolor coat$500 – $1000
Collie Cocker14 – 19 inchesCurly-haired eyes and flecky coat$750 – $2000
Border Schnollie18 – 22 inchesCurly and mixed color coat$500 – $1700
Size, appearance and price comparison of small collie breeds


Bordoodle collie breed
Bordoodle collie breed

Border Collies and Poodles are crossbred to give birth to the Bordoodle.

Bordoodle coat colors and patterns range from black, white, gray, to brown, usually with a mix of these colors.

Bordoodles and children go together like peanut butter and jelly. A Bordoodle is an excellent family dog in general. However, dogs and kids must always be supervised when playing together.

Bordoodles have a medium amount of energy and need exercise. Keep your dog happy and healthy by taking them for a walk at least twice a day for about 45 minutes.


A Borgi is a mixed breed of Border Collie and Corgi, which stands 11 to 16 inches tall. 

Wag Walking has mentioned Borgi maintenance in detail and has published that their double layered long hair has average maintenance needs. 

There are about 12 to 14 years of life expectancy for the Borgi.

In order for the Borgi to grow into polite puppies, they must be socialized well while they are puppies.

The big, fluffy Borgi is very energetic and bouncy! They’ll need to exercise for at least 60 minutes every day. Else, they will take out their energy on other household items or owners’ prized possession.

Border Jack

Border Jack small collie breeds
Border Jack

Border collies and Jack Russell Terriers are likely to have bred together to create the Border Jack in the United States for a few decades now. 

Despite being smaller, border jacks shed heavily. It would help if you kept this in mind when choosing a hybrid or purebred.

One of the popular dog info websites, Doggie Designer states, although Border Jacks are often characterized as bold, energetic, and courageous, their personalities can vary widely. 

There’s no doubt that your Border Jack tends to be very energetic. Running, jumping, chasing, and playing can keep them occupied for hours on end.

A nutrient-rich dog food is essential to the health and well-being of Border Jacks. Choose a dry kibble that is high in quality.

Border Springer 

Border Springer
Border Springer 

An English Springer Spaniel crossed with a Border Collie is known as the Border Springer. The origin story of this hybrid breed is not known.

They don’t mind working all day long and have a loyal and affectionate disposition.

As per Wag Walking, there isn’t much you need to do to keep a Border Springer clean, since both this breed and the English Springer Spaniel are relatively low-maintenance dogs.

Border Springers will have a temperament that is a combination of Border Collies and English Springer Spaniels. In essence, both types of dogs are very loving, devoted, and good with kids.

As a breed, Border Springers have high energy levels and need plenty of exercise throughout the day since they have high-energy genes.


Boxollies are a hybrid of a Boxer and a Border Collie. They are affectionate, friendly, and energetic.

This dog sheds a minimal amount of hair despite being moderately groomed. The coat should be brushed at least once a week depending on the coat length, but teeth, ears, and nails should be brushed regularly.

Wag Walking reports that Boxollie weighs 45 – 70 pounds and is 18 – 24 inches tall.

A dog food rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fat is crucial for Boxollie. Dogs do well if they consume 2.5 to 3 cups of pet food every day.

Neither Border Collies nor Boxers are immune to genetic disorders. Among these are eye diseases, hip and elbow dysplasias, hypothyroidisms, and much more.



You’ll need to spend a lot of time with your Collie and Beagle cross, and it loves to see you smile. When you learn to understand your dog’s needs and meet his expectations, they make wonderful pets. 

It is not uncommon for Borgle crossbreeds to inherit the color patterns and large drop-down ears associated with Beagles.

You will be overwhelmed with their steadfast loyalty and affection, according to 101 Dog Breeds. They would protect your children, pets, and you.

Border Collies and Beagles do not typically grow taller than 15-16 inches.

Border Beagles usually look like the combination of both parents, just as most mixed breeds do. The color of their coats can vary greatly.


This breed of small dog combines characteristics of a Border Collie and a Bull Staffordshire Terrier. 

Puppies of Border Collie Bull Staffies are on the cheaper side of crossbreed dogs. The price usually ranges from $800 to $1500.

As reported by Doggie Designer, they’re friendly, attentive, and love human contact, so they’re good companion dogs. There is a slight stand-offishness to Border Collies, and they are almost exclusively driven by work.

Although Border Collie Bull Staffies can be aggressive, alert, and leery of strangers, they will never cause harm to household pets.  

You can introduce your puppy to your children without worry since Border Collie Bull Staffies are especially patient with children.


Border Collies and Dalmatians share the same color patterns, which makes the Bodacion a unique mix. Breeds like this inherit their beauty and striking appearance from their parents.

The Dalmatian and Border Collie are both notorious for being distrustful of strangers and for snapping at children, particularly when they are young, as per Doggie Designer

A good owner can also train and teach a Bodacion to be very obedient! Compared to the Dalmatian parent breed, they are highly stubborn as puppies.

It is essential that you spend time exercising and playing with them, as they are extremely energetic, loving, and loyal.

A Bodacion makes an excellent companion for those who have the energy, discipline, and space to raise them.

Collie Cocker 

Collie Cocker
A set of Collie Cocker 

Border Collie Cockers are essentially crosses between Border Collies and American Cocker Spaniels.

Border Cockers are extremely athletic and active dogs that can run laps for hours. It is known to be a friendly breed that loves to be around families and wants to be a part of them.

Border Collie Cockers can run for hours and are considered to be energetic dogs. The weight of this breed needs to be maintained through regular exercise.

It is known that the Border Collie Cocker sheds heavily and is not hypoallergenic. The bristle brush and comb should be used daily to brush out mats as part of brushing.

With proper training and early socialization, a Border Collie Cocker Spaniel can make an excellent family pet. The more people they have to go outside and be active with, the better!

Border Schnollie

Border Schnollie
Border Schnollie

Border Schnollie are hybrid dogs that combine the Border Collie and Schnauzer breeds.

Described by Doggie Designer as smart, playful, energetic, energetic, playful, and loving, they make excellent pets for both families and individuals. 

Despite being a hybrid breed, border schnollies do not command as high a price as some other breeds because they are not purebred.

If you are feeding your new dog dry food, expect to feed him between 1 cup and 1 and 1/2 cups a day, preferably over two meals.

You can expect your hybrid to have the same high energy as its parents. It doesn’t matter what you do, they will still have energy to burn.  

Wrapping Up

These 10 Collies mentioned in this article are small cute Collies and help you prefer the type of Collie you need based on expenses, behavior, and other traits.