Top 10 Small Cow Breeds that Stay Small for Small Farms

Small cow breeds are perfect for people who have small farms. The main reason behind that is that handling and caring for a small cow breed is safer and easier than regular-sized cows.

Besides the reduced workload, small-sized cows have more advantages. The problem, however, comes in finding the right cow breed for your small farm.

Even when fully grown, the cow breed should be small, and it should provide everything you would expect from a standard-sized cow.

This article provides a detailed guide to finding the right small cow for you. We will provide a list of 10 of the best small cow breeds on the earth. Stay tuned!

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Are Small Cow Breeds?

A miniature cow breed is similar to having a huge, gentle dog as a pet, with the added advantage of getting milk. Small cow breeds are not only small but also cute with friendly dispositions. They are everything you would like.

Consider the size of a small cow. It is around half or a third of a regular-sized cow. Physically, a smaller cow is quite easy to manage, especially if you aim to milk it. Imagine dealing with a grumpy full-sized cow when trying to get some milk.

A small cow breed can still provide you with a lot of milk. 

If you want one for the sake of meat, you will have adequate meat for your family for around five months.

The average size of a cow is 62 inches, and it won’t fit on a small amount of land. A small breed from 40 to 42 inches in height would be a perfect fit for small farms or gardens. Below is a list of small cow breeds:

  • Miniature Holstein Cow
  • Miniature Scottish Highlands
  • Miniature Texas Longhorns
  • Lowline Angus
  • Miniature Herefords
  • Miniature Panda Cows
  • Jersey Mini Cows
  • Miniature  Zebu
  • Belted Galloway
  • Dexter

Top 10 Small Cow Breeds that stay small/you can keep as Pets

This is a detailed comparison of 10 small cow breeds we recommend.

Small Cow BreedsSizeAppearanceCost 
Dexter Mini Cow40 inchesMostly black. Some are dark red.$2000
Jersey Mini Cow40 inchesFawn, dark fawn with white splashes.$1800 – $3500
Miniature Belted Galloway42 inchesDark double coats with a splash of white.$1800
Miniature Zebu42 inchesBlack, spotted, red, pure white, steel gray$800
Miniature Herefords42 inchesRed with white splashes$1800 – $3500
Miniature Scottish highlands42 inchesRed coating with long hair$6500
Miniature Holstein milk cow42 inchesWhite with black splashes$1800 – $3500
Lowline Angus43 inchesBlack coat$1800
Miniature panda cows45 inchesBlack and white$30,000
Miniature Texas longhorns45 inchesRed, White, Red with white splashes$1000+
small cow breeds size, appearance, and price table

Miniature Holstein Milk Cow

The Miniature Holstein can adapt and survive in different environments.

This miniature cow can produce a large amount of milk. An adult size cow has a height of around 42 inches. The cow has dominated the production of milk in the US for many years.  

Compared to other breeds in the market, the Holstein is quite gentle and friendly.

This breed does not eat much. As a result, you can expect lower manure quantity, which makes handling easy.

The cost of a miniature Holstein starts from $1800 to $3500.

Miniature Scottish Highlands

This breed is among the cutest breeds out there.

An adult Miniature Scottish Highland will not go past a height of 42 inches. Some will only go to 27 inches. As you can tell from the name, they originate from Scotland and are well liked for their long hair.

In the past, these cows would be kept inside houses during winter. This was possible because the breed is extremely calm and docile. They are very friendly.

This breed does not eat much. Nevertheless, they produce high-quality and low-fat beef. They will take up less space and are a perfect choice for small farms.

Although they might shed hair during spring, they are low maintenance.

You can find a Scottish Highland calf for around $6500.

different small cow breeds
the Miniature Holstein Milk Cow, Miniature Scottish Highlands & Miniature Texas Longhorns

Miniature Texas Longhorns

Miniature Texas Longhorns are quite gentle, even to children.

This breed originates from Europe even though they are a mix of certain breeds from Iberia and India.

They can grow to a height of around 48 inches even though the bulls can grow to 48 inches.

One of the reasons why they are preferred is their gentle character. They are friendly to everyone, including children. You do not need to worry about anyone getting hurt.

All that these cows need is some grass or hay. They are mainly bought as pets and caring for them is quite easy.

The price of a miniature Texas longhorn starts at $1000 and can go higher.

Lowline Angus

The Lowline Angus looks amazing and handling is not a challenge.

This breed descends from the Angus breed created hundreds of years ago. They are native to Australia even though they spread in the 1800s. A mature bull will get to 43 inches of height and will weigh 1200 pounds.

This breed does not have any horns. That is honestly a good trait. They do not appear to be intimidating even though you should keep an eye on them when kids are close.

The calves only have a gestation period of around 271 days. They show excellent mothering capabilities. Every 100 acres can hold 54 breeding Lowline Angus cows. Caring for them is extremely easy.

Lowline Angus cost has become better over the years and is now at around $1800.

Miniature Herefords

the Lowline Angus & Miniature Herefords
the Lowline Angus & Miniature Herefords

They are great to show animals and pets to your kids.

The standard size breed started in England, around 250 years ago. The miniature size breed started in the 1960s even though the stock started being sold in 1989. An adult miniature Hereford grows to a height of around 42 inches.

The breed is mainly meant to be pets because of their gentle nature. Even the bull is gentler compared to other breeds.

This breed does not present much of a challenge when it comes to caring. The breed adapts perfectly in several environments, which reduces your overall veterinary bills.

The price of a miniature Hereford will range from $1500 to $2500.

Miniature Panda Cows

The Panda cow is extremely beautiful and calm.

This cow is quite small, with a calf measuring around 14 inches at birth. An adult grows to around 45 inches tall. The breed comes from a miniature bull that is 25% Belted Galloway and 75% Irish Dexter.

Only a few are available in the world and are treated like celebrities. This attention can even go to the cow’s head because it has proud stature. However, it is also calm and gentle.

A lovable Miniature panda cow is not hard to care for and will take only a bit of land. It does not eat much and the bills are low.

Since a Miniature Panda is a rare breed, it is quite expensive, going for up to $30,000.

Jersey Mini Cow

A Jersey Mini cow is adorable with a playful temperament.

This cow originates from Jersey, which is a British island off the French coast. It is smaller than most small breeds and an adult grows to around 40 inches tall.

The modern Jersey bulls are aggressive but this is not the case with the miniature version. The breed is playful, just like calves, and is extremely sweet and gentle. They are also quiet.

You have to keep this breed warm using heat lamps or calf coats, especially during the winter. They do not feed as heavily as the standard-sized cow. After puberty, the amount of work involved in caring for them reduces greatly.

A Jersey mini cow will go for anything between $1800 to $3500.

Miniature Zebu Cows

 Miniature zebu cows are cute pets, gentle to children.

The breed is recorded as native to Southern India and Sri Lanka, going as far back as 3000 BC. Even though this breed does not go past a height of 42 inches, most of them will only reach 38 inches of height. Some will be as small as 26 inches.

Small zebus can be trained with ease so that children can walk around with them on a leash. The breed is extremely small and docile, safe for the elderly and kids.

Feeding is not a challenge. You can feed them hay in the winter and good quality grass will be perfect for the rest of the year. Salt blocks and freshwater are also necessary.

Zebus are not as expensive as most small cows and will go for even as low as $800.

the Miniature Zebu Cows, Miniature Belted Galloways
& Dexter Mini Cow
the Miniature Zebu Cows, Miniature Belted Galloways
& Dexter Mini Cow

Miniature Belted Galloways

A small adorable breed that does not require much care.

The breed originates from the Southwestern parts of Scotland and can grow to around 42 inches in height.

Galloways are a docile breed. They are also gentle and they can easily stay around children without hurting them.

A Galloway does not require much caring. As long as you provide quality hay, green grass, and freshwater, they will be perfectly fine. You can also provide some salt blocks and minerals to boost their production.

A miniature belted Galloway costs around $1800.

Dexter Mini Cow

This rare breed has a powerful maternal instinct.

The breed goes back to 1750 where they began growing in Ireland. Mr. Dexter, who was Lord Hawarden’s agent was responsible for this breed. They got their name around 1845.

An adult Dexter mini cow will grow to a height of around 40 inches.

This breed is mainly meant to be show cows, even though they have great production of milk and beef. They are also gentle and their powerful maternal instinct is the reason for that.

Dexter mini cows can forage on their own and will grow perfectly even in areas with drought. They need a large amount of water for sustained milk production. Less food means less milk. You should feed them grass for around 6 hours, after which you should give them hay.

If you want a Dexter mini cow, you should expect to pay around $2000.

Are all Cow Breeds Easy to Care for?

The truth is that the smaller breeds of cows will usually eat less, which means that they produce less manure. Even though they will require different levels of work, miniature cow breeds are easier to take care of as compared to the large, standard-size breeds of cows.

If you are a first-time cow owner, you will have an easy time with a smaller breed.

How Long Does it take for a Small Cow Breed to Become Full Grown?

The amount of time a cow will take to mature will depend on several factors such as the feeding patterns and the feeds being given to the cow.

A cow will be ready to give birth when it reaches puberty, which is around 14 months. At this point, it will be around 55% of its mature weight.

Small Cow FAQs.

What are Small Cows Called?

A small cow breed is called a miniature cow. They are smaller than the standard-sized cows even when they are fully grown.

What is the smallest miniature cow?

The miniature Zebu cows are the smallest cow breeds in the world. Even though they can grow to 40 inches, most will go to a maximum of 38 inches, while some will stop at 26 inches.

How much is a mini cow?

The price of a miniature cow depends on the color, markings, as well as size. However, they range from $1800 to $3500.

What is the friendliest cow breed?

There is a range of friendly cow breeds in the market. Some of the most docile include the British White, Galloway, Lincoln Red, as well as the Hereford.

Are mini cows good pets?

Mini cows are great pets with a lot of affection, socialism, and are quite easy to care for.

Wrapping Up

You can find a miniature cow for your home with ease. All you would need to do is consider the amount of money you have at your disposal, the amount of work that needs to be done, as well as the cow’s temperament.

Besides having a friendly disposition, these small breeds of cow are also hardy and long-lived if cared for properly.

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