Top 8 Small Dog Breeds for Adoption

“Cuddly” and “cute” are the words most commonly used to describe small dog breeds. But there is more than that. You get a lot of personalities fitted in a small fluffy friend. Assuming you want to adopt a pup, is a small breed good for you?

These small breeds are from a range of backgrounds and their personalities are different. They have different requirements when it comes to maintenance and other needs. But you do not have to worry when it comes to finding the best dog breed. There is a fluffy friend for everyone.

In this post, we help you to figure out the best small dog breeds that you should consider adopting. These are 10 small companions, each with a different appearance and personality.

Let’s get into it.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What are Small Dog Breeds for Adoption?

Small has always been a preference for most of us. To be honest, a smaller dog breed is adorable in ways we cannot explain. But there is a range of small dog breeds and finding the best one to adopt is important.

Whether you live in an apartment, on a farm, or in a house with a backyard, you can always find a furry friend with the behavior that will fit your family.

You can find a dog breed that is always calm, cuddly, and ready to be next to you for the rest of its life. It is also possible to find one that will be playful and friendly around kids, seniors, and other pets. Whatever you want, this list has something for you.

This is a list of 8 dog breeds that we recommend for adoption.

  • Beagle
  • Bichon Frise
  • Affenpinscher
  • Boston Terrier
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Chihuahua

Top 8 Small Dog Breeds for Adoption / You can keep as Pets

We will now look deeper into the characters, histories, and appearances of our suggested dog breeds.

Small Dog BreedSizeAppearanceCost
Brussels Griffon8 InchesBlack, Red, Black, and Tan$1500 – $2000
Chihuahua9 InchesBlack, White, Fawn, Chocolate, Gray$800 – $1500
Cairn Terrier10 InchesGray, Black, Brindle, Sand, red$800 – $1200
Bichon Frise11 InchesWhite$700 – $2000
Affenpinscher11 InchesBlack, Silver, Gray, Tan$650
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel13 InchesBlack, ruby, chestnut, Blenheim$1200 – $2000
Beagle15 InchesBlack with White Parts$400 – $1000
Boston Terrier15 InchesBlack and White$1500 – $4500
Size, appearance and price comparison chart of small dog breeds for adoption.
Beagle and Bichon Frise small dog breeds for adoption
Beagle and Bichon Frise breeds of small dogs for adoption

1.      Bichon Frise

This adorable friend loves mischief and is very cheerful.

The origin of this amazing breed is not known properly. However, experts think that the breed is from a Barbet dog breed, whose roots are from the Mediterranean. The records related to a Bichon go way back, to around the 14th century.

This dog breed grows to a maximum height of 11 inches.

A Bichon is double-coated and the soft and dense coat is always white.

One outstanding characteristic of this dog is the cheerful attitude. He loves receiving attention and will be charming to everyone trying to get this attention. More than that, the dog is playful and likes to be around people.

A Bichon can get separation anxiety when left alone, which is why you should give him adequate attention. Even though he is active, he will do great in an apartment as long as you exercise him properly in a day.

2.      Beagle

A beagle is fun-loving and is always merry.

Several theories try to explain the origin of this dog breed. Some people think it might be a French dog breed while others think it can be an Old English type of dog. Others think it is a German breed. Nevertheless, we know that this breed started in the 19th century.

The breed grows to a maximum height of 15 inches, even though some might be shorter.

A tricolor is the most common color for a beagle with a black back, white chest, legs, belly, and tail tip.

Beagles are funny, sweet, and gentle. But do not relax so much. This dog might adapt well to apartments but they will often have naughty behaviors. Obedience is not always a strong suit for this breed, mainly because it is a hound. But you can trust that he will play well with children.

This is a scent hound, which means that he might take off following an interesting scent. A fenced backyard might be necessary. You should also supervise a beagle because he might escape.

3.      Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher small dog breed
Affenpinscher small dog breed

This is an energetic, happy, and gentle dog breed.

Affenpinschers have been on this planet for a long time with records showing their first existence in the 17th century. This dog breed is originally from Germany where it was used to hunt rats.

An adult will grow to a maximum height of 11 inches with a weight of 9 pounds.

His rough coat is an inch long and is usually black, silver, gray, and tan.

This breed is curious and is always ready for trouble. He has a very strong sense of loyalty to family and their safety is always a top priority. You should know that this dog is not always friendly with kids and should be supervised in their presence.

Although he might bark once in a while, he does well in apartments. You can adopt him even if you have not had much experience with dogs as pets. He should be kept indoors and should only go to the backyard when supervised or if the backyard is fenced.

4.      Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier breed of small dog
Boston Terrier breed of small dog

A Boston terrier is not only adorable but also affectionate and gentle.

There are various stories about the origin of this dog. However, there is a very popular idea that the breed is originally from Boston and that it came to be in the later years of the 1800s.

The dog will grow to a height of 15 inches.

You will probably hear this dog breed being called the American Gentleman. This name comes from the black and white markings that resemble a tuxedo on his body.

A Boston terrier is not only affectionate but also smart and lively. He is great around children, although earlier socialization by the owner might help make this much easier. You can expect the dog to be stubborn on certain occasions.

This dog does not require much exercise. If you are a first-time owner, this would be a great dog breed to start with because it does not require much regarding maintenance. He also adapts perfectly in apartments.

5.      Brussels Griffon

Intelligence, Liveliness, affection, are all aspects you should expect from this breed.

Roots of this breed can be traced to Belgium where this breed helped in hunting and killing rats in houses and stables. This breed is a mixed breed that came to being in 1883.

An adult will usually grow to a height of 8 inches, which is quite short, and a weight of 12 pounds.

This dog’s coat is dense and it features red, black and tan, beige, and black colors.

A Brussels Griffon might be a shy, verging, and reserved dog, but you can also find an active and outgoing one. If given a chance, this breed will take control of the household since he is bossy.

If you are looking for a house dog, then this is one to consider. He is a small breed that will do well in any house regardless of the family size.

Regular exercise is important so that he maintains shape.

Cairn Terrier and Chihuahua dog breeds
Cairn Terrier and Chihuahua dog breeds

6.      Cairn Terrier

This terrier is not only intelligent but also courageous.

The breed was first developed in Scotland, in the Isle of Skye. It is an old breed with more than 200 years in existence.

Naturally, this breed’s adults will grow to a maximum height of 10 inches with a 14-pound weight.

A Cairn Terrier can have a gray, sand, black, brindle, or red double coat.

The dog is friendly, cheerful, and happy. Meeting new people is always exciting for this dog. At the same time, just like any other terrier, he is alert, tough, and independent. He is a great dog if you have kids around.

Caring for this breed is not a challenge, which is great if you are a first-time owner. His size also makes him a perfect dog for those who live in apartments.

7.      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel small dog breed
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel small dog breed

The Spaniel is very beautiful. He is also happy to meet new people.

This breed is not extremely old. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are less than a century old. The dog has been a noble and royal family favorite for several years and as you can tell from the name, he is from England.

A fully-grown King Charles Spaniel grows to a 13-inch height with a weight of 18 pounds.

Cavaliers have silky coats that come in a range of colors including black, ruby, chestnut, and Blenheim.

There is a range of personalities associated with this breed including the quiet dogs, as well as the rowdy ones. They might not be a great watchdog since they rarely bark even when someone is close. But there are certain exceptions.

In general, this dog is not noisy. That means that you would have a very quiet time if you get him for a condo or an apartment. They are also moderately active when indoors. It is important to provide adequate exercise for this dog so that he maintains a healthy body.

8.      Chihuahua

This is a busy, fun-loving dog breed.

The origin of a Chihuahua, just like with many other dog breeds, is not clear but several theories try to explain the origin of this magnificent dog. One of the most popular is that he is a descendant of a South or Central African dog called a Techichi. In this theory, this breed is old, dating back to the 9th-century C.C.

An adult Chihuahua grows to a height of 9 inches and weighs around 6 pounds when fully grown.

A Chihuahua can have a long or smooth coat but the colors you can expect include black, fawn, white, gray, and chocolate.

His character is mostly associated with a terrier because he is alert and is very suspicious. These are characters that make him a perfect watchdog. What’s more, this dog appreciates companionship and affection.

A Chihuahua will bond most with a single person, even though he will make some other friends. So, if you are looking for an extremely loyal friend, this might be the one. He is a perfect dog for apartments or families with children.

Exercise is an important part of a Chihuahua’s life. Allow him to burn out all the excessive energy daily.

What should you know before you adopt a Dog?

Before you decide to adopt a small furry friend, there are certain things you need to consider. They will determine the time he has with you or with family. His health will be based on these things.

First, you need to figure out if you will have adequate time for yourself and your new dog. Dogs like being in the company of people or other dogs. You must give your pup adequate attention to prevent anxiety-like illnesses.

You also need to know what the rest of your family thinks of dogs. It is possible to be the only member of your family that loves dogs. There are chances that he might be mistreated by people who do not appreciate dogs as you do. Talk it through with your family first.

You should get used to the fact that your house might be a bit more of a mess than you were used to. You must be willing to clean up after your dog’s messes.

For a detail guide and before you go ahead to adopt a dog of any breed and size, we recommend that you read this book “What to Expect When Adopting a Dog: A Guide to Successful Dog Adoption for Every Family.”

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Wrapping Up

Adopting a dog might change your life. You will never feel lonely when your furry friend is around you. At the same time, you will need to be dedicated to caring for the dog for his own sake.

The list that we have suggested is for first-time owners. They are low-maintenance and will be a great addition to your family.