Top 10 Small Energetic Dog Breeds That Stay Small For Pets

Are you living in an apartment or condo? Desire to pet a small, energetic four-legged companion? Then, small energetic dog breeds are the optimal choice for you. These dogs can keep up with your active lifestyle and add more energy to it. 

Many people struggle with having limited living space and a busy life schedule to pet a dog. For those dog lovers, small dog breeds are great as they are easier to manage, travel with, and require less space. If you are a fitness enthusiast, these small energetic dogs can be your lifelong companion for hiking, yoga, walking, and other physical activities. Let’s dig deeper and learn more about these dog breeds in detail. Read more!

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Is An Energetic Dog?

Dogs that have high energy levels and need a lot of playtime and exercise are considered energetic dogs. These dogs enjoy long walks, playing fetch games, and long runs every day. If you desire to be active or already have an active lifestyle, small energetic dogs can be great running buddies you can ever ask for.

Small Energetic Dog Breeds Overview

Small energetic dog breeds are cute, super active, spunky, and remain smaller in size even as adults.  Some small energetic breeds have the highest energy levels. It would be best if you drained their energy by taking them for a walk, run, jog, or fetch.

Reasons why people love an energetic dog

  • Energetic dogs can help reduce stress, increase happiness, and help you stay active. 
  • They help enhance your physical well-being and encourage a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. 
  • If you have kids at home, petting an energetic dog will also make your kids active and healthy.
  • Small dogs are easier to handle and manage, so they go along well even at home with limited space. 

Almost every dog is child-friendly and gets along well with children and the elderly well. When it comes to small energetic dogs, their playfulness and tiny paws take every person’s heart away. They usually are 8-15 inches in height and weigh around 3 – 10 pounds on average. Though each breed’s statistics might differ from another, we will discuss them in detail further. 

TOP 10 Small Energetic Dog Breeds That You Can Keep as Pets

small energetic dog breeds
small energetic dog breeds

Chihuahua is the smallest energetic dog breed that stands 6 to 10 inches tall. If you’re looking for a small energetic dog, they can make great companions. Apart from this, breeds such as Papillon, Schipperke, Pomeranian, and Affenpinscher are great options. You can check out their specifications stated below and decide which dog fits you. Let’s learn more about the size, appearance, and cost of the top 10 small energetic dog breeds:

Small Energetic Dog BreedsSize (Smallest to larger)AppearanceCost
Norwich Terrier9.4-10 inchesDouble coat and prick ears$1500 – $2000


9 – 12 inches
Fluffer coat, monkey-like expression
$650 – $1250

Miniature Schnauzer

11 – 14 inches
Square-shaped build, double coat with wiry exterior fur
$500 – $2,7000
Schipperke10 – 13 inchesFox-like face, tailless dog$800 – $1100


6 – 10 inches
Small, apple-head with large, round eyes
$500 – $1500

Toy Poodle

9.4 – 11 inches
Squarely built, oval eyes, and straight muzzle
$1200 – $2000


8 – 11 inches
Small, dainty-looking with long and silky coat
$500 – $1900
Puli14 – 17 inchesSquare appearing with unique coat$1200 – $2000
Dachshund14 – 19 inchesLong-body with short stubby legs$200 – $3500


7 – 12 inches
Small, sturdy dog with textured coat and plumed tail
$500 – $1500
small energetic dog size, appearance, and price chart

Norwich Terrier 

Norwich Terriers are small, cute, super active, and  excellent companions for everyone, individuals and families. 

According to Wikipedia, Norwich Terrier is the smallest terrier dog having a height ranging from 9.4 to 10 inches (adult) and originated in the United Kingdom.

They are not heavy eaters and only need rich-quality, dry food about ½ to 1 cup per day. 

Norwich Terriers are known for their child-friendly and affectionate nature. They hit it off well with children and the elderly too. 

Watchdog or guard dog?

This breed is also known as a good watchdog, you can use Norwich Terrier as a guard dog as we mentioned in the list of good small guard dog breeds, but its size could be a disadvantage.

If you have a small apartment and only want a small watchdog breed, you can go for a Norwich terrier breed.

Norwich Terrier small energetic dog
Norwich Terrier small energetic dog


The Affenpinscher breed is a rare breed that originated in Germany in the seventeenth century and is known for its distinct, monkey-like appearance. 

According to statistics available on Wikipedia, the average Affenpinscher weighs between 6.5 to 13.2 pounds and is typically 9 to 12 inches in size. 

The quantity of food depends on the dog’s size, but an average Affenpinscher needs around 60g to 80g feed per day. 

Some health concerns are generally found in Affenpinscher, including eye diseases, Legg-Calve-Perthes, luxating patellas, and dysplasia.

Miniature Schnauzer

According to Wikipedia, Schnauzer is one of the most famous breeds worldly for its small size and temperament. Their size as adults lies between 11 to 14 inches maximum. 

Miniature Schnauzers are quick learners, and it is extremely easy to train them. They are not open to punishment, but their energy and intelligence help during the training process. 

A miniature schnauzers puppy requires three to four meals per day, whereas an adult one needs only ½ cup of dry food twice a day. 

They love being around people more than other dogs. Their playfulness and snuggly nature make them perfect for a family. 


Schipperke is an active, mischievous, and agile dog that has its origins in Belgium. 

They have pointed ears, fluffy coats, and fox-like faces,  and that is why they are considered similar to small shepherds in Belgium, affirms Wikipedia.

Schipperke sheds often and needs regular brushing to reduce shedding. It is not required to bathe this breed frequently. Just a couple of times in a year is enough. 

Many people prefer these dogs because they make loyal, affectionate, and energetic companions for themselves and their kids.


Chihuahua energetic dog
Chihuahua energetic dog

Chihuahuas are the smallest energetic dog breed named after a Mexican state and were rare until the beginning of the twentieth century, as per Wikipedia.

A Chihuahua puppy is 3 to 4 inches tall, whereas an adult Chihuahua stands 6 to 10 inches tall. 

They require a nutritionally balanced diet and are fed around three meals per day. 

Chihuahuas need proper training before introduction to young children. They make an ideal pet for kids after training. 

Toy Poodle

According to statistics provided on Wikipedia, A Toy Poodle weighs around 14 to 17 pounds and stands 11 to 14 inches tall. 

Toy Poodle is a highly active, easy to train, and intelligent breed that excels in different types of canine sports.

If your Toy Poodle weighs three pounds, they need ⅓ cup feed per day. If 6 pounds, you are required to feed them ½ cup a day.  

Many families prefer Toy Poodles as pets because they are playful, friendly, and extremely small. They are the best fit for kids.


Papillon is a self-assured, energetic, and affectionate dog that has the spirit of keeping up with active families. 

According to Wikipedia, Papillon’s body structure is short and light which stands tall between 8 to 11 inches.

This butterfly-like dog is a spaniel-type breed that is super friendly and happy and makes excellent pets for families. 

A puppy Papillon eats ¼ cup of food per day, whereas an adult requires three to four servings of food per day. 


Puli is a cheerful, loyal, lively small dog with unique curly fur that looks identical to dreadlocks. 

As per Wikipedia, Puli needs  ample  exercise to drain their energy; otherwise, they will become overactive. It is advised to keep them  at a place with outdoor space. 

When Puli is eight to twelve weeks old, they need around four servings per day. A 3 to 4 months old Puli needs three meals in a day, and six months and older are required to feed two meals round the clock. 

They are prone to hip dysplasia, deafness, and certain bacterial and viral infections like distemper, parvo, and rabies. 


Dachshund is also known as a sausage dog with a long body and short legs that were bred to hunt mice and rabbits.

According to Wikipedia, an adult Dachshund remains small in size, and their height ranges between 14 to 19 inches lifelong. 

Different proportions of meals are given to Dachshunds of various sizes like a puppy needs three meals and adults require two servings per day. 

Dachshunds are families favorite breed due to their playfulness, friendliness, and affectionate nature. 


Pomeranian energetic dog
Pomeranian energetic dog

Pomeranian is the most famous dog among royal pet lovers because of its relatively small size,  between 7 to 12 inches, as stated on Wikipedia.

Generally, a Pomeranian is fed around two to three servings per day of ¼ to ⅓ cup of food per meal. 

It is a spitz-type dog breed with its origins in the Pomerania region, which lies between northeast Germany and northwest Poland. 

Pomeranians are prone to specific food allergies that are rarely found in dogs, but their bodies react to some food additives, including soy, corn, eggs, dairy, beef, wheat, and more. 

When You DON’T Need Energetic Dogs?

In today’s fast-paced life, we are so caught up in our work life and daily chores that most of us don’t have enough time to take our dog for a walk. If you have an energetic dog, it will require daily runs and walking to drain their energy levels.

People with busy schedules don’t need another burden on their shoulders, so they prefer dogs with low energy levels. 

What To Do If My Dog Is Very Active?

Lack of stimulation and excessive boredom can make your dog overly excited and active. In order to address the super hyper nature of your dog, you need to pay attention to your dog’s daily activities. Besides, you should provide adequate daily exercise and teach practical skills. 

Take your dog for a walk or run every day if you are a parent of an energetic dog. Ensure to keep your dog busy by making them wear a weighted backpack or playing fetch the ball with them. 

Small Energetic Dog Breeds FAQs

  • Why Areo Some Dogs So Active?

Every dog is different from another; some are lazy others are hyperactive. It is just the traits they have inherited. The active temperament depends from breed to breed and sometimes pet parents too. If your house has a vibrant environment, your pet will be energetic. Obviously, boredom kills a dog’s vibe and makes them lazy and sad. 

  • Which Is The Most Energetic Dog?

A number of dogs are considered the most energetic, including pomeranian, Shepherd, Poodle, Husky. But, when you talk about small energetic ones, Affenpinscher is the most active. They are full of spunk and energy and require ample playtime and exercise every day. Else they can become hyper and overly excited. 

  • How To Quick Calm Energetic Dogs?

Every pet lover loves to be around active dogs, but sometimes it feels that their energy should end. There are times when you are out of energy to play with your dog, so you should know how to calm your dog. Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Train your dog for place/settle training in case you need to calm them quickly.
  2. You can’t keep your dog inside your home all day. Take them out as a running, walking, or jogging companion.
  3. Trick training can also be helpful that can easily tire them up. 
  4. Impulse control training is a must for energetic dogs as it will help them not to react impulsively.
  • What Is The Calmest Dog?

Toy Spaniel is the calmest dog. They can relax for hours in bed and cause no trouble if left unattended. Moreover, they are occasionally playful and remain mostly quiet.

Wrapping Up 

If you are considering owning  small energetic dogs, this article can help you find your perfect companion. You will observe how these tiny four-legged creatures can make your life playful, super active, and positive. The energy of the whole house changes when a dog steps in, and small dogs have their own charm. They attract every eye and grab attention quickly.