Top 7 Small Pig Breeds that You can keep For Livestock Or As Pets

The idea of having a small pig for a pet is adorable, especially when the pig is a breed that remains small for the rest of its life. You can distinguish these small pig breeds from the standard-sized pig breeds because these will remain small through adulthood.

However, due to the existence of fraudsters in this field, it is extremely important to do your research and ensure that the small pig breed you get remains small. Otherwise don’t be surprised when your tiny pig grows big and starts eating a lot food.

In this article, you will be able to get all the information that you need regarding small pig breeds. You will be equipped with facts about the top breeds, how to care for them, their history, among others. Here we go.

Cute Reptiles as Pets x
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Are Small Pig Breeds?

As per the American Mini Pig Association, a typical mini pig can weigh between 50 – 150 pounds while the standard pigs can grow to over 700 pounds. Mini pigs are a product of a variety of breeds that are bred to be smaller in size. 

One thing you need to know is that you should take caution before you decide to purchase a small pig breed as a pet. There are chances that the breeder will tell you that it is a small pig breed, only for the pig to grow extremely large over time

That is the reason why most people would prefer to adopt an adult pig as opposed to a piglet. That way, you can be assured that you are getting a small pig breed.

If you want a piglet, you should ask to see the parents. If you notice that either of the parents is larger than the size you expect, then you should avoid that piglet.

a small pig breed
Small pig breeds

Small pig breeds are normally around 15 to 20 inches in size and 50-150 pounds in weight while on average. Some of the popular small breeds that you can keep for pets include:

  • American Mini Pig
  • Meishan
  • Juliana
  • Kunekune
  • Ossabaw Island Hog
  • Mulefoot Pig
  • American Guinea Hog

Top 7 Small Pig Breeds that stay small / you can keep as Pets

In this section, we will highlight all the important information you need about the small pig breeds.

Small Pig BreedSizeAppearanceCost
Juliana16 Inches, 40 PoundsDual-colored, multi-colored$1500 – $1800
American Mini Pig20 Inches, 150 PoundsAny color$1200 – $6500
Ossabaw Island Hog20 Inches, 100 PoundsBlack, Black, and White$300
Meishan22 Inches, 135 PoundsBlack$900
Kunekune24 Inches, 170 PoundsBlack and white, ginger, cream, black, brown$800 – $1600
American Guinea Hog27 Inches, 200 PoundsBlack$275
Mulefoot Pigs30 Inches, 400 PoundsBlack, Black and white$300
Size, appearance and price comparison chart of small pig breeds

American Mini Pig

American Mini Pig
American Mini Pig

This pig breed is intelligent, even-tempered, and is easy to train.

The breed has developed into the American mini pig after cross-breeding several breeds over the years. The main reason for the development of this breed is to create a breed that is not only calm but also adorable and a great companion.

A fully grown American mini pig will normally grow to around 20 inches.

Since the breed is a result of crossbreeding a couple of breeds, you will find a pig with a wide range of colors.

You can get this breed regardless of your house or preference. The pig can stay indoors or outdoors without a problem. It is known that the breed is not only intelligent but also loving with an easy temper. Training the breed is also a complete breeze.

You have to keep the overall weight of this pig low so that it can run around comfortably. The weight of your pet pig will depend on the pig’s body condition. You should focus on providing your pig with an athletic build so that he can maintain clear vision.

Meishan Pig Breed

This breed is mostly calm and intelligent.

The Meishan pig breed is named after Meishan’s Chinese prefecture. It is a part of the Taihu pigs. The pig breed is originally from Southern China but it was introduced to America around the late 80s. It is among the most unique pig breeds on the planet.

Normally, a fully grown Meishan pig will grow to around 22 inches and will weigh around 135 pounds.

In most cases, this pig breed has dark skin. It is known that most of the pigs in this breed are black.

Breeders came up with this breed so that they could have a breed that is productive and will thrive in rough conditions. Even though the pig looks gloomy, it is not. Instead, it will be quiet, sedentary, and docile. That means that you will not have any problem dealing with a Meishan pig.

Remember that this pig breed was mainly raised for livestock purposes. However, you can train the pig as a pet so that it can learn to do tricks or even use a designated litter box. Some people say that this pig is very easy to train because it learns faster than some dogs.

Juliana Pig Breed

The naturally small pig breed is smart, friendly, and gentle.

There are no specific details regarding the origin of the breed. All that is known is that the breed is a result of different breeds and carefully breeding with other breeds like the Kunekune. You should also know that there is no real guarantee that your pet pig will remain small as it grows to an adult.

An adult Juliana pig breed will normally grow to around 16 inches tall.

As stated, this breed is a result of the careful breeding of several pig breeds. For that reason, there is no specific color associated with the breed. You can have any range of colors depending on your breed. It might be a dual-colored or a multi-colored pig.

The adorable pigs are very intelligent. They are also social, energetic, fun, and friendly. These are some of the reasons why people prefer to get a Juliana pig for a pet. This pig, like many others, is easy to deal with and train. The pig will be able to learn faster because it maintains focus.

When isolated, the pig can become bored and irritable. It is also the case when the pig is kept in a somewhat uncomfortable environment. Therefore, you need to provide this pig with adequate companionship.

You should also know that this pig can throw tantrums now and then, which is why you need to monitor it when kids are around.

Kunekune Pig Breed

Kunekune small Pig Breeds
Kunekune Pig Breed

The kunekune pig breed is known for its docile temperament.

This pig is originally from New Zealand where it is highly appreciated as a farm animal. They are popular as domestic pigs and are easy to care for.

An adult kunekune pig will grow to around 24 inches with a weight of around 170 pounds.

You can identify a pig from this breed from the long hair. The colors can range from black and white to cream, ginger, black, as well as brown.

The main reason why people love this pig breed as a pet is that it is friendly and very calm. Because of this behavior, it is a perfect choice for any novice owner. Kunekune pigs love being around humans. They are also very easy to train because of their high level of intelligence.

You should know that the pig loves being outdoors. They can adapt to a range of environments and climates. If you have a garden, this is the perfect pig to adopt or buy as a pet.

Fortunately, this pig does not have many complications when it comes to caring. All you need is some food, such as grass.

Ossabaw Island Hog

Ossabaw Island Hog
Ossabaw Island Hog

This hog is very intelligent and is loved as a pet for that reason.

The hog was introduced to the Americas by Spanish explorers around the 1500s. These explorers brought different types of pigs with them, one of them being the Ossabaw island hog. The pigs became smaller because of their original habitat and have remained in that state since.

You should expect an Ossabaw island hog to grow to around 100 pounds and a height around 20 inches.

Most of the pigs from this breed are black, and some are black with some white spots while others are light with some black spots.

This pig is hardy and is relatively active. You will also notice that the pig is friendly and intelligent. The pig will always try to stay around other pigs or with humans.

Taking care of this pig should not be a problem. The pig is a great forager and grass around a home should be enough for the pig. You would, however, need to provide a comfortable place for the pig to sleep whether indoors or outdoors.

Mulefoot Pig

This is one of the hardiest pig breeds on the planet.

The exact origin of this pig breed is not known well. However, it is thought to have come together with certain pig breeds to the Gulf Coast by some Spanish people. Therefore, the speculation concludes that the pig is originally from Spain.

Normally, adults will weigh around 400 pounds and reach approximately3.5 feet.

Most of the pigs in this breed are black, even though certain exceptions are black with white spots.

In regards to temperament, these pigs are docile. They also have gentle behavior and will not try to cause problems for any reason. They are great foragers and are perfect mothers. Additionally, this breed is active and will respond well to the owner.

Unfortunately, these pigs are not immune to hog cholera, which might be a problem. You have to be careful when you are taking care of this pig. Provide adequate grass and the pig will be perfectly fine by itself.

American Guinea Hog

The pig is one of the most exceptionally calm animals.

The breed is around 200 years old and is known to be an American native pig. However, certain documentations place the ancestors of this breed in European countries.

These pigs will normally grow to around 200 lbs. with a height of around 27 inches.

One thing that is known about this breed is that most of them are black, even though there might be some exceptions.

You will appreciate that this breed is very friendly and calm, which makes it a great choice for people with smaller farms. The mothering skills are exceptional.

It is also known that the pig, whether male or female, is easy to handle. Therefore, you can let your children play with the pig without any problems arising.

You have to know that this pig might have some problems if it is excessively large. The weight should be managed properly so that the pig remains in its best condition.

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Are Pigs Good Pets?

You can keep a pig as a pet. But do you know why a pig would make a great pet? First, pigs are very intelligent and will normally be very social with people around them and with other animals.

It is also known that pigs can be cleaner than most of the animals that we allow into our houses.

You should know that pigs will usually do better when placed in groups. The main reason behind that is their social nature. However, if you have a group of pigs already, it might be a bit of a challenge to introduce another one.

You will need to be very careful when you are doing so. Avoid leaving your pig alone for a long time since they might get bored and aggressive.

Wrapping Up

Pigs are gaining popularity as pets. There is a wide range of very adorable pigs you can get as pets. 

We highly recommend that you take the time to look at some of the pets we have recommended. 

Before you get a pig, remember to check out the parents just to be sure that they are exactly what you expect. Have fun!