Top 8 Small Rabbit Breeds that Stay Small For Pets (With Photos)

Do you love rabbits but can’t stand their sizes when they get old? You should read Top 8 Small Rabbit Breeds. Baby rabbits are extremely adorable. Unfortunately, a rabbit grows to adult size in a very short time. You can agree that smaller is always better when it comes to pets.

But the good news is, mini rabbits are very popular and this popularity is only increasing. Most of us would prefer to have smaller pets, especially if there are children around the house, which is why it would be great to have a small, adult rabbit for a pet.

There is a very wide range of small rabbit breeds that will remain small even when they are adults. In this article, we will provide a list of 8 of the most adorable small rabbit breeds that you can keep as pets. Let’s get into it.

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What are Small Rabbit Breeds?

Several names are used to describe small rabbits. These might include mini, or dwarf. But these do not all refer to the same type of rabbit.

Dwarf rabbits usually have dwarf genes that are responsible for growing rabbits with short ears, big eyes, a small body, and a big head. A dwarf rabbit usually carries the gene from one of the parents. If the rabbit receives this dwarf gene from all parents, it will either die a short while after birth or be stillborn.

Mini rabbits, on the other hand, are breeds, some of which might be dwarves and others not. The mini breeds that are not dwarfs are only smaller versions of larger breeds but they do not have the characteristics of a dwarf rabbit.

This is a list of some adorable small rabbits that you might consider getting as pets.

·         Netherland dwarf rabbit

·         Mini lop rabbit

·         Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit

·         Lionhead rabbit

·         English Angora rabbit

·         Jersey wooly rabbit

·         Brittania petite rabbit

·         Holland lop rabbit

·         Miniature cashmere lop rabbit

·         Dwarf Hotot

Top 8 Small Rabbit Breeds that Stay Small / You can keep as Pets

Let’s take a deeper look at the characteristics of these bunny breeds.

Small Rabbit BreedSIzeAppearanceCost
Netherland Dwarf5 InchesBrown, White$90
Mini Plush Lop5 InchesAgouti, Wide Band, White, Shaded.$90
Holland Lop5 InchesChestnut, Opal, Chocolate, Chinchilla$20 – $400
English Angora8 InchesChestnut, Lynx, Chocolate$80 – $225
Britannia Petite8 InchesBlack, Agouti, Chestnut.$50
Columbia Basin Pygmy9.3 InchesGreyish Brown$30 – $90
Lionhead10 InchesChocolate and Seal, Siamese Sable, Tortoise.$50 – $100
Jersey Wooly10 InchesChinchilla, Opal, Chestnut, Squirrel Colors$50
Size, appearance, and price comparison of small rabbit breeds

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

The Netherland dwarf is an energetic bunny that enjoys human companionship.

The breed came to be in the early 20th century. It came to England around 1948 but was accepted by ARBA in 1969. An adult Netherland dwarf rabbit only grows to a height of 5 inches with a weight of 2.5 pounds.

You can identify a Netherland dwarf by its signature brown and white colors on its coat. 

Even though other breeds enjoy being around humans a lot, this breed might take a bit of time before trusting a human. The best thing to do would be to train the pet properly so that it becomes friendly, sweet, and calm.

You need to give this breed proper diets, companionship, as well as housing. Constant medical checks are also very important.

Netherland rabbits are more expensive than the normal breeds. You can find one for anything between $30 and $90. 

Mini Lop Rabbit

A Mini Lop small rabbit breed
A Mini Lop small rabbit breed

A mini lop is a calm, excited bunny that loves play.

This bunny’s origin is Germany and it has not been around for as long as many other breeds. It came to the United States in the 70s and it got its name around 1974. The adorable adult mini lop will grow to weigh around 6 pounds with a height of around 5 inches.

A mini lop rabbit has a range of recognized colors that include chinchilla, broken tri-colored, agouti, black, chocolate, blue, and lilac. 

Since it is a lop breed, you can expect that it will be laid back. Even though most small rabbits have a very hype character, this one is somewhere in between. It is a pet that your children will love, mainly because they love playing around with children.

Fresh and clean water are a necessity for this breed, as well as proper shelter, food, and companionship. That is all a mini lop requires.

You can expect to pay as low as $30 for a mini lop, although there are breeders who will go as high as $90.

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit
Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit

Not only is this bunny one of the smallest, but also one of the most adorable.

The exact origin of this rabbit is not known. However, some records place it in Douglas, Lincoln, and Grant in the 1900s. An adult will usually grow to around 9.3 inches max.

The pygmy might just look like a tiny mouse, cute, adorable, and a pet you will love to have. Its coat has a greyish brown color that is consistent throughout its body. 

Considering that these bunnies are small, they are very nervous and skittish. Even when they are in the wild in their natural habitats, they will stay close to the burrows they live in to quickly escape if a predator is nearby.

Unlike most breeds, this one will need more attention and care. They require a lot of companions with a balanced diet and proper habitats.

Just like the rabbits above, this breed costs something between $30 and $90. 

Lionhead rabbits

Lionhead Rabbits
Lionhead Rabbits

Lionheads are playful and friendly.

It is not clear where the exact origin of this breed is. However, speculation put the breed in Belgium. This mid-sized rabbit grows to a height of 10 inches.

Lionheads are recognized mostly by the mane around their heads. The color, however, ranges from tortoise, siamese sable, seal, and chocolate. 

Even though this is a popular pet, you should not get it hastily if you are a first-time owner or if you have kids. Generally, the breed is smart, playful, and good-natured. However, it can be a bit timid and a small scare can lead to aggression.

This rabbit is very energetic and adequate space should be provided so that it burns off excess energy.

A lionhead is much more expensive. You should be prepared to spend around $50 even though some owners will let go of their pets for more, up to $100. 

English Angora rabbit

An English Angora Rabbit
An English Angora Rabbit

The English Angora rabbit loves spending time with the owner.

This is among the oldest rabbit breeds. Originally, they are from Ankara, Turkey, which was called Angora in the past. In 1939, the Angora rabbit was introduced to America and was classified into smaller groups. An adult Angora rabbit grows to a maximum height of 8 inches.

Chocolate, Lynx, and Chestnut are the most common colors on English Angora rabbit coats. 

The breed is even-tempered and spending time with humans is a favorite hobby. Bonding is inevitable because they need so much grooming. It is a breed that interacts with humans well, especially kids because they are not skittish.

The coat of an English Angora needs adequate attention because of its thickness. That means that regular brushing is important. A consistent 70% hay diet is also very important.

The average cost of an Angora rabbit is around $50 but you should not be surprised if you find one for up to $225. 

Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Jersey Wooly Rabbit
An adorable Jersey Wooly Rabbit

This rabbit breed is among the calmest and gentle breeds in the world.

1984 was the year this breed was introduced to the ARBA for the first time, even though it was fully recognized in 1988, four years later. The adult Wooly grows to a maximum height of 10 inches.

Chinchilla, opal, chestnut, and squirrel colors are the signature colors you will find on a Jersey wooly. 

“No kick bunny” is the term used to refer to this bunny, mainly because it is docile and gentle. It has an even temper and that’s the main reason why it is a great bunny to introduce to your kids regardless of their age.

You should keep the rabbit indoors because of its small size. Remember to give it adequate stretching space even if in a cage.

A Jersey wooly goes for around the same as other rabbit pets. So, you can expect anything from $20 to $50 for a single bunny. 

Britannia Petite Rabbit

Britannia Petite Rabbit
Britannia Petite Rabbit

The breed is energetic and so sweet.

The Britannia Petite came to being in the 1800s after evolving from the Polish rabbit. It was then introduced to America around the 1900s. An adult Britannia Petite rabbit adult grows to around 2.5 pounds with a height of around 8 inches.

A Britannia petite rabbit is easy to recognize because of its chestnut, agout, and black colors. 

Apart from being energetic, this breed is not skittish or shy. If you are looking for a sweet bunny for cuddling, this is not it. It is not a great choice for seniors, kids, or first-time owners because it will give you a very hard time.

You should provide the rabbit with adequate space to hop around and burn off energy. Make sure to provide a good diet for the rabbit.

The petite breed is not very expensive. In fact, with as little as $10, you can find a bunny. But there are rabbit breeders who will go as high as $50.

Holland Lop

Holland Lop small rabbit breeds
Holland Lop small rabbit breed

The bunny loves outdoor time where it can be active.

The Netherlands is the native land where this breed started. A combination of the Netherland Dwarf and the French lop resulted in this new bunny in 1950. A Holland lop usually grows to a height of 5 inches.

You can know a holland lop by the chestnut, chocolate, opal, and chinchilla color shades on its coat. 

You need to let this bunny out of its cage or hutch so that its personality can bloom. It is a perfectly good pet for seniors, kids, or even first-time pet owners. It does not bother you too much or stresses you out.

If you have an open yard, you should provide the bunny a chance to play around.

The average price for this bunny is $40. However, this price might fluctuate from $20 to around $400 depending on the seller. 

How should you choose a Small Rabbit Breed?

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This book will not only help you make the best choice of rabbit breeds to get as a pet, you’ll also learn about other species of pet animals should you consider increasing your flock.

Small rabbit breeds are different in regards to the level of care they require and their general temperament. You have to consider your family. Some breeds are great for families with kids or seniors while others are too aggressive.

You need to know that some of the breeds also need lots of space for adequate exercise. Some are simply laid back and you do not have to do much to keep them in good shape.

So, the best thing to do before you purchase a bunny is to read up on all facts about that specific breed. This will include reading about common mistakes new pet owners make and how to avoid them, then decide if you will be able to handle it.

How long do Rabbits live?

There is a different lifespan for different breeds of rabbits. The wild bunnies usually go to around 2 years, which is not long. The domesticated breeds, on the other hand, will go up to 12 years. However, this differs depending on the breed.

Wrapping Up

There are different breeds out there and they all have different characteristics. You should know how a certain rabbit breed behaves before you decide to get it for a pet. Additionally, you have to make sure that you can be able to take care of the bunny.