Top 8 Small White Fluffy Dog Breeds To Keep As Pets

Dogs are the most popular pets in households all over the world. Keeping a dog in your house is a great idea for several reasons. The best reason for keeping a dog is companionship. We can all agree that dogs are affectionate, loyal, and you can never get bored with a playful and jovial dog around you.

White fluffy dogs are available in different shapes and sizes. There are different breeds of small white dog breeds that have different characteristics and temperaments. But that is not a bad thing. The availability of different breeds to choose from just means that you can surely find a breed that you will love.

In this post, we will highlight 8 of the best small dog breeds you should consider when making a choice. Let’s get started.

Cute Reptiles as Pets x
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What are Small White Fluffy Dog Breeds?

Having a small white dog can be a great thing for you. You will notice that white dogs get much attention from everyone around, especially when groomed properly. That means you will need adequate grooming items to make it possible.

Even so, small white dog breeds are adorable and everyone who owns one knows that. They are playful, always seeking your attention and love. 

Most people who avoid white dog breeds do so because of the requirements for adequate grooming. But you should know that it is all worth it once you see the little guy roaming around the house.

Most of the small dog breeds have a height ranging from 10 to 19 inches. There are different fluffy dog breeds that fall under that height gap. That  includes:

Bichon Frise breed of small white fluffy dog
Bichon Frise breed of small white fluffy dog
  • Bichon Frise
  • Bolognese
  • Cairn Terrier
  •  Pomeranian
  •  Coton de Tulear
  •  Havanese
  • Japanese Spitz
  •  Maltese

Top 8 Small White Fluffy dog Breeds that stay small / you can keep as Pets

This section contains details of the best small white dog breeds that you should consider getting for your home. Here we go.

Cairn Terrier10 InchesWhite, Brindle, Red, Black, Grey$1200 – $2000
Maltese10 InchesWhite$2500 – $3000
Bichon Frise11 InchesWhite$700 – $2000
West Highland White Terrier11 InchesWhite$800 – $1500
Havanese11 InchesWhite, Black and tan, Grey, Black, Sable$1000 – $1500
Pomeranian12 InchesWhite, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Cream$1000 – $3000
Coton de Tulear12 InchesWhite$2000 – $3000
Japanese Spitz16 InchesWhite$1500
Size, appearance and price chart of Small White Fluffy Dog Breeds
Japanese Spitz and Maltese small white fluffy dog breeds
Japanese Spitz and Maltese small white fluffy dog breeds

1.      Maltese

A Maltese is a dog breed known for being fearless and still gentle.

This dog breed qualifies as one of the most ancient on the planet. The history of this breed goes back around two millennia. The truth is that not much is known when it comes to the origin of this breed. However, we know that the Maltese were very popular in Mediterranean cultures for different reasons such as comforting ill people.

An adult Maltese grows to a height of around 10 inches and a weight of around 6 pounds.

A Maltese is straight and silky and can reach the ground. He is all white, which only complements the dog’s appearance.

One thing you will identify easily from this breed is its lively personality. He responds perfectly to training and some positive reinforcement like food rewards. Playing is what the dog loves doing most. You will notice that the dog is always friendly to everyone, even strangers.

Some adequate play or walk time should be enough for the pup. Even into adulthood, they will always be playful. That means that keeping your dog in good shape will not be much of a challenge.

2.      Japanese Spitz

A Japanese Spitz is a great companion breed that is great with kids.

1921 is the year when this dog was introduced to the rest of the world in a dog show held in Tokyo, Japan. This dog breed descends from a couple of German Spitz and white Spitz breeds from different parts of the world. Around the 50s, the breed started spreading to different parts of the world starting with England and Sweden.

Japanese Spitz adults grow to a maximum height of 16 inches and 20 pounds weight.

You will note that the coat of a Japanese Spitz is purely white. Nevertheless, they do not need much grooming.

The temperament of these dogs makes them one of the most beloved breeds. They are not only playful but also family-friendly. They cannot get enough of your attention and will have problems if ignored or left for a while alone.

You will not have much maintenance to worry about when it comes to the Japanese Spitz dog breed. Basic care such as regularly brushing his teeth is all you need. You should, however, visit the vet now and then and provide daily walks and playtime.

3.      Havanese

Havanese breed of small white fluffy dog
Havanese breed of small white fluffy dog

You will appreciate the companionship of a Havanese.

Cuba was claimed for Spain by Columbus in 1492, which is when Spanish settlers started arriving there. They brought a lot with them, including ancestors of the Bichon breeds. After interbreeding for a long time, they started a new breed, which is the Havanese love today.

A Havanese adult usually stands at 11.5 inches tall with a weight of around 13 pounds.

The coat of a Havanese does not shed easily. He has a light, silky, and soft coat that can be in white, black and tan, sable, gray, even black.

The breed is known for being affectionate and gentle, which is the main reason why it is preferred as a companion dog. Once you introduce a Havanese to your house, he will follow you to every room because being alone is not acceptable for this dog. If you leave him for a long time, he will get anxious.

This dog, even though small, has some energy in him. That energy can be burned with the help of some play and a lengthy walk.

4.      Coton de Tulear

A Small white and fluffy Coton De Tulear resting on a couch
A Small white and fluffy Coton De Tulear resting on a couch

The breed is cuddly, sweet, and has a clownish personality.

Madagascar has been home to many unique animals. One of these animals is a beloved breed known as the Coton de Tulear. This is a dog from the Bichon family that was introduced to Madagascar over several centuries ago.

Usually, the breed’s adults will grow to 12 inches tall with a weight of around 13 pounds.

The breed features a thick, soft, and long coat that is normally white. Nevertheless, there are certain unique dogs with other colors such as light gray.

A Coton de Tulear is a happy dog who loves spending a lot of time with humans. He loves forming bonds with family and is very smart. Training the dog is not a challenge, mainly because he appreciates food rewards, play, and praise. He also loves kids a lot.

This dog breed will play in any weather including rain. Nevertheless, you should watch him and ensure he does not expose himself to any nasty weather. He can live in any environment, including apartments.

5.      Pomeranian

Pomeranian breed of small white fluffy dog
Pomeranian breed of small white fluffy dog

Pomeranians love being a part of a family and will show it.

This dog breed came to be in Pomerania. He is a combination of several dog breeds. It is not clear when this breed started. However, we know that the dog was introduced to England around 1761.

On average, the dog breed adults will get to a height of around 12 inches and weigh around 7 pounds.

A Pomeranian has a double coat. He has a soft and fluffy undercoat and a straight, long topcoat. The dog breed has a coat that can be of any color. It can be white, black, blue, chocolate, cream, orange, and more.

Not only is a Pomeranian smart, but also vivacious. Meeting new people is not a problem for him. He gets along well with other dogs, so he will not bring any trouble. However, you should know that he does not play well with kids. So, you should do your best to keep an eye on him around kids.

The dog is very active, even indoors. It is a great dog if you live in an apartment. The amount of energy of a Pomeranian is moderate, which means that you should provide some daily walks, even if short.

6.      Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier white and fluffy dog breed
Cairn Terrier white and fluffy dog breed

A Cairn terrier is independent, friendly, and sensible.

The history of a Cairn terrier goes back to more than 200 years. It was developed in Skye. The man behind the development of this breed is Captain Martin MacLeod.

The dog breed is quite small with adults growing to a maximum height of 10 inches.

The coat of a Cairn terrier can be in different colors including white, brindle, red, black, gray, or sand.

This dog is cheerful and almost always happy. He loves meeting new people and is friendly and wonderful, even to children. What he loves most is chasing, barking, and digging, like most dogs in the world. He will chase anything, including a neighbor’s cat. He will mostly appreciate being around the family.

It is not hard to take care of this dog breed. He will do well in an apartment mainly because of his miniature stature. Even so, he will survive perfectly on a ranch. What he truly needs is adequate exercise for around 30 minutes so that he can be alert and healthy.

7.      West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier
West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland white terrier is a happy and friendly breed.

The history is originally from Scotland and is grouped with the Scottish, Skye, Dinmont, Dandie, as well as the Cairn terriers. Not much evidence is available to provide a detailed history of this breed.

The breed’s adults will normally grow to around 11 inches with a total weight of 22 pounds, even though females grow to 16 pounds.

Westies have a topcoat that is around 2 inches long and a short undercoat. His coat is normally white.

Most people say that this dog is big in a small dog’s body. The reason for that is that he is confident, bold, intelligent, and fun-loving. He is happy with small things such as belly rubs, food, and squeaky toys. He is very friendly and compassionate with family, especially kids.

You should Crate train your Westie to avoid any accidents in your house. This is most efficient when done at a young age. But do not leave him in a crate for long. He loves swimming, which you should provide if possible, but supervise him.

8.      Bichon Frise

This dog breed is cheerful and loves mischief.

We cannot find conclusive evidence of the origin of this dog. However, it is believed that the dog is from the Mediterranean based on other dogs of the same family. The earliest records from the 14th-century state that this dog was introduced by the French sailors.

An adult Bichon will grow to a height of 11 inches max.      

The double coat on a Bichon Frise is always soft, dense, and white.

The Bichon is very cheerful. He loves receiving as much attention as possible and he loves charming the family. He also loves other people, so he should not be a problem to the vet, groomer, or even neighbors. He is independent and playful but he will not stand being alone.

Proper play and exercise are all this dog needs to be healthy. You should not leave the dog alone for long.

Considerations before buying a Small White Dog

It does not matter whether you own a white dog already. If you are thinking of buying or adopting another small white friend, then there are things you should think about.

First, all breeds have different training, grooming, and exercise needs.

You need to know that small white dog breeds, especially the toy ones, might have issues with their skeleton. You can reduce that risk by responsible breeding.

Small white dogs also have the potential of having tear stains, which are noticeable more on white breeds. As long as this is not a symptom of any other problem, you can treat it and prevent it with ease.

Elaborate grooming is a requirement for many white dogs. Almost all breeds that fit under the category of small white dog breeds will require grooming. Therefore, you should expect to make a couple of visits to a professional groomer after every five weeks. Cleaning of teeth regularly is also important, so is the visit to the vet.


There are many dog breeds in the world. The small ones to be more adorable and will be even more adorable if white. The list we have provided will help you find a dog breed that you will truly appreciate. Have fun finding your new friend.