What Smell Do Squirrels Hate? Top 7 Smells That’ll Send Squirrels Away

Squirrels often adorned as charming little furballs can really be fabulous and frustrating at the same time.

While they provide an opportunity to connect and interact with nature right in your backyard, they can also be very disgusting, given their destructive nature.

As a result, some people would instead get rid of them using repellants. But what smells do squirrels hate?

Well, if squirrels are giving you nightmares and you can’t find the correct methods to handle them, this article will help you by rounding up some of the finest natural squirrel repellents. Keep reading!

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

What Smell Do Squirrels Hate?

Squirrels have a heightened sense of smell that primarily aids them in finding food. However, there are some odors that they find irritating.

Such repellent smells effectively keep squirrels away from your backyard if you don’t want them there.

There are a variety of smells that squirrels distinguish as fetid. Most of these smells are associated with food items, while some come from chemical compounds.

Examples include Cider vinegar, Garlic, hot pepper plants, and mothballs. Garlic sprays, cider vinegar sprays, and hot peppers are examples of natural repellents that can keep squirrels at bay.

Squirrels find the smells emitted by these plants very repulsive. On the other hand, Mothballs contain toxic chemicals that produce a pungent smell when exposed to the air.

what smell do squirrels hate
squirrels have an advanced sense of smell that helps them in searching for food.

Does a Squirrel Have a Good Sense of Smell?

The sense of smell for any living mammal is a crucial aspect in facilitating survival. Fortunately, squirrels have an advanced sense of smell that helps them in searching for food. 

Interestingly, they also use their sense of smell in determining if their counterparts are ready for mating. Correspondingly, squirrels have a unique ability, particularly in smelling food. 

Imagine locating nuts buried underground even after a very long time through smell. That is how strong their sense of smell can be.

Remarkably, squirrels can also determine the type of food you store in your house and grow in your garden through smell.

If they find the scent of food coming from your home attractive, they will definitely invade your territory and fill their bellies.

How to Keep Squirrels Away Naturally?

Keeping squirrels away does not have to be intensive and aggressive. It is imperative and humane to use natural methods that do not inflict pain on squirrels while trying to keep them off.

Subsequently, many natural techniques can be used to get rid of squirrels. They include:

Tip#1: Using Garlic and Vinegar Spray

Garlic is a very effective squirrel repellent. Make a mixture of diced Garlic, vinegar and water and let it settle for some days for the solution to mix well.

Spray the resulting solution on areas that are likely to be infested by squirrels, for example, in the garden.

A squirrel sniffing the plants to be sure it's safe for food.
Garlic is a very effective squirrel repellent.
You can spray the garlic/vinegar solution on the plants in your garden.

Tip#2: Applying Cider Vinegar Spray

Cider vinegar is also very reliable in repelling squirrels. However, it should not be sprayed on plants as it can damage them. Its use should be limited to solid surfaces.

Tip#3: Make Use of Hot Pepper Plants

Sprinkling and scattering flakes of red pepper or cayenne pepper in your garden, particularly on plants that attract squirrels, can deter these insatiable rodents.

Tip#4: Employing Dogs and Cats

How about a small chase? Sounds entertaining! You can make use of household pets such as dogs and cats to keep squirrels away.

However, not all dogs and cats chase squirrels; thus, you need to find pets that can run after squirrels.

A dog pursuing a squirrel
A dog pursuing a squirrel

Tip#5: Use of Statues

Statues are excellent ideas in mimicking the presence of human beings, which makes squirrels uncomfortable, thus keeping them away.

Statues should also be placed at strategic positions where squirrels are likely to cause damage.

Tip#6: Using Squirrel Traps

Squirrels can prove to be stubborn and resistant to some ideas intended to repel them. If that is the case, you can use squirrel traps stocked with sunflower seeds or any other squirrel’s favorite food.

Once captured, you can relocate the rodent to a different location away from your place.

#7: Use Fences

Fences act as barriers to entry points. They can be patched around gardens to prevent squirrels from having access. 

Also, fences should be complete and caged if they are to be effective, as squirrels can quickly scurry up them and eventually invade your garden.

using a wire fencing to protect your garden from squirrels
Fences act as barriers to entry points.
They can be patched around gardens to prevent squirrels from having access. 

Does Aluminum Foil Deter Squirrels?

Aluminum foils are made from skinny and shiny metal leaves and are commonly used for food packaging and preservation. But can these materials deter squirrels, and what is the logic behind using them? Let’s find out.

Generally, squirrels are not comfortable being around flashy and reflective surfaces, and that is precisely what an aluminum foil offers, a shiny surface to repel them.

Wrapping foils around trees and plants prevents squirrels from climbing and damaging them. Conversely, foils are not very effective in deterring squirrels at ground level.

Do Fake Owls Scare Away Squirrels?

Naturally, the owls prey on small rodents such as mice and squirrels. Consequently, placing owl decoys in your backyard or garden will definitely scare away squirrels.

Fake owls work similarly with scarecrows to fright squirrels. Similarly, squirrels are brilliant creatures and can discern owl decoys if positioned in the same spot with time.

Therefore, it’s recommended to move the fake owls around so that the squirrels don’t get used to their presence.

Are Coffee Grounds Effective at Repelling Squirrels?

Coffee grounds result from the preparation of coffee. They are always considered as waste products. But do coffee grounds keep away squirrels?

Generally, the smell of coffee is appealing to humans, but that is not the case for squirrels. They dislike the smell of coffee grounds.

Apart from keeping away squirrels, coffee grounds can also add up as fertilizers for plants. Thus, sprinkling coffee grounds on the soils supporting plants that attract squirrels can help keep squirrels away.

Wrapping Up?

Squirrels are adorable but also can cause damages to properties and food items in a homestead. Similarly, keeping squirrels away can be very intensive, owing to their stubborn and agile nature.

Using natural repellents such as hot pepper plants and garlic spray can save you the trouble of dealing with these rodents.

While there are many ways of getting the job done – keeping away squirrels, it is recommended to use humane techniques to avoid inflicting pain on these animals. They are also part of beautiful nature, finding ways to survive.

Repellants associated with food items constitute the widely used and most effective squirrel deterrents. They are also very safe and cost-effective.