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Bearded Dragon Eyes Closed – 7 Facts You Should Know

Reptiles have various fascinating behaviors ranging from color change, camouflaging, head bubbling, playing dead to closing eyes even when not sleeping. Every reptile species seem to have either one or two of these behaviors. Hence, bearded dragon eyes closed which are peculiar to bearded dragons even though when they are not sleeping.

It’s really heartbreaking that animals don’t live much longer than you expected. For instance, you might have problems why bearded dragons frequently close their eyes. Questions like, what causes them to do that and what could be the right way to mend and solve such issues. It’s all in this article, stay tuned!                                  

Reading Bearded Dragon One Eye Closed – Is That A Health Issue? will let you have a glimpse of some facts about bearded dragons, informative but not in-depth about why they close their eyes. Keep reading this article enlightens your way out of that abyss. 

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If It Has Closed Eyes For Too Long and Not Awake Even If You Woke Him: He Might Be Dead!

If in any case your bearded dragon has not woken up yet, sincere apologies are coming your way. It might be hard to accept the truth, but lives do have an end. Words are not enough to mend the pain of losing a pet, but know that you have plenty of resources to keep them safe and alive for as long as they want.  

Do Bearded Dragons Have Emotions?

Yes, but bearded dragons do not have the same emotions as humans since theirs are underdeveloped. They have three basic emotions namely: Fear, aggression, and pleasure. Their emotions depend on their natural instinct and the environment surrounding them. 

As for their emotions of aggressiveness and fear, they tend to do puffing especially if they feel threatened and try to fend off their predator. On the other side of their behavior, they’re great companions as they show affection to their owners which is absolutely rare for exotic pets like this reptile.                 

They don’t get fearful if they know you well as their owner. They can recognize your scent and will feel safe around you. Nonowners should be extra careful since they don’t like to be held with unfamiliar people and besides puffing up, they will feel scared towards you. 

They’re the happiest when fed with fat hornworms. Though they feel the love and pleasure from you, they’re solitary creatures that leave when unattended. They definitely show emotions on how much triggered their natural instincts. Thus, you would know if a bearded dragon likes you or not through its emotions. 

6 Causes To Explain Why Bearded Dragon Eyes Closed

Bearded dragons have high stimulus-response, the reason why you’re most likely seeing their eyes closed, or only one eye. They close one eye when focusing on a single object, but if two eyes are involved, that means two things: Discomfort or eye infection. 

There are main causes to explain why bearded dragons’ eyes are closed. It could be when they’re petted, falling asleep, basking, close to light, protective mechanisms, and health-related problems. Keep reading for more factual expositions. 

Your Bearded Dragon Feel Discomfort When They Are Petted/Hold

A common mistake owners make is that holding or petting their bearded dragons makes them at ease. It is not true at all. Bearded dragons close their eyes when petted because they feel uncomfortable

Closing their eyes when petted simply means they want freedom and they feel threatened when held. If their beard puffs up when stroked, this means they are also stressed. Make sure you give them personal space and avoid petting until necessary. 

Starts Falling Asleep

Leopard geckos are crepuscular, so staying awake at night is indeed hard. They are the kind of animal that tends to get really sleepy especially if the environment is quiet and peaceful. So if you see them eyes half-closed, it could simply mean they’re about to fall asleep. :))

The first thing you must consider when bearded dragons start falling asleep is to never disturb them. A single light from your mobile phone could even disturb their slumber because they would know or think of being watched.

If a light passes through their gaze while they’re starting to fall asleep, this will give them sleeping complications, so as much as possible, place them somewhere more hidden. Wrong lighting might keep them hibernated for too long. Just allow them to sleep and wake up naturally.

Bearded dragon sleeping
Bearded dragon sleeping

When Basking                                 

Normally, bearded dragons close their eyes when basking. This would prevent them from being exposed to too much light which can cause complications on their eyes. It’s important to have a basking area where a 95 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is maintained and this will keep them happy as well. 

Having enough space or distance from the basking spot to UVB light is advisable. A Reptisun on their enclosure is necessary during spring and summer for about 12-14 hours and 8 hours in fall and winter. Take note, UV rays can’t get through glass or plastic so a covering between the bulb and bearded dragon should be avoided.

Your Bearded Dragon Could Be Too Close To The Light

When your bearded dragon often closes its eyes, it could also mean it’s overly exposed to a light that causes damage to the eyes. Getting much UVB is alright for your bearded dragons. However, always monitor when things turned out the other way around especially when they close their eyes on basking period.   

To prevent them from getting too much UV output, it’s best to put up a bulb about 5 inches to the top of the bearded dragons. Setting up UV tubes and maintaining the right input would also mean they might acquire too much output. So, as much as possible lower the basking. Better to place the light out of their cages or tanks to be safer. 

Bearded dragon basking and sleeping
Bearded dragon basking and sleeping

A Protective Mechanism

Unlike any other animals, bearded dragons do not make eye contact as a sign of strength but rather as a protective mechanism against uncontrollable predators. They close their eyes if they feel the person or an animal having eye contact seemingly brings a threat to them. 

Closing their eyes, especially in moments of threat means that they do not want to get into trouble so besides walking away from the situation, they do it often. Aside from their beards puffing up, hissing sounds, and spine sharps, eyes closing works first. 

Your Bearded Dragon is Sick

There are several reasons why bearded dragons close their eyes. It could be because of the lighting, food and diet, humidity, heating, the enclosure, and even health-related problems. You would know if your bearded dragon is sick if it doesn’t eat, drink, or stay lazy all day. 

If you notice the above mentioned symptoms, go get your bearded dragons treated by a professional.  It closes its eyes more than regularly because it might be suffering from Metabolic Bone Disease where a lack of vitamin D3 and calcium is prominent. 

If closing its eyes has been going on for a long time, then your bearded dragon is indeed sick. It’s showing symptoms of illnesses and such, so do not hesitate to get it treated right away before the condition worsens. 

A sick bearded dragon

Last Sentences

It is relieving to know the facts of why your pet, especially bearded dragons, close their eyes often. All this time you might be thinking it’s a normal habit and routine for all animals, but there are actually factors affecting that. For bearded dragons, closing their eyes could mean they do not like to be petted, they’re too close to light, or even a protective mechanism.

It’s a challenge to know your facts before jumping to conclusions that might cause them real harm. If your bearded dragon closes its eyes more often, then again, do consider and apply what you have discovered from this article. Share your learnings now to prevent more bearded dragons from sleeping forever.

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