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Best Snake Bedding: 10 Best Bedding For Your Snake

Many people that choose to keep pet snakes do so because snakes are easy to care for. Snakes can be kept in many types of beddings to include paper towel, newspaper, coconut fiber etc. But most times, the challenges with most keepers is knowing the age to use a particular type of bedding for their snakes and when to change. That’s why you’re reading this article where you’ll be walk through the “Best Snake Bedding” for your pet.

Pet owners choose to care for snakes for many reasons that include company, stress relief, and relatively easier maintenance. They can be wonderful pets when they are kept healthy and happy, especially when subjected to favorable conditions for their growth and basic survival. 

Sometimes, owners fret about how to make proper bedding for their snakes. It is important to remember that they require a sizable, sturdy enclosure with a lid that is safe and secure.

To construct comfortable bedding, you as an owner must consider a variety of substrates to put in their enclosure. This article will help you choose the best, one that is most suitable for you and your pet, from the different options of bedding.

Why Do People Need Bedding For Their Snakes?

For humans, great bedding is associated with a lot of health benefits, starting with having a good night’s sleep or rest. When a person sleeps in a highly comfortable environment, this lowers the risk for any health complications, as well as stress. 

People are generally mentally refreshed. Good quality sleep helps in easing muscle tension, repairing tissue damage, and making the immune system stronger.

The same goes with snakes, the most appropriate and suitable bedding allows them to have a good rest which reduces the tension and stress. Aside from the health benefits reaped from this, it also helps in improving their mood.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good Snake Bedding? 

Owners only want their pets to feel comfortable and feel at home. In general, reptiles require a specific type of bedding for physical ease and relaxation. All of them have varying needs as not all have the same natural tendencies, origins, and environment. 

It depends on the behavior of the reptile whether it likes to dig, bask, or stay in a wet surrounding. Their natural habitats must be closely replicated, and often this can be difficult. Doing so promotes good physical and mental well-being in pets. 

Luckily, snakes are not choosy when it comes to their bedding, so long as it allows a good rest and pleasant feeling. Owners can put newspapers, paper towels, sand, carpet, and many more. However, there is still the best option among these and it depends on your circumstances. 

Individual Differences

Constructing the setup of the enclosure can be a rousing activity. However, it can also cause someone to be at a stand, especially for new snake owners. Among the many things to consider, the bedding or substrate in particular also depends on the specific needs of the kind of snake being kept.  

Different species of snakes need specific bedding for comfortability and replication of natural habitat. You should consider bedding that suffices for a hot environment if the snake thrives in cold weather, and vice versa. 

Maintenance and Absorbency

You will have to keep the bedding clean so you must tidy up or replace it when it becomes filthy to avoid bacteria and infestation. The frequency of doing this depends on the species you keep, however, snakes generally use the bathroom once or twice a week. 

Sheet-like beddings, those that are usually disposable, such as paper towels or liners have to be replaced when they become dirty. Ones like wood, bark, and chips can be cleaned. Beddings that are based on minerals and sand can be strained and screened using a sieve.

You must ensure that the bedding you are purchasing is safe and clean to avoid bacteria and infestation in your snake.


The cost is usually the most considered factor when it comes to the setup. This dictates the frequency of substrate change or adjustment. The value affects how the owner would decide on purchasing a product which also depends on the needs of the snake.

Beddings such as newspapers and paper towels often come free and thus, they are easily attainable. There are more expensive ones like fiber and chips. Choose what works best for you and your pet.

cypress mulch is one of Best Snake Bedding
Captive snake on cypress mulch bedding

10 Best Snake Bedding Reviews

There are a total of ten products to be reviewed in this article. These products are included as these will be beneficial and safe when picked as bedding, and will help in creating a home for your pet snake.

ProductsAbsorbent CapacityNatural FeatureHumidity Retention
Zilla Aspen Chip Reptile BeddingUltra-absorbent100% naturalImproved capacity for humidity
Zoo Med Forest Floor Reptile Bedding Absorbs wetness100% naturalMaintained humidity
ReptiChip Premium Coconut Reptile BeddingAbsorbs odor100% naturalSuperb humidity retention
Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber BeddingAbsorbs odor and waste productsOrganicHigh humidity retention
Review of our top 10 best snake bedding

Zoo Med Forest Floor Reptile Bedding 

This bedding is a substrate of cypress mulch that looks natural. It gives the enclosure, tank, or terrarium a naturalistic “forest floor” appearance while holding moisture to keep the enclosure moist. Snakes, amphibians, and tropical tortoises will best enjoy and benefit from the product.

Key Features:

  • 100% natural cypress mulch
  • All-natural ” Green” Product
  • Recommended terrarium substrate for snakes

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Customers adore the natural effect that this forest floor offers. Their pets can burrow when they want to, and the product helps maintain humidity with periodic sprinkling as required. They also deemed it safe. Moreover, they have never encountered a rot problem when using the product.

Customers also suggest that owners be careful in providing food for their pets to avoid compaction, especially if they place the food on the bedding. This way, compaction will be avoided. 

Here is a link to a YouTube video demonstrating how to use a forest floor cypress bedding with the specific product.

Zoo Med Forest Floor Reptile Bedding Pros and Cons

Natural “forest floor” lookGenerally safeHelps maintain moistureIdeal for snakesCan be accidentally ingestedMay need occasional misting to keep the moisture

Zilla Aspen Chip Reptile Bedding 

The Zilla Aspen Chip Reptile Bedding is made with heat-treated laboratory-grade aspen hardwood chips, which offer ultra-absorbent bedding and litter. You will notice a difference if you use it compared to your old litter.

Key Features:

  • Laboratory-grade, the choice of herpetologists
  • Heat-treated, ultra-absorbent
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Ideal size makes spot cleaning easy
  • Ideal for snakes

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Lizard Litter bedding has long been suggested by renowned enthusiasts and snake owners for its improved capacity to absorb the wetness that happens naturally in snake enclosures.

Made with quality white fir shavings and powdered eucalyptus for a fresh smell that’s fully natural and non-toxic to your pet. There are no hazardous resins or oils added; only pure, biodegradable substrate is used. 

Customers usually report that their snakes love this material. It can also suit the needs of scaly reptiles such as snakes more. This is because the particles are cube-shaped, with sharp corners that could irritate their hair and skin.

Zilla Aspen Chip Reptile Bedding Pros and Cons

Ultra-absorbent beddingContains no toxic resins or oils100% natural—environmentally friendlyMolds and mildew can cause irritation when in contact with large snakes’ scales on its belly.

Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark Reptile Bedding 

The Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark Reptile Bedding contains all-natural ingredients. The main component of this product is fir tree bark.

Heat is conducted and distributed evenly. For humidity-loving reptiles, this is the ideal substrate.

Key Features:

  • 100% pure fir bark, reusable in hot water every 2-3 months
  • Smaller pieces prevent crickets from hiding in the substrate.
  • Moisture is released slowly into the environment  by the bark; ideal substrate for snakes
  • Promotes bark better moisture retention.
  • Replicates your pet’s natural tropical habitat
  • Aids in shedding functions
  • Conducive to burrowing and digging

This product collects moisture before releasing it, resulting in dampness which increases the amount of ambient stimulation. It also allows natural burrowing and digging. It is absorbent and removes waste from your pet. This can also give the enclosure a natural tropical jungle appearance. 

It is reusable and simple to keep clean. For fresh, clean bark, soak it in hot water every 2 to 3 months. At least once a year, it needs to be changed. Moisture retention is improved with smaller chips (increased surface area). 

Customers suggest that you determine how much substrate you may be needing. For a 10 gallon tank, a 24-quart bag allows for around 5 inches of substrate depth. Alternatively, you might cut the depth in half and use it twice as often.

Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark Reptile Bedding Pros and Cons

Reusable, washableGradual release of moisture into the environmentNot treated by heatReplicates natural habitatConducive to burrowing and diggingLoose substrate

Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

The Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is recommended by professional horticulturists all around the world. This provides a secure, realistic ground for snakes, lizards, and tiny animals to dig tunnels and build nests, much like they would in the wild. 

Key Features:

  • Number 1 preferred snake bedding by horticulturists worldwide
  • Allows snakes to form burrows and nests naturally as they would in the wild because of its safe substrate
  • Safe, odorless and has a 191% absorbency rating
  • Non-toxic

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Customers highly recommend this Zoo Med aspen snake bedding for anyone who has a burrowing snake set up in a terrarium. They claim it helps confine waste and is absorbent. 

Moreover, you do not need to replace the entire cage when changing the bedding if you remove the waste fast. For digging snakes, it holds tunnels quite well. This brand and shred of the Aspen are great to be used together.

Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding Bedding Pros and Cons

Highly recommended by horticulturistsSafe and naturalistic substrateNo toxic oilsOdorlessHighly absorbentMay still be accidentally ingested by snakesDoesn’t work well in a higher humidity enclosureProne to moldNot for ball pythons

ReptiChip Premium Coconut Reptile Bedding

The ReptiChip Premium Coconut Reptile Bedding allows you to turn your terrarium or vivarium into a hot, humid environment where your snake may thrive. Its natural composition and exceptional humidity retention make it ideal.

Key Features:

  • Has excellent humidity retention that creates a healthy habitat for your snake
  • Has a 72-quart compressed brick that provides a safe and comfortable bedding for breeders
  • Absorbs odor; ensures the bedding and even your home smells pleasantly
  • Uses 100% organic coco chips
  • Uses a multifunctional versatile bioactive substrate to your snake’s tank accessories.

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Customers claim that this product looks attractive in the enclosure and holds humidity great. It assists with humidity as it readily holds 60 to 70 percent. 

What usually is done is they make sure the bottom levels are moist by pouring water over it, which it immediately absorbs, keeping the lowest levels moist. The top levels will dry out, while the lower levels will remain damp and gradually release humidity.

Here is a YouTube video showing how you can prepare your ReptiChip in 5 minutes.

ReptiChip Premium Coconut Reptile Bedding Pros and Cons

Coco substrate offers superb humidity retention100% natural bedding for your snake’s well-beingMaintain a tropical climate for snakesOdor absorption ensures a pleasant environment12” x 12” x 6” breeder block makes 72 quartsFor ball python snake tanksMeticulously cleaned of all dirt, dust, and fiberTailor moisture level to the species you keepNot 100% dust-freeMay need constant mistingContains small sharp piecesEasy to expand and break apart

Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding

The Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Substrate is an environmentally friendly product manufactured from coconut husks that can be composted or repurposed for use in potted plants or gardens. It comes in a reusable bag.

Key Features:

  • Optimal substrate for terrarium set-ups
  • Can be used dry or damp with tropical species
  • Has a superior humidity retention capability
  • Absorbs odor and breaks down waste products

Customers are glad to have found organic, no-dust bedding for their pet snakes that maintains humidity without molding. Plus, it is a great value for this size when compared to smaller bags of competing products, so that is a no-brainer. 

They also suggest that if you are new to reptiles, bear in mind that the temperature of the heat pad on the glass will be greater than the temperature of the basking location once the bedding is added. Because this bedding is so good at retaining heat, it has been observed that there is a greater improvement when using the product.

In this YouTube video, you will see how the product works and helps to get results like never before. 

Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding Pros and Cons

Can be used damp/dryHigh humidity retentionBreaks down odor and waste productsCan be accidentally ingestedExtra thick; can be dangerous if ingested

Fluker Labs 36005 Repta-Bark All Natural Bedding

This bedding provides the most robust and natural substrate especially in tanks with high humidity. All high-humidity-loving snakes will benefit from this orchid bark as natural bedding. 

Key Features:

  • Prevents excessive moisture and absorbs waste
  • Suitable for snakes which love high-humidity
  • All Natural 
  • Origin: United States

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Larger chunks imply less dust and less likelihood of ingestion. The substrate is made of natural materials. It is designed to absorb extra moisture in your snake’s tank. The visually pleasing forest floor substrate absorbs waste.

Customers claim that it is good at absorbing humidity and minimally helps with the smell. They say that it is enjoyable to use, the pieces were a nice size for what their snakes required, and it was reasonably priced. The bark looks great and does not bleed colors.

Fluker Labs 36005 Repta-Bark All Natural Bedding Pros and Cons

Suitable for humidity-loving reptilesPrevents excessive moistureAbsorbs wasteChunks are in good sizesMolds in high humidityCannot be boil-sanitized, baked onlyMay kill cleaner bugsDusty

Exo Terra Coco Husk Brick Bedding

The Exo Terra Coco Husk Brick Bedding is manufactured from compressed coconut husk sourced from tropical Asian crops. This ecological substrate is perfect for enhancing terrarium humidity. 

Key Features:

  • 100 % natural substrate for tropical set-ups
  • Promotes increased humidity
  • Promotes digging and burrowing behavior
  • Ideal for snakes

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It is a 7qt – 7L 100% natural substrate that is ideal for natural terrarium setups.

Customers love this product for its effectiveness in controlling the humidity and temperature in the enclosures of their pets. It is able to expand a lot and go a long way. 

The beauty of using this coconut bark is that it can contain a lot of moisture while remaining dry on top. It is an excellent supply of bedding for tropical snakes.

If you want to learn more about how this bedding works, check out this YouTube video. It features a detailed review of the product.

Exo Terra Coco Husk Brick Bedding Pros and Cons

Helps in increasing humidityCan go a long wayIdeal for snakesNatural terrarium lookCan be ingested accidentally

Critters Comfort Coconut Reptile Bedding

The comfortable bedding is ideal for your pet in humid environments and tropical terrariums. It is 100% organic coconut coir, non-toxic, dust-free, and chemical- and fragrance-free. It has no sharp edges and the soft material provides comfort.

Key Features:

  • Odor-absorbing
  • Non-toxic and dust-free; 100% organic coconut coir 
  • Provides a safe environment for your pet

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Customers love using this bedding for their pets as it is efficient in controlling the humidity in the enclosure. It smells and appears pleasant and safe for pets. 

Some customers say that this is the best bedding they have used. It looks fluffy, the packaging is recyclable, and the substrate is eco-friendly. It also has ​​a fine ground texture. 

Please check this video if you would like to see the product sample. 

Critters Comfort Coconut Reptile Bedding Pros and Cons

Eco Friendly substrateSmells and looks naturalHold the humidity wellExpensive for its quantity and sizeCan be accidentally ingested

Carib Sea SCS00211 Coco Soft Reptiles Bedding

The establishment of beneficial, waste-reducing organisms in Carib Sea coarse chip bedding keeps an enclosure fresher between changes. Fresh coconut husks are used in this bedding, which helps to reduce odor better than other types of bedding.

Key Features:

  • Provides growth of waste-reducing organisms that keep the set-up fresher
  • Its coconut husks absorbs odor
  • Ideal for snakes
  • Non-toxic
  • Provides comfort with its weather-soft material

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Customers liked how this product works as bedding, same as their pets. They reported that their pets can dig in it easily and stack it. 

Please click on this link if you would like to see a detailed demonstration on how to use a forest floor cypress bedding.

Zoo Med Forest Floor Reptile Bedding Pros and Cons

Reduces wastesMade from coconut husksNon-toxicCan be accidentally ingested

Some Other Substrates You Can Use For Snake Bedding

Aside from the aforementioned brands and products, there are other materials that can be used as snake bedding. Such materials include cypress mulch, aspen shavings, sand, coconut, artificial turf/glass, carpet, and newspaper/paper towels.

Cypress Mulch

Snakes like cypress mulch because of its soft surface and capacity to keep moisture. Its smell is pleasant but not overwhelming. It is cheap and readily available at garden shops. 

best snake beddings
cypress mulch and aspen shaving beddings for reptiles

Aspen Shavings

Aspen shavings are a suitable substrate for smaller snakes and those who do not require a lot of humidity. Too much moisture causes the shavings to mold, and particles might sneak under a big snake’s belly scales, causing discomfort.


Sand appeals more as substrate than newspaper or paper towels for snakes. It can be bought at pet stores and comes with different hues. 

However, for most snakes, especially those that require high humidity levels, the sand may not be the best option. Snakes tend to accidentally consume a significant amount of sand and this can cause internal blockages to them. 

But aside from this condition, the sand is a perfect addition to a natural look and feel of the snake’s habitat, especially to the other desert-dwelling ones from the barren regions.

Snake on sand substrate
Snake on sand substrate


Coconut fiber is another comfy bedding option, however, it is best suited for little snakes because of its small size and softness. Coconut chips can be substituted for bigger species. It is easy to clean, however, the fiber version tends to become dusty and may trigger allergies.

Artificial turf/grass

You may place a clean piece of your artificial turf in your snake’s cage while cleaning the contaminated one. This material is quite simple to clean. It is also long-lasting and sturdy, albeit, its look degrades with each washing.


Non-burrowing snakes can use carpeting as a substrate. It will save you money if you use leftovers. However, you will need to use two pieces to fit in the cage. One piece is to be left in the cage while the other is being cleaned or washed. Carpets become stained rapidly, necessitating frequent cleaning.

Newspaper or Paper Towels

Because newspaper and paper towels are easily available, they are commonly used as snake bedding. They are frequently given away for free, and they are simple to replace if your pet soiled them. 


If you are in the market for a new bedding, take some time to consider what your snake needs. You want something that is comfortable and easy to clean up after.

We recommend our best picks of all different types of bedding materials here which should help you find an option that will suit both your budget and preferences.

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