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Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop: Signs, Cause And How To Deal

Pooping is among the most crucial body functions of a blue tongue skink. This is why owners need to understand blue tongue skink poop to better care for their pets.

By understanding a blue tongue skink poop, you can easily understand what is wrong with your lizard.

A normal blue tongue skink poop is usually light/dark brown, firm, elongated, and odorless. However, your blue tongue skink may be suffering from diarrhea if it has runny poop.

In this article, we will help highlight everything you need to know about blue tongue skink runny poop, from what causes this to how you can treat it.

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Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop: Signs, Cause And How To Deal

Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop: Signs, Cause And How To Deal

A healthy blue tongue skink poop has a brownish part with a whitish part. Both parts are solid but are not hard, and they will only dry after some time.

Once the poop texture appears runny, then your blue tongue skinks may have diarrhea.

Blue tongue skinks usually poop based on the temperatures in their tank, how much they eat, and their activity level.

Taking a larger meal will make your blue tongue skink poop more frequently. However, baby blue tongue skinks will poop once a day, but adults poop 2-3 days or once a week.

Cause Of Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop

Cause Of Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop

Blue skink runny poop may be due to overhydration, digestive infection, enteritis, indigestion, or parasitic infection in the intestine.

You can over-hydrate your blue tongue skink if you feed it with too many fruits, hornworms, or foliage greens. Overhydration can cause runny poop due to too much absorption of water from the intestine.

Blue tongue skink can also have runny poop if it is affected by parasites. You need to have a fecal checked. A blue tongue skink poop also stinks more terrible than normal whenever parasites infect them. 

How To Treat If Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop

How To Treat If Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop

Runny poop in blue tongue skink can lead to dehydration and will lead to a severe condition if not treated. Some of the ways that you can treat runny poop in blue tongue skinks are:

  • Increasing the temperature in your skink tank
  • Feed your blue tongue skink accordingly
  • Change the diet of your lizard
  • Decrease the feeding of your blue tongue skinks with fruits, hornworms, or foliage greens.

You should take your blue tongue skink to the vet immediately if your skink’s poop is runny for 2-3 days and has a brown and white color.

Furthermore, you should consult your vet as fast as possible if parasites cause your blue tongue skink’s runny poop.

How To Properly Clean Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop? 

How To Properly Clean Blue Tongue Skink Runny Poop? 

It is important that you clean your blue tongue skinks enclosure regularly to help ensure it does not pose a health risk both to your skink and household.

You can spot clean your blue tongue skink poop as soon as it appears or once you notice it.

Cleaning of a healthy and runny blue tongue skink poop is quite similar.

When cleaning their enclosure, make sure you use a glove and wash your hands very well before and after cleaning their tank. 

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Here are steps that you can follow to clean your blue tongue skinks poop:

  • Pack the blue tongue skink poop with the substrates in the region using your hand or any clean object.
  • Dispose of the substrates properly
  • Refill the area packed with a new substrate

Note: You will need to thoroughly clean your blue tongue skink enclosure with a safe pet disinfectant at least once a month.

If the blue tongue skink runny poop is due to parasitic infection, the parasites and their spores shed in poop. The spores are resistant to temperature and can live up to months in poop. So, to prevent the entry of spores and eliminate infection, it is necessary to clean and remove the poop from the floor.

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You can easily use your blue tongue skink’s poop to determine your pet’s health condition and whether their diet has enough nutrition.

A healthy blue tongue skink’s poop consists of a brown waste with white urates tip.

However, a runny poop can indicate that your blue tongue skink is suffering from a health condition. 

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