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Top 7 Calmest Small Dog Breeds To Keep As Pets

Would you rather prefer calmest small dog breeds for pets? There are others like you. It is not uncommon for dog lovers to seek out very relaxed and calm breeds of dogs. Calmest dog breeds are classified as less energetic and quiet in nature. These qualities make them even more desirable as pets.

Small dogs are generally perceived as being lively and making more noise than larger dogs. There are exceptions to this rule. You would be surprised to learn that certain little dog breeds are very calm and quiet. 

If you’re looking for a calmer and more relaxed small dog, keep reading for our list of the seven calmest small dog breeds. 

What Are Calmest Small Dog Breeds?

The calmest, small dog breeds are those which aren’t ‘yappy’, have even-tempered and easygoing dogs. It isn’t uncommon for your dog’s volume to become a problem in a small home with neighbors nearby, like an apartment or condo.

These small and calm dogs are perfect for them. Especially for those with a tiny living space, small dogs make excellent pets. 

They know how to remain calm under almost any circumstance. Families with seniors and young children enjoy the peaceful companionship of calm dog breeds. Furthermore, they provide excellent emotional support.

TOP 7 Calmest Small Dog Breeds That Stay Small/You Can Keep as Pets

French Bulldog is one of the calmest small dog breeds. Many other breeds down the line are calm, small, and stay quiet, including a pug, Maltese, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and many more.

Although every dog is different, some breeds tend to be calmer and are simply irresistible. Let’s explore these breeds in detail in this article and learn more about their temperament, appearance, and cost. 

Calmest Small BreedsSize (smallest to larger)Appearance Cost
French Bulldog11 – 12 inchesSquare shaped dog with bat like ears$1500 – $3000
Pug10 – 13 inchesWrinkly, short muzzle with curly tail$600 – $1500
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel12 – 13 inchesCute, short legged with long fur$1800 – $3500
Maltese8 – 10 inchesRounded skull with button nose and brown eyes$1000 – $4000
Bichon Frise9 – 11 inchesDark eyes, long and curly tail, and long coat$250 – $2500
Pekingese6 – 9 inchesFlat-face, dark eyes, heart-shaped ears$800 – $3800
Bolognese10 – 12 inchesSquare-shaped body, fluffy coat and long ears$1000 – $2500
Size, appearance , and price comparison table of calmest small dog breeds
French Bulldog and pug calmest small dog breeds
French Bulldog and pug calmest small dog breeds

French Bulldog

French Bulldog is patient, affectionate, and rarely barks that are perfect for keeping as companions. 

According to Wikipedia, they are known as clown dogs or frog dogs, often due to their face shape and sitting composition. 

An average puppy can eat up to three times a day with an 8-hour interval in between. The feed of your French Bulldog should be restricted to two feedings per day, roughly every 12 hours or so. If your Frenchie is becoming obese, you can reduce his feedings to one per day.

French Bulldogs’ teeth can be quite problematic, so you should brush them at least three times each week. However, they have low grooming needs. 


Pugs have remarkably charming personalities. They are sociable, docile, and playful, making them a perfect human companion. 

According to Wikipedia, Pugs have extremely distinctive features, including wrinkled face, glossy coat, curly tail, and a short black muzzle.

The care required by pugs is relatively low. Fortunately, they do not bark a lot, which is perfect for apartment dwellers or people who live in apartments with roommates. 

A pug puppy requires two to three meals per day, whereas an adult needs only ½ cup of dry food once or twice a day. 

If you are looking to buy a pug, there are plenty of breeders in the US, including Trending Breeders, GreenField Puppies, and more at as low as $600.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed of calm dog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed of calm dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an extremely patient, affectionate, and playful dog that goes well together with children, the elderly, and other dogs. 

Heart failure is one of the common causes of death in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as stated on Wikipedia

Cavalier puppies have small appetites, but they need to be given appropriate nutrition. The pup should be fed small meals, probably four times daily for the first 2-3 months, after that three meals a day. Adults require one feeding per day.

It is essential to groom your Cavalier regularly to keep his coat lustrous. Besides a routine brushing, you should bathe them and get their nails trimmed professionally.



The Maltese dog is an affectionate, gentle-mannered, and playful dog breed that generally enjoys learning new tricks. 

As per the information published on Wikipedia, Maltese is a type of spitz breed that originated in south-central Europe. 

Make sure that you don’t let your Maltese get fat by constantly feeding them. Measure his food and feed him twice a day instead. Two to four servings of high-quality dry food per day are recommended.

Maltese require daily baths, conditioning, brushing to prevent tangles and mats. Also, regular trimming of their nails is necessary since they grow rapidly.

In ancient times, Maltese was loved by ancient Greeks and Romans as lapdog.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise breed of calm dog
Bichon Frise breed of calm dog

Bichon Frise is a very sociable, intelligent, and gentle-mannered dog who loves to go on outings and play with children and other animals. 

As a result of the warm, moist air in the summer, Bichon Frises tend to scratch and chew on themselves a lot, resulting in severe skin conditions, as per Wikipedia

A bichon’s food needs range from ½ to 1 cup per day, either divided into two meals or fed all at once, depending on the diet. It depends on your lifestyle and the size of your dog when and how much to feed.

Bichon Frises usually have healthy teeth; brushing twice a week can help keep them that way.

You can find a Bichon puppy at Puppy Finder and Good Dog from certified breeders at $2000 or less. 


Pekingese are cuddly, affectionate, and calm dog breeds that stay happy no matter what with regular playtime.

This breed originated in China and was favored as both companion and lap dog by the royalty of the Chinese Imperial Court back then, as per Wikipedia

They are long-haired, flat face toy dogs that stand 6- 9 inches tall and weigh 7 to 14 pounds. 

In an average size Pekingese, 296 to 404 calories per day are required. You should serve your cat half a cup to a cup of high-quality dry food each day.

Pekingese coats require daily to weekly grooming. For ease of grooming, pet owners can keep the coats of their pets trimmed short.

Pekingese and Bolognese calmest small dog breeds
Pekingese and Bolognese calmest small dog breeds


Bolognese is an easygoing, loyal, and earnest dog breed that is not at all hyperactive and highly responsive to training. 

According to Wikipedia, Bolognese originated in Italy and has been known for many names since then, including Bolognese Toy Dog, Bottolo, Bichon Bolognese, Botoli, Bolo, and Bologneser.

Puppies need formulated dog food as they have a fast metabolism. We recommend half a cup of dry kibble twice a day for adult Bolognese Dogs who do well on two meals twice daily.

The Bolognese coat needs to be brushed at least three times a week, preferably daily, to stay in good condition. You should clean your dog’s coat in a whitening shampoo to keep it bright white.

Why Choose The Calmest Small Dog Breeds?

People who live in small apartments or condos need small and calm dogs that play it cool in any circumstances. Many pet owners seek out relaxed dog breeds for their gentle manners and low maintenance. They make a perfect companion for:

  • Families with children and elderly.
  • Individuals who need emotional support.
  • People live in small homes and apartments with restrictions.
  • People who need stress-prone breeds as pets.

Which Is The Calmest Dog Breed?

The French Bulldog is the quietest and calmest dog breed that doesn’t bark and is appreciated well by your neighbors. They don’t like to be left alone for a longer period as they become sad, lonely, and anxious.

When around people or children, they are considered clowns of the dog world. In addition to their patience and affection with their owners, French Bulldogs get along with other breeds easily.

Pros & Cons Of Calmest Dog

You might be uncertain about the pros and cons of buying a small, calm dog. We’ll make it easier for you. 

As with any breed, calm dogs have their advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the pros:

  • Taking care of and traveling with calm dogs is the easiest. 
  • Feeding and grooming them is much cheaper.
  • In apartments with limited space, they are a great choice.
  • They are excellent companions for families with children and older adults.

Petting small and calm dogs has its cons, such as:

  • Their fragile nature makes them more susceptible to accidental injuries.
  • A higher level of supervision is needed.
  • To train them is not always easy.

Wrapping Up

In the modern world, the smallest, calmest dogs are more popular today because people have smaller living spaces, and their lives have become busier. These seven calm dog breeds thrive in environments with elderly children and other pets. 

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