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5 Small Cat Breeds That Stay Kitten-Like for Pets

All breeds of cats are adorable and pretty in their own way. Some are so unique that it becomes difficult to differentiate between a kitten and a cat on the basis of their look.

However, to ease the confusion, we have this article about small cat breeds that stay kitten-like to help you make your decision.  

So, you have landed on this page and might want to bring home a kitten. Whether you are living in a room or a small apartment, we have a list of kittens you can adopt.

Well, fortunately, there are many little and cute kitten breeds available. We have picked up the top small kittens that remain small even after fully grown up. Check out the list of the top 6 small kitten breeds with a larger lifespan.

What Are Kitten-Like Cat Breeds?

The cute and small or compact size made the small kitten breed popular. 

Researchers have classified large and small kitten breeds according to their weight and size. 

The weight of a small kitten-like cat is between 5 pounds to 15 pounds, while large cats weigh more than 15 pounds. In terms of sizing, small kitten breeds stand 10 inches from the shoulder. Those kitten breeds are:

  • Singapura kitten
  • Siamese kitten
  • Munchkin kitten
  • American Curl kitten
  • Cornish Rex

The height of the kittens might vary because some small kitten breeds have the lanky type of legs while others are like a munchkin. The cats have different types of unique features, colors, and coats.

Whether you like fluffy and furry or hairless and short hair, our list will provide every piece of information you want. These sweet kitties are surely going to steal your heart. Our list below will inform you enough about the top small kitten breeds that stay small forever.

5 Small Cat Breeds That Stay Kitten-Like for Pets

5 Small Cat Breeds That Stay Kitten-Like for Pets
5 Small Cat Breeds That Stay Kitten-Like for Pets

It’s difficult to choose the best and specific small cats, as every breed is special and adorable. Take a look at the top 5 small kitten breeds that will leave a big impression on you. Check out their characteristics and prices and compare them with each other.

If you are looking for these small cat breeds for sale anywhere, then the price column is perfect for you to consider their price.

Cat BreedsSizeWeightAppearance Cost
Singapura6 inches to 8 inches.4 pounds to 8 pounds.Muscular stature, large eyes, and rounded head $800 to $2,000
Siamese8 inches to 10 inches.6 pounds to 14 pounds.Long body and short coat  $250 to $1,000
Munchkin7 inches to 9 inches.6 pounds to 9 pounds.Long or short-haired coat, short legs, and round face$500 to $1200
American Curl9 inches to 12 inches.Less than 12 pounds.Backward curl ears and semi-long coat$1,200 to $3,000
Cornish Rex11 inches to 15 inches.6 pounds to 10 pounds.Short curly hair, wide-set ear, and triangular head$800 to $1,300
Size, appearance, and price comparison table of small cat breeds that stay kitten-like


It is one of the smallest breeds of pet cats. And if you are talking about teacup cats, this breed is at the top of your list.

Singapura Cat (Image Credit: Canva.com)

In the 1970s, this breed was established from 3 “drain cats” imported from Singapore’s city-state. The status of the existence of Singapura was confirmed by the TICA (The International Cat Association) and the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association).

The Singapura is a tiny little cat with a big personality. Their size is 6 inches to 8 inches and weighs less than 8 pounds after fully grown. 

Singapura is an extroverted cat and loves to be the center of attraction. They are highly energetic, playful, assertive, and intelligent.

Singapura cats are popular because they are the cats that stay small and don’t shed much, and they need little grooming. You can brush their coat once every two weeks. Also, give them cat toys to play with and cat trees to climb. As you already know, early training will make your kitten sociable and gentle towards people. 

This is a rare breed, and their price is approx. $800 to $2,000, depending on pedigree.


Siamese Cat (Image Credit: Canva.com)

The Siamese breed is full of personality cats. In the late 1800s, the Siamese was exported from Siam (Thailand now).

The height of the Siamese is 8 inches to 10 inches, and their weight is approx 6 pounds to 14 pounds.

The breed has an elongated, muscular, and tubular body with a triangular-shaped head. They enjoy the company of all age group people. Siamese is one of the most intelligent breeds and learns easily.

The Siamese breed is a low-maintenance short coat. They don’t need regular hair or teeth brushing. To stimulate their natural hunting desire, you can provide them with toys. It is a playful and fun-loving cat breed.

The cost of a Siamese breed is approx. $250 to $1000.


An adorable Munchkin playing outdoors
An adorable Munchkin playing outdoors

The Guinness World Records says that the smallest cat in the world is Lilieput; it is a Munchkin cat (female) from Napa, California. Their height is approx. 5.25 inches from the floor.

In 1995 TICA (The International Cat Association) recognized this breed. The origin of Munchkin cat breed originated in the U.S.

The weight of the Munchkin cat is between 6 pounds to 9 pounds, while height is 7 inches to 9 inches. This cat is known as the original dwarf cat breed.

Munchkins are energetic, quick, affectionate, and fun-loving cats. They are most popular for their loving temperament and unique look. These cute cats love to explore the outdoors, as they are extroverts. Despite their tiny size, Munchkins love to jump and run.

You should brush their hair weekly to keep coat-free tangles. To keep your furry friend clean enough, give them occasional bathing. The breed of Munchkins is best-suited to indoor living situations as long as they have space for playing and running.

You might need to spend approx $500 to $1200 to buy a Munchkin cat breed.

American Curl

American Curl
American Curl

The American Curl breed is usually characterized by its unusual ears that curl backward from the face (Wikipedia).

If you are searching for hairy cats that stay small and fluffy, American Curl should be a good consideration.

In June 1981, the first American Curls were seen as strays on the doorstep of the Rugas in Lakewood, California. Shulamith, a black female cat, is the ancestor of all American Curls cats.

The American Curl is a medium-sized cat of size 9 inches to 12 inches. The weight of this breed is 5 pounds to 10 pounds.

It is lively, joyous, and true to its cat expressions. This breed is loving, family-oriented, and sociable, with a special bond with children. The American Curl breed is interested in getting along with their parents, master, and people too.

It could be the best pet choice for families and children. But if you have toddlers at your home, then you must supervise them.

This cat breed needs a certain amount of daily exercise. They love jumping and climbing so you can buy a cat tree. You can consider it a lap cat who loves to get the attention of its owner.

You can buy the American Curl cat breed for $1,200 to $3,000.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

In the 1950’s, Cornish Rex cat got its name from the Cornwall region. It is said that the cat’s mother was a British Shorthair, and the father’s identity was never revealed.

The size of Cornish Rex is 11 inches to 15 inches, while their weight is approx 6 pounds to 10 pounds.

The Cornish Rex kitten breed has a narrow and small head, large eyes and ears. She has a rigid chin, slender legs, and a Roman nose. Their tail is long and slender with a superb level of flexibility.

It is a highly energetic, incredibly curious, and bright cat breed. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, this cat is really active in nature.

This cat breed requires regular care on a weekly basis. They have curly coats (short) short; so you can brush them once a week. The Cornish Rex loves to run, play, and jump. You must provide them with exercise as well.

The price of this breed is approx $800 to $1,300.

Care Tips for Your Kitten

Petting a cat means different things to different people. But you should know that all cats are not the same, and each breed behaves differently. The environment you choose to keep your cat in totally makes them behave socially.

  • To take care of your small cat, you need to consider certain things.
  • Provide them with a comfortable as well as a clean bed.
  • Make a constant supply of clean and fresh meals or water.
  • A cat needs plenty of companionship from its owner.
  • Provide outdoor access to your cat.
  • Regular exercise is needed for every pet animal.
  • Groom your cat regularly, weekly, or daily, as per their coats.
  • Train your cat at an early age.
  • You should vaccinate them for feline diseases.
  • Visiting the vet will help you to identify the signs of illness.
  • Last, but not least, be financially prepared to look after a cat.

Final Verdict

We hope that this article might help you to settle down on a small kitten breed. If you are considering buying a new pet, then we suggest you compare prices and characteristics initially.

The list of 5 small cats that stay small like kittens is perfect for any small place or apartment. Also, they don’t need special grooming or daily basis care.

Which small kitten breed is your favorite? Do let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading our article till the end.

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