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Crested Gecko Bites: Does It Hurt and How To Tame A Crestie

Many reptiles have sharp teeth, and some are even venomous. Just like other reptiles, crested geckos have 177 teeth. If you take a look at a crested gecko, its teeth would not be visible to you. Its teeth are tiny in size. Even when Geckos bite, a person gets no bleeding or scratch. 

Many people are afraid of keeping reptiles as pets. My suggestion is that not all reptiles are harmful. Some are friendly and make really good pets. They are low on maintenance and anyone can handle them easily.

Reptiles like leopard geckos and crested geckos make really good pets. I have heard that people are afraid of crested gecko bites.

In this article, we will talk more about the biting of crested geckos. We will also highlight if a crested gecko can harm you or not. 

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Crested Gecko Bites

A lot of people people ask me to suggest a few reptiles. One of my favorite reptile is the crested gecko. Unlike many people think, cresties are not harmful at all and they make a good pet.

They only bite you when they feel threatened. Many people compare crested geckos teeth with fish teeth. These teeth do not cause bleeding.

If you are planning to pet a reptile, then crested geckos are best for you. Crested geckos are one of the friendly and docile pets to have.  

Let’s Identify the reason behind crested geckos biting.

Why Does a Crested Gecko Bite? 

Crested Gecko Bites
Crested Gecko Bites
(Source: Treebiscuit Gecko YouTube)

Crested geckos hunt for their food. To protect themselves from predators, crested geckos use their teeth for self-defense. Usually, the crested geckos hide inside their terrarium for protection. I have seen petters get bites from their crested geckos when they touch them.

Let’s identify the reasons why geckos bite. 

Unfamiliar Environment

When entering a new environment crested geckos feel uncomfortable. They feel insecure and unsafe. Petters should be patient in handling their crested geckos in the initial days. Wait for a couple of days after introducing it to the new environment. 

Geckos In Stress

Crested geckos behave abnormally when they are in stress. They may bite when you touch them. If you feel your crested gecko looks stressed, do not touch them.

Crested geckos get aggressive when they are handled during stress. Wait for the Geckos to calm down and try again later when they are stress-free.


This is one of the common reasons for a crested gecko to bite. A crested gecko bites when it is scared. When the crested gecko feels as though predators are trying to catch they get defensive.To protect themselves they bite you. 

The chances of being bitten by a crested gecko is small. It bites you only when it is introduced to a new family. If the gecko is unfamiliar to family members then give it time to get normal.

Do not scare your crested gecko by touching it again and again. The new environment causes stress in geckos which is why they feel scared. 

Also, If you have a gravid female, she may bite in order to protect her eggs. If your gecko was previously maltreated, he or she may also bite out of fear or mistrust of new owners. Finally, health issues can also cause your gecko to bite. If you think your gecko may be ill, please take him or her to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

How Often Does A Crested Gecko Bite? 

Crested Gecko Biting
Crested Gecko Biting
(Source: Stefanos Tokatlidis YouTube)

A crested gecko is very sensitive and bites when it feels there is some threat. Normally the chances of being hurt by a gecko are there only while handling it. Crested geckos do not like being handled by someone, and like to stay free within its terrarium. 

New to crested gecko? Check out the crested gecko care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about crested gecko as pets. Check it now!

Provide your crested Gecko some free space in its terrarium. 20-gallon tall terrarium space is sufficient for a crested gecko to feel comfortable. A crested gecko will continue to bite you as long as it feels there is a threat. The best advice is to leave it alone instead of handling it. 

Warning Signs Of Crested Gecko Bites

A crested gecko never bites without a warning. It bites to protect itself. You can prevent the bite of crested geckos by learning the warning signs.These warning signs allow petters to understand the feeling of crested geckos better. Some of the common warning signs crested geckos show are: 

Tail Twitching

Crested geckos use the tail for defense. The tail of crested gecko falls when it is in stress or feels some danger. Twitching of the tail is a warning sign that your crested gecko is in stress, and may bite if provoked. 

Mouth Gaping

When crested geckos gape at you with its mouth open, then it’s a warning. Usually, hatchlings show such behavior because they are not used to being handled that way. Stay away from them when they show such behavior. 


Usually, crested geckos are calm, but they may get vocal when stressed. They often bark and squeak when in stress. 

Watches Your Every Move

When a crested gecko starts observing your move, then it is a warning sign. In this case, a crested gecko follows your finger moves and even jumps against the glass. It is a good idea to consult a vet in this case, just to be safe. 

Does A Crested Gecko Bite Hurt? 

Crested Gecko Biting Human Arm
(Source: Treebiscuit Gecko YouTube)

If you have already been bitten by a crested gecko then the pain will depend on the intensity of the bite. The pain is very subjective with the crested geckos biting. Some experience low or no pain at all, and some experience a higher amount of pain.  

Crested geckos have small teeth and the pain is similar to pinching. The biting won’t cause the skin to break. People very rarely complain that they experience skin being broken.

Tips and Tricks You Must Follow To Avoid getting Bit From Crested Geckos

To prevent the crested geckos from biting, ensure it is stress-free. A happy and a healthy crested gecko will never bite you. Here are the tips and tricks to prevent crested geckos from biting:

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly While Handling Your Crested Geckos

Crested geckos are sensitive to smells and get stressed easily with the smell of other pets. If your hands smell good, they will take a nip. Ensure to wash away any foreign smells from your hands before handling crested geckos. 

Avoid Approaching Them From Above

Crested geckos are predatory animals. When a crested gecko is approached from above its instincts take over. It starts biting to defend itself. 

Make Your Crestie Aware Of Your Presence

Crested geckos are sensitive. They will defend themselves if they feel threatened. Before you enter your hand to their terrarium, let them know of your presence. Sudden movements can frighten the cresties and they can bite in self-defense. 

Allow Cresties To Show Love 

It is okay to love your pets, but with crested geckos it’s different. Allow your crested gecko to come to you rather than you going to them. Cresties do not like being handled, if they are fond of you they will come. 

Prevent Reaching Out To The Crested Geckos In Their Corners

If your crested gecko has hidden in a corner let it be. Do not reach for them. Put your hands away from crested geckos hideaways as it may frighten them. If the cresties get surprised they will bite you immediately. 

Do Not Approach Sleeping Crested Geckos

 Crested geckos take their sleep during the daytime. They do not like someone disturbing them during that time. If someone approaches them during their sleep they might bite due to stress. 

Ways To Calm Down Crested Geckos

Ways To Calm Crested Gecko
Ways To Calm Crested Gecko
(Source: Kelsey N YouTube)

Crested geckos may even get sick if they are constantly in stress. They sometimes fall sick and die as their immune system falls. 

New to crested gecko? Check out the crested gecko care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about crested gecko as pets. Check it now!

Here are a few ways in which you can calm your crested geckos: 

Reduce the Temperature Around Them

It is often observed that cresties get stressed under high temperatures. Ensure your crests are kept in the temperature, not more than 75 degrees F. Also, make the provision for a temperature gradient to allow geckos to reach a cooler spot. 

Make A New Home For Your Cresties

Crested geckos like being alone. If they come to a new family, they take time to adjust. Prepare an appropriately sized tank for them and allow them to acclimate there, for 10-15 days. Start introducing yourself during this course of duration.

Spend no more than 5 minutes with them for the first few days. Then start spending 15 minutes with them. Keep them in a non-noisy, minimum lightning environment to keep them calm. 

Leave Them Alone

Being patient with crested geckos is important. They will not start loving you immediately. Give them time to adjust to your touch.

Calm them by leaving them isolated for a few days. If they are comfortable, they will automatically approach you. 

How To Tame A New Crested Gecko

As I said, crested geckos are easy-going pets. They are not very difficult to handle. Often petters observe that their crested geckos are not interacting with them. Do not worry since cresties are different from other pets.

They like being alone. They do not like being handled. Here is an easy tip to follow to tame your crested gecko: 

Feed Them With Your Hand

This is the easiest way to bond with your crestie. You can feed your crestie with your hands to make a strong bond with them. Be gentle while making them eat. Gentle and frequent handling will allow them to get used to your touch. 

Usually, gentle handling is recommended to get them used to you. When you handle them make sure there is no noise in your surroundings. Noise makes geckos feel uncomfortable and full of stress. 

What To Do If You Get Bitten By Your Crestie

What To Do If Bitten by Your Crestie
What To Do If Bitten by Your Crestie
(Source: Thu Danh YouTube)

Crested geckos are very docile pets. If they bite you they are under stress. Here are a few things that you need to do while handling your cresties. 

First Reactions

When a crested gecko bites, you should make them aware that it’s not okay. Do not show anger, they might run away immediately. At this point, stay calm and do not remove the gecko from your hand.

Always wait for the cresties to stop biting. After they leave you, put them back in the terrarium and close the lid. 

Medical Attention: 

The bite won’t hurt you, but it might transfer bacteria or fungi. They transfer Salmonella bacteria which are harmful to humans. Treat crested gecko bites similar to the bites of other animals. Here are a few steps you need to follow

Step 1 Clean the Wound: Immediately go and wash your wound under running water to remove bacterias and dirt. Use antibacterial soap and antibacterial ointment for cleaning. 

Step 2: Bandage It Immediately: If the wound is deep, bandage it immediately. The bandaging will help in keeping the wound clean.  

Crested gecko bites are minor and never draw blood. If the wound is deep, consult with a physician immediately. 


Some cresties fail to bond at all no matter what you do for them. Leave them alone, the chances are they are shy and like staying alone. If you push them too hard they might get stressed and feel sick. In stress, they even start biting you and start hurting you frequently. 

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