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Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away? Keep Squirrels Away In A Creative Way

While squirrels are appealing to watch, they can reduce a lush garden to a meagre yard with a single invasion. Wait! Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?  You might fancy sitting down for this.

Squirrels and garden owners certainly don’t mix in one pot. As a result, gardeners are always inquisitive of ways and means to keep these voracious rodents away from their precincts. 

However, the mutual concern among garden owners is if coffee grounds keep squirrels at bay.

Well, if you‘re still finding it hard to grasp the misery of coffee grounds and squirrels, this article comes in handy by rounding up everything you need to know about using coffee grounds to get rid of squirrels.  Here is what I found out.

Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away?

You probably understand coffee grounds if you are reading this article; if not, coffee grounds are basically sediments that remain after the extraction of ground coffee beans.

Remarkably, coffee grounds do an excellent job of repelling squirrels. So, they technically keep away squirrels.

Coffee grounds feature a natural way of repelling squirrels since they don’t cause any harm to the little furballs. Squirrels find the odor emitted by coffee grounds irritating, and since they cannot withstand it, the only safe option is to keep away.

In contrast with other methods of getting rid of squirrels, coffee grounds are not very effective in combating squirrels.

This is because they need to be replenished quite often and are prone to weather changes. For instance, in case of rain, coffee grounds will be washed away and will need to be replaced. 

Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away
Coffee grounds

Are Coffee Grounds Good or Bad for Plants?

Coffee grounds ascribe a controversial topic when determining whether they are good or bad for plants.

It is, therefore, necessary to determine the correct prerequisites such as the type of plants and the type of soil that best thrive on the use of coffee grounds 

Relatedly, coffee grounds can be bad or good for plants depending on how you use them. So, are coffee grounds good for plants? Yes, coffee grounds can be very beneficial to plants when used in moderate amounts as mulch and fertilizer.

They contain a considerable amount of vital nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium, which promote plant growth.

When is Coffee Ground Bad for Plants?

If not used correctly, coffee grounds can have disastrous effects on plants. For instance, applying too much coffee ground directly on the soil can lead to blockage of moisture and air movement, which may result in plant death.

This is because coffee grounds consist of fine particles which may compact together with the soil.  Also, coffee grounds can seriously impact young plants since they can deter seed germination and early plant growth.

This is because coffee grounds contain caffeine which can inhibit young plants from growing. Conversely, the effects of caffeine vary across plants. 

Some coffee grounds added to plants for its benefits to plants
Some coffee grounds added to plants for its benefits to plants

Benefits of Using Coffee Grounds to Keep Squirrels Away

We have established that coffee grounds can actually get rid of squirrels that raid your garden. But why coffee grounds? Do they have any benefits? Let’s find out!

Benefit #1: Economical 

Coffee is among the most highly traded commodities globally. It is therefore cheap to obtain. Furthermore, most coffee shops give them away for free to their loyal customers if they need them.

Benefit #2: Pleasant smell

The smell of coffee is usually pleasing to humans, compared to other repellents that can be used to get rid of squirrels. 

Benefit #3: pesticide for other animals

Coffee grounds double up as pesticides for other animals as well, e.g., slugs and chipmunks. These animals also don’t like the smell of coffee grounds 

Benefit #4: Nutritional value to some plants 

According to a growing body of research, coffee grounds add nutrients to the soil apace, improving soil levels of iron, potassium, and magnesium. These nutrients facilitate the growth of acid-loving plants. 

A squirrel eating fruits from the garden
A squirrel eating fruits from the garden

How to Use Coffee Grounds Properly?

Coffee grounds can be very effective in keeping squirrels at bay when used properly. Understanding how to use them in your garden is therefore imperative if you intend to see results.

So, how exactly do you use coffee grounds in your garden to get rid of our little visitors and what do you need to know about them?

There are various types of coffee grounds ranging from coarse ground to fine grounds. Similarly, all types of grounds work well as far as keeping away squirrels is concerned.

You can therefore use any type of coffee grounds if you start noticing our cute little friends around your garden. Additionally, knowing where to put the coffee grounds in your greens is also vital.

There are specific plants that squirrels are more attracted to and it would be wise if you start spreading your coffee grounds around those plants. Examples include; tomatoes, corn and grapes.

To keep away squirrels, sprinkle lightly fresh coffee grounds on the soil surrounding plants and squirrel prone areas in your yard. Such areas can be in the attic or around bird feeders.

Coffee grounds need to be replaced at least after every two weeks to preserve their effectiveness.

Other Alternatives to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden?

Squirrels can sometimes be a nuisance, and getting rid of them away is always the last resort for any homeowner.

While coffee grounds feature a natural and non-toxic method of keeping these tiny critters away, other natural techniques are also exceptional in repelling squirrels. They include:

  • Use of hot pepper plants such as cayenne pepper and red pepper.
  • Use of Garlic and vinegar 
  • Plant flowering plants such as Alliums
  • Use of scarecrows or statues 

For a comprehensive guide on natural methods to keep squirrels away from your yard, you can check out this article: 9 Humane Solutions To Protect Your Garden From Squirrels.

plants that repel squirrels
hot pepper plant, allium plant vinegar and garlic plants can all repel squirrels from your garden or backyard

Wrapping Up

Squirrels are a problem to any homeowner in a squirrel infested area. The need to find an effective repellent is always a concern, with some methods presenting ethical issues as far as animal conservation is concerned.

Similarly, the use of coffee grounds in deterring squirrels is a concern among garden owners. Coffee grounds constitute of remains of ground coffee beans after extraction.

They double up as pesticides, pecky animals and fertilizer for plants. They can also be used to keep squirrels away from your garden. 

It is considered a natural squirrel repellent with varying effects on plants depending on how it is used. It is also pretty economical to use as a repellent because it serves other purposes, such as adding nutrients to plants.

The use of coffee grounds to repel squirrels is a very creative technique and can be very effective if used properly.

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