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Do Hawks Eat Squirrels? 5 Ways To Scare Hawks Away From Squirrels

Squirrels have a diverse defense mechanism that aids them in escaping from predators. These rodents blend in the trees and woods to disguise their appearance, making it harder for predators to spot them.

No animal will surrender to its enemy that quickly; even squirrels will try any means possible to evade a predator. Being the lowest in the food chain makes these rodents a potential food to so many animals.

Does it mean that squirrels should also hide from hawks? Do hawks eat squirrels? This article will be a look at the relationship between hawks and squirrels. It will inform you if hawks eat squirrels and how you can scare hawks away from squirrels.

Do Hawks Eat Squirrels?

Hawks have an extensive range of animals that are their potential food, including squirrels. They are predatory birds with pretty sharp eyesight that is eight times more powerful than that of humans.

So then, even if squirrels put all effort into blending in with their natural environment, they remain susceptible to hawks’ attacks. These prey birds can effectively watch from the sky, and their keen eyesight lets them see very far away.

Do Hawks Eat Squirrels? Yes, they do
A red-tailed hawk captures and kill a squirrel for food

Almost all kinds of hawks eat squirrels, but the red-tailed hawks are archenemies to squirrels. More often, hawks prefer to kill live squirrels than going for a dead carcass. Hawks quickly kill the youngster squirrels and those that are smaller to catch.

A group of squirrels can successfully scare a predator away, but hawks rarely forgive a lone squirrel but strike without further ado.

How Do Hawks Attack Squirrels?

As tactical predatory birds, hawks can perfectly hide from a target squirrel and strike it in a flash. But in most cases, squirrels are very watchful.

How do hawks succeed in attacking an animal as defensive as a squirrel? Let’s look into the strategies that hawks use when attacking squirrels.

Tactic #1: Keen Eyesight

Hawks are generally reputed to have powerful eyesight and the highest level of intelligence. They hunt from the top of the highest trees and can spot prey a half-mile away, which is quite impossible for the most flying predator.

Tactic #2: Powerful Flight

Hawks convey a mighty, quick, and nimble flight in pursuit of prey. They typically use gravity to their advantage when pursuing prey. When dropping from the highest positions, hawks fold their wings and speedily dive upon the prey.

Tactic #3: Magical Talons

hawks kills and eat squirrel
Once a hawk has captured a squirrel, it’ll kill with its long, and sharp claws

Hawks have stupendous, long, and sharp claws that curve inward on every toe called talons. The hawk talons are deadly weapons when it comes to striking, dismembering, and carrying prey.

A hawk swings its legs forward during the attack, typically aiming the eyes and the head and stretching out its wings to trap the prey. Their legs have extraordinary crushing strength.

At the moment, the squirrel can barely help itself as the hawk holds it steadfastly and is busy gouging the squirrel’s eyes with its front talons and the back talons piercing the head.

How hawks attack squirrels in the wild [source: Nature Man]

Do Squirrels Attack Hawks?

Even though squirrels are known to be calm and friendly, they take off this personality when in the presence of a predator and become extremely violent.

Before a squirrel capitulates to an enemy’s attack, that means it has fought to the death. Yes, squirrels attack hawks and cause them severe injuries. Any squirrel that spots a hawk diving upon it prepares for the battle and might eventually save itself.

Squirrels have teeth and claws that are incredibly sharp, making them dangerous opponents for the hawks. They can mercilessly bite and skin the hawk, causing it injuries that might be hard to believe.

Who Eats Hawk in The Wild?

A hawk is very top-high in the food chain and the middle of their food web. It implies that hawks are secondary and tertiary consumers, hence have many prey but few predators.

On the other hand, squirrels can be primary or secondary consumers, which explains why they have so many natural enemies. Hawks are lucky and have no animals to fear except the more prominent hawks and eagles.

Nonetheless, crows and owls threaten hawks; they hound and pick them for sports. Even after being bosses in the food chain, hawks have not made it as you may think them to be. They have eagles, crows, and owls to stay away from.

Eagles are the kings in the sky and are incomparable with hawks. They are extravagant hunters compared to hawks, and their large size makes them more feared. Eagles attack hawks for food when they come into contact.

Larger hawks are known to attack their more diminutive counterparts for food and harass them over territory.

An  owl hunting a hawk
Although hawks appear to not have much predators, they are so much afraid of owls

How Do You Scare Away a Hawk?

Hawks are natural enemies to most of our pets and domestic animals, and having them around your backyard is the last thing you want. Are hawks bothering you, and you’re wondering how you can successfully scare them away? Worry no more!

See some of the most effective strategies proven to scare and get rid of hawks from your surroundings below.

  • Hawks are afraid of owls; hence, setting up an owl decoy or scarecrow will help to scare hawks away. Change the position of the scarecrow more often; it will help it appear more authentic to hawks.
  • Another cheapest alternative is to hang reflective deterrents such as reflective tape, mirror balls, or CDs on a tree or stick. Shiny reflective surfaces confuse and scare hawks away.
  • Surround your chicken pen or backyard with deer netting; it acts as a visual deterrent. Hawks avoid deer netting as much as they can.
  • Make a shrub or tree shelter for the animal you’re protecting from hawks, especially the free-range chicken. The chicken hides underneath the shelter, and hawks barely see them.

Besides Hawks, What Other Animals Also Eat Squirrels?

Squirrels indeed have a lot of tactics to save themselves from predators, but these rodents are inferior in the wild and need to hide from so many animals.

Hawks are not the only predatory birds that squirrels are afraid of, but these rodents are also targeted by owls, eagles, black kites, falcons, and harriers.

The other prominent predators for squirrels are the mammalian predators (bobcats, cats, dogs, minks, weasels, foxes, badgers, and coyotes); reptilian predators (rattlesnakes and bullsnakes).

A dog attacking squirrel
Dogs also do hunt and kill squirrels for food

Moreover, squirrels can be eaten by fish, alligator snapping turtles, crocodiles, and other water predators. Also, a squirrel can be food to another squirrel.

Final Words

Squirrels are not very high in the food chain. Their primary diet is vegetables and fruits, making them primary consumers. The fact that squirrels eat insects and small animals also qualify them to be secondary consumers.

Since these rodents mostly eat low in the food chain, they have an extended list of animals that eat them, including hawks, eagles, bullsnakes, weasels, cats, crocodiles, small and large fishes, coyotes, dogs, etc. 

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