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Do Squirrels Dream? 3 Secrets You Didn’t Know

Dreams are indeed mysterious, but some of them express joyful feelings. Every human being dreams and that’s normal. Talking of animals, do squirrels dream? Observing certain behaviors exhibited by your pet, you’re left with no other thoughts but to wonder if they dream.

Dreaming isn’t unusual among human beings, but it might be a different case for animals. Squirrels tend to make weird sounds when sleeping, and their owners won’t rest until they figure out if this is typical.

I was also curious to know if squirrels can dream, I did my research carefully, and now I want to share my findings about squirrels and dreaming with you. Keep reading for more insightful information.

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Do Squirrels Dream?

It’s impossible to observe another person’s dream, which is no different from animals, including squirrels. However, that doesn’t mean that squirrels don’t dream; they do.

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in general, animals experience complex dreams and can retain and remember long sequences of events when sleeping.

Researchers have confirmed that animals’ brains aren’t much different from ours when it comes to sleeping. Their brain emulates the same series of sleeping states as humans.

The fact that animals’ sleeping brains work similarly to ours is one of the evidence that they dream. Likewise, animals express some physical behaviors in different phases of the sleep cycle. Such behaviors indicate that the animal might be dreaming.

Do Squirrels Dream? yes they do
As surprising as it may sound, scientists have proven that squirrels do dream when they sleep

How Do Squirrels Dream?

As mentioned earlier, you can’t tell that a squirrel is dreaming by just looking at it. However, most squirrels don’t have a quiet sleep, but they make some odd sounds when sleeping.

Maybe you haven’t heard your squirrel pet making any noise when sleeping, and you’re wondering what I’m saying. Well, squirrels making sounds in their sleep isn’t something unheard of. 

Some squirrel owners have reported that their pet chatters and makes odd noises in their sleep. Based on the scientists’ findings, such behaviors are normal and prove that your squirrel is dreaming.

So, next time when you are lucky to hear your pet squirrel chattering in its sleep, it isn’t something to bother you; your friend is in its dreamland.

Animals don’t talk, and neither do they do that when they sleep. We can only tell that an animal is dreaming by observing its behaviors in sleep.

Do Squirrels Become Active at Night?

Humans are busy with their daily activities during the day and retreat to shelter at night to wait for the next morning, which might also be true with squirrels.

These cute little critters are familiar with almost everyone. Your area might be rich with squirrels, and you wonder if it’s these creatures responsible for the crazy sounds made outside at night.

If you are curious to know whether squirrels are active at night, then you aren’t alone. Many people would also want to know about the same. The truth is that squirrels spend their night sleeping just like you and me.

During the daytime, squirrels are busy gathering food, eating, hoarding, playing around, strolling, and perhaps mating. And this indicates that these pretty animals are active during the day and inactive at night.

During this time, squirrels are heavily sleeping in their nests. Therefore, the sounds or animal movements heard at night aren’t likely to be made by squirrels. A squirrel can only make noise at night when dreaming.

How Long Does a Squirrel Sleep?

Is it important to know the animal’s sleeping length? This is a question that won’t escape many peoples’ minds, and of course, it’s necessary to know how much time any pet needs to spend sleeping.

As you all know, not all animals are seen during the day as some are only active at night. Squirrels are exempted from the latter group and other animals like dogs, elephants, humans, butterflies, honey bees, hawks, etc.

So, for how long does a squirrel sleep? Well, the average total sleep time for a squirrel is 15 hours each day. If I say that squirrels spend up to 62% of their day sleeping, will I be telling the truth?

Nice if you agree with me. It’s obvious that squirrels are among the most playful animals we know, but most of their time is spent sleeping, interesting, right?

Where Do Squirrels Sleep?

squirrel resting on a tree branch
Depending on the type of squirrel, every squirrel sleeps in their home.
Tree squirrels will sleep on the tree.
However, it’s important to understand that squirrels do rest.
And when they’re resting, they rest with their eyes open.

Are you also wondering where squirrels sleep like me? Similarly to humans, squirrels don’t just sleep anywhere as some might think. These animals do own homes.

However, a squirrel’s home differs greatly depending on the type of squirrel. Earlier in the previous articles, I remember discussing the three types of squirrels: flying squirrels, ground squirrels, and tree squirrels.

The flying squirrels have their homes in tree dens made of grass, leaves, barks, moss, and small twigs. Tree squirrels live and sleep in dreys. Dreys consist of mosses, leaves, twigs, and branches and are strategically positioned between the tree branch forks.

Lastly, the ground squirrels, as the name suggests, sleep in ground-level burrows. These are the squirrel species known to hibernate.

Squirrels can be attracted to peoples’ homesteads when the external conditions seem unfavorable. And in such situations, you can see a squirrel’s den or drey in the home attics.

Do Squirrels Close their Eyes When Sleeping?

A sleeping baby squirrel
A sleeping baby squirrel

It is interesting to know that not all animals close their eyes when sleeping. A snake is one animal known to sleep with its eyes wide open. What about squirrels? Do they sleep with their eyes open?

Yes, they do close their eyes when sleeping. Squirrels don’t sleep with their eyes open, but they close them. They close their eyes to sleep deeply and usually when lying down. We have also seen that these critters sleep a lot as they spend 62% of their total time in 24 hours sleeping.

Wrapping Up

There is a lot about squirrels, but I have unravelled a few secrets about them. Almost everyone will tell you something about squirrels since these bushy-tailed creatures are familiar to us.

We have seen that it’s not only humans who dream, but also squirrels and maybe other animals. Moreover, squirrels spend most of their time sleeping, accounting for 62% total sleep time of 24 hours.

Also, squirrels are diurnal; hence, they are active some hours during the day, including morning hours, late afternoon, and evening. Another thing not to forget is that squirrels close their eyes when sleeping.

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