How To Clean a Bearded Dragon in 6 Easy Steps

Bearded dragons are excellent exotic pets that anybody would love to have. However, they come with responsibilities that every owner must familiarize themselves with. 

Bathing your bearded dragon is one of the responsibilities. But, unfortunately, most people don’t understand if it’s necessary to bathe their bearded dragons.

Others don’t know how to bathe their bearded dragons. For these reasons, we came up with this article to tell you how to clean a bearded dragon and why your bearded dragon needs a bath. Keep reading!

Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

When Do You Need To Clean A Bearded Dragon

When Do You Need To Clean A Bearded Dragon

Even though bearded dragons come from harsh climate areas, a regular bath can be helpful. Bathing your bearded dragon helps keep them clean, hydrated, healthy and reduce shedding problems.

It would be best if you bathed your bearded dragon thrice in a week. However, if your bearded dragon doesn’t enjoy bathing, once a week can be good.

But, during shedding, five or more times would be even great. Bearded dragons may poop and pee in their tank. 

And, even though you collect the dropping every day, it is impossible to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and other microscopic organisms in the bearded dragon’s cage and body.

Therefore, bathing your bearded dragon helps to reduce those microorganisms from multiplying further.

Even so, it is essential to clean the bearded dragon’s cage if you want your bearded dragon to stay healthy and clean.

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How To Clean a Bearded Dragon in 6 Steps

Now that you know why it is imperative to clean your bearded dragon, let’s now see how you can bathe your bearded dragon in these six simple steps.

Step 1: Choose The Right A Separate Bathtub And Clean It

A sink, bathtub, or any container that can hold water would be good to clean your bearded dragon. 

However, bearded dragons carry salmonella bacteria. And, even though they do not have much effect on them, they can be effective to humans.

Thus, please get a separate bathtub for your bearded dragon. Again, the bathtub should be clean and free from parasites. 

Therefore, you should make sure to clean the bathtub before use. Also, if you will be using your kitchen or bathroom sink, you should thoroughly clean and disinfect it to kill all bacteria and fungi.

Step 2: Fill The Bath With Just Enough Warm Water And Add A Rock

Fill warm water in the tub. The water’s temperature should be 85-1000F. And, it should only be a few inches.

How much water to put in depends on the size of the bearded dragon. A good thumb of a rule should be not any level above the bearded dragon’s knee. 

Bearded dragons can aspirate if the water level is too high. Additionally, you should add a large rock inside the sink for your bearded dragon to climb on if it feels insecure inside the tub.

Step 3: Place your Pet in the Water

The third step would gently place your beardie in the water and let it get assimilated.

Bathing is not an everyday experience for bearded dragons. Thus, your bearded dragon may throw tantrums at first.  

But, be patient and let it be. 

And, if you see your bearded dragon puffing, don’t get alarmed as it could be inhaling to make it easier for it to float in the water.

Step 4: Monitor And Let The Beardie Bathe For Some Time 

Bathing time should be fun and bonding time. Thus, let your bearded dragon enjoy the swim. 

And, you can include toys for your bearded dragon to play with while in the water to encourage it to stay longer.

However, you should be present as bearded dragons can easily drown. 

Also, you should beware aware not all bearded dragons enjoy a bathe. Thus, if yours seems irritated, you should not let it stay for long. 

A good bath should take approximately 5-30 minutes. But, of course, how long a bearded dragon stays in water depends on its tolerance level. 

If your bearded dragon seems to enjoy its stay in the water, you can let it stay for  30 minutes at most. 

But, if it doesn’t seem enjoyable, five minutes should be enough.

Step 5: Clean Bearded Dragon Gently

Once your bearded dragon seems to be assimilated and settled in the water, it is now time to clean it.

It would be best not to scrub or use soap to clean your bearded dragon. 

Instead, pour water over your bearded dragon and use a very soft brush to clean it gently.

Also, don’t brush your bearded dragon’s nose, eyes, and cloaca. You should also avoid wetting your bearded dragon’s eyes.

Step 6: Dry Your Dragon and Put it Back in Tank

Once you are done bathing your bearded dragon, it is time to dry it using a soft towel.

It would be best not to rub your bearded dragon when drying it, as it can cause skin irritation, especially during shedding.

Instead, you should wrap your bearded dragon with a towel and then pat it dry. 

Remember, your bearded dragon can get extremely cold if it’s not dried well. 

Thus, you should ensure it is dry before putting it back in its tank.

3 Important Notes When Cleaning Bearded Dragons

3 Important Notes When Cleaning Bearded Dragons

Bathing your bearded dragon should be fun and healthy for your bearded dragon. Therefore, you should ensure the process is comfortable and free from any health risks.

Therefore, these three notes are vital for you to ensure that your bearded dragon is happy and healthy after a bath.

Avoid Using Any Soaps Or Cleaning Detergents

Soaps and detergents can cause health issues to bearded dragons if ingested.

Thus, you should avoid using them as bearded dragons tend to drink their bathing water while bathing.

Additionally, chemicals present in soaps and detergents can be harmful to bearded dragon’s skin. 

Therefore, you should avoid soaps and detergent when bathing your bearded dragon to prevent any health issues after bath. 

Remember, baths for bearded dragons should be helpful rather than dangerous.

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Remove The Bearded Dragons Poop Immediately If They Do It In Bath

Since bathing helps ease constipation, it is likely for your bearded dragon to defecate in their bathing water.

If this happens, you should immediately move the bearded dragon, dry it, and then put it in its cage.

Then, it would be best if you washed the tub with vinegar to kill salmonella bacteria and then refilled the water to bath your bearded dragon again.

It is dangerous for your bearded dragon to drink contaminated water. Thus, it is a MUST for you to immediately change the water if your bearded dragon poops in it.

Make Sure The Bearded Dragon Has Enough Heat After Bathe

Make Sure The Bearded Dragon Has Enough Heat After Bathe

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded animals. Thus, to heat their bodies, they depend on the ambient temperature. Bathing makes bearded dragons get cold. 

Therefore, after the bath, it is critical to ensure that you place your bearded dragon in its basking spot to warm its body.

Clean Up The Bathtub As Soon As Possible

Salmonella bacteria is a common bacteria in reptile poop. However, it does not affect them and does not show any signs.

However, it can transmit to you their owner through contact contamination. 

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you clean up the tub immediately to prevent the spread of salmonella bacteria to you and your family. 

The most common symptoms of salmonella bacteria infection in human is diarrhea, vomiting, and stomachache. 

You can use white vinegar to clean the tub to eliminate these bacteria.

Bonus: Trimming Your Bearded Dragon’s Nails

Bonus: Trimming Your Bearded Dragon’s Nails

Good hygiene is imperative for healthy bearded dragons. And, good hygiene is not just about bathing your bearded dragon. 

Trimming your bearded, long nails also helps to keep your bearded dragon clean and free from bacteria. 

It is because long nails tend to harbor a lot of bacteria. Also, long nails can pierce your skin during handling.

 Thus, it is essential to trim them short using a toenail clipper. You should ensure only to nip the sharp tips.


What can I use to wash my bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons consume their bathing water. Thus, you don’t need to use soaps and detergents for bathing them. Instead, you should use plain water and a soft brush for bathing your bearded dragon.

How do you clean a smelly bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons do not smell unless they contact smelly surfaces due to their feces and urine.

Thus, if your bearded dragon is smelling, you should ensure to clean their enclosure and then bath them with plain water and a soft brush.

Thorough cage cleaning is the key to keeping your bearded dragon smelling fresh.

Are baby wipes safe for bearded dragons?

You can use unscented wipes to wipe the bearded dragon’s cage. However, most bearded dragons tend to try eating anything within their reach.

Thus, it would not be great to use baby wipes on bearded dragons.

Last Sentences

Bathing your bearded dragon should be a fantastic experience for both you and your bearded dragon. 

Therefore, you should be attentive to your bearded dragon’s needs during the bath.

For example, if your bearded dragon seems uncomfortable during the bath, limit its stay in the water as little as possible.

And if your bearded dragon seems to enjoy the bath, extend the bath to 30 minutes at most. 

And, change the water if it gets too cold to prevent your bearded dragon’s temperature from dropping drastically.

Otherwise, by following these simple steps to bathe your bearded dragon, we hope you will have a fantastic experience.

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