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Leopard Gecko Toys: 11 Best Choices & Their Reviews

Although leopard geckos are calm and solitary reptiles, they are very curious and love being played with. This shows they are a suitable reptile choice if you want a lizard that you can interact with. As a leopard gecko owner, you may be wondering how you can best interact with your leopard gecko.

Since leopard geckos are curious in nature, providing them with toys helps to keep them happy and active. Furthermore, providing toys is a great way to interact with your leopard gecko and bond with it.

However, there are several toys that you can buy for your leopard gecko, and you may be wondering which one is the best for you. In this article, we will help highlight some of the best leopard gecko toys out there to help make your decision less stressful.

Why Do Leopard Geckos Need Toys?

Providing toys for leopard geckos helps to make their tank interesting and to keep your gecko entertained. Furthermore, toys help to make your reptile active and keep them in a healthy shape. Providing toys will also help to make your gecko trust you and bond with you. 

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose Good Toys For Leopard Geckos?

There are several toys that you can provide for your leopard gecko, and it can be quite hard to choose a toy for your pet lizard. When considering the best toys for your leopard gecko, you will need to choose one that will enrich your gecko’s life and be something they enjoy.

Some of the things to consider when choosing a toy for leopard geckos are stated below.

Safe For Your Leopard Geckos

The safety of your leopard gecko should be your first priority when choosing a toy for them. You need to avoid buying toys with sharp or pointed edges as they can easily injure your gecko. Furthermore, toys that your gecko can mistakenly ingest should be avoided as this can cause impaction. 

Friendly Material

When choosing a toy, you need to consider the material used in making it. It is best to go for toys made with friendly materials so that your gecko can feel safe and happy using it. You can also choose toys made with material that you can easily maintain and keep fresh for your gecko.

Durable And Long-Lasting

As a leopard gecko owner, it is best to opt for toys that are durable and long-lasting as this helps to ensure your gecko can use the toy for a long term. This will also help you to save money on toys.

Your Gecko Enclosure

Your gecko’s enclosure should be put into consideration whenever you are choosing a toy for your leopard gecko. If you want to mimic your gecko’s environment, you can opt for toys that will provide the best environment for them. You can buy branches, hammocks, hides, and vines to provide places where your gecko can hide, climb, and even explore whenever they want.

Leopard Gecko Toys
Best Leopard Gecko Toys

Best Choices For Leopard Gecko Toys

In this section, I will review 11 leopard gecko toys that your gecko will love. The products I listed help stimulate your gecko and can also be used to decorate your gecko’s enclosure. They are also very durable, and you can use them for a long time without any issues.

Product ListMaterial Function
Reptile Hammock: Penn-PlaxNatural Seagrass fiberFor basking and lounging
Exo Terra Gecko CaveResin For shelter and hiding
Water Dish BowlPremium resin and eco-friendlyFor feeding
Artificial PlantPlastic and resinFor decoration and hiding
List of best leopard gecko toys

Reptile Hammock: Penn-Plax 

Last update on 2022-12-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Leopard geckos love lounging and placing a hammock in their enclosure helps to provide stimulation and enrichment for your gecko.

Product Overview

  • Made up of natural seagrass fiber
  • Presence of suction cups
  • Durable and flexible
  • It is hand-woven

Penn-Plax reptile hammock is a hand-woven hammock made of natural seagrass fiber that can enable your gecko to lounge and bask. It is very durable and flexible, and you can fix it anywhere inside of your gecko’s enclosure. It also has suction cups that you can use to attach to glass and acrylic terrarium walls.

You can use the hammock with arboreal and terrestrial reptile species, and with its flexibility, you can place it in a way that your gecko will love it. Furthermore, the hammock is 17×20 inches, ideal for a wide range of gecko species.

By installing this hammock on an incline, your gecko can easily self-regulate their body temperature either by moving farther or closer to the basking light.


  • It is a comfortable and climbable lounger; your gecko will love it.
  • It adds a natural feel to your leopard gecko’s enclosure
  • Your gecko can rub against this hammock to help remove their old skin


  • It is unsuitable for baby and juvenile geckos as their heads can get stuck when climbing.
  • The suckers are not too vigorous, especially when attached to a wooden vivarium.

Fluker’s Small Animal Bend-A-Branch Pet Habitat Décor 

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Leopard geckos love an enclosure that mimics their natural environment, and you can try to recreate their natural habitat using Fluker’s small animal bend-a-branch pet habitat décor.

Product Overview

  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in an improved color that does not bleed.
  • It has the natural look of wooden vines or branches.

You can use this bendable branch to create a natural environment for your gecko to climb, hide, and make them feel at home. This branch will help keep your gecko active as you will find them moving or climbing the branch.

The best thing is that you can easily bend the branch to fit your gecko’s enclosure, and they offer more support than when using a conventional vine. You can place the branch on the ground for your gecko to move it around or attach it to the glass with suction cups so your gecko can climb it.


  • It provides hiding and resting place for your gecko
  • Suitable for all kinds of terrarium
  • Adds a natural look to your gecko’s enclosure
  • Easy to clean


  • It is not suitable for enclosure with high humidity

Penn-Plax Reptology Shale Step Ledge 

Last update on 2022-12-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

There are days when your leopard gecko wants to hide, and what is a better toy to have than the Penn-Plax cryptology shale step ledge?

Product Overview

  • Natural stone-look
  • Multi-layered
  • Made with resin

The Penn-Plax reptology shale step ledge is suitable for small reptiles, and it helps to give your gecko’s enclosure a natural stone look. It has multiple functions, and your leopard gecko will feel safe and happy having this in its enclosure.

The step ledge has plenty of space under it where your leopard gecko can hide whenever they want. It also has lots of basking space where your leopard gecko can climb and bask. Another thing is that the ledge can blend with any environment, whether it is aquatic or dry.


  • It can be used as a climbing and hiding spots
  • It can blend well with your gecko’s enclosure


  • It has a razor-sharp point, and you will need to fix it yourself before placing it in your terrarium.

Exo Terra Gecko Cave 

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Hiding helps to give leopard geckos a sense of peace and security, and this Exo terra gecko cave can help provide them with a place to hide.

Product Overview

  • Sturdy design
  • Available in different sizes
  • Natural cave look

Placing a hideout in a leopard gecko enclosure helps provide shelter and a cooler area. Exo Terra Gecko cave has a natural look, and you can easily integrate it into any enclosure. It also has a sturdy design, meaning larger geckos cannot tip it over.

You can also use the Exo Terra Gecko Cave as a nesting hide for your leopard gecko. All you have to do is add moistened Sphagnum Moss or Exo Terra’s Forest Moss to help keep the nesting hides moist.


  • Offers a secure hiding place for your gecko
  • Helps to reduce stress in gecko
  • Can be easily integrated into different types of terrariums
  • Can be used as a nesting hide.


  • Has a plastic odor

Exo Terra Terrarium Decor Primate Skull 

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Leopard geckos need a hideout to help make them happy. The Exo Terra terrarium décor primate skull not only serves as a hideout but as a fascinating décor in their enclosure.

Product Overview

  • Made out of durable polyresin material
  • Multiple entries and exits
  • Extremely realistic

The Exo terra terrarium décor primate skull helps to add an exciting accessory to your gecko’s home. Although it looks scary, it is completely harmless as it is made from durable polyresin material. The skull looks fragile but quite robust, and even your gecko can run on it without any issue.

The Exo Terra Skull hides are suitable for any type of enclosure, from desert to aquatic ones. Your gecko will love hiding in it, and the best thing is that it has multiple entrances. You will find your gecko climbing, exploring, and even hiding in this cool hide.


  • It helps to add extra dimensions to your terrarium setup
  • It is suitable for a wide range of enclosure setups
  • It provides a secure hiding place for your gecko


  • There are sharp edges around the eye sockets and openings.

A Decorative Pier 

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Leopard geckos need a basking platform in their enclosure, and this decorative pier can help serve the purpose.

Product Overview

  • Groovy steps and little pillars
  • Multiple purposes
  • Secure supports
  • Presence of docking ramp with gravel support

Although this decorative pier may not be natural-looking, your gecko will surely love it. The pier can work as a cave and a platform where your gecko can bask. Your leopard gecko will love resting and eating on the pier and helps owners to better interact with their pet.

Four pylons support the pier supports attached to suction cups to help secure it to the tank. It has a docking ramp that your gecko can use to climb to the upper part of the pier.


  • It can be used as a cave and a basking spot
  • It has a secure support
  • Gecko can easily access it
  • You can adjust the height of the pylon support based on your habitat setup.


  • You cannot use without making some alteration
  • The suction cups easily falls off

EONMIR 8-Foot Reptile Vines 

Last update on 2022-12-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

One of the things that leopard geckos love is climbing, and with the EONMIR reptile vine, you can provide lots of climbing opportunities for them.

Product Overview

  • Made with special PU and iron metal
  • Presence of suction cups
  • Natural feel
  • Bendable vine

This bendable vine not only provides a natural feel to your gecko’s enclosure but also helps to provide exercises that will stimulate your gecko’s body and brain. The EONMIR reptile vine is an excellent toy for your gecko.

It is around 8ft long, and you can twist and bend it any way you want to create a complex path for your gecko to climb. The vine is a safe toy for your gecko as it is made with non-toxic material and has suction cups for attaching it to your gecko’s tank.


  • Safe
  • Can be used for decorative purpose
  • Helps to stimulate your gecko
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof


  • They don’t do well under high moisture
  • The suction cups don’t hold very well
  • The plant is not very sturdy 

Water Dish Bowl 

Last update on 2022-12-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Leopard geckos need food and water, and you can easily make their feeding time fun by using this lovely water dish bowl.

Product Overview

  • Made with premium resin and eco-friendly material
  • Flat bottom
  • Shallow bottom
  • Natural look

This water dish bowl is made with premium resin and eco-friendly material, completely safe for your gecko. It has a flat bottom design which means it can stand anywhere in your gecko’s enclosure. Your gecko will love its shallow bottom design, which makes it easier to eat from it.

Apart from this, it also helps owners to create a natural environment for their reptiles. It also has a cave underneath with several entrances where hatchlings and juvenile geckos can hide.


  • Blends well with the environment
  • Safe to use
  • Has multiple purposes


  • Can hold less than half a cup of water
  • Your gecko can get stuck on the holes at the side of the bowl

Artificial Plants 

leopard gecko artificial plant décor
Leopard gecko resting on an artificial plant in its tank

You can provide a place that your leopard gecko can explore by placing artificial plants in their enclosure.

Product Overview

  • Plastic and resin material
  • Natural look
  • Weighted base design

Last update on 2022-12-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Owners can use this artificial plant to decorate places where real plants cannot survive. This artificial plant is durable and designed with a weighted base to help keep it in place. This means you don’t have to worry about hurting your gecko.

Another thing is that it is made with plastic which makes it very easy to clean. Your gecko will love this plant as it helps to offer a hiding place and a place that they can explore when bored.


  • For decorating your gecko’s enclosure
  • For creating a natural hiding spot for your gecko
  • It is durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for a wide range of enclosures.


  • The black bottom can stain your pet and your hands
  • The leaves are very thin and more suitable for baby gecko

Exo Terra Dinosaur Eggs Fossil Hide-Out 

Exo terra dinosaur eggs fossil hideout not only provides entertainment for leopard geckos but also for their owners.

leopard gecko in a hide
leopard gecko in a hide

Product Overview

  • Natural fossil look
  • Multicolor
  • Multi-level hideout
  • Numerous entrance

Last update on 2022-12-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Dinosaurs are the ancestors of today’s reptiles, and you can use this toy to create a prehistoric design for your gecko’s enclosure. The hideouts help in providing a safe hideaway from your gecko.

It can also be used for creating a humid microclimate as it supports thermoregulation and hydration. Your leopard gecko can even use the hideout for its natural shedding. Furthermore, your gecko will love this hideaway with its multiple entrances, making accessing it quite easy.


  • Helps prevent stress
  • Suitable for all types of enclosure
  • Used for creating a humid microclimate
  • Used for decorating your gecko’s enclosure.
  • Lots of space for your gecko to hide.


  • Has a strong odor
  • The holes has sharp edges

Pranovo Reptile Hammock Swing 

Leopard geckos love climbing and basking, and a Pranovo Reptile Hammock Swing can help provide the stimulation your geckos need.

Product Overview

  • Made from fabric
  • Free pillow
  • Self-adhesive hooks and suction cups
  • Hand-made
  • Durable

Last update on 2022-12-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Pranovo Reptile Hammock Swing is an adjustable hammock where your gecko can rest and sleep. It is made with fabric, and you can place it on the side of your gecko’s enclosure. This will help your leopard gecko to climb and bask in the hammock.

There is also a small pillow fixed to the hammock with Velcro to help ensure it is convenient and safe for your gecko. The hammock also has self-adhesive hooks and suction cups to help attach it to your gecko’s enclosure.


  • It is made with quality material
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is safe for your gecko
  • It helps to stimulate your leopard gecko.


  • Pillow is not very washable
  • The suction cup don’t stick well

3 Tips To Play With Your Leopard Gecko

Playing with your gecko helps owners to interact better with them.  Some of the ways that you can play with your leopard gecko are stated below.

Give Them Time To Adapt And Explore

It is recommended to give your leopard gecko time to acclimatize to their environment before you try to play with them. Furthermore, you should avoid playing with young geckos less than 3-4 inches as they are fragile.

You can only start playing with them once they trust you. Leopard geckos are curious creatures and will explore your body and stay in a warm spot. You can allow your gecko to explore you and other areas outside of their enclosure when you start playing.

You can also play with your leopard gecko by allowing it to explore an empty room or a bed. All you have to do is keep an eye on your gecko to ensure they don’t get lost.

Take The Time To Build Trust For Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are not like conventional pets, and it can be quite hard to build trust with them. Some of the steps that you can follow to build trust with your leopard gecko are stated below.

  • Start to build trust with your leopard gecko by talking to it. Leopard geckos can hear and recognize your voice, and this can help them recognize you.
  • Let your gecko get used to your smell and presence by spending time close to their enclosure.
  • After your gecko recognizes you, you can start putting your hand in its cage.

Read more on how you can tame our leopard gecko here.

Start Obstacle Courses And Gecko Carnival

You can create an obstacle course or gecko carnival to play with your leopard gecko.

Set up an obstacle course using a large box or bin, then place obstacles in it. You can use paper towel tubes, old toys, small boxes, or wooden blocks to create the obstacle. You can even add small trees or plants where your gecko can climb if the box is large.

All you have to do is arrange the items in a way that your gecko can easily move or climb through them.

Another concept like an obstacle course is the gecko carnival, and you just need to add toys and small boxes to the box you want to use. However, this time, you will not set up a course. You are trying to give your gecko the chance to have some free time with the toys provided.

You will see your gecko explore the box or even climb around the toys. Doing a gecko carnival also helps to allow you to see what your gecko loves.

How to decorate your leopard gecko’s tank with toys [source: Leopard Geckos]

Do leopard geckos bond with their owners?

Leopard geckos can form a bond with their owners if you can set up a healthy habitat for them, handle them, and provide it with what it needs.

How do you know if your leopard gecko is happy?

Some of the ways that you can detect whether your leopard gecko is happy are stated below:

= It has a good appetite.
= It looks bright and alert.
= It reacts to being touched.
= It moves effortlessly.
= It reacts to movements inside and outside of its tank.

Final Verdict

Although there are several types of toys out there, the type of toy that your gecko will love depends on its personality. However, you cannot go wrong by buying the water dish bowl. This is because the leopard gecko needs food and water to stay healthy and happy, and you can use this bowl for that purpose.

You can also buy the Exo terra gecko cave to help provide a place where your gecko can hide. Another option is the Penn-Plax reptile hammock to help provide a spot where your gecko can climb and hide.

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