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Lizards As Pets Pros And Cons

Have you ever wondered what’s in for you if you keep a particular pet? Perhaps you have read lots of care guides and and even listen to some myths. This article on “Lizards As Pets Pros And Cons” sets to debunk these myths and give you credible information from experts regarding pet lizards.

Before deciding on a pet or when you have decided to have a lizard, you should consider the positive expectations and drawbacks of having a lizard. While there are several advantages to owning a lizard, you must ensure that the disadvantages do not cause you to reconsider obtaining a lizard as a pet. 

Look at all the foreseeable aspects to determine whether you are ready to get a pet lizard and how you will care for it once it enters your life.

This article will go through the benefits and drawbacks of having different varieties of pet lizards, as well as which lizard is best for beginners. You may also read about how to choose the best lizard for you.

Do Lizards Make A Good Pet?

There is a widespread misunderstanding that lizards cannot be excellent pets, which is untrue. Lizards may make excellent pets; it all depends on the species and living conditions. 

As with any pet, you should select a lizard that you will be most happy living with and that you will be able to tame easily. Many lizards may be good domestic animals to keep in your house, and they can bond with their owners in the same way that any other pet can. 

While they may make an excellent pet, they can also require specific care, lighting, and food. Small lizards may make good pets if you get to know all the basic information about them and are willing to accept the responsibilities that come with these unusual pets. 

Lizards are interesting to have around, but with so many kinds to select from, it can be difficult to choose which pet lizards are appropriate for you.

However, before you bring one home, be sure to verify your state or country’s pet rules. There may be limits on the sorts or species of lizards that you are not permitted to keep as pets.

It is best to be safe than sorry, so do your homework to avoid incurring hefty fines. Overall, lizards may be wonderful house pets that will improve your life.

Lizards As Pets Pros And Cons
Lizards as pets

Lizards As Pets Pros And Cons

People are increasingly preferring to keep lizards as pets. While it may appear unusual at first, they have grown in popularity in recent years, even gaining prominence on social media. 

The name “lizard” refers to a large family of reptiles with similar appearances and lifestyles. The iguana is one of the most frequent species available at pet stores.

Many people consider lizards as the best first pet reptile to own. This is because they are the closest reptile to a dinosaur in appearance, yet they do not instill the instinctive terror like snakes do in certain people. Lizards are excellent show animals and, depending on the species, can be handled daily. 

5 Pros Of Lizards As Pets

A lot are interested in having lizards as a pet. This is due to their attractiveness and friendliness. You will enjoy seeing them grow, learn, and interact with you. 

There could be a lot of reasons why lizards would make such great pets. But, here are the five most important pros that would excite you to have your own.

Lizards Are Quiet Creatures

Reptiles are normally and fairly silent, in contrast to cats, dogs, and birds, which can get quite noisy. Your pet will not disturb you in the middle of the night by singing, whining, or barking. 

You will not have any problems with your neighbors or the authorities if you have a Gecko, Bearded Dragon, or even a Tegu. They are endearing, joyful, friendly, and utterly deafeningly quiet.

Lizards Don’t Have A Hard-To-Follow Diet

Lizards eat a vast variety of foods. In the wild, they eat insects such as worms, spiders, beetles, and flies, small baby animals, fruits, and vegetables. 

Their food varies greatly depending on the species but most owners feed them with crickets, mealworms, or waxworms. These are typically quite easy to purchase at your local pet supply store, making it simple to feed them.

Lizards Are Readily Available

Lizards may be found on practically every continent and in almost every type of habitat. Some reside in trees, while others prefer to live in-ground plants, while yet others live in deserts amid rocks. Thus, they can be found almost anywhere and are readily available.

Lizards Are Beautiful

Lizards have varying appearances, colors, body shapes, patterns, and scales. Some species have a smooth and shiny look. 

Some species’ colors can range from brilliant green to deep chocolate brown, and their patterns can alter. More often than not, you will be able to find colorful ones that would just mesmerize you!

iguana lizards as pets
When it comes to physical beauty, many species of lizards will pass the test. The iguanas are one of the most beautiful pet lizards

Lizards Don’t Smell

Because lizards lack musk glands, hair, and perspiration, they do not emit odors. Lizards lose their skin which has essentially little odor. However, their droppings and pee do. Their habitats should be cleaned at least once a week. Mold or bacteria may form within the enclosure of lizard species that like moist habitats.

4 Cons Of Lizards As Pets

Some species require a specific setting, maintenance, and diet consisting of vegetables and insects. Sometimes they can be difficult to find, especially depending on location, and are quite costly. 

You will need to invest money in the setup of the tank, UVB lights, plants, nutrients, and veterinarian checkups. Here are four cons of having lizards as pets.

Bearded Dragons Can Carry Salmonella

Even though bearded dragons appear healthy and clean, they can transmit Salmonella bacteria in their droppings. These bacteria may quickly spread to their hosts’ bodies, habitats, and everything else in their vicinity.

Salmonella threatens human health as well. Salmonella strains can cause serious sickness when they infect the urine, blood, bones, joints, or neurological system (spinal fluid and brain).

Bearded dragons are believed to carry Salmonella bacteria in their poops
Bearded dragons are believed to carry Salmonella bacteria in their poops

It Can Be Difficult To Find A Specialized Vet Care

Lizards might be difficult to properly care for or be found in specialized vet care. They have complex personalities as well as distinct physical and social requirements. 

As a result, several of them may suffer from significant and painful health problems due to inadequate treatment, such as metabolic bone disease caused by calcium insufficiency, mouth rot, respiratory illness, abscesses, and ulcers.

Expenses: Lizards Care Requires Money, Time, And Effort

Breeding healthy, appealing animals requires a significant amount of labor, time, and money. This affects the price of lizards in the market. 

However, when obtaining lizards as pets, some require a certain size for the enclosure, necessary gadgets or devices to keep their enclosure moist, dry, or adequate for the pet, specific type of food, and several checkups for a given time. These contribute to how expensive maintaining and caring for lizards can get. 

The average cost of lizard breeds varies from $15 to $150, and that of the simple enclosure setup is $75 to $150. If you wish to set up a finer enclosure, it may cost $300 and up. The monthly maintenance cost may also vary but the monthly check up is at least $40 to $80.

Lack Of Bonding With Owners

Lizards are not known to be emotionally attached to their owners. Although they can recognize their owners, they may be able to bond with them but they are not as cuddly as other pets. Nonetheless, several species do love being held. 

man handling bearded dragon
Very many lizard specie that make great pets enjoy being handled by their owners.

In Conclusion

Lizards make intriguing and attractive pets. With so many species to pick from, it should be simple to choose a lizard that will suit anyone’s needs as a pet. 

Every pet owner should make their house comfortable for their favorite pet for them to feel safe and happy, and lizards are no exception. You should be ready and willing to make the required modifications to help your reptile buddy feel more at ease.

Hope the information in this article can help you choose suitable pets.

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