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7 Long Haired Expensive Cats

Whether you’re looking for expensive long haired cats to keep as pets or you’re just seeking general information about long haired cats so you could know the ones to stay away from, this article got you covered. 

While most people would frown at spending so much on buying and caring for pets, especially cats; however, cats are one of the most compassionate and kind companions you can keep as pets. 

Long haired cats are adorable to keep, but the challenge most long haired cat owners have is grooming their fur, especially if they have stubborn cats. 

As the love for pet cats increases, breeders are encouraged to bring out adorable breeds that look stunning and shed less. Hence, the hype in price to get these breeds of cats. 

That said, this article will walk you through the top 7 long haired expensive cats. Keep reading!

7 Long Haired Expensive Cats

7 Long Haired Expensive Cats

A cat is expensive if it costs anything between 1000 USD to 20,000 USD or even more. Interestingly, many cat breeds fall into this pricing category because of their stunning physical look and increased demand as pets. 

Besides the color, texture, and pattern design of their fur, several other factors such as size, lifespan, and breed contribute to their expensiveness. Some examples of expensive long haired cats include:

  • Persian Cat Breed
  • American Curl Cat Breed
  • Siberian Cat Breed
  • Maine Coon Cat Breed
  • Ragdoll Cat Breed
  • Scottish Fold Cat Breed
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
Long-Haired Expensive CatsSize/Weight (smallest to larger)LifespanCoat (Shed Level)Cost (around)
Persian Cat BreedHeight: 14″ – 18″ 
Weight: 7 – 12 Ib
12 – 17 yearsThey have long, dense, silky fur with undercoat and topcoat. Their coats come in multiple patterns and colors such as cream, chocolate, white, red, black, and blue. Persian cats shed a lot.$1,800 – $5,500
American Curl Cat BreedHeight: 8″ – 10″ 
Weight: 5 – 10 Ib
11 – 15 yearsThey have a silky/fluffy long coat and a little undercoat. They shed less and wouldn’t require much grooming.$1,000 – $2,000
Siberian Cat BreedHeight: 9″ – 12″ 
Weight: 15 – 26 Ib
12 – 15 yearsThe Siberian cats have long, triple-layered, water-resistant coats. They have seasonal shedding where they shed extensively. That is in spring and summer.$1,000 – $2,000
Maine Coon Cat BreedHeight: 19″ – 32″ /40″
Weight: 10 – 25 Ib
12 – 15 yearsMaine coons have triple-layered coats. The outer layer is a long coarse fur that protects them from harm. They shed in large amounts.$400 – $1,500
Ragdoll Cat BreedHeight: 17″ – 20″ 
Weight: 10 – 20 Ib
12 – 15 yearsRagdoll cats have silky-soft coats with no undercoat. Hence, they shed normal, not too much.$800 – $3,500
Scottish Fold Cat BreedHeight: 8″ – 10″ 
Weight: 6 – 13 Ib
12 – 15 yearsThe Scottish Fold long haired cats have medium-long to long coats with longer fur on the upper thighs, toe tufts, and ear tufts. They shed all through with heavier shedding in spring and fall.$1,000 – $2,000
Norwegian Forest CatHeight: 9″ – 12″ 
Weight: 8 – 20 Ib
14 – 16 yearsThey have a long, glossy, smooth, and water-resistant coat; with a dense undercoat. They have a normal shedding at other times but shed heavier in spring.$1,500 – $4,000
Comparison of 7 Long Haired Expensive Cats

Persian Cat Breed ($1,800 – $5,500)

Persian Cat Breed ($1,800 – $5,500)

The Persian cat is a pure breed long hair cat from Persia characterized by a pansy-like, mushy face and silky hair

Apart from their beautiful luxurious look, they are noted for their gentle and sweet personality and can quickly adapt to any environment, including a noisy home and a home with kids.

The Persian cats are playful by nature and are not the “too loud or vocal” types. They enjoy cuddling, and hence, they make an excellent lappet. 

Persian cats weigh between 7 – 12 pounds and measure about 14 – 18 inches as adults. This breed of long haired cats sheds quite a bit and needs grooming regularly to avoid hairballs.

As stated earlier, Persian cats are more prone to hairballs than other breeds since they shed their long hair quite often. Also, they’re susceptible to a number of genetic health issues such as:

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Respiratory distress syndrome
  • Heart disease
  • Lysosomal storage disease (LSD)
  • Separation Anxiety Syndrome, and many others.

Regardless of the fact that Persian cats are likely to get sick really fast, feline lovers still treasure these breeds as pets. The Persian cat breed is sold in pet stores for around $1,800 to $5,500.

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Maine Coon Cat Breed ($1,000 – $2,000)

Maine Coon Cat Breed ($1,000 – $2,000)

The Maine coon is the most popular cat breed and also one of the most sought-after cats of any cat breed. This cat breed is endemic to the United States of America precisely the state of Maine. 

It is estimated that around 1850, long haired cats from Europe and Asia mated with American local short haired cats, the result was the large Maine cat with thick fur and heavy build. 

That notwithstanding, some Maine coon cats are medium-sized but with a heavily built structure.

Its ringtail resembles that of a raccoon which is why the word “coon” is added to its place of origin to give its breed name. 

This breed of cats is large in size measuring between 14 – 18 inches and weighing around 25 pounds and more. The females don’t weigh that big, they can weigh between 10 – 18 pounds. 

They have a very long fluffy tail, pointed ears with tufts, wide eyes that can have any color, and silky fur with an undercoat. Their fur is longer and dense on the stomach, back, chest, and belly and shorter on the shoulders. 

Their personality can be defined to be friendly, playful, and sweet. They are very sociable and enjoy the company of their owners.

However, to ensure that the cat is balanced and sociable when it gets older, special attention should be given when it is just a kitten, especially when it’s between 3 – 7 weeks of age. 

At this age also, introduce the cat to other members of your household and ensure the cat gets along well with them. This is because they are likely to misbehave if they get older without bonding with other or other domestic pets.

Because of their thick fur, Maine coons need regular extensive grooming to keep healthy. Therefore if this would be an issue for you, we advise you to choose a different cat.

Furthermore, Maine coons are large cats which means they would need large space for their home. Hence, if you’re living in a small studio apartment, the Maine coon cat may not be the best choice for you.

Siberian Cat Breed ($1,000 – $2,000)

Siberian Cat Breed ($1,000 – $2,000)

The Siberian cats are unique cats native to Russia, specifically from the harsh climate of Siberia. This explains why they have triple-layered coats. 

They are medium to large-sized cats with an excellent appearance of strength, alertness, and balance.

Their coats are triple-layered, long, thick, and water-resistant. Their fur comes in different tabby patterns and colors such as blue, white, and black. 

They have bushy tails and varying eye colors from gold to green, copper, or blue. Some of them have two different colors of eyes.

In spite of the thickness of their fur, their coat is easy to groom and maintain. They rarely have matted issues although this can occur if their coat isn’t groomed regularly.

They are one of the healthiest cat breeds with minimal health issues. This is because they have over the years developed strong genes that can fight off diseases on their own. Hence, they’re only affected by a few health issues. 

The Siberian cats aren’t known to be the “lousy” type of cats. They make medium to low meowing sounds. That said, excessive or loud vocalization could mean that the cat is in pain.

This cat breed is popular among cat owners, especially cat lovers from the United States. The Siberian cats are speculated to have been around for up to 1000 years, surviving the harsh Siberian climate.

This cat breed was not formally recognized until recently and they are considered to be smart, gentle, and loyal. They have a lifespan of 12 – 15 years and in rare cases up to 20 years. 

The Siberian cats are friendly, sociable, tolerant, and calm. They enjoy being in the company of their owners or other family members. Hence, they are great pets even for a family with kids. 

With all these amazing qualities taken into consideration, the Siberian cat breed tops the list of the expensive long haired cat breed. They are sold for $1,000 – $2,000.

Scottish Fold Cat Breed ($1,000 – $2,000)

Scottish Fold Cat Breed ($1,000 – $2,000)

The Scottish Fold is a breed of cat with a number of unique characteristics. Unlike the aforementioned cat breeds that are energetic and would need frequent exercising, the Scottish folds are one of the laziest cats. 

All they enjoy doing is sleeping and bonding with their owners all day. The Scottish fold cats are hushed in nature and are too lazy to make loud sounds unless when necessary such as expressing pain.

The Scottish folds have a thick, double-layered, soft coat with exceptionally dense fur around their ears, toes, upper thighs, and tail. 

They are cats with a dominant gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout their body, causing their ears to fold, bending forward down towards the front of their head and giving them an owl-like appearance (Wikipedia).

Before 1966, the Scottish folds were called lops or lop-eared because of their ears like that of the lop-eared rabbit. They are originally endemic to Scotland. 

In 1961, a Scottish shepherd, William Ross found a folded-eared kitten named Susie on his neighbor’s farm. 

A few years later, he adopted a white kitten which was a kitten from Susie’s litter and began to breed her with local farm cats and British short haired cats to produce a new cat breed with lopped ears which is the Scottish fold (VCA). 

The Scottish folds are sociable, outgoing, affectionate, and attention-craving. They are also low maintenance and easy to groom even with their thick, long fur.

Although they are medium-sized cats, they have a compact build. They weigh between 6 – 13 pounds, have a lifespan of 11 – 15 years, and are sold around $1,000 – $2,000.

Ragdoll Cat Breed ($800 – $3,500)

Ragdoll Cat Breed ($800 – $3,500)

Ragdolls are mixed breed cats known for being large, muscular, and fluffy. They have been around since the 1960s but were first recognized as a breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1966. 

The ragdolls are specifically bred to have large bones and an appearance that resembles that of an American shorthair. 

They typically have blue eyes, but can also come in other colors such as green, orange, lilac, chocolate, seal point, and silver tabby. 

The ragdoll cats have a semi-long, color point and silky coat. 

They are a unique cat breed with lots of great personalities but they’re certainly not for everyone. 

Ragdolls are very vocal. They are known to be very noisy even when they don’t need to be. Therefore, if you don’t need a vocal cat, avoid a ragdoll.

Ragdolls are indoor cats and are super affectionate. They hate being left alone for too long. However, they enjoy the company of their owners all the time. 

They can follow you everywhere you go and wouldn’t want to leave you. For this reason, they do not make a great choice pet for owners who wouldn’t have enough time for them.

Ragdoll cats are prone to some genetic diseases such as obesity and cardiomyopathy. They tend to suffer from obesity because they love to eat. If unchecked, ragdolls can eat and gain excessive weight.

American Curl Cat Breed ($1,000 – $2,000)

American Curl Cat Breed ($1,000 – $2,000)

The story of the origin of the American curl cat is rather fascinating. It began when a stray black kitten with long, silky hair and weirdly curled ears that curled backward was mated with an unknown father in Lakewood, California to produce kittens with curled ears. 

The curled ears in her kittens were as a result of a natural genetic mutation. She was named “Shulamith” by her rescuers, Joe and Grace Rugas, after the “black and comely” princess in the Old Testament book “The Song of Solomon.”

Shulamith had four kittens from this “unknown father”, and two of them inherited her curly ears. An inquiry with a geneticist revealed that this trait was caused by a dominant gene.

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In 1983, the Cat Fanciers Association began to selectively breed the cats, giving rise to a new breed known as the “American curl.” The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) first registered the American curl in 1986, followed by the International Cat Association (ICA) in 1987.

The American curl is a medium-sized cat that weighs between 5 and 10 pounds and measures 9 to 12 inches in length. American curls are distinguished by their strikingly shaped ears, long silky coats, and plumed tail.

The ears of the American curl cat are its most intriguing feature. When a kitten is four months old, its ears begin to curl, uncurl, and curl again until they reach its permanent shape.

The American curl has a calm demeanor and is gentle with children, making it an excellent choice for families with kids.

Many mixed-breed cats usually have health issues that may be genetic in nature. American curls are generally in good health. They may, however, have ear canal issues, which can lead to ear infections and wax buildup.

Norwegian Forest Cat ($1,500 – $4,000)

Norwegian Forest Cat ($1,500 – $4,000)

The Norwegian forest cat is often referred to as the “gentle giant” cat, weighing between 8 – 20 pounds. They are so-called “gentle giants” because, in spite of their large size and strong build, they have a very calm disposition and are friendly. But they don’t seem to be friendly to strangers.

In a documentary by Wikipedia, the Norwegian forest cats are believed to be offspring of cold-adapted black and white British shorthair cats brought to Norway from Great Britain sometime after 1000 AD by the Vikings, and longhaired cats brought to Norway by Crusaders c.14th century. 

Their long, thick double-layered coat and large size are their most distinct features. The head of the Norwegian Forest Cat is shaped like an inverted triangle. They have heavily tufted medium-to-large ears.

They have large almond-shaped eyes that come in various colors, including green, gold, and copper. They have a big chest, round paws, strong thighs, and a long, bushy tail.

The Norwegian forest cat is known to shed in excess a couple of times in a year. Hence, regular grooming will be needed to keep their coat unmated and in good health.

The Norwegian forest cats are generally healthy. That notwithstanding, they may be prone to one or many of these diseases:

  • Polycystic kidney disease.
  • Retinal dysplasia.
  • Glycogen storage disease IV.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

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How to Care For Long Haired Expensive Cats

Generally, caring for an expensive long haired cat isn’t any different from caring for less expensive long haired cats or all breeds of cats in general. 

The rule of thumb is ensuring that you provide your pet the following: 

  • The right diet with the necessary nutrients,
  • A comfortable house that is free from bacteria and viruses, 
  • Regular grooming and trimming to remove matted hair, 
  • Occasional bathes to get rid of dander, and 
  • Periodic veterinarian checkups when necessary.

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Wrapping Up

There are several unique qualities about long haired cats, these include their fluffiness, tenderness, and cute look. More so, the more gorgeous they look, the more expensive they are. 

Thus, as a long haired cat lover who wants the most adorable cat for a pet, price shouldn’t be a barrier. 

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