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Top 9 Small Black Dog Breeds that Stay Small / You can keep as Pets

Black is a color that is mostly associated with authority, power, and strength. It is an elegant color that is very common in different animals, especially dogs. Actually, most dogs in the world have black coats.

You are probably reading this because you are trying to figure out if you can find a small, adorable dog that has a black coat. Well, you are in luck. Different dog breeds have black coats. There are large, medium, and small dogs with these amazing coats.

This post, however, only includes the small black dog breeds you can keep as pets. We will help you find one that meets your requirements. We will highlight everything you need to know about these breeds, including their temperaments. Stay tuned!

What are Small Black Dog Breeds?

The truth is that black is not rare at all. Most dogs either have patches of black color, or a mixture of black with white, brown, or other colors.

With that in mind, you should know that there are specific breeds that have a solid black coat. If there is another color, it is just a small amount.

According to scientists, the default color for dogs is black. That means that black is the dominant one in a dog’s coat if the genes are not diluted. The dog will end up with a solid coat, a black nose, and brown eyes.

All dogs with solid black coats have dominant black genes even though some dogs with other markings might have the same genes. Dogs without a black color can have these genes.

So, which small black dog breeds can you get? Here’s a list.

·         Affenpinscher

·         Pug

·         Puli

·         Schipperke

·         Scottish Terrier

·         Miniature Pinscher

·         Dachshund

·         Jack-A-Poo

·         Norwegian Elkhound

Top 9 Small Black Dog Breeds that Stay Small / You can keep as Pets

In this section, we will look at the characteristics of these amazing breeds in detail.

Small Dog BreedsSizeAppearanceCost
Dachshund9 InchesBlack, Chocolate, Wild Boar, Grey, Isabella.$450 – $1500
Scottish Terrier10 InchesBlack, Wheaten, Grey, Steel$600 – $1600
Affenpinscher11.5 InchesBlack, Silver, Grey$1800 – $2500
Miniature Pinscher12 InchesBlack, Chocolate, Rust, Red$1000 – $6000
Schipperke13 InchesBlack$800 – $1100
Pug14 InchesBlack, Fawn-colored$600 – $1500
Puli16 InchesBlack, Grey, White$1200 – $2000
Jack-A-Poo16 InchesBlack, White, Grey, Brown, Tan$2500
Norwegian Elkhound19 InchesBlack, Grey, Silver$700 – $1500
Size, appearance and price comparison chat of small black dog breeds
Pug and Affenpinscher small black dog breeds
Pug and Affenpinscher small breed of black dogs

1.      Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers are protective, loyal, and loving, although mostly to adults.

This breed goes back to the early years of the 17th century. However, with proper documentation, you will find that this breed goes back to the 19th century. They are originally from Germany and are used extensively in Central Europe to catch Rats.

Adult Affenspinschers will usually grow to a height of around 11.5 inches.

His rough coat is mainly found in black, silver, grey, or a combination of black and tan.

This dog might be affectionate, but he is always alert and curious, ready to protect his family to whom he is loyal. Even though he is loyal, he does not appreciate being around kids or rough play.

If you are looking for an apartment dog, he might be a good choice for you even though he barks on occasion. Use motivation and praise to help him train while having fun.

2.      Pug

This breed loves showing off and has an amazing sense of humor.

Originally, the breed is from China and has been in existence since 206 B.C. China started trading them with Europeans in the 1600s.

A pug adult will usually grow to around 14 inches of height.             

These are double-coated breeds with black or fawn-colored coats.

Even though retrieving, guarding and hunting are not a pug’s strong suits, you will get an adequate companion, which is the best character of this dog. He will enjoy sitting on your lap whenever you are chilling out.

Even though this is a playful dog, maintenance requirements are low, which makes it suitable for an older person.

3.      Puli

Small Puli black dog
Small Puli black dog

This is a lively, energetic dog breed.

This might be surprising, but this dog breed goes back to more than 2000 years ago. Nevertheless, some people believe that this breed is not that old and that it started with the Tibetan Terrier.

A puli only grows to a maximum height of 17 inches.

Most people love this breed because of the hair that resembles dreadlocks. It does not shed and most are black. But some are gray and white.

Not only is this dog fun-loving, but also affectionate. He loves being around company, even kids. What’s more, this breed is hardworking, smart, and athletic. However, he is cautious of strangers.

Adequate play space is important for this breed. Even though he can live in a smaller space, you should be ready for it to run around the house.

4.      Schipperke

Schipperke small black dog
Schipperke small black dog

You can expect the highest level of protection from this devoted, fearless breed.

The native origin of this breed in Belgium. When you consider documentation, this dog breed was first recognized in 1690 in a show, even though that was not when the breed started.

A schipperke will grow to a height of 13 inches.               

He features a double coat that is only available in black.

This might as well be a big dog, considering his character. He is confident, curious, active, and fearless. He loves his owners and will usually give anything to protect them from harm, especially strangers. Nevertheless, he creates a very strong bond with the people around him.

Caring for this dog is not a challenge at all. As long as you provide an adequate amount of exercise, this breed will be fine regardless of the family size or setting.

5.      Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier small black dog
Scottish Terrier small black dog

Even by looking at his face, you can tell that he is stubborn and independent.

It is a strong belief that this breed dates back to 55 B.C. It is among the oldest dog breeds on the planet.

Normally, a Scottish terrier will only grow to around 10 inches of height to the shoulder with a weight of 22 pounds.

You will mostly see a black Scottish terrier. However, you should know that there are steel, grey, wheaten, or brindle-colored terriers.

This breed is active and there are chances of destruction especially when under-exercised or bored. Even though this dog does not love running, he will do it occasionally. But you should always have him on a leash when walking him since he is a hunter and there are chances of accidents.

6.      Miniature Pinscher

This is a fearless, alert, and energetic dog that will appreciate your companion.

The breed is believed to be very old. Unfortunately, no documentation goes back further than several hundreds of years ago. The breed came to be in Germany, where it was created to kill vermin in stables and homes.

A miniature pinscher adult will grow to a maximum height of 12 inches.

The sleek, short coat makes this dog look very nice. The coat is mainly found in black, rust, red, or chocolate.

Most people refer to this breed as the king of toys because of his confidence and his spirited personality. He is so curious and fearless, always ready to react. His investigative instincts are always on.

You might need to put in some safeguards that will protect this breed because of its curious nature. In that sense, baby-proofing your house might be necessary. Keep away any small objects such as coins, keys, or toys.

Miniature Pinscher and Dachshund small black dogs
Miniature Pinscher and Dachshund small black dogs

7.      Dachshund

This is a playful dog breed that is also lively and fun-loving.

The Dachshund is originally from Germany, where it was created for hunting badgers and more. This was around the 15th century.

You can easily recognize this dog because he is longer than he is tall. He grows to a maximum height of 9 inches with a weight of up to 32 pounds.

The dog’s coat is shiny and short. Usually, those with a single color have a cream or red color and possibly with some patches of black. Those with two colors are usually black, chocolate, Isabella, gray, or wild boar.

This dog is not only lively but also courageous and clever. He will persevere, another way of pointing out his stubbornness.

Stamina and energy are part of this breed. You can expect a constant need for walks or plays outdoors. The dog will also keep digging and hunting whenever he has a chance.

8.      Jack-A-Poo

This breed is lively, affectionate, and intelligent.

The truth is that there is no exact date for the inception of this dog breed. However, in the 1980s, there was a trend of breeding certain dog breeds with poodles and this may be the time when this breed was started. It is also possible that this breed started in the U.S.

Normally, an adult Jack-A-Poo will grow to a height between 10 and 16 inches with a weight of up to 25 pounds.

A Jack-A-Poo can have a range of coat colors depending on the parents. You can expect a fluffy, curly, coarse, short, or straight coat with black, white, brown, gray, tan, or blue colors. The coats might be a mixture of these colors.

This dog is mainly known for its extreme energy levels. At the same time, this dog will highly appreciate being close to you and helping out with whatever you are doing. He is an intelligent dog breed that might require a bit of training to deal with strangers, other animals, and even children.

Regular checkups are very important for the prime health of the dog. You should address any concern you might have with a vet to avoid any health issues.

9.      Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound breed of small black dog
Norwegian Elkhound breed of small black dog

The breed is smart but more than that, he has a great sense of humor.

This dog breed is very old. It can be dated back to a thousand years or so when similar dogs were used by Vikings to hunt and guard. This dog is part of Norwegian culture.

An adult will grow to around 19 inches of height with a weight of approximately 48 pounds.

This Elkhound has a double coat that is weather resistant. The undercoat is denser. Usually, it will have black colors, with some gray or light silver.

He is an independent thinker that loves to be close to the action. Training can be a challenge but if you are consistent and firm, it will learn. If not, it will be disobedient. Aside from that, he is a protective dog that is always happy to be close to you.

Daily exercise is very important for this breed. Give him at least 30 minutes of exercise twice daily.

Recessive Black in Dog Breeds

The dominant black gene is indeed very common in dogs. But there is a recessive black gene in certain breeds especially crossbreed/mixed breed dogs such as the GSD. Some dog breeds, such as the Belgian Shepherd, has both recessive and black genes.

You should know that the dogs that have recessive genes are usually shepherd or herding types of dogs.

An amazing fact is that a dog with a solid white coat like the Samoyed can still have that recessive black gene.

Wrapping Up

There is a wide range of colors in dogs. You can even find a single dog with more than three colors in his coat.

However, black-colored dogs have some sense of bravery and courage that you will appreciate, not to mention that they are easy to clean and care for.

The dogs on our list are some of the best breeds in the market. Choose one that fits your needs perfectly.

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